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Trivia Night! (Weight Gain)

Dimensions Magazine

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Active Member
Aug 2, 2020
United States

(Contains rapid female weight gain. The photo above depicts characters as they are at the beginning of the story. Enjoy!)

"Okay, first question," Zack speaks, an arm around his girlfriend as he reads from his phone, "The three Scandinavian countries are: Finland, Sweden, and?" "Norway!," Megan eagerly replies. "That's correct!" Zack says after tapping his screen to reveal the correct answer. "Hell yeah! Pay up, fuckos!" Megan exclaims. "What? Meg, we're not gambling this time." Victor says, looking up at his tall girlfriend. "What? Then what are we doing this for? I'm sure as hell not playing for points!" "You know, I'm actually really hungry," Angela speaks, "What about, say, the winner gets a food of their choice?" "Hey, yeah," Megan agrees, "whoever gets an answer right gets to order an item on the menu, everyone else pays for it!" The friends all agree to these stakes, and Megan orders a thing of breadsticks from the appetizer menu.

Angela reads the next question, "Which law of physics governs the movement of springs and elastic bodies?" "Ooh!", Megan exclaims through a mouthful of breadsticks, "Hooke's Law!" "Correct!" "YES! Alright, next I want spaghetti and meatballs!" Within moments, the waitress comes over with a plate of spaghetti for the hungry brunette.

With the friends going counterclockwise, Megan's up to read the next question, "Okay, what is 1+2+3 plus dot dot dot plus 100?" Angela's the first to respond, "5050!" "...yes...how did you know that?" "It's a famous problem! A mathematician was asked as a child to find that sum, and he realized 1+100 was the same as 2+99 was the same as--" "Alright alright, so what are you gonna order?" "Well, I didn't get lunch or dinner today, so I'm gonna order a triple cheeseburger." The waitress brings over the order, and the short blonde digs right in.

Victor asks the next question, "What year was the US constitution ratified?" Megan quickly replies, "1791!" "Um, yes, that's correct." "Yes! 3 for 3! Alright, get me another thing of spaghetti, the first one was just so good!" she says, licking spaghetti sauce from her fingers.

It's Zack's turn again, "The three types of rock are igneous, metamorphic, and?" he reads from his phone. "Sedimentary!" Angela hastily replies before Megan can beat her to it. "That's right!" "Ha!" she exclaims, "and I'll be taking a large order of fries to complement that burger!" "Looks like the guys better catch up," Megan comments, "Me and Angela are in the lead!"

Angela reads the next question, "How did Maude Flanders from the Simpsons die?" "She was hit by a t-shirt cannon!", Megan quickly responds. "N-no, not quite..." "She fell off the bleachers *after* being hit by a t-shirt cannon!", Zack answers. "Yup!" "Oh, pffft, right..." Megan says. Zack orders a thing of ribs. The waitress brings it over. "Whoa, that looks really tasty!" comments Angela, watering at the mouth as she eyes the very large dish. "Yeah, now I'm really wishing I got that question right." Megan says. "Actually, I already had dinner with Victor, so I'm pretty full," Zack says, tilting his head down so he can look Angela in the eyes, "I was actually gonna give this to you, babe." He hands his plate to her. "ZACK! That's so thoughtful!" she replies, gratefully.

Next up, Megan again, "What was the name of Iron Maiden’s first album?" The group sat silent, until came the hesitant response from Victor, "um...is it Iron Maiden?" "Yes!" she replies, without even tapping her screen. "Wait, really?" Victor asks. "Yup! So, what are you ordering?" Megan asks, looking down at her boyfriend. He, meanwhile, is eyeing her once-skinny midsection, noticing how it now bulges onto her lap. It's not just bloated, mind you; it's an actual muffin top now. "Um, I was actually gonna let you decide," he replies, "I'm not really hungry either, so-" "So you were gonna give me your food, too?! That's so thoughtful!" She pulls him into a hug, pressing his face against her comically sized boobs (and his chest against her now soft midsection). He blushes. "So...wait, when does the game stop?" Zack asks. "Easy, when everyone's full", Angela replies, finishing her fries and starting on her large thing of ribs.

