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May 3, 2014
Bound Up In Bed

Here I am, all four pudgy limbs secured to the posts of a sturdy four poster king bed in an Hawaiian luxury hotel, my overstuffed belly mounded high in the air and my flag rising majestically from out of my FUPA and flying at full staff. My leggy and very naked wife Lana, all six feet of her, is standing at the foot of the bed taking a couple of pics of her 352 pound husband (at least that's what I weighed before we left home two weeks ago) to post on our Tumblr page.

"Our followers are going to eat this up," she said, "you look kind of like a straight Superchub Cowboy Pete, here take a look at how fat and sexy you are" and she brought her iPad closer to my face so I could see. I looked absolutely enormous with my big stretch-marked double belly, c-cup man boobs, pudgy thighs and arms, and round face and chubby cheeks resting atop a big nest of neck fat. Then Lana set down the iPad and lay her long and lean frame next to mine to snuggle up to my enormity. We presented such a marked physical contrast to each other physically, her a tall drink of water who looked like she could have been a mature fashion model, and me, a total blob who at 5′10″ was a couple of inches shorter and at least 225 pounds heavier than my bride. The contrast no doubt had been noticed by everyone at the resort's pool, where we had laid out in the sun every day during our stay and I could only imagine what they were thinking seeing the two of us so obviously in love and engaging in regular PDA's for all to see, wondering how such a babe could be with me.

As Lana lay beside me, she inserted her thumb deep into my belly button and spread her other four fingers southward to grasp as much of my sagging bottom roll as she could and started gently rocking my belly back and forth, sending little ripples and big seismic shocks alike throughout my ample flesh. "I just adore you Petey and how fat you've gotten over the last couple of years -- you're just such a sexy fatty!" Then she got a contemplative look on the face and added, "let's see, you weighed 352 pounds before we left and with all your gluttony while we've been in Hawaii, I bet you've added at least another fifteen pounds." "I know," I said, "the food here has been great and I just can't control my appetite!" Lana smiled adoringly and moved her hand further southward to start kneeding my testicles oh so sensually and whispered in my ear, "keep this up Fat Boy and you'll be 400 pounds by Easter." "You really think I could?," I asked with a hint of enthusiasm for the idea, and knowing full well that Easter was only six weeks away. Lana responded, quite lustily, "I KNOW you can baby, all you have to do is keep eating ... and judging from the last two weeks that isn't gonna be a problem, is it Big Boy?"

Before Breakfast Snack

As Lana continued her sensual carresses with her left hand, she used her long legs to straddle me and her right hand to reach into the second of two boxes of pastries we had procured the day before. Of course, the first box had been demolished before bed time last night and leggy Lana didn't consume a single one, as she reminded me that the sugary confections had but one destination ... and that was my big fat belly.

"Keep it up Lefty," I pleaded and let out a low gutteral moan, leading her to inquire, "but don't you want what's in my right hand?" "Do I have to choose?," I asked. "No baby," she answered, "you shouldn't have to choose, you can have both" and she popped a big chunk of cinnamon bun in my mouth while sliding northward on my thighs. As she popped another big chunk in my mouth, both of her hands were now free and she used them to push my waves of belly fat back sufficiently to mount her fat husband. And soon what had been small ripples and Seismic shocks became 6.0 Richter scale quakes with her long tight torso slamming into my elephantine rolls.

Lana's left hand now grasped my big saggy bottom roll to maintain her balance while she used her right hand to continue dipping into the pastry box for chunks of goodies to pop in my mouth ... more cinnamon bun, then a big bite of a chocolate eclair, then half a huge glazed doughnut. "Hopefully this box will tide you over until the breakfast buffet," she cooed. Doughnut in mouth, I mumbled "Dunno ... got an ... awful ... big belly ... to keep full." "That you do Big Boy," she chuckled, "and I'm not gonna let my man get hungry, EVER!" Then, as she stuffed the last of the doughnut into my mouth, she got an evil glint in her eyes and said "in fact, let's forget 400 pounds and go for 500!" That was all it took for both of us to climax and it was massive, just like me!

As we lay snuggling afterwards, Lana continued to pop bites of pastry in my mouth while jiggling my moobs with her free hand and my belly with her bony knee. That is until she bolted upright and took a look at the digital clock on the nightstand. "Oh shit," she exclaimed, "gotta meet the trainer in the exercise center at 7 a.m. for the 5k group run around the property."

