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Has Gaining Gone Too Far?

Dimensions Magazine

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Jun 24, 2007
Over the last couple of years I've watched as several beautiful young dimensions women have gained hundreds of pounds. One particularly pretty young woman brags about gaining 300 pounds (200+ to 500+). These young women seem to be enjoying themselves and several have pay sites so they're profiting as well. However, I wonder if in 10, 20, or more years from now they will come to regret purposefully gaining weight.

I'm 100% against dieting but I'm having a hard time seeing purposeful gaining as a good thing. It seems to me that its best for people to accept themselves for who they are -- some folks are destined to be super skinny 95 pounders while others are destined to be super size 500 pounders. Fat or thin everyone's entitled to enjoy life -- including good food. However purposefully gaining may end up being anything but enjoyable.

As many of the people who post here have noted, there are many difficulties and limitations that come with very large size. Its one thing to have to deal with these because that's the hand you were dealt (everyone has to deal with their own personal limitations). However, I'm betting that its going to be very traumatic when these young women reach middle age and have to take stock of and deal with what they purposefully created by forcing bodies that most likely were meant to be moderately fat to be super fat.
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