The four friends continue their trivia night. Four friends means 4 turns per rotation. And by 5 rotations in, the girls are already looking significantly different than before. For one thing, their once flat stomachs have turned into big, jiggly bellies that press into the table. Their boobs have also grown considerably, Angela's once B cups are now triple Ds, at least. And Megan's boobs (which were already pretty huge before) now just barely go past her belly, depending on which way she leans. And despite having very thin faces before, both girls now appear to sport prominent double chins. Quite a few patrons are glancing at the peculiar sight before them. And yet, none of the 4 friends seem bothered or even perturbed in the slightest. The boyfriends have made no mention to their girlfriends or each other of the startling changes. If anything, they seem to enjoy the changes.

On top of it all, both girls, for some reason, appear to be getting taller. The height order used to be (lowest to highest) Angela, Victor, Zack, then Megan. But now, it's Victor, then Zack and Angela tied for middle, and finally Megan standing taller than anyone else in the room. Or, rather, she would be standing taller, if she weren't currently sitting.

"Alright [MMH], this is getting boring," Angela speaks, licking pizza sauce from her fingers, "let's up the ante. From now on, the winner gets to pick 5 items from the menu, instead of just one." All four friends are quick to agree on this change, all equally thrilled for what it would entail. "So, everyone agrees then?" asks Megan, "In that case, I'll be ordering 5 bacon triple cheeseburgers." "But Victor was the one who answered." Angela corrects her. "Ugh, fine! *Victor* will be ordering 5 bacon triple cheeseburgers. Won't you babe?" "Sure thing!" Victor giggles. She leans over and kisses him on the lips, her humongous breasts pressing against his chest.

6 more cycles have passed since then. With 4 turns per cycle, that's 24 turns. That means, between the two girls, they've consumed 120 menu items since then. Almost everyone in the diner is staring now. Angela is only barely shorter than Megan now, and both of them are taller than any human has ever been. But more importantly, they've become really, really, really fat. They've both outgrown their shirts, their fat bellies laying atop the table, soft jiggly flesh exposed to the world. Their tummies stick out so far, now, that only a few millimeters separate them from smushing against each other from opposite ends of the table. Unlike their shirts, though, their bras are still holding on, despite their boobs being absolutely massive now.

"Okay, what's the largest city in Washington?" asks Victor. "SEATTLE!" both girls reply simultaneously. "That's correct!" "Huh, I guess that means we both win," Angela says, tilting her head down so she can look Zack in the eyes, "I guess you're buying for both of us." He blushes. "[MMMH] Worksh for me!," Megan says, "either way, I'm getting 5 more steak supremes!"

Just then, Victor falls out of the booth. His girlfriend's butt has literally grown so massive it knocked him out of his seat, now filling up the entirety of hers and Victor's half of the booth. As he lays on the floor, he notices the table's legs aren't touching the ground anymore. Both ladies' thighs are so huge now that they can't help but lift the table. "You're so clumsy," Megan teases him, "C'mon, get back up here!" He climbs atop Megan's fat thigh and sits on it, situated right next to her fat, fat belly.

Zack, realizing he's soon to meet the same fate with his own girlfriend and her widening butt, climbs atop Angela's thighs. As he sits, the seam on the side of her pants rips open, exposing soft thigh flesh. She pays no mind to this, though, and keeps on eating.

"Alright," Zack says, "what social media platform has the most active users?" "Oh, I know this one, it's--" Victor is quickly interrupted by his huge girlfriend, as she literally slaps a hand over his mouth, "YouTube!". "Why'd you interrupt me? You'd get the food either way!" "I know. But this way I don't have to pay for it." "Except you got it wrong," Zack says, snidely. "Ha! Looks you do have to pay after all! Cuz the correct answer is Twitter!" Victor answers. "Nope!" "What?" Victor asks, surprised. "You guys are dopes," Angela says, "It's Facebook". "Yup!" Zack finally says. "What?" Victor asks incredulously. "Who still uses Facebook?" Megan agrees. "Doesn't matter! I win!" Angela gloats, "and I'll be ordering 5 chicken taco supremes!"

Both girls' bellies are now touching.

10 rotations later...

Pretty much everyone else in the diner has left. Likely due to the presence of two unfathomably obese women clothed only in their bras and panties. They were wearing pants, but they've since been ripped to shreds by their fat, fat, fat butts. Their asses are overflowing over the sides of their seats. Their bellies cover up the entire table and then some. At this point, not only do their bellies touch, but even their boobs touch. Their bellies are bigger, of course, but the booth has them tightly pressed together into a fat girl sandwich. To the point their back fat is overflowing over their chairs and their belly fat is forcefully being pushed to the sides in an effort to compete for space.