She had twelve minutes to get downstairs and quickly pulled on her running gear, then leaned over to give me a quick goodbye kiss. "Oh, did you want to come?," she asked with another evil glint in her eye. Before I could come up with a witty retort, she gave my belly a good shake and said, "of course not, you just lay in bed and dream of how much you'll stuff yourself at the breakfast buffet." Then she leaned into my vastness for another, longer, more passionate kiss and another big belly shake, muttering kind of sexily "that's right, I'll work to keep my body in shape just the way you like it, and you can plan how many trips to the buffet it will take to keep your body in shape the way I like it, Fat Boy!" I reminded her that I was still tied up and she quickly undid one of my restraints, no doubt expecting me to untie the others myself. On her way out the door, she hurriedly said "finish the pastries and I'll meet you at breakfast at 8:30 .... and make sure to bring that endless appetite!"

"Don't worry," I thought and reached into the box for an eclair with my one free hand.

Lying In Bed

I ate a couple of more pastries out of the box before summoning the energy to untie the remaining three restraints. I was able to reach with my free hand to untie the restraint on the other without too much trouble. But then I had to get my torso upright (no easy feat with my big belly in the way), then lean forward (again fighting against my belly all the way) to untie the restraints around my feet.

There were three pastries left in the box and they were singing the sirens' song ... "eat us Pete, we're so delicious, and we're going to make you so much fatter ..." But nature was calling too and I waddled off to the bathroom, stopping momentarily on the way in front of the suite's full-length mirror to admire my bloated body in its nakedness.

Whereas a hundred pounds ago I had always been appalled to see myself naked in the mirror, now I have turned into quite the narcissist. I really enjoy seeing my big sagging belly and my boobs that are bigger than Lana's now. And I love even more how it seems to turn Lana on -- if I'd only known what it would be like I would have packed on the pounds years ago!

After relieving myself, it's back to bed and those last three pastries. I take my time devouring each one, savoring the delicious sweet taste and the little sugar rush they are sending to my brain. In between each one, I use my non-sticky hand to touch and carress my belly bulging high into the air, intrigued by its heft and feel and how dramatically larger it is than just two years ago when Lana and I made our first visit to this resort for a long-planned second honeymoon.

As I collect the next pastry out of the box, my free hand firmly grasps a big handful of belly fat and the feeling is so erotic, then as I take the first small bite of the new pastry, my hand slides southward to check on the status of my favorite plaything and discovers that I am in the midst of another erection. I wish that Lana was here, instead of exercising, so that she could work her magic. But alas, I will just have to make my own, feeding myself the last two pastries while gently stroking myself between the legs and thinking about Lana's wish to fatten me to 400 pounds by Easter.

Lying in bed afterwards, I mused about what had brought me to my current state. It all goes back to that second honeymoon in this very resort two years ago. I was fat then, but nothing like this ... a 260 pound whisp of a man. I'd put on a hundred pounds since Lana and I had gotten married, but she seemed to mind not the least. Our first morning at the resort had not been too different (except she had not yet gotten the idea of tying me to the bedpost and feeding and fornicating with me!). She awoke to go running at 7 and told me she'd meet me for breakfast at 8:30.

Once in the massive dining room, we discovered a massive buffet with virtually any type of breakfast food we could imagine. The hostess seated us and I was sure Lana could tell that her fat husband could not wait to get at that buffet. As soon as the waiter brought our coffee, I bounded out of the chair and hustled to the food as fast as I could. Lana was a couple of steps behind and I imagine she was quite amused as I probably hadn't moved that fast in a while!

I loaded my plate full with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausuage, a croissant, a couple of blueberry muffins, and almost as an afterthought, a few small slices of canteloupe and watermelon (just so I could tell Lana that I had eaten some fruit!). Back at the table, as Lana ate like a bird, I wolfed the contents of my plate down and was waiting impatiently for Lana to finish hers so we could go back for more.

I could tell she was bemused and finally she said "just go back and get some more ... I don't mind." But I graciously said, "no, I'll wait for you." Then she got a look of mild annoyance on her face, looked me straight in the eye, and said "let's be honest ... YOU know you like to eat ... I know you like to eat ... so go ***ing eat. As much as you want, make a pig out of yourself, it's not like I don't know you're fat." Then came the shocker, "in fact, I wouldn't mind if you got fatter ... I think you'd make a very sexy 300-pounder!"

