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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Authors note. This little treat is for those who like to over eat but also for those who like to squashed and those who like to squash. Enjoy.

Sharing with Ghosts
by New Zealand Mountainman

I will start this story with detailed experiences in my childhood I came from two families of metaphysical abilities.. I had some extra abilities that I had no idea were extra abilities.

On my mother’s side was the Te Tunga Te Whenua of Aotearoa. In European words they were Maori of New Zealand. My family line was powerful for even Maori people, I will carry on using the English words but the translation of the Te Reo (the indigenous people language) is “The people of the Land”. Aotearoa means the long dawn but some people call it the land of the long white cloud. Basically, they arrived on a foggy day and it would have got another name if they came later on when it was bright, sunny and warm.

Now I am mocking what I am saying as it implies that these sea ferrying race came to an unoccupied Islands. This was not true as the country already had occupants.

One of the tenants was called the Mori Hori. They had bright red hair, peaceful without knowledge of bullying people. They lived here with other races in harmony. Another race here was the Early Maya, and this was my bloodline. We arrived about 500 BC and set up the culture we had in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

It is important for my story to remember we were the Early Maya and not the Classic Maya. Classic Maya had their high level of living with the gods but we were more clued up on 'up and coming' events. We had knowledge levels like the Middle East Sumerians.

My ancestors were here for over 1,000 when the Maori arrived. We had written records of the arrival of Polynesians from before when we left the Americas. There was one very clear message and that was to assimilate into waring people culture to survive, which meant losing our Identity. We warned the Mori Hori but they foolishly wanted to remain an individual race. The Maori went cannibal on them, decimating the race to the point that the remainder fled to the Chatham Islands to live.

The Maori seeing our submission and cooperation did not go so barbaric on my ancestors and even kept parts of Identity in records. These are stored in the Far North Marae. They renamed us Ngata Kuri. This is because the journey to New Zealand had a stop in Australia where a Dog now called Dingo were picked up and farmed like sheep for food. Ngata Kuri translate to the dog people.

In order for the Maori to claim to be the Indigenous they recorded us as earlier arrivals but neglected to say that we were Latin American and not Polynesian. The record says the early arrivals of Maori and them as the main arrivals.

In the hybrid race came several powerful healers. Some I have great respect for, as they were decent people. Unfortunately, my Family Line came from an Arrogant Tohunga (Witch Doctor) who started his own cult. He was referred to as a Prophet for his extreme metaphysical healing abilities but he was a self-important instead of humble.

He called the cult after himself Ratana and as a cult leader he took dark privileges. One of these was what some called ‘Wife Stealing’. He actually bedded a woman and the husband had to feel privilege that it was Ratana doing his wife.

Ratana was feared because just as easily he healed; the lame, blind and death, he gave blindness and other disabilities to those who challenge him. He did things in the glory of Ratana and not in the service of mankind. If a Maori were damaged in battle, after healing him, he would take payment of nearly everything the person had.

This nasty but in some ways helpful man was my Great Grand Father by illegitimate way (Rape in my words). I like my mother and grandmother inherited his metaphysical abilities.

My father’s side were no slouch in abilities. His side was French Aristocracy, which contained no abilities but during the French Revolution but were transported to Scotland by the Scarlet Pimpernel. There we got to mix it up with Ancient Druid Blood. The druid had their own connections to the gods, cosmos and other realms. My brothers and sister got the blend of metaphysical powers.

My oldest brother had died from a rheumatic fever as a child had a good grasp of working with the spirit world all his life. He died again at the age of 58 years old after the doctors insisted his heart was so damaged, he would not make it to his 11th birthday. None of his friends made it to 10 years old.

He kept bringing people back when they suffered massive strokes or dying of cancer etcetera. This was not always a good thing. When my sister was 17 she has a massive stroke from medication given by a doctor. Initially she recovered physically but never mentally. She had always used her abilities to dodge her blame in a lot of naughty behaviours. The guilt took the toll and she physically became disable until she was in a wheel chair.

My sister played representative Soft Ball and Netball. She was active right up to the stroke but she also stole money and used her ability to cover her tracks. She even stole from the Salvation Army and they could not prove it apart from the theft stopped when she was absent. The stroke that was meant to have killed her; at the age of 17 finally ended after her 55 birthday, and then, it was tobacco smoking followed by vapping that actually killed her.

