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BHM Midlife Honeymoon [SSBHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, feeding]

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Jan 9, 2006
[SSBHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, feeding] Scenes from a mid-20th-century marriage when a new phase of life prompts an interest in feeding and erotic weight gain.

Midlife Honeymoon
by ffaboots

Old Boyfriend (1947)

Now that the war had been over for some time, and the rationing (even sugar, at last!) was done, Ruby noticed something delightful: Arthur was beginning to look nice and portly again. Pants she had taken in had to be let back out, his double chin reappeared, and he called from the bathroom one morning, "Ruby darling, do you know if they make bathroom scales that go higher than 250?" All the meat and sugar and lard she was finally able to get, combined with his 40-year-old metabolism, had made him more stout and handsome than ever. Ruby felt herself becoming kittenish with him; now that their daughter Jean was 20 years old and their nest was nearly empty again, she wondered if this would be like another honeymoon period for she and Arthur.

Because if she knew anything, Ruby knew she had married well. Arthur was wonderful. He was kind, and trustworthy, an outstanding father, an excellent provider, he saw Ruby as his equal, and was even attentive and generous in the bedroom. Just about everyone who knew him adored him, especially their friends, and his clients at the veterinary clinic.

One Sunday, Arthur and Ruby went for a long drive up the coast and stopped at a roadside cafe for lunch. After they sat down at their table and ordered (hot roast beef sandwich with gravy and french-fried potatoes for him, grilled bacon and tomato on toast for her), a lanky, attractive man approached the table. “Ruby Thompson, is that you? It is, I’d know you anywhere!”

Both Ruby and Arthur were surprised to see George Walker, an old high school classmate. He had been class president and a star athlete, and he seemed hardly to have aged at all in the 22 years after graduation.

“George!” pealed Ruby. “How nice to see you, it’s been years! My goodness, you look just the same.” She stood and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m Ruby Holmes now. Do you remember Arthur from high school?” she indicated Artie, who smiled politely and shook George’s hand.

George searched Arthur’s face. “I believe I do--did we have trigonometry together?”

“That’s right!” laughed Arthur. “With old man Williams.”

“Can I join you for a moment?” asked George, pulling up a chair.

Arthur watched Ruby during the lunch, bemused. She was so vivacious! Was she always like this and he didn’t always notice it anymore? Her eyes sparkled, and she laughed and chatted so delightedly. It made him see her in a different way, and reminded him of what she was like when they met.

Arthur was quiet on their drive home. “Are you feeling all right?” asked Ruby. “You didn’t get the chocolate sundae this time.”

Arthur laughed. “I couldn’t very well eat it in front of George! Goodness, the man’s hardly gained a pound since high school; I’m almost twice the size I was then.” At this, Ruby had a quick intake of breath, but he didn’t notice.

“You seemed rather charmed by him,” said Arthur slyly, glancing at her.

Ruby laughed. “What?”

“You just seemed so interested in everything he said…and you even went to the restroom to comb your hair and put on lipstick,” said Arthur.

“Oh! That.” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Pure vanity--I just didn’t want an old boyfriend to think I’d gotten old or let myself go.”

“Old boyfriend?!” sputtered Arthur. “You and George dated?”

Ruby waved one hand, dismissive. “It was the summer between junior and senior year, it hardly counted,” she demurred. “And then in the fall, he gave me the air and started dating Lillian Baker, and you moved to town, and I never gave George another thought.” She scooted across the bench seat and put her hand on Arthur’s thigh. “Artie, you know I prefer you in every way, don’t you?"

Arthur chuckled. "Thank goodness!" But Ruby noticed he was quiet the rest of the drive, and he did not have seconds at dinner, which wasn't like him.

That evening, Ruby came out of the kitchen after dinner and curled up next to Arthur on the settee. She'd had an unusual second glass of wine, and her face was flushed; a few of her curls had come loose and lay soft and damp against her neck. "Artie, remember when I said I preferred you to George?"

"Yes…?" said Arthur.

"When I said it, I didn't mean that I prefer you because you're kinder or smarter, though you are. I meant that I prefer the way you look! And specifically…" Ruby smiled and ran a finger down the swell of his belly. "I love how plump you are. I thought you were good-looking when we met, but you're even more attractive as you are now."

Arthur was touched to his core. "Ruby! What a sweet thing to say."

"Artie, to be clear, I'm not trying to be nice, I want you, I want all of you," said Ruby, untying his bow tie and peeling off his sweater vest. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him, and he was surprised to feel a real urgency and hunger in her kisses.

"Shall we go upstairs?" he asked, pleased by her boldness.

"Mmm-hmm," she said. But instead, they kissed for a long, long time. And at some point Ruby got up, closed the curtains, opened his trousers, straddled him, and to his amazement, they had sex right there on the settee. She rode him and explored his soft, well-upholstered body with insatiable hands.

Much later, as they got into bed, a thought occurred to him. "Ruby," he said, propping himself up on his elbow, "I've gained weight almost every year we've been married. What if I get even bigger?"

Ruby rolled over, her bright blue eyes alight. "Do you promise?" And they made love for the second time that night, as if they were newlyweds again.

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