I recall making five more trips to the breakfast buffet that day, for pancakes and bacon, then more bacon and eggs, then a big bagel slathered in butter and jelly, then a heaping bowl of cereal, and finally a couple of blueberry muffins! Then, on the way out the door, Lana grabbed about a half dozen more muffins for me to snack on throughout the day. And this kept up every morning we were there, plus a big lunch, a bigger dinner, dessert, and finally a trip to the convenience store at the resort to buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream for me to eat before bedtime.

By the time we got back home, I was up to 272 pounds and the upward trend continued. And now, just two years later, I had gained at least eighty more pounds, though by now at the end of our vacation it was probably more like ninety!

And as I nodded off for a short nap, I found myself dreaming about my last trip to the breakfast buffet on this Hawaiian vacation, wondering just how many trips to the buffet I'd be able to fit in and how many thousands of calories I would no doubt consume! Then I thought how blessed I was to have a wife who would let me get this fat ... and who wanted me to be so much fatter still.


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May 3, 2014
The Breakfast Buffet

My snoring woke me and I looked over and saw it was ten of eight on the digital clock. Forty minutes to meet Lana for breakfast and I already seemed a little hungry ...

I absentmindedly rubbed my tummy to see the waves ripple through my flesh, again creating a little stir down below, but no time for that as I had to get ready for breakfast. But I decide to check the iPad quickly, mainly to see if the pic of me tied naked to the bedposts that Lana had uploaded that morning had attracted any interest on Tumblr.

Lo and behold, it had attracted four reblogs and fifteen more likes in just over an hour and all early in the morning. But then I thought about it and it was actually almost 1 p.m. on the east coast and 10 a.m. on the west coast, so people had been up for a while. Given the decent amount of interest in my big fat body, I decided I might upload another pic or two before going downstairs for breakfast and rousted myself out of bed, iPad in hand, and padded heavily toward the full-length mirror.

I tried out a couple of poses and finally decided to go with something simple -- a belly rolls and moobs shot that showed off my very distinct tan line after two weeks in Hawaii -- a nice bronze-like hue on my upper belly roll but a lily white lower belly that hung about a third of the way down my pudgy thighs. The contrast between tanned and untanned body parts also showed off my stretchmarks to their utmost, with those on my saggy lower belly showing up bright red against my untanned white fat. I snapped a couple of quick shots, hit the edit button, then uploaded the one that looked the best. Hopefully our followers will like this one too!

After getting out of the shower and drying my hair I was torn on what to wear to breakfast. I had taken to wearing Tori Richard Hawaiian shirts while in Hawaii. It was a store in Honolulu with a branch in Lahaina near where we were staying. Lana had bought me a couple of 2X shirts from there on our first trip two years ago and, although that was the largest size carried in the store, she soon found that she could order up to a size 5X online. We had brought three 4X Tori Richards with us on this trip, but they were beginning to get a little snug, then I remembered that Lana had also ordered a 5X "for encouragement" and packed that for the trip.

That really got me thinking about how fat I'd become! Those original 2X's had actually been a little big on me when I weighed 250 pounds. But upon our return to the mainline after that trip, Lana decided it was time to plan for the future and ordered the first of the 3X's. I moved into that first 3X about eight months later when I hit 290, at which point Lana ordered my first 4X to "have it in reserve." I moved into the 4X about six months ago when I hit 330 and now here I was about to graduate to the biggest Tori Richard size possible! I figured I had to be close to 370 now, which would mean a gain of 120 pounds since that first second honeymoon two years prior, and probably close to twenty pounds just on this two-week trip.

I dig through the drawers where Lana had carefully folded and stored my clothes and located the 5X, a very handsome design indeed. Rather than unbutton the buttons, I just slide it over my head and down over my boobs and belly, finding that it gives me a much roomier fit than my old 4X's. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for my 54-inch waist khaki shorts, which I had bought right before leaving on this trip. They were a bit tight, so I slid the waist down below my overhang and tightened my belt extra tight to keep them up.

