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BHM Food and sex - by Gogozou (~BHM, ~Sex, ~XWG

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Jul 30, 2010
~BHM, ~Sex, ~XWG - A dominatrix fantasy onvolving a unique hormonal twist

Author's note: Translated by Google. I corrected some Word or Google mistakes but i haven't a good english level, so plz, don't be angry with me. Propose me a better translation or sentence. Thanks.

Editor's note: translation difficulties duly noted. Hopefully the edited version below helps. We don't get angry over English skills here; editing is our job and we do it for native English speakers and non-native speakers alike.

Food and Sex
by Gogozou

Part 1 - The beginning

It's been a month since I first went out with a super girl 20 years old. Her name is Pauline, blonde with blue eyes, 1m70 and 58kg with a sublime set of boobs 95c ! She would love to cook for me she said , but had not yet verified this since we had always seen each ther only at either work or in public places

She invited me to her home to spend a pleasant evening and to introduce me to her cooking skills ! She warned me that cooking remains good in quantity and suggested I eat nothing for at least 24 hours before , 48 being the ideal !

The appointment was a Saturday night extended weekend (Thursday to Sunday). I was a little surprised , but being totally in love with her , I thought: Well, why not , it does not hurt me .

During these two days the wait was long , terribly long because I did not see her and since we're dating , I had not masturbated once because I did not know when we would do it and I wanted MY first time is unforgettable. Although I felt my testicles completely full and ready to explode , I did everything to not think about it , I was busy mind watching movies , TV , series , reading , outings to the park ...

A few hours before the appointment of my life I began to stress more , I took my shower , gave me the best possible appearance and smell. The wait was still seeming long, even thopugh it was only an an hour before we met. I stressed more and more , I felt sexual arousal up and I was hungry , very hungry !

Finally, I came to her home, I rang and surprise, she opens the door in a very small transparent nightie and super sexy little lace panties.

- "Come quickly, I did not want my neighbors to see me in this outfit ," she said. She grabbed me by the top of my shirt and pulled me inside this apartment where there was also very good temperature that smell of cooking level!

- " Hi ," I said , I was so stunned by the reception I could not say anything else

- " Relax, my love " she whispers in my ear and rid me of my jacket .

I notice she had totally amazing pubic hair : it's a bump in her panties , I say well at least 3 cm , and that the edge covered a large area of her legs were without overflowing the panties. I get stuck on it.

- " I see you've seen my hair, hard to miss." she said. "We already talked briefly about this issue and you had told me that you liked the hair in sex , so I left it as is for awhile. I do not know if it is their maximum size , I never didthis before." she explained as she was talking to me in the kitchen .

" This is a very rare hormonal disorder which affects the pubic area, and ... you do not say anything , okay?" she said in a worried tone ? .

" Uh, whouaaaa " I stammered and after a few seconds I added , "Yes, okay, it's going very well , I do not believe this is happening to me , we get along really well, we are always complicit , we laugh well, we have the same vision of the future and to top it all , you have a perfect body and what you have to say , I 'm on cloud nine. "

I laughed.

" I'm so happy , nothing prevents that I invite you to come live with me in my apartment, " she told me by making me sit on the bar stool with a kiss .

"Yes , I agree to spend my life with a wonderful woman that is you "

" Celebrate it, I 'll tell you right away , I cook a lot, but I eat very little because of my crazy hormones !

" No worries, I totally understand , but for now , I 'm very hungry , I have not eaten for 48 hours as you have so kindly asked me "

" Yes, you must be hungry, start with an appetizer !

She leaves a huge mug of beer and a bowl of chips! And for her, a small glass of vodka and some green olives."It's craft beer that my father did, and if you do not have enough in it to rest in the fridge "

I watch more closely the beer. " There is a lot of bubble , I think "

" Yes, my father put a very high rate of co2 in, he says it is better for the taste and alcohol content. Go, gulp to celebrate our life together, finally, try at least " she told me it on a seductive tone.

I carry the mug to my lips and began to drink, I half empty ( I say a liter ) and falls head I realize that Pauline had already finished his vodka but its olives

" Finished your drink , I'm going to finish the meal "

She kissed me to remove the beer foam from my lips and rajouta before going to the kitchen : "You can burp as you want, I used to with my father and his beer , it does not bother me at all , on the contrary "

I'm starting chips , looking back to the kitchen, I could not get my eyes off her panties down to 4 -5cm under the crotch .
" I have a slightly embarrassing question for you Pauline "

" No matter embarrassing us now , we live together ," she picks me by cutting me off.

" Yes, of course , forgive me, I wanted to know where you found your panties what you cover your hair almost perfectly , certainly not in the trade. " I said before taking my mug and finish .

" Ha , that's my mother made ​​me since I was 13 , 14 years , although I started my puberty at the age of seven years ," she said in a tone and fluid without discomfort. " To tell you everything , from 7 years to my 11 years , I had the hairs that grew very slowly . Towards my 11 years and a half , my chest started to grow up to 13 years for my chest that I ' currently have . Afterwards, my hair started to grow much faster and I was diagnosed this hormonal imbalance without treatment possible. then my mother started making my pants tailored , and I was cutting regularly. Hey , I see you've finished your pint , I'll refill it !"

