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like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
Nick was settling in well at his job as general manager at the new location and pretty much knew the names and availabilities of all the staff, as well as his way around the floor, the bar, and the clientele. Four weeks after opening day, he was in the middle of a slow mid-shift when he decided to cut all the servers so they could take their breaks. By 3 PM, he had two small tables open and a bar guest--nothing he couldn’t handle. As Candy, the three o’clock server, walked in for her shift, a pretty lady came in as well and helped herself to a seat at the bar.

“Can you take her?” said Candy, “I still have to do my hair.”

Nick flashed her the OK sign and walked up to the lady.

She was, as you say in the feedist community, an SSBBW--a super sized, big beautiful woman. If it weren’t socially frowned upon to take up two barstools in public, he might have offered her another one, just for her comfort, but he didn’t want to insult her on accident. She had a nice face with alert blue eyes and she wore her hair in a long, loose braid.

“Hello there, dear, welcome to April and Andy’s. Name’s Nick, I’ll be taking care of you. Now, are you feeling thirsty this afternoon?”

“Yeah, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, can I have a Manhattan?”

“Sure, do you have your ID?”

“Oh, please, I’m old as dirt,” she said, but surrendered her card anyway. Her name was Laura Leighton and she was the same age as he was, but he didn’t take offense.

He made her a drink, and then two more, offering to replenish her whenever her glass ran low. Halfway through her second cocktail, he asked her, “Would you like anything to eat?”

“Oh, I already ate, but maybe I’ll get a dessert.”

He pulled a dessert menu from a cubby by the computer and placed it in front of her. She looked over it for a few minutes while she drank, then set it aside.

“Have you decided?”

“Yeah, but I’ll order when I’m done drinking.”

When she was a little under halfway through her third, she said, “Hey Nick, does Craig Krause still work for this company?”

“Yeah, he’s at the location on Holcombe, though. Another drink?”

“Whoa, slow down, sugar! I have patience. I work in this industry too.”

“Wait tables?”

“I’m a chef,” said Ms. Leighton.

“Ah, mmkay. So, is Craig someone that you’ve worked with in the past?”

For obvious reasons, he hoped not.

“Oh, honey, no. He was my feeder.”

Nick just about shat a brick.

Ms. Leighton giggled then and said, “Sorry. I over-share. Looks like somebody’s had a little much to drinky-drink…” She looked up at him and said, “I’m surprised; you’re not asking me what that is.”

He leaned in over the bar and gave her a wink. “I’m in the community.”

His other guests waved for their checks, and he quickly closed them out and transferred the tabs to Candy so she could collect the tips before returning to Ms. Leighton. “So, are you a feeder or a feedee?” she asked him.

“What does it look like to you, Ms. Leighton?”

“Now, none of this ‘Ms.’ stuff, you call me Laura. And hey, you never can tell just by looking. Some fat folks get off on fattening other people up, it happens.”

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone throw the F word around like that, not using it as an insult.”

“Obviously, you’re new on the scene.”

“My girlfriend has taught me quite a bit, but I guess I am pretty new,” he agreed. “I just never thought Craig--”

“Hang on, honey. If we’re going to talk about Craig, I will want that fourth drink.”

“Of course! And now that we’re alone, would you like to move to a more comfortable seat?”

“You’re such a gentleman. I like you.”

He led her to one of the spacious back booths and pulled the table further from the seat so she’d have more room. She offered to help him, but he refused to let her work on her day off. Once she was settled in with her drink, Nick pulled up a chair across from her and sat down. “Wow, so Craig’s a closet feeder, huh? That comes as a shock to me. In the years I’ve known him he’s always seemed to have quite the low opinion of people of size.”

“You can say the word, you know.”

“...Fat people.”

Laura took a deep pull on her drink. “That’s interesting. Maybe it’s his way of pushing away the things he desires, so he can never be vulnerable.”

“...I’m sorry, Laura, you lost me somewhere along the way.”

“So here’s what happened: we were in college. Craig and I had both just learned about the kink, and we decided to experiment. For me, I’d always been a big girl, and I’d always liked eating and eating until I couldn't anymore. It aroused me. When I found out about feedism, I was like, finally, a word for it! And Craig was in my nutrition class and liked to try new things. We were never seriously dating; he was more of my feeder-with-benefits. I had my other dalliances, and he spent his summers waiting tables at the Andy and April’s on Bellfort, no doubt to get his rocks off watching women eat cake. But looking back, I know he wanted more out of me than I was ready to give.

“See, I fell in love with the fetish...but never with Craig. He could be too much sometimes, too overbearing. I was also talking to this feeder I’d met through a dating app and gone on a few dates with, and I wanted to have a monogamous relationship with her. So I told him we were over…”

She paused to nurse her drink, and he asked, “What did he do?”

She looked off into the distance. “He went bezerk and destroyed my life, of course.”

Nick gasped. “Destroyed?”

“Yeah. One day, he adored me, would have dropped everything to get me a hot dog and a craft beer, and the next day, he’d turned the whole school against me. I woke up one morning and everybody was calling me a slimy fat slut--”

“Trust me, I worked with him, I know about the name calling.”

“People were writing horrible things on my social media...Hell, he even convinced one kid to plant a stolen answer key in my bag. In the end, I had to move off campus.”

“That all sounds terrible, Laura,” said Nick. “And after all of that, you still keep tabs on him?”

“I mean, I’m happy with Rita. But sometimes I wonder, if maybe someone told me that Craig lay awake at night racked with guilt, if I would feel any sense of closure.”

“I’m pretty sure Craig thinks ‘remorse' is a kind of Italian sauce.”

Laura burst out laughing. “Nick, you are too funny! Imma finish this drink, and I’ll take one slice of key lime pie for here and another one to go. Then I can take my check, and I will be back!”

As he was closing her out at the register, he pondered what he’d learned about Craig. What could have possibly made him so entitled and cruel? He would probably never understand what went on in that man’s head, but he was glad Craig was no longer his problem.


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Mar 28, 2006
This is developing very nicely. The characters feel real, the story line is moving along, and the sexy scenes are so hot they could melt my screen. Thank you.
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