I stop again to check myself out in the mirror, then look at my watch and discover I only have eight minutes to get to breakfast to meet Lana on time, as she hates it when I keep her waiting. As I close the door and hustle down the hallway toward the elevator I feel my massive belly jostling up and down with every step. I push the down button and fortunately the elevator arrives almost immediately, where I join a young family on their way to the pool. As I lean heavily against the back wall of the paneled elevator, the couple's young daughter, maybe four years old, takes a long bemused look at my protruding belly and utters, as only a four year old can, "you're fat, fat like Santa Claus!"

Her father stifles a laugh while her mother looks aghast and scolds her. I smile at them, pat my big bowl full of jelly with both hands, and say, "don't worry, that's what my wife, Mrs. Claus, tells me all the time." Then I look at the little girl and tell her, "in fact Mrs. Claus thinks I may be getting too fat to fit down all the chimneys this year!" The little girl looks really worried when I say that, but I assure her that won't keep me from bringing gifts, "since I have some magic powder that allows me to fit down the chimney no matter how fat I get."

Her mother apologizes as we get off the elevator and says "it must have been your beard ..." and again I assure her it is no problem and even offer to let them have their picture taken with Santa!

That made me a couple of minutes late meeting up with Lana, who looked stunning in her running gear, legs seemingly stretching to her breasts, shoulder-length brunette hair tied back, and sports bra showing off her tight mid-driff. As we hugged, I'm sure people were thinking what was this fox doing with this blimp, but her attitude and mine was "screw 'em" if they didn't like it. As she wrapped her arms around she asked "is that the 5X?" "Yes it is," I beamed excitedly. She leaned in again and kissed me on the cheek, then whispered, "so fat you have to wear a 5X ... you know they don't make them any larger than this, don't you?" "I know," I said, "I guess we'll have to find a place that sells clothes for REAL fat men!"

Lana got a lustful look on her face, then leaned in and whispered again, "I so want to take you back to the room right now and give you the *** of your life!" But my stomach rumbles loudly as she says that and Lana gives it a good squeeze and says "but first let's get this big old thing filled up with food!"

The Other Couple

The hostess sits us down and I'm so hungry I can barely wait for our server to come to bring coffee and water. I just hate the breakfast buffet protocol where you are expected to wait for the server before you head to the feeding trough!

Sensing that, Lana tells me "just waddle on up there and I'll wait for the server ... he should know he shouldn't stand between a fat man and his food!" Relieved, I stand up and start moving my pudgy legs toward the buffet.

But on the way, I spy in the far corner a couple we had "gotten close to" the week before when we attended the resort's luau one evening. The couple, Burt and Laura, were the opposite of me and Lana, as he was a tall skinny man and she even bigger than me, 425 pounds though she was only about 5'5". I waved to them and briefly thought about the night we had spent together the week before.

By coincidence we had been seated at the same table at the luau and, as we arrived at nearly the same time, people at the surrounding tables no doubt thought that the 6'4" Burt and 6'0" Lana were spouses and the same for the two fatties who together weighed almost 800 pounds.

The four of us became fast friends and the trip through the buffet line at the luau was quite an adventure as Laura and I piled our plates high with Hawaiian BBQ. Then as the night went on our spouses made multiple trips back through the buffet bringing us more heaping platefuls to devour. By the end of the three-hour event Laura and I both resembled luau pigs and could barely move we were so full.

So full in fact that Burt got on his phone and called the front desk to have one of the resort's golf carts pick up the two pigs while he and Lana walked back. Laura got in the passenger seat of the golf cart and it leaned precariously to her side until I climbed onto the back seat and evened out the heavy load a bit!

We all met up at Burt's and Laura's suite and Laura and I were so exhausted from eating that we both settled side-by-side on the king bed. Burt and Lana were quite bemused by the spectacle of our bellies rising high into the air above us and they tried to determine whose rose the most. They finally decided it was mine, for although Laura outweighed me by 75 pounds, she was more pear shaped with outsized hind quarters, thighs and calves, while I carried my weight in my belly.

Once I was proclaimed the biggest belly, Lana started perusing the room service menu and announced, with Burt's eager concurrence, that we all needed some dessert. And by "we," she really meant Laura and I. Burt looked over Lana's shoulder at the menu and they both asked each other, almost simultaneously "everything on the menu?" They laughed heartily and Laura and I both groaned a bit, knowing what was in store for us.