My older brother who was healthy all his life died from cancer at the age of 50. He was an orchardist working with sprays so there was work hazards that could have contribute. He spent his life in denial of the metaphysical world but on his deathbed, suddenly said he believed in all of it.

I had two younger brothers that did not make it to school years. One drowned at Tangimoana Beach and the other was in the pram when a wayward drunk driver struck him and my mother.

Being of Maori blood and in the sixties, television was not here yet my parents had two more children. One married a catholic girl and only uses metaphysic in secrecy and the other is a small farm owner on the East Coast.

With the stories I tell I always add a lot of true facts about myself and push in some pure fantasy. The true facts I repeat in my other stories. I will carry on my childhood tales with the facts as a child I enjoyed the compression on of my abdomen.

It was the age of 5 that I figured how to use the heavy bed legs in the workers dorms on the farm. The worker’s hut was only occupied at peak times, as work was seasonal. A large part of the year they sleep outs were empty. They had bunk beds made from 4-inch (100 mm) square Totara wood. They weight 75 kilograms, which was the weight of average male. At the age of 5 I had found the way to lift the legs high enough into the air and squash down onto my belly. There was a discarded bucket made of Alloy that I would put over the square end spreading the weight over my abdomen.

I was not taking the entire 75 kilograms but with the twisting action of the frame it was more the quarter (18 kilograms or 40 pounds) of the bed weight. At the age of 5 I could support the weight but I enjoyed succumbing to the weight. And when the crush became overwhelming press the bed up with the abdominal muscles. Once satisfied at my ability to support the weight I would succumb to the weight again and again.

When I could, I smuggled weighted objects in to increase the crushing. But when I was 10 years old, I spent the summer on an uncle’s farm. He had old cars in a barn and I was using the chassis rail dropped between the ribs and hips. In one of the set up I exceeded the weight I could support on my midriff. One of many times I almost hurt myself.

While I was less than 10 my grandmother died and I was in the room at the time. I watched the collectors come through the wall and I was excited because this looked like a beginning of adventure. She told me that I could not go with her but as an excited child I was not going to miss out. I sneaked behind the escorting party and followed through the portal into the seventh dimension and into and across the sixth dimension where the dead people of this plain and realm go after life.

While I was there, I meet and communicated with a few dead people and learned about the lack of senses on the other side. Tiredness, hunger and being squashed did not exist for them. Being cold did exist as energy was not there but sometimes, they cross back to the realm and dimension of living to feel warm again. This made the area cold, which was noticeable to the living.

I did not fully understand live and dead at the age I was but I learnt how to cross over and interface with the dead. I do not know how long I was there on the first visit but I was discovered to not be processed. During processing it was discovered that I was not dead and after real telling off I was returned back to the farm and my body.
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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
This changed so many things: as I could share with the dead, the things they wanted was to eat, feel food go in, feel warmth. I wanted fat ghosts to give me their obesity as I crush my generous midriff that went away afterwards with the ghost it belonged to. It was not just squashing I did, I got to eat. If I had a ghost of 125-kilogram (275 lbs or 19 half stone) person I had to eat enough to sustain the weight of 125 kilograms.

This gave me more variations because I could use my own stomach that had no ability to process so much food. This was serious over eating for me. When I used the ghost’s innards to feed it still felt like a lot of food but the ghost belly was use to stretching out.

To my delight bringing ghosts into our realm while having a ghost inside me allowed me feel the other ghost weight on top of me. I also shared the feeling of the other ghost feeling the weight on top of him. I was 18 years old by this time and I had a high paid job of being a hunter. A 70-kilogram doe and a 70-kilogram bore in one week was earning me double the money of most of the people I went to school with.

Adding to the heavy ghosts I was using I found using light weight ghosts equally fun. I would go into the Far Eastern ghosts of people weighing 43 kilograms (95 pounds) and use their fragile bodies and eat my normal amount. I was 78 kilograms with a lot muscles that could carry animals 5 kilometres over hills without needing to stop. I gave these ghosts the experience of eating almost twice their normal. Something they never experienced in their living time.

In exchange they allowed me to experience, what for him was over eating felt like. I also got to experience what it felt like to have 150-kilogram ghost sitting and laying on me as well as 150-kilogram person lying on top of a 43-kilogram person. I felt them struggling, having triple the weight on top. I had my favourite ghosts but as word got out all the Far Eastern ghost wanted to experience eating until full and then over full. Some of them handle the 125-kilogram ghost and the 150-kilogram ghost on top. Others I felt through I felt their bodies collapse and it was the ultimate, as going under too much weight could not kill them. Eating too much also could not kill them.

