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Females, Sexuality and Peer Pressure

Dimensions Magazine

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Apr 5, 2006
So this came out of a conversation i was having with a SSBBW regarding male FA.

I was talking with two fat guys at my part time job, and both of them said they'd never heard of female chubby chasers, and both seemed honestly intrigued by the idea. One said that all of his female partners had made it clear they preferred skinny and muscular male bodies. Both these men are adults, over 21. I realized that i'd been with two BHM who said i was the first FFA they encounterd, with one saying it wasn't till he was 37 years old that he actually felt comfortable being naked around somebody because he knew his body was an actual turnon, not just something where the partner was either indifferent to his size or accepting of it without being "into it". The SSBBW i was talking to said she'd met her first FA in her teens.

I realized most of the posts i've seen on here regarding peer pressure or pressure from relatives have been from male FA. I was also reflecting as to whether or not, peer pressure nonwithstanding, male FA were comfortable with expressing and acknowleging their preference at a younger age.

So, what i was wondering from FFA are the following:

1. Have you been on the receiving end of negative peer pressure regarding being an FFA?

2. Were you always aware you were an FFA and how early did you realize it?

3. Was it something you suppressed or did you express it by being with fat guys or openly crushing on fat celebrities?

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