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Oct 28, 2018
France, south
In New Zealand we put our clocks forward on Sunday 27th September 2020 and thereby lose an hour of 2020. And that's as good as it gets. There was a film called that and now I will never be able to see it in the same light ever again.
It is good to have an hour less of 2020, it is such a terrible year :)

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
OK, i’ll do it.

I don’t know how to put in a link to just a few seconds of a YouTube video, so to go 0:54 seconds of this one and play it through 0:59 or 1:00:
and then consider that the picture is Mo of The Simpsons, and how Mr. Idle sang “more” as “mo”.

Mo bettah? (More better?)
As a joke, it also plays on the inability of Americans to understand English accents.

Billy Idol's speaking and singing accent is so south east England, soft 'r', flattened vowels and all!

As someone who grew up with many folks who spoke this way, in Eastern Canada, I have to think about jokes like this, because I distinctly hear Billy singing, "More, more, more", not "Mo, mo, mo" as my American friends do.

Simple example: How do you say the 'r' in Worcester? If you say it as a hard 'r', you're in Massachusetts; if you breathe it out as a soft sibilant, you're in England.

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