She brought the second mug and was gone to the kitchen .

I looked at the woman of my dreams ... and turned and said :
- " Finish your drink darling " making me a naughty smile

I plunged my hand into the bowl of chips and finished , then I aim to treat the second one pint and a huge lacha rot ! Pauline turned and saw the empty mug! - " I'll meet you again my sweet darling, my father will be glad and happy to know that his son loves his beer !

She brought it to me and gave me a kiss again , stroking my belly
- " It is full, but I am sure there is still room for a new beer my father "

" Oh yes," I replied thinking "she is so good and I was so hungry ! "I started drinking my third beer, and after 10 mins, I had finished .

" Uh, where 's the bathroom , I have a terrible urge to pee !" I said, standing up suddenly !

After relieving myself , I went into the room where Pauline was there in black sofa !

She told me " The meal finished cooking and we will wait until you digest your beer. "

She was starting to caress me everywhere, but especially in the belly

- " I drank a liter of how else?

- " Does not matter , as long as you like beer with my father "

She grabbed my penis before I could say anything and started to work . But I was so stressed at the same time so full of beer, I have not been able to bend , she asked me why.

" I ... I 'm , you know, you're ... my first girlfriend , I ... " I caught my breath and says : "I am a virgin. "

"Wonderful, great ... my dream ," she said with more radiant than ever face " relaxes you, and we will try again after dinner , but need to digest beer before"

For 2 hours , it was snuggle between cuts for toilet breaks , then came dinner

We got up , my stomach completely empty again made ​​terrible noises ... She says " It really is time to eat, you'll see, everything is homemade and delicious ... and forget, I love to see my guests eat whatever I give them ," she told me about a mischievous tone.

I could not say anything , I was so in the clouds!

Her first course was a huge salad potato sausage drowned in mayonnaise. I felt stuffe, but she brought me the next course saying one word : "Eat " stroking my penis, my stomach and making me a kiss

It was a huge plate of spaghetti drowned in Bolognese sauce with 3 huge turkey cutlet. Having finished my course, I was totally stuffed , I could not eat anything ... but she told me : cheese, desert .... the great dessert to eat in bed! "

Just after she said ' the great dessert to eat in bed , I sat up in my chair ' and exclaimed What are the dishes at night thinking that I was going crazy!

- " A melted cheese and a chocolate xmas cake "

She brought a small pot filled with cheese and said " It is two liters, but you should not have any trouble eating it , you drank six liters of beer 30 minutes earlier then I would be disappointed if you do not eat any " saying that unbuttoning my shirt off my pants and a massage to my cock!

I began to eat cheese ... 45 mins later and totally bulging belly .... I finished .

I come back with the dessert she said when I had just finished cheese.

To my surprise , she did not return with the chocolate cake but before a glass half full of beer ... and said my great gulp ! She took off her panties which gave way to a forest of dark golden hair ... wonderful ...

I took the mug and drank a draft while watching her beautiful pussy

She fetched the desert without delay ... and said: - " Walk in the apartment 5 mins to run a little your little diner" patting my belly !

She helped me to my feet , I could hardly believe what I saw ... my stomach terribly swollen ... After 10mins walk , I felt a little better and Pauline made ​​me sit again to eat the cake.

after 1:15 , I had finished the giant meal ... but I could not do anything, Pauline was disappointed but said:

- " No problem darling, go to sleep and digest this wonderful meal ... make love in the morning after a big breakfast!

- " Yes, my sweet " hoping she was joking

After I lay in bed (around 0:00 ) , she said: " I'll tidy up , I go back in 20mins , you can fall asleep , I would not worry, on the contrary ... "

I fell asleep happy and quickly ... until the morning (well, it was 14.30)

When I opened my eyes, there was a table in the room covered waffle , pancakes , cakes, donuts and a mug of beer.

I went to the toilet , noticing that my stomach seemed almost as big as my bed and emerging Pauline was naked on bed... and said: " Eat and make love after " ...

I could barely stir before this body , I began to eat while watching Pauline masturbating with her ​​fingers and giant dildo (I do not know of such size could exist )

After two hours of food ... I got up and joined Pauline in bed half wet. My stomach was as big as a basketball close to burst ...

She said "Before making love, I must tell you something :"If I 'm eating so much , it's not that exciting for me, but on medical grounds because of my hormonal imbalance , if I want to get pregnant , I must weigh less than 60kg and my husband weighs at least 120kg . "

" Excuse me? I said totally shocked.

" I need to take special hormones to ovulate , but it makes my eggs sealed with normal sperm , and so my partner must take himself hormones, but to be able to take should a minimum weight of 120kg if the treatment has little or no effect . "

- "You want to have kids with me , but I have to take her hormones grow I love you and I want to have children with you, then I'm agreements. . !

Around one or two in the afternoon, Pauline grabbed my penis and made ​​love until the evening ... with a large course multi course dinner before going to sleep.

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