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FFA-Property of Von_Pudge
Oct 16, 2008
Legs + ass + thigh highs = me convulsing on the floor
I bearly noticed that sexy woman's ass in the background... I was too busy looking at other things ;)

But damn i'd hit that! :p

Hey ninja... what you say? You, her and me? Threesome? ;) :D

Green Eyed Fairy

Funky Faerie Queene
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
It's my favorite sport indeed.......
This is about as awesome as I get. My favorite picture of me and my dog.

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That is just so darn cute- great picture

I love two women at once. If I fall asleep they have each other to talk to!
At least I can admire you from afar ;)

Dayum! That is all.......:batting:

So here is me ladies enjoy:

sorry for the big pics
I would probably lick chocolate syrup from your naval if I wasn't concerned about serving jail time due to your age :p

I've been off the forum for a while (like almost a year), but I figured I'd jump in with a couple of pictures.
So nice to see you back :cool:

Hell, I guess if Brian Urlacher can play with swords, this must qualify as awesome!!

Behold the Sword of Daddyoh

What was that?? Hold your sword? Ooooppppssss nevermind......:doh:

Now that's one big sword- I see why you're called Daddy ;)

What the heack, I'll join in....
I do so likes me some sharp dressed mens ;)

...I couldn't pick just one...
Gawd, I can't either. You ALWAYS look so good......

Ok one more
Too cute- you look like you're having a blast :D

Various pics, and friends.

I'm always weak for dimples....

Hot pictures
How YOU doing, Von Pudge?