Iconic Mixed Weight / Interweight Couples HELP!!!

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Aug 26, 2019
So, I (217lb petite BBW) am sitting with my boyfriend (130lb tall/lanky FA) and we were discussing Halloween (October's right around the corner!).
It's our first Halloween together and we wanna do a couples costume; of course.
So we sit there brainstorming, just trying to name more than the obvious, Kermit and Miss Piggy...
So I name off the only other "iconic" mixed weight couples I could think of....

-Kermit and Miss Piggy (from The Muppets, which neither of us are partial to)

-Lars and Sadie (from Steven Universe, which would be great, but he's never watched or gotten into)

-Archer and Pam (from Archer who technically aren't even a couple...)

I'm amazed that between the two of us we can't name more than 3! Are us mixed weight couples that under represented?!

HELP fellow fatties and fat lovers!!!

Preferably looking for skinny guy chubby girl couples.....
There are so many famous/iconic BBW guy and skinny girl couples, Homer and Marg Simpson, the couple from King of Queens, Peter and Lois Griffin, Fred and Wilma Flintstone...
Seems a little one sided here to me!

Can't believe we are so incredibly unrepresented in media!
Especially nowadays with BBWs of both sexes being more represented in a positive light in film, tv, and music (praise Lizzo lol)

Anywho HELP!


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Apr 28, 2017
New York Hudson Valley
No help at all, but I am all for giving the famous couple a bbw/skinny twist

Morticia as a bbw would be loved by any Gomez

Jessica Rabbit being really really curvy

Lucille Ball with chubby cheeks and many chins would be adorable with her Dezi

There are so many
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