I got to take this to the next level of finding ghosts that were body builders and had them bear hug me and bear hug the little Asian ghost body. I even got the body builder to reverse bear hug the abdomen. Hold the belly button against the spine for two hours. I had so many volunteers to experience feeling again that I could change between those who could handle it and those who would have died if done them during their living time. The body builders want to crush me hard to show the product of their gymnasium work. There were not “I might hurt you”. They were, “this is my superiority".

It was when the body builders wanted to show how tough they were that they went inside me and got 200-kilogram ghosts to sit on them. I got to feel what it was like for a 200-kilogram person sat on me.

By this time, I was 20 years old enjoying my free time but I learnt a secret about the moon cycles. Full Moon was for the living and New Moon was for interfacing with the dead. I found that I could have more than one ghost safely inside me.

This discovery came as an extension of the fact that at 36-hour period of a new moon I could feel the doughy, soft, spongy bodies of the over weight persons I was squashing myself with. I was working with stacks of ghosts.

This meant that I would use a person whose abdomen depth was twice there chest depth. I was into the crushing so I was not fussy about male or female ghosts. Then I would have a ghost of a heavy person lay on top of them driving the massive gut into mine. I used a third ghost to sit on them inline with our midriffs to completely displace my own innards.

Having a body builder inside me I got him or her to support the full crushing weight on the abdominal muscles. Keep the weight on as they start to quiver and collapse. I felt the support of the weight, fatigued of prolong support and inedible collapsing. I had over 400 kilograms squashing/mashing a pot belly into mine when other ghost entered me at the same time as I had a body builder inside me.

I had met this ghost before and he was a 65-kilogram person in real life, he had handled 150 kilogram ghost on top of me but in a stack he collapsed almost instantly. He wanted to feel what the body builder was feeling supporting the tremendous weight. This opened the avenues I never dreamed of.

I had tried a 208-kilogram person inside me and I was feeding him to contentment but knowing I could do that with a person a quarter of the weight and experience there more intense over feeding.

In the past I tried the feeding of a 150-kilogram person and he was shovelling it in and letting it settle followed by more shovelling. He would let settle and feel hungry again. This was treated with rich food shovelled in again.

When I did the eating with the 208-kilogram ghost this was more immense. Experiencing through his digestion system he was eating a vast amount of empty calories. Deep fried food, Custard squares, donuts (of course) in both mock cream and real cream. If I was using an eight-digit calculator to count the calories it would have exceeded the display.

The meal started with a scoop of chips. Normally that would be my fill but inside him I felt more room for food to go into. Then came the hot dogs; these were not the American hot dogs but batter covered deep fried sausages. A couple of deep-fried battered fish. At this stage I felt full but he came to the fritters, which were deep fried with batter. Somehow, he managed to fit them in. I looked down at the 1.5 litre bottle of Coca Cola and it was now empty. All that greasy food he had used it to wash it down.

If this was just me eating by this stage, I would have done a technical colour yawn. I felt him do a belch and was looking for food. He was staring at the custard squares. I became aware he had never seen these before and for those who also do not know they are two slices of flaky pastry with 1 centimetre (nearly a third of an inch) of custard in between, but on top of that was chocolate icing. There was a tray of sliced up pieces that overall measured 20 centimetres by 10 centimetres. (8 X 4 inches) and he was kicking into a bottle of Fanta two wash it down.

I thought when he ate the deep-fried food that my taste buds were over exposed to the taste of oil but the sugar content of was as excessive. I could feel his stomach walls adjust their dimensions so the huge quantity fitted in. he was scanning around for more food. He spotted the doughnuts, which are not ring shape like the Americans but a ball. Covered in icing sugar with a split in that was filled with cream and dollop of raspberry jam.

As he finished eating these and polished of the 1.5 litre bottle of Fanta, I could feel his stomach adjusting itself again. This time it had to push against the giant ball stomach to gain more room in the abdominal cavity. It was pushing against the lungs for space. His breathing was laboured and his belly was distended a noticeable amount. That was saying something as it was super distended before he started eating.

I started to massage the belly trying to find some comfort. I applied oil to the skin to ease the stretching. I had never felt skin stretch like that in my life. I immediate thought what it felt like with a light squeeze. I got up and went to my uprights that I used for squashing in. Just the walking that uses the abdominal muscles was showing that he was only up to resting.

