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BOTH High School Jeans (Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance)

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Nov 21, 2005
Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance - Tony is proud that at 30 he can still fit into jeans he wore in high school, until he meets Angie.

[Author’s note: I’ve written a few things before, but this is my first post on this forum. This story was inspired by Big Beautiful Dreamer and I tried to write in the style of her great stories. I even threw in a muffin top. I hope I don’t suffer too much by comparison.]

High School Jeans
By: Billedmeup

Part 1: Thirty Today

Tony grabbed the well worn jeans from his closet and pulled them on. He didn’t have any trouble pulling them up, but had to suck in his stomach a little to get them buttoned. It had been a year since he had worn them. He didn’t remember them being so snug around the waist. He wondered if they could have shrunk a bit hanging in the closet all year.

Next he slipped on a black tee-shirt and checked his look in the mirror. “Thirty years old today, and not bad,” he thought. The 32-inch waist jeans from high school still fit 12 years later. The annual ritual was still intact.

At just under six feet tall and 155 pounds the last time he checked, Tony was fit and trim. The hair was still black and wavy, but maybe a little thinner on top. The face was unlined and youthful.

Tony didn’t need to do too much to maintain a youthful appearance. He did workout at the neighborhood gym three or four time a week. He ate pretty much what he wanted, but not any excess. The refrigerator of a bachelor was often pretty empty. Breakfast was usually coffee and a bagel grabbed at the coffee at the coffee bar in the lobby of his office building. For dinner he often had a bowl of cereal or microwaved a frozen TV dinner. Lunch was usually a burger or a taco at a fast food place.

Up until this year, working as a field rep for a manufacturing company kept him pretty active. But this year a promotion to a desk job changed that. A new sedentary job with a little more stress, business lunches and afternoon meetings with donuts and coffee had added a few excess pounds around the middle. If he noticed, he didn’t pay much attention or maybe he was in denial. Anyway, it was only five or six pounds.

Tony grabbed a light jacket and headed out into the cool evening autumn air. It was Friday night and he had the whole weekend to relax and take it easy.

His buddies Mike and Sal were already at the pub sitting at their usual booth when Tony arrived. The empty beer pitcher and the second nearly empty pitcher gave testimony that they had gotten a head start.

Mike emptied the last of the beer into a glass and handed it to Tony. “Happy birthday buddy boy! Sit down …have a brewskie…grab some wings.”

Tony took the beer and looked down at the messy plate piled high with chicken bones. “Hm,” said Sal, “I guessed we polished them off waiting for you to get here. Don’t worry we’ll order some more.”

Sal gave Tony the once over, “Let me guess, high school jeans?”

“Yep, they still fit.”

“I’ve still got some high school jeans,” Sal chuckled. “Haven’t worn them in a while.” Sal looked down at the swell of belly that bulged out over his tight jeans.

“Man, what happened to you guys. Look at those beer guts. You guys oughta do some sit-ups once in a while; you two can hardly fit into this booth. Look how your bellies press against the table. Back in the day you were star running backs. Now it doesn’t look like you can bend over to tie your shoes.”

“Hey man, the race is over, take off the uniform. I’m married, Gina is an amazing cook. She feeds me pretty good.” Mike patted his belly with both hands.

“So did you just come to insult us?” Sal defended himself. “One day maybe you’ll get married. Then you’ll see.”

“Nah, not me. I’m living the good life. You think maybe we should find a new booth that you two can fit in?”

Truth be told, the good life was mostly a solitary life. He had had a few relationships that hadn’t worked out. Now it was mostly occasional one night stands with girls that he picked up at bars or met at the gym.

Another pitcher of beer arrived and a fresh plate of greasy chicken wings. Tony refilled his glass. He unzipped his jacket, threw it over a nearby chair and grabbed a wing. As Tony sat back down, Mike noticed that Tony had a slight bulge over his belt buckle and tightness of his tee-shirt. “Well, at least he’s not perfect,” Mike thought.

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