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hidradenitis suppurativa

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Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2006
Millersville, MD
Hi there boards, I have been here for years and have rarely ever posted anything. Anyway, my wife and I have been together for almost a year now and not too long after we tied the knot she was diagnosed as having this rare chronic skin ailment called hidradenitis suppurativa where her body has developed these lesions all over her body, mostly under her breasts, in between her thighs, and under her underarms. She is currently in stage 1.5 out of three stages. My wife is about 5" and 270 pounds, and she is now speaking to me about going through with the WLS to get the gastric sleeve in hopes that she will be able to neutralize her HS that way and send it completely back into remission and not have to take this extremely expensive medication (Doryx) anymore. My question is whether or not many of you have ever heard of this disease, and what have you all done about it? I feel really terrible about this whole situation, when we first got together she was around 180 pounds, and I found her attractive, but over the years as she got to be 280 when we got married I found her to be extremely sexy, and now I'm worried if she goes through with the WLS and gets the sleeve that she says that she just wants to get back to the weight when we first got together I'm worried that it's going to affect our relationship in the bedroom. But then again I really care and love her, and don't want to see her suffer anymore. I guess I'm just in a spot where I'm not sure what I should do. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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