I laid down on my back just to find the large weight that was his belly pressing down on the laden digestion system. Cruelty flashed into my head and I grabbed a 20-kilogram weight disk and placed it on top when I laid down again.

It brought an aching discomfort but I decided to go with it. Sleep hit us both but somewhere in the night I suddenly had to go to the toilet to discharge both drink and food. I did not dare to lay on the bed so I was on the floor. On the way back from the toilet I grabbed two more 20 kilograms weight disks. I place all 60 kilograms on top and the belly was sinking down but still way above the rib cage. I fall asleep again.

I decided not to try again with my own digestion system as it would have not made it through the deep-fried food.

The next night the ghost of a 320-kilogram woman approached me. I used a body builder ghost inside me when I was lying underneath her. The belly was about the same size as yesterdays but there was an extra 70 kilograms in the hips and thighs of this girl. I handled the full weight without calling on help from the body builder. Her stomach completely displaced mine and her soft weight bearing fat occupied my abdominal cavity. It was a heavenly crush with my hips pinned under more soft flesh. I asked one of the 100-kilogram ghosts to lie on top of her driving her weight even harder into me. She suddenly suggested placing a vibrator inside her, which I thought was impossible as she was a ghost but her level of physical existence was higher than I thought. Her hole body started vibrating as she orgasmed. I went to sleep with only partial breath and absolutely flattened innards.

I woke up with a super ache in my innards. She was still orgasming so I let her carry on as this was the only way she was going to experience this in the dead zone. I woke up again 8 hours later and needed to get some hunting done.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
As I sat up, I realised the intensity of crushing I just had. My abdomen ached as I tried manoeuvre my self to a stand. I immediately thought of my body band that had I had from my time in Wanganui.

The body band was similar to a corset but instead the of the sides having the boning on panels that were concave sides that pulled the sides in they were parallel. It was all in the front panel that was spooned inwards. This was built to fit over the hip and lower ribs without crushing either but concave in the soft section of the abdomen.

The front was the fasting and tightening area and the band was one piece. I lightly did the first layer and squashed two full size towels under the panel. Secured it with the fasteners and then used the second layer with the twine cords to crush the towels deep inside my belly.

I was so well practiced with the band that I placed a giant amount of crush on the lower part of the intestines along the hip bone and equally large pressure over the belly button but just pushed in the claret area at the bottom of the ribs. It was nowhere the immense pressing I got from the female ghost but it was a lot to walk with.

I was mainly out to shoot stoats and rabbits, which the Department of Consrvation paid a small fee for the ears. I also sold the skins to the traders and the meat to distributors. To my joy some of the giant 3o kilogram rabbits had crossed of the recreational park to get away from humans. I shot 4 of them and with the pack and wrap (my name for the body band packed with towels driven into my innards for server compression) could carry one down at the time.

I had struggled up the hill to collect the next one due the intensity of compression ache. The pack and wrap was sustaining sensation of the ghost on top of me and when I sat down it drove deeply into the lower and mid intestines I was puffing for air. My bush shirt had hidden the body wrap so I climbed in the Land Rover and drove to the fur traders. Sitting in the land rover I first thought it was too tight to drive so I did some lowering my chest to the knees. I drove to outskirts of the city and went to the fur traders.

When I announced I had some rabbits they were not expecting 120 kilograms of rabbit. I left them the whole animals to sell the ears to DOC and sell the meat and fur. They had seen 20-kilogram rabbits before but these were 1.5 times bigger. They gave $220 for all four, in 2020 money that was like $800.

The drive home was equally uncomfortable crush but the moment I got inside I asked for a ghost around 100 kilograms with a ball belly to lay on top of my pack and wrap for an hour after I passed out. He stayed on top until morning when I woke up.

There was such a high level of compression I asked for him to stay while I squeezed more packing under the body band. This time when I drew in the laces, I could feel my belly button was near the spine.

I had a number of skinny ghosts wanting to go inside me to feel the crushing weight so I agreed and put 2 X 20 kilograms weight disk on my stomach. They felt like 150-kilogram disks. But to my surprise not one ghost at a time got inside me but 8 of them.

Just before they got in I could feel a state I had achieved many times of squashing the intestine tubes closed flat. The organs moved into the rib and hip area and where light squeezed but the intestine spreading across the abdomen. As each ghost got in and these guys and girls were between 37 and 65 kilograms I could feel their minimal abdominal cavities crushed to the level of mine.

