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Gift for a Very Good Mother by by Chubsixtysix (~FFA/~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, ~SWG)

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Dec 14, 2012
~FFA/~BHM, Fantasy, Magic, ~SWG - Santa takes care of the kids, but Susan finds out who gives gifts to moms

Gift for a Very Good Mother
by Chubsixtysix​

Chapter One

Susan sat on a bench facing the central fountain at her local mall. It was three days before Christmas and she had just finished all of her major shopping. She still had to go to the grocery store and wanted a few more stocking stuffers for the kids. But really, now that she had finally got her hands on the trendy new electronic toy that her 12 year old had his heart set on, she was done.

Sipping a spiced latte, she let herself relax for a few minutes of prime people watching.

Off to the right she could see the long line of preschoolers and parents waiting to have their pictures taken with Santa under the three story Christmas tree. A beautiful family just entered the queue: twin blonde girls who looked like they might be in kindergarten, a smaller blonde boy with the most gorgeous curls, their slim brunette mother and their father, who had the same blonde curls as the little boy. They were ready for a family portrait in their red and green turtlenecks and jeans.

Susan told herself not to stare, but she couldn’t peel her eyes off the young blonde father. He looked to be well over six feet tall, had powerful broad shoulders and arms that framed a rather impressive girth quite nicely. Just then Susan was gifted with a gorgeous side view of belly when the man spun around to scoop up his escaping toddler.

As he bent over, Susan glimpsed a generous slice of wrap-around love handle and the tops of his well-rounded butt cheeks. Better yet, his very full belly and plump pectorals pressed out against his form-fitting turtleneck as they sagged down toward the floor. The picture was perfected by a brief peak of the bottom of his belly poking out beneath his shirt.

The father scooped up his toddler and plopped him up on top of his shoulders. They were an adorable site with the little curly top leaned over to peer down into his daddy's grinning face. Alas, Susan's eye candy was covered up. Grabbing his son's feet with one hand, the father used his other hand to quickly pull up his drooping jeans and readjust his shirt so that he was fully covered.

Susan was not disappointed, however, because the young father started to bounce on the balls of his feet to amuse his son. The little boy giggled as his daddy jiggled him. Susan’s stomach felt warm and gooey as she watched the mass of the daddy’s wide belly jiggled along. Nice. His shirt crept up over his belly and now a plump ring of bouncing overhang was uncovered.

When her view was blocked by new entries into the line of families to see Santa, Susan allowed herself to fall into her favorite BHM fantasy. Just the thought of being encased in the broad sweep of such powerful arms and pressed up against the soft mass of such a generous belly made her feel warm and wet and wiggly. The thought of being helplessly pinned beneath him while said powerful large man had his way with… Well, it’s just a fantasy after all, but a really nice one.

Susan cast her gaze around for other beautiful big people. She knew it was far from the norm, but she found chubby men fascinatingly attractive. In fact, the bigger the better, in Susan’s opinion. She found something deliciously luscious about the swell of a great beer belly.

Looking at a big, broad belly, Susan liked to think of how it must have started as a little roll above the waist band. Her favorite part was imagining the man indulging in huge quantities of fabulously rich foods that made that little roll expand into the impressively large paunch. She would like to be the one to feed that hungry man, overindulge his every whim.

Too bad her own husband was a fitness and health food nut.

Glancing around, Susan saw some impressively large and luscious individuals. One, in particular, stuck out among the crowd. Taller and a few years older than the young blond father, this fellow was magnificent. He was classically tall, dark and handsome with a twist. His rugged good looks were, in Susan’s opinion, greatly enhanced by the magnitude of his presence. Perhaps 6 foot five inches, Susan thought he must weigh at least 350 pounds. He carried it well, walking with strength and confidence.

Susan sighed as the crowd moved on. She finished her latte and was starting to gather up all her shopping bags when a trim grey haired woman in a stylish pants suit asked to share her bench.

“Sure. I was just leaving, anyway,” Susan replied.

The woman made a vague gesture with her hand and then said, “Please don’t leave on my account. It’s important to take time out to connect as humans during this very stressful time of year.”