It took about a half hour for everything to arrive and us two fatties nodded off for a nap, dreaming of the stuffing to come. When the room service guy arrived, he spied the two fatties on the bed and immediately figured out what was going on, getting a very sly grin (and a bit of a lustful look) on his face. Lana quickly stuffed a hundred dollar bill in his hand for a tip and warned him she might be calling again in a couple of hours to "restock." He thanked her profusely and told her to ask for him by name.

Soon each of our respective spouses was removing our clothes and gratuitously playing with our fat bodies. Then Burt did something that neither Lana nor I expected, and went to the dresser and pulled out some silky restraints and started tying Laura's hands and feet to the bedposts! He explained that they frequently did this when it was time for a big feeding and Laura told us how much she loved it, having no control over how much Burt wanted to stuff in her mouth.

Then Burt turned to Lana and announced "we have another set in case you want to restrain your little piggy here." Lana looked at me and I looked at her and said "why not give it a try, it sounds pretty kinky." Laura turned her head to me (as that was all she could move) and excitedly said "it's incredibly kinky!"

So, us two fatties lay side-by-side on the king bed, each with an arm and leg crossed over the other's and tied to the posts. Then covered plates full of desserts were placed on each of our bellies and our two spouses started feeding us some of the most delicious treats ever. When one plate was finished, it was replaced on our bellies by another, then another, then another.

Finally, after about an hour we had consumed every dessert on the room service menu and Laura and I were so stuffed we couldn't have eaten any more.

That's when Burt announced "it's time our piggies experience the next round!" I was afraid that meant more food which I couldn't possibly handle and was a bit relieved when he mounted his very fat wife and motioned Lana to do the same with me. As she did, the two commenced to riding Laura and me and, within seconds, they got into the same exact rhythm. Laura and I turned our heads to look at one another and we were both loving it, it really was super kinky to be ridden at the same time lying side-by-side and both our fat bellies slapping against our lanky lovers in unison!

Being a skinny guy, Burt climaxed a couple of minutes before me and Laura orgasmed soon after, but he remained on top massaging her breasts and nibbling her neck until Lana and I finished.

"Are our piggies ready for some more dessert?", Lana asked cheerily. "NO WAY" Laura and I responded in near unison! To which Burt suggested that we all check out the massive shower in their bathroom, so the two skinnies walked and the two fatties waddled to the bathroom and it was truly an amazing shower, much nicer than the one in our suite. It was probably 8' x 10' and had four shower heads, more than big enough for the four of us to share at the same time.

Burt stepped in and turned on the shower heads to let them get warm, then ushered the other three of us in. Soon we were washing each of our spouses, then trading places with me getting a chance to explore all of Laura's manifold folds and creases and her mine, while Burt and Lana checked out each other's long tall toned bodies. Fondling turned to kissing, which turned to exploring other body parts, and soon all four of us were back in bed, soaking wet, but with different partners this time.

I had never been with a woman as fat or fatter than me and it was incredible with our fat bellies fwapping against each other during intercourse. But before climax, we all switched back to our original partners, with Laura on top of Burt burying much of his six pack abs under her fat belly. And I, for the first time in a long time, was on top of Lana, my fat belly spread out on her chest up to just short of her breasts.

It was quite a night of adventure and experimentation and around midnight Lana and I bid adieu to our new friends, but not before they gifted us one of the set of restraints, the set that Lana had used to tie me up just that morning.

But I snapped out of my fond remembrances as I stepped up to pick up my buffet plate. Soon it was loaded full of scambled eggs and I quickly picked up another plate to load with bacon and sausage. Then quickly back to the table.

As I finished the third of what would be eight plates that morning, Burt and Laura walked over to our table on the way out and said "see you by the pool later?" We responded with an enthusiastic "yes" and then Laura said "and since this is the last day here for both of us, maybe we can get together in your room later tonight?"


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Apr 3, 2011
At first I thought it was just a weird style device.

But by now your stories have a pathological quality to them.

Why write dozens of almost identical stories - first person narrative, similar weight gain, the spouse element -only changing the framework setting???:confused:

It reminds me a bit of a junior high essay class I once taught, where all kids copied just two plot lines....
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Apr 23, 2007
......well but it was an interesting twist to have another couple showing them some kinky games ;-)