There were two girls that were under 40 kilograms and they were super tightly compressed. I focused on them and fall asleep. I woke up with 4 weight disks on my guts that somehow the ghost managed to put on my innards but I had uncountable number of ghosts inside me. Some of these ghosts were of extremely fat people who never experience intestines that were not stretching diagonally to the point of almost popping.

This gave me a sensation that I had not felt since the night at Westmere Lake or when the Plymouth fall off the jack slamming into my midsection.

These ghosts were not feed first, but they never had their intestines squashed closed, and while they had gas inside them. Intestines criss cross the abdominal cavity moving in a twisted mess of moving front to back, left to right and top to bottom and all diagonal directions of a sphere.

The sensation that drew in the so many ghosts was the intestines pressed closed at points at first. Then the area of gas is squeezed out through a pinched point to another point causing a vibration as it moves.

When I did this myself the gas was normal unpleasant smell but the ghost did not smell. They might have smell to each other but I do not think so because I could taste the food, they were eating so by same reasoning is smell what they smell.

As the intestine tube empties more of the tubing is pinched closed and the gas must explosively move between the closed points. As each pocket moves the more intense vibrations occurs in random points of the abdomen. The lower the percentage of tubing is pockets the faster the gas moves. Until the point of totally emptiness is achieved explosive movement and vibrations are so random that each movement is a surprise finishing with a foreign feeling of empty closed intestines. Some of the ghost small intestine were the diameter of most people’s large intestines due to overload stretching. This awed the skinny ghosts of what overstuffed intestines felt like.

This event set the crowding when feeding obese ghosts.

I fall asleep again to wake up with 300 kilograms of weight disks on my belly. This did not compress my intestine walls and more than earlier as maximum was compression was achieved but the bigger ghost were going through the crushing process. The 700 + pound ghost were taking turns of being emptied out.

Time period of the multiple ghosts only lasted 36 hours of the new moon in my dimension but it seemed to be thousands of hours in their dimensions.

At Westmere Lake I spent about 70 hours crushed flat but each individual ghost ranging from 37 kilos to 320 kilograms I felt collectively was like years of crushing. In addition to that I felt of ghosts being compressed flat I shared what the ghosts only there to share the feeling of the ghosts being squashed flat.

To my joy the ghost left such a strong imprint on the body band that I relived everything by putting it on. I could do the old tricks of pack and wrap and kneel down, lower my bottom to the ankles so I had a right-angle bend at the hip and lower my forehead to the ground. Lay on my back while packed and wrap and I instantly had 300 kilograms on my stomach and have full pumped-up intestine tubing squashed empty and flat.

The length of the intestine is the same regardless of weight however some had 70 times the contents.

When I reached 25 years old, I was taking the feeding of fat people. With the ghost inside me I would eat enough to sustain their weight using my digestion system. This meant I could seriously overeat and not keep the fat. On the new moon I shared the sensation of overeating with skinny ghosts who were finally learning what it was like and fat ghosts remembering the joy of no limits.

This was a process I steady increasing the amount that I could eat. And I was eating enough to sustain 185 kilograms. I had it all; I ate enough each day to be 105 kilograms heavier but never having to carry the weight around hunting. I pushed my self to reach eating to sustained 200 kilograms of weight.

I asked for 2 ghosts of 100 kilograms each on the next new moon. I ate and ate packing in empty calories. When the ghosts left I found the combined weight of the ghosts were was 180 kilograms and I was 20 kilograms heavier at the waist. I had never had a pot belly and this was a new toy to play with.

I grabbed the body tube that sat flat with the ribs and hips and caused the soft area to be concave. I tried wrapping it around but my belly button was a hand width including the thumb forward of the hip and ribs. Like the earlier days of Wanganui, I had squashed the belly in to fit the major crushing tool. I found 5 spandex body tubes that pressed the belly in so that it was 2 inches (5 centimetres) forward of the hips. The band allowed packing to squashed underneath before the twine cables drove the front in concave shape.

Once I fastened the first layer the twine could be drawn in but I did not close the band fully. The spandex was tight squeeze and the stomach pulled in flat I was feeling heavily crushed. I did the kneeling followed by bottom on the ankles. This was a tight crushing so I paused before I took my forehead to the ground. I did the last movement quick as possible and made it all the way down. My eyes rolled in their sockets, the pressure was bordering too great and my eyes were watering as I forced myself to stay in the crush.