Forgetting all about her other errands, Susan's mood suddenly shifted; she decided that she would love to sit and chat with this very kind looking woman. Somehow, Susan felt comfortable in this stranger’s presence.

The woman extended a business card and said, “I should introduce myself to you, Susan. I am Kirsten K. Laws. I work as my husband’s executive assistant and I am here to grant your fantasy.”

Susan accepted the card, but could not respond. This woman knew her name! That was strange enough, but what could she mean about granting her fantasy? Susan had never once articulated her feelings to anyone.

She looked down at the business card, hoping for answers but found more questions. The luminescent white card read “Kirsten K. Laws, Assistant Extraordinaire” and was surrounded by actual spinning snowflakes fluttering around the card. Susan became quite dizzy and had to pull her eyes away. She shook her head and asked somewhat dumbly, “What?”

Kirsten laughed melodiously and pulled out another business card. “Maybe it will help you to know who my husband is?”

Looking at the bright red business card, Susan read “Santa K. Laws, C.E.O., Kringle Enterprises.”

“Oh, I get it! You’re Mrs. K. Laws. Mrs. Claus! Very funny,” said Susan, as she prepared to leave. “Thanks. I needed a good laugh.”

The woman reached out and gently placed her hand on Susan’s arm to stop her. Smiling, she said, “Yes, I am Mrs. Claus. That’s exactly right. But it’s no joke. Kris takes such good care of all the children, but does nothing for the mothers. It’s not much, but every year I get to grant the wishes of five mothers who have been very good.”

Susan was grinning from ear to ear. “You are really good at this. Where’s the camera?”

With an indulgent expression, Mrs. Claus explained, “Seriously, Susan, I can prove it.”

She rummaged around in a big red leather purse and pulled out a snow globe. Handing it to Susan, she said, “This is your fantasy.”

Susan’s jaw dropped as she looked into the snow globe and saw:

In a miniature version of her own living room, an extremely heavy version of her husband, Jeff, leaned forward and pushed off of the arms of his lazy-boy to stand up. Once standing, she saw that this image of Jeff was much heavier than the young father she had watched today, his stomach was larger and his weight gain appeared to have spread a layer of padding over his whole body as well.

He rubbed his great belly fondly and smiled as a little image of Susan walked into the room with a tray of Christmas cookies. Jeff popped a cookie in his mouth and planted a slightly crumby kiss on her cheek. He took the tray and turned to put it down, giving Susan a rear view of her much wider husband’s beautifully round bottom framed snuggly in a pair of khakis that left very little to the imagination.

Susan looked up at Mrs. Claus but was speechless. So many thoughts spun in her head that she could not latch on to one quickly enough to articulate it.

Mrs. Claus smiled warmly. “This is your fantasy, isn’t it?”

Susan nodded.

“Well then. We should go and have a more private chat over a cup of something hot,” said Mrs. Claus as she led Susan off to a bistro in the next wing of the mall.


Susan was still in a daze as she parked her car in the driveway. Checking her watch, she saw that the kids wouldn’t be home from school for another 20 minutes or so. Good. She had time to stash all the gifts and hopefully keep some surprises for Christmas morning.

Once she had stashed all her purchases, she pulled the snow globe out of her purse and took it to the kitchen table. Leaning in close and staring she saw the impossible scene with an obese Jeff continue to play out:

Mini obese-Jeff was in the kitchen mixing a batch of homemade eggnog, something he would never drink in real life. His movements were made slightly awkward by the distance his belly pushed him away from the counter. Giving up, he pulled the mixing bowl up against his chest, resting on his belly, and whisked it in that position. He poured a tall frothy glass full, added a generous dollop of rum and he strode back to the living room.

As he went, Susan noticed that Jeff’s stride had changed. His steps were a bit shorter and wider. And with the sway of his larger body, Susan thought this walk was definitely sexier than anything she had ever seen.

“Hoo boy!” thought Susan, relishing the hot thrill that scene had given her.

Hearing the front door slam open and book bags dropped, Susan quickly hid the snow globe at the back of a cabinet of pots and pans. Putting the whole impossible Mrs. Claus thing out of her mind, she went to greet her children. She had promised that they would bake cookies this afternoon.

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