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Has Anyone Else Been Censored by MonstersAndCritics?

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Socialist Cat Man
Sep 30, 2005
I went recently on the main page of the site and saw the link to the article by the bariatric surgeon excoriating fat-acceptance on MonstersAndCritics. I wrote a response, not the least of which was to name NAAFA, which this surgeon was bad-mouthing without naming it directly, and I also mentioned ASDAH. I have tried to post this message a couple of times now, was told it was "awaiting moderation", and have not seen it cleared to appear. In the meantime, several other posts have gone up, some of which took issue with the surgeon but none of which really directly took him on in the vein in which the article's author claimed that she wanted "talkback". Has anyone else here tried to post responses to this article on their site? I for one think it's pretty fucked up to ask for talkback and then shitcan an honest tilt at debate.

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