Lisa Grows Larger Part 4

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Oct 26, 2005
The holidays came and went as Lisa and I enjoyed ourselves in so many ways. We both ate like there was no tomorrow. Lisa was looking hotter and hotter all the time and she was driving the seamstress crazy with all the alterations needed for her wedding gown.
On our wedding day Lisa tipped the scales at 204 big sexy pounds. She was a vision of beauty so extremely pretty and going from table to table sampling cookies and overeating growing even sexier for me. That night we stuffed each other silly with a second wedding cake I had ordered for us. I was so thankful that we met and grew to love each other.
The week we spent on our honeymoon was the best time I can remember to that point in our relationship. We lazed around on our honeymoon cruise hanging out by the pool and stuffing each other silly taking advantage of the ship's many all- you- can-eat buffets. Lisa's bathing suit was really getting tight but she still wore it and kept on eating with reckless abandon.
When we got back home, Lisa realized that none of her clothes were going to fit her. For some women this would be a time of concern but since she worked in a big women's clothing store, she could go in and buy new clothes a size or 2 larger getting a whole new wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of what others would pay. Meanwhile I was on the scale seeing the damage I incurred while on the cruise. I knew I was eating quite alot these past few weeks and the numbers on the scale proved it when the indicator stopped at 236 pounds. I couldn't wait to see how much Lisa had gained on this trip when all of the sudden she strolled into the bathroom with a big bag of chips. Hopping up on the scale, she asked me to read the number. I was suprised to learn that my corpulent cutie had grown to 222 pounds Not only was she infazed by her gain, she asked me to order a large pizza and breadsticks and plopped her sexy,fat ass on the couch. After she put away 7 pieces of pizza and a whole order of breadsticks, we stayedon the couch stuffing ourselves full of junk food, not the least bit concerned about how fat we were becoming.We have spent almost every night together just like this.
Lisa was also snacking heavily at work. It was easy for her to do so since her co-workers were both putting on weight as well (Diane now 340 pounds and Debbie 238 pounds). The girls were bringing in donuts and cakes and brought in sinfully delicious lunches. Additionally, Lisa got Diane to purchase a big tray of pastries every morning so the customers could snack as they shopped. More often than not, when a customer took one so did one of the girls.
One day,during a slow time at the store, Debbie brought up the subject of what it was like to be fed during lovemaking. "My boyfriend loves when I piggout all night and then come into our bedroom with a big plateful of chocolate eclairs eating them all as he makes love to me.", Debbie said,stuffing a double cheeseburger into her mouth. Diane understood this and knew first hand because her husband loves the same thing. The ranch dressing that flooded her fries was so good Diane thought she added "We've both gained weight ever since we met." "Even though I've gained 90 pounds since we first met,he still can't get enough of me" Lisa said,enjoying her 3rd piece of cheesecake. " Especially if I spent a night on the sofa with him overeating and rip my shorts or panties trying to lift my fat ass up off the sofa, then he really can't keep his hands off me", Lisa said. Talk continued to center around these topics for the next few weeks. As the girls talked they brought themselves even more to eat. Each of them brought in treats daily by now causing them to overeat even moreso than usual.
Lisa was home one day after work and indulging herself with lots of yummy goodies and laying on the couch with her work clothes still on. She was sitting there eating a whole pan of chocolate fudge. The blouse she was wearing had become way to small for her as the buttons were seriously gapping. Her tight black slacks were opened so her sexy belly could comfortably spill out over the waistband. i rushed to the phone to order an extra large pizza and the brought in a big bag of chips. Lisa popped 2 buttons off her top exposing her growing roll of soft creamy flab encircling her middle. She had put away 5 pieces of pizza, a whole pan of fudge and half the bag of chips when, after a loud burp, she grabbed her 6th piece of pizza and shared an awesome idea with me. "The girls at work and I decided to publish a quarterly magazine about big women and weight gain." Lisa added, "We thought it might be a good idea sincewe've all been spending alot more on food and clothes for our growing bodies and we figured you boys wouldn't mind." I found this idea to be very interesting and at the same time exotic as Lisa was now openly talking about her weight gain. It was also great to hear that she had no intentions of dieting. Joking with her I said that a 225 pound model might be a little small to be a covergirl for a weight gain magazine. looking at her in those clothes I knew she weighed more than the 222 pounds she weighed a few months ago but I wanted to get her on a scale to really find out. "I think I've gained again honey, especially after all I've eaten today,I'm sure this top won't ever fit me again!" , Lisa said absent mindedly picking at more of the chips. I insisted that she was still too skinny and that she should let one of the other girls grace the cover until she could put on a few more pounds. Struggling to get off the couch, Lisa playfully huffed into the bedroom and packed herself into her much too small swimsuit.Her belly now bulged out over the waistband of the bikini bottoms which were struggling to contain her wide growing sexy ass. Modeling the bikini for me, she set the scale down in the middle of the living floor, grabbed a 7th piece of pizza and hopped up on the scale. "You're going to have to read the numbers for me honey,this big gut of mine is in the way." she said as she ate and jiggled her protruding belly. I felt my belly getting in the way as well since I was now topping 250 pounds myself. Looking at the scale it read 240 pounds. I could not believe how hot she looked standing there on the scale stuffing herself with pizza. She looked so sexy I took pictures of her just as she asked. "I guess this married life is going to be a real fattening experience for both me and my sexy fat man," Lisa said rubbing my big belly as I rubbed hers. We rushed into the bedroom yet again making love to each other all night stopping only to get something to eat several times.

more to come!

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