It probably was minutes but it seemed ages I returned to kneeling. This position was intense squashing before but now it was relief. I quick as possible moved back into the folded over position with heavy crushing. I lasted longer and the kneeling position was not just easier, it was easy. I folded down again and I was not reaching a point of aborting.

I pulled the twine to the midpoint of closed. Kneeled and then bottom to ankles. I could feel every cubic centimetre of fat. The intestines were not pressed closed so I folded to the floor. Once more the eyes were watering. I held as long as I could and returned to right angle repeating the process as before.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
I closed the band and what was bulging outward was now concave. I stood facing the wall; with my ribs and hip touching the wall, I placed my hands flat on top of each other into the hollow at the midsection. The band had pulled the stomach in fully as the past before potbelly.

I kneeled down, bottom on ankles, folded over so forehead was on the floor. They eyes were watering on this first attempt of full crush. As with the earlier attempts of the day it got easier and then easy to be folded over.

The ghost fat and skinny queued up to experience the crush. In the crush of belly innards and belly fat I went hunting. I scored bore. Wild Pork is big dollars compared to rabbit, which became pet foot. I got $200 more dollars for the week.

I had a silly idea that if I ate normally and walked through the hills that the 20 kilograms would fall off me. Each night I put on the body band still using spandex to close the first level. When I reached the point of folding over I would lay flat on my back and instantly I had 300 kilograms on belly and the intestines were squeezed flat. This had the additional crushed fat.

I had the food for another super feeding. I asked for a ghost of 200 kilograms and I ate enough to sustain 200 kilograms. The ghost of a 200-kilogram person but I over shot the calories mark by 30 kilograms. I had lost 10 kilograms so I had double the weight packed on my midsection than last week.

I was carrying the weight of a preteen on my belly. The spandex was so tight to fit and it took me a while to fully close the band in the folded over position. My intestines were fairly standard when I laid down on the floor and the 300 kilograms went on top. The intestine flattened closed but the overall height was higher. The fat did not allow the belly button all the way to the spine. The ghost that visited said it was the same as last time.

Hunting with the extra 40 kilograms was dangerous in some incidences. I had poor balance and supporting the weight was very difficult.

I called for a 250-kilogram ghost and I ate for him. I wanted to loss the 40 kilograms and this time I ate for what I believed was a 210-kilogram person. I was super packed and reached the point I could not squeeze any more in and I thought I might be short of the mark. I rested and squeezed more food into my belly. I called for the separation and suddenly my ribs were hanging out and my knees were bulging and hip bones poking out. I missed by 10 kilograms.

A few ghosts want to feel what being underweight was like and after their visit I put on the body band. Folded over was no pressure so I packed the underneath of the first flap so there was a lot of pressure on my innards before I closed the second flap. Sliding stuff in was so easy with all the hollow I had now. I put more packing at the base of the ribs but also slipped in packing into the mid and lower abdomen. When I closed the outer flap into concave shape, my intestines were squashed closed.

I felt pressure folded over but it was not immense or intense. There was no fat in the chest or abdomen to crush so I tried lying flat. The 300 kilograms on top did not feel different. I did two days the innards pressed flat scored another $50 hunting. I brought more food.

I asked for a ghost to feed for that was 85 kilograms. I ate what I normally did, which would leave me still underweight and I then went to what I thought was ten kilos more. I hit 12 kilograms mark and was happy to work off 2 kilograms. I stopped playing with my weight and hunted hard all the way to the next new moon.

This new moon I was going up my eating game by having 20 overweight ghosts, we are talking 2 – 5 kilograms each extra. It worked out I was eating 70 kilograms which was an addition average person. I slammed down some pastries; apple turnovers, more custard squares, doughnuts, and most of all raspberry slice. I cannot remember the soft drinks but it was 3 litres. These ghosts were so happy to be feed again.

While they were in me, I got a 180-kilogram ghost to lay down on top of me. My over filled stomach sloshed with the unhealthy meal I just had and my intestines full of food. I felt each individual ghost take the heavy ghost and were flattening out. In their living time they never experienced the level of weight on top.

I guessed the food right and they left me at my correct weight. There was something I had been thinking about while I was working and that was having a bed-ridden ghost inside me. Feel the 1000 pounds (453 kilograms) in one mass pinning me as if I was them. I could feel the weight on my chest of my moobs. They felt like a cat sitting on each side.

