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SSBBW enjoying ijoy ride

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Active Member
Aug 28, 2016
, Male
I am wondering if any of SSBBW ladies here rode on one of these Ijoy rides machines🤔 I saw some videos on the internet where 3 chubby girls like 190 lbs each or a bit more were having fun on it but never SSBBW. it is a pity that there are no videos like that😢 is it a matter of being scary to do not break that things with exceeding the weight limit or something else? In my opinion the weight is just the weight and it does not matter if there is 600 lbs sitting on something in one girl or in 3 girls🤔 so why skinny or chubby girls do not hesitate to overload the stuff around and SSBBW do? Btw the weight limit for that thing is 250 lbs so girls exceeded it by almost 3 times🤩 I would love to see beautiful SSBBW lady or better ladies riding it🥰 what I am wondering about also is e.g. if I could buy such a ijoy ride let's second hand... Would any of SSBBW ladies here try to ride on it?


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