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Growing Pains

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Happy to be here
Apr 9, 2006
Do you ever have one of those days where no matter what you do, there is someone causing you to fall behind??? My son who is 4 talked my 7 year old into taking a boogie board and surfing down my stair with it. Well with in 30 seconds he was flying down the stairs with my 4 year old laughing his ass off. The board hit the 3rd stair from the bottom and he flew into the wall face first before he landed on his ass. He gets up screaming with a nice cracked tail bone and a bloody lip. I sit down with him and try to explain to him what a stupid thing that was to do and it got me thinking ..............

What are some of the things you have done that your parents will never let you forget?????
I know we all have some great stories so let's hear them...

My parents always remind me of the time I was 4 and buried my moms engagement ring in the back yard while playing pirates and digging for treasure. Needless to say they never found her ring. A couple years ago I bought my mom a nice wedding set to replace the set I lost when I was 4.

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