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gaining the Covid 19

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Nov 16, 2005
I very recently reconnected with two ex-girlfriends. Just checking in and getting updated on what's going with their lives. Laura, who's now married, has become quite a roly-poly and has taken to making her own formless clothing -- think art school mumus. She confided that she was quite distraught over how much weight she has gained in the last year +. She claims she is technically obese (and who am I to argue?) Meanwhile, Julia, who is still very single (and clearly still interested in me) was practically in tears on the phone with me about her weight gain, yet then pivoted and said that she wasn't "fat", that she thought she carried it "well enough." I joined her for dinner out last week and she practically threw an elbow in competition over the food, which was served family-style. I believe she was low-balling the amount she gained -- definitely more than 20lbs. Too cute.

Who else has had similar recent experiences where people you haven't seen since March 2020 or before are resurfacing much bigger??

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