My interest was the abdomen and that was everywhere, it spread to the left and right of my rib cage and pooled around my hipbone. The weight on my innards was only a fraction of what I do in prolonged crushing. I could she how they eat so much with the weight on the innards. I asked a ghost of about 100 kilograms to sit on my mid belly. He sank in a long way but was having the crushing effect. The left to right measurement of hips was more than triple my normal so asked more ghosts to sit on the area of the abdomen. To my laugh the first one on started to lift as others were putting their weight on around him. This was exciting as I now asked them to bounce at random to each other. That was uncomfortable.

Then came the request from the ghosts. On top. They wanted to lay underneath this person as a group. To achieve this, I had to get this massive body to stand up, manoeuvre, and lay face down on the others. With the aid of 6 body builders inside him and me we did it. I always had conversation with those I am working with and a question I asked was, “did all you manage to kept your physique up to the day that you died?”

The answer shocked me; they all died young while training. I had no idea theses fitness freaks (in the most non offensive way) died from doing it wrong.

I forgot to ask the body builders to leave so these powerful and heavy guys were still in us as we placed full weight on top the group. I feel which bodies had weaker builds but my endless mass sinking down into them. It was like a lumpy mattress. None of them wanted to be the one to call quits so I decided it was my turn to quit the game. Some were digging in as my own (the bedridden person) fat had a lot of give.

This was so different from my fantasy of it. There was no way to have all of the weight on top of me in one go. I laid underneath him and all I had was a small section of his weight on me. I had rethink this before trying again.

I was ready for another over eating and I still had 28 hours of this moon left. It was skinny boys turn, during their living time a big meal was only two thirds of my normal. But 4 of them came to 180 kilograms and that was an over feed to me. I got them to select the food I was going to eat and they never had rich food in their lives.

Where I would polish of a six-pack tray of doughnuts, they picked one of each item. These guys had never eaten chocolate so I was guided though all the fudges and very sticky chocolate double chocolate items. I lost track of what I had and when they left me, I was 30 kilograms over my normal weight. This process of eating for them is a shared that they feel that they were eating and when they left the food went with them.

So, I was hungry again and 30 kilograms over weight. This when the next idea of showing over eaters what constricted innards was like. I put on the body band with the spandex bands. My intestine tubing was 80 percent constricted. I chose two girls with combined weight of 240 kilograms. And proceeded to eat food for 210-kilogram person. These two girls were squiggling around try to get food pass into the innards. They were sending signals of being overfull and kept forcing it in; this was force feeding to the max.

I thought that having the ability to get the full weight of obese ghost to squash me was great. I had increased to being able feed ghosts and share the feeding, feel them over eating or do the over eating for them. Eat for a person 3 times my size and they leave with the weight afterwards so I could do it all over again. I felt the experience of the under feed light people and experience them force feed the amount of someone 4 times their size. I ate while the innards were compressed making the entire process a force-feed. And the greatest feature is the reset.

It was after a year of force-feeding myself enough to sustain someone 3 times my size that I learnt the greatest secret of the dead. I could share the fat of the ghosts and it helps the ghost. Apparently, ghost is always cold and abundant belly is like a block of ice they have to carry around. Being able to maintain and heat it up makes the post life better for them.

During the month when I can have only ghost inside me, I practice force feeding to sustain someone 30 percent bigger than me. While still my normal size I put on the 7 layers of spandex. Then I expand to hold the 24 extra kilograms with the spandex holding my shape until I am 18 kilograms heavier. Then the spandex starts to stretch a problem I resolved with a carbon fibre wrap. This layer prevents the body band being used. But the fat squeezes the innards to the point where being full happens with so little eaten. Then forcing a quantity of food through the system I eat enough. Each night I practice increasing the weight I am sustaining with compressed innards. When I reached 26.5 kilograms extra the quantity of food could not go through my intestines so I increased the circumference of the carbon fibre band. I developed a game of pick a circumference and pack the fat on until I could not eat any more.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Last Bit

I still could do the original feeling the fat ghost getting crushed and from time to time did that.

Here tonight I have a sixty-inch waist and have been reverse bear hugged by a steroid killed body builder, currently laying underneath a 180-kilogram ghost. I want to get some sleep tonight so I will have end this and feed the giant belly before I return it back to the owner.

I think about my ancestors picking people of high metaphysical power and the fun life it has given to me.

Thank You cosmos.

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