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Oct 26, 2005
~BBW, Eating, Romance, ~SWG - Foodlovers in paradise pile on pounds

I wrote this story some time ago and posted it on the weight board. I hope you all enjoy it.

Lisa Grows Larger
by Chubluvman

Looking around our livingroom I noticed just how sexy my wife Lisa had become since she had forsaken the path of dieting and allowed herself to enjoy all the sweet and fattening foods that she could possibly eat. Indeed our livingroom recorded a story of a good many nights of pigging out in front of the TV, as there were empty food containers, empty candy wrappers, empty donut and pizza boxes all around the livingroom floor and coffee tables.

Lisa and I had done quite a number of evening eat-a-thons together and our well worn furniture had shown all the deep buttprints of our well padded rear ends.Happily, Lisa's was much more well padded than mine. We are both very much in love with each other and with the lifestyle we've chosen. We could, tghough, be more diligent housekeepers.

Our story begins about 3 years ago. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship with an exercise freak who was too concerned that I was starting to get too flabby. Being a feeder like I am, I always tried to fatten Vicki up a bit but my attempts would always backfire and she would resist my offerings which soon added an extra 25 pounds onto me. At 5'11" and 195 pounds I wasn't really fat but I was starting to get a little pot belly. I knew I could never find happiness with Vicki so we parted ways and off I went to look for another girlfriend.

The kind of women that I find most attractive are short, usually 5' to 5'4" or so and are quite heavy,easily topping 200 pounds. Determined to find a new girlfriend I sought out the places that heavier women would frequent. I wanted a nice, attractive,loving and caring chubby woman 25-35 years of age who had a great appetite for both food and my company. After about a week I found Lisa who worked at the Mall as a clerk in a woman's fashion store. She was about 5'1" and around 140 pounds or so. I noticed her for a few days, catching her at lunchtime in the food court and I was very glad she was into greasy fast food and hated diet soda. Noticing no ring on her finger I went up to her while she was eating lunch and I asked if I could join her.

She was very inviting and was just as nice as I thought she'd be. Lisa wore very little makeup as she possesed a beauty about her that she really didn't need it. Extremely attractive and very well dressed, Lisa ate her lunch as I wondered where all the calories from the Big Mac, large order of fries, and the large milkshake she enjoyed would manifest themselves on her. Her soft, sweet voice completed the package and she really pleased me when she,not only accepted my offer of dinner that night, she also let me buy her a big piece of cheesecake to go with her lunch. I made it a point to tell her how sinfully delicious it was and she was really eager to try it.

That night at dinner,Lisa looked truly stunning. She squeezed herself into some tight black jeans and also wore a white lace top. Quite the conversationalist, Lisa and I found many things we shared in common including a love of good food. Lisa ate with the same zeal she had at lunch,putting away a large salad swimming in ranch dressing, a bowl of cheese soup, several breadsticks, a big steak, a huge buttery mashed potatoes,green beans, and finally, after a bit of persuasion, a big slice of apple pie ala mode. Feeling somewhat stuffed, Lisa said,"I really shouldn't have had that slice of pie, I've been thinking about going on a dietsince my clothes have become a bit too snug."

I assured her that I found her even more attractive now than she did earlier today and that she didn't really need to diet on my account. Suprised by my statement, Lisa told me she didn't think a man would find her sexy since she gained 18 pounds in the last few months. " Oh I don't know," I said, "I'd hate to see you any smaller than you are now, besides (patting my own growing belly) I should would hate to see you denying yourself while I would be eating everything I wanted."

"Oh you'd put me through that?", she said with a devilish smile on her face. I told her that I really wasn't attracted to thin women and hoped that wouldn't offend her. At this point I really wanted her and would be happy with her just as she was. I asked her to dinner the next night and we haven't missed very many meals together since. That night she also confessed that she was very attracted to me as well. "And I promise not to go on a diet if you really want a fat girlfriend. I can't let you get all that good food out there!!", Lisa said grabbing at my lovehandles.

Lisa and I grew closer together as we dated the next few months. I found her to be one of the most loving, caring and fun people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Three months into our relationship Lisa was true to her word, enjoying food like she just discovered it and adding another sexy 17 pounds to her sexy growing figure. All the dining out and our food filled weekends together were having an effect on our waistlines but we certainly weren't complaining.

Weekends were especially fun for us because I'd get over to her place early and make us a very filling breakfast, bring over tons of snacks,donuts and movies so we could sit on the couch together all day plying ourselves with all the good food I brought. I gave her foot and back messages that she enjoyed immensely and begged for me to do them. I started to insist that I would only do them if she brought us a yummy treat. Setting up that agreement made it easy to get Lisa to increase her snacking between meals.

" Honey, if I bring in the rest of the donuts would you give me a foot maeesage?", she would ask, even after just finishing a huge fattening dinner. Lisa was eating 2 or 3 more donuts or polishing off the remnants of the many boxes of chocolates I bought for her as I rubbed her down paying special attention to her new bulges of fat.

As the months past I found myself becoming more and more attracted to Lisa. Gaining another 18 pounds didn't hurt either since those new pounds went right to her plump rear end which always found itself on the sofa as soon as she got home from work. At home, Lisa became lazier and lazier as she packed on the pounds.Often I would come over to her place to find Lisa lounging around on the sofa with the TV remote in one hand and a handful of chips in the other. Her 175 pound body drove me wild. She was a feeder's fantasy come true. Her belly was always poking out from under her tight t shirts. Lisa was enjoying all the attention that I showered her and I let her know those new pounds made her look even sexier to me.

more to come


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Nov 13, 2005
Have recently found this site and must say I really enjoy it. This story is catching my interest and can't wait to see how it developed. Especially interested in seeing how "he" grows...

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