"Next question," Angela reads, her double chin quivering in the process, "Who played the genie in Disney's animated Aladdin?" "Robbin Williams!", replies Victor. "Correct!" "YES!" Megan exclaims, "Alright, he'll be ordering 10 racks of ribs with extra barbecue sauce!" That's right, they've moved up from 5 menu items to 10. "That actually sounds really good, I'll get the same thing." Angela says, licking her lips in anticipation. "But you didn't answer," her boyfriend argues, chuckling. "I know. I'll pay for this one with my own money." "Fair enough," Zack says.

The waitress wheels over 20 racks of ribs, and sets them atop the girls' giant, jiggling bellies. Apparently, that was the straw to break the camel's back, as both booths finally collapse under the weight of the two gargantuan women sitting atop them. As they come crashing to the ground, their bellies do too, and the net torque causes the table to snap in half between their thighs and bellies. This also damages the structural integrity of the two neighboring booths, causing them to give way as well. And with that, Hooke's law finally takes place and forces the two women to swiftly spring away from each other, disbanding the fat girl sandwich. By some miracle, though, all the plates survived.

"Ah, that feels better," Megan lets out a sigh of relief, her belly no longer being squeezed under immense pressure. "Don't worry, we'll pay for that!" Angela reassures the waitress. "Well, next question I guess," Megan says, "You've been playing for--oh, the app's telling us we've been playing for 4 hours." "Wow, has it really been that long?" Angela asks, making quick work of her first thing of ribs. "Well, we do have work tomorrow, do you think maybe we should start wrapping things up?" Victor asks. "WHAT?!" Both girls exclaim, the looks on their faces comparable to that of someone who just lost their job. "That's not fair! We agreed to stop once everyone was full. And I'm not even close to full," Megan protests, patting her huge belly for emphasis, causing a shockwave to ripple across it.

"Okay, fine," Angela says, "if you wanna go home so bad, how about this? Lightning round! We increase the size to 20 menu items. Then, after 4 rounds, to 30. Then, after another 4 rounds, 40. And so on until everybody finally gets full." "I like the way you think," Megan says, reaching for an attempted high five. Unfortunately, there's way too much belly fat between them for a high five to be possible.


"Hey, what the hell! This is only like 40 plates!" Megan complains to the waitress. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but we're all out of food." the tired worker responds, climbing down the ladder that's situated on Megan's belly. At this point, the girls practically fill the establishment on their own. Megan's butt is squished against the back wall, while Angela's is squished against the front wall. Their heads are inches away from the ceiling. Their boobs are more than twice the size of the table they once sat at. Their bellies are just inches away from touching the wall opposite to the booth, making the waitress's journey down all the more precarious. And both girls are both gobbling up their food like pigs.

"Well, I guess that's the game, then," Megan says, just a hint of sadness in her tone. "It looks like Angela won," Victor says, looking at the scores as he sits atop his girlfriend's gargantuan belly, "with Megan close to her in second place." Looking at both girls, that makes sense. They're both about equally as big, but Angela was much smaller than Megan to begin with. "Hmph," Meg says, "you just wait till next time! I'm gonna whoop your butt at this game!"

The four friends proceed to pay the extremely sizable bill. The girls then proceed to stand up, inadvertently crashing through the ceiling as they do so. As Megan turns slightly to the side, her mammoth sized belly crashes through the wall. Again, on accident, but it's probably for the best, as there's pretty much no other way these girls could've exited the building.

Megan and Angela waddle through their makeshift doorway, inadvertently making the hole even bigger as they try to get through. As they walk out, their every footstep causes the earth to shake beneath them. Several car alarms go off in response to the thuds. Megan looks at her scare-roused boyfriend, taking strong notice of the aroused part. She pulls him close, "Psst," she whispers in his ear, "between you and me, I'm pretty horny, too. What do you say the moment we get back to the apartment, we--" He didn't catch the rest of what she said, over the sound of Angela accidentally knocking over a lamppost, but he could infer from context.

Victor doesn't respond. He's not even sure how Megan could possibly get back in their apartment. There's no way she could fit in the elevator, and she's too wide for the stairway. Hell, she can't even get through the lobby entrance. He's still having trouble figuring out how she even got to her feet!

"You're right," she responds to his silence, "it can't wait that long! Let's do it in an alley!"

The End.

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