Muffi Pepperidge – Psychic Agent - The Beginning

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Jan 6, 2006
This is an origin story for a RPG character I'm playing in a new Savage Worlds - Supernatural MIB game...wrote this in two days at work while calls were slow...be kind. Originally written for a non-FA GM.

Muffi Pepperidge – Psychic Agent

'Arise, Chosen One, it is time to save the world...'

Muffi Pepperidge yawned, awakening slowly. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, and using the momentum to push herself upright, she padded her way slowly to the bathroom to shower.

'Thank God for bath brushes...' she thought to herself as she used her bath brush to reach places she could no longer reach on her own.

After showering, she waddled to the nightstand, putting on her glasses.

'Remember, Cam, no looking before I'm dressed...' she thought to the presence inside her mind. 'God or not, even if you're used to seeing half-naked Mayan girls back in the day, a girl still likes some privacy.'

'Of course, Chosen One. Camazotz answered, looking anyway. Though I still don't understand your reticence regarding your size, after all, you are helping save the world...'

'Yes, I know, the larger I am, the better for you to store and channel the power you need to delay the Mayan Apocalypse, so in effect my getting larger is saving the world...' Muffi thinks in response, practically reciting his litany by memory. 'And in exchange, you help me hone my psychic abilities and thus relieve my migraines...' Muffi all but added 'Blah, Blah, Blah' to the old debate.

Muffi continued to get dressed, subconsciously sucking in her belly to better button her dress blouse, and adjusting her skirt lower on her torso in a vain attempt to keep it from riding up her thighs, the effect emphasizing her size rather than hiding it.

'Cam, remind me to see about getting a new business wardrobe by the end of the week, I swear I've gained a size since joining API, and I haven't even started field work until today.'

'I will do my best, Chosen One.'

'How much larger will I need to get, anyway? You never do tell me. I've already gained 200 pounds...'


'226, since we agreed to share this body five years ago, back when we first met down in Mexico. Remember that....?'

=> Flashback<=

"Stupid Jerks! Losing me in these caves, serves me right for going on this archeology trip in the first place...I'm a city girl! Can't hardly see for crap, and this darkness isn't helping, plus my flashlight just went out, I could swear I just changed those batteries...Wait, I hear flapping, sound like..."



Muffi threw her arms up in front of her face as the swarm of bats flew around and past her, the bats inadvertently knocking her glasses off in the process.

"Great, just great! Can see even less without my glasses, got to find them..." Muffi mumbled as she went to her hands and knees to feel for them. "No wonder the jocks keep calling me Velma!"


"Shit! Those were expensive, too! At least I can save the frames, but my spare pair are in the car...OUCH!!!" She exclaimed as she cut her hands on the sharp rocks and broken glass. "I've got to get out of here! Freaking stress is making my migraines flair up again..."

Muffi continued to feel her way in the darkness, hand bleeding a trail along the cave wall that the bats swarmed over...lapping up the blood, until a cave wall gave way under her touch, shifting to reveal a hidden antechamber in the darkness.

Stumbling forward, Muffi ran into what felt like a stone altar, skinning her knees and catching herself on its surface, leaving blood on the altar.

The eyes on the large humanoid bat statue flared to life, glowing ominously in the darkness.

"I have felt such power in centuries!" the voice thundered throughout the cavern. "You must be the Chosen One!"

"I don't know about that, I'm blind as a bat, hurt, and lost...who are you?" she called into the darkness.

"I am Camazotz, last of the Mayan Gods, Lord of Healing and Protection, Lord of Sacrifice, and God of Bats..."

"Great, you're the God of Bats, and I'm blind as one, it MUST be destiny..." Muffi replied sarcastically. "If you are the last of the Mayan Gods, why are you here?"

"As Lord of Protection, I chose to leave part of my spirit here to stave off the Mayan Apocalypse, but the mystical confluence is stronger than I expected and I need a vessel to help me store and channel the energy needed."

"I've heard about the whole 2012 being the Mayan apocalypse thing in Ancient History class, and it IS October 2012...but I don't know that I'm some 'Chosen One' you talk about, I'm half-blind, get crazy migraines, I'm fragile and accident prone..."

"You have these...mi-graines...as you call them, as I detect you growing psychic potential, yet untapped, that is causing them and have damaged your vision. Your power is what makes you the Chosen One."

"Yeah, ok. Let's assume I believe you, can you at least get me out of here?"

"I can not only get you 'out of here', as God of Healing I can heal your injuries. And although I cannot heal your eyesight as the damage as it has been so far gone for so long it is part of who you are, if you allow me to help you develop your psychic abilities, it can relieve your migraines so they do no further damage. But I will have to be inside you to do so..."

"Pfft! THERE'S a come-on if ever I heard one."

"That's...not what I meant."

"Easy Camazotz, I'm just screwing with you. Promising to relieve my migraines is a tempting offer. It's a defense mechanism when I'm nervous. What do we have to do?"

"Make your way around the altar table to the other side..."

Muffi made her way to the other side, trailing blood along the altar as she went.

"Good, now ten feet in front of you will be a statue, walk three large steps forward..."

Muffi trips over an intervening step up, "Crap!"

"Watch out for the step."

"Too late!"

"Sorry, now feel up the statue til you get to the face and mouth..."

"Feel up the statue? Seriously? Now I KNOW this is a come-on..."

"Do you want out of here or not?"

"Ok, Ok. Sheesh, some gods! Jeez, this statue feels...no offense...evil?"

"Mayan depiction of my Bat Aspect, not how I really look. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to show you...now open your mouth and kiss the statue on the mouth."


"NOW I'm screwing with YOU! Seriously though, you need to open your mouth and get as close to the statue's mouth as you can, and breathe in deeply..."

"Fine, but I don't normally go this far on a first date, and if this is someone playing a joke on me I'm SO kicking your ass!"

As Muffi opened her mouth and kissed the statue, breathing deeply, she felt and tasted what best could be described as an electrical touch and smell of burning ozone, tinged with the taste of blood.

"Woah! What the hell just happened?"

'It is done. I am now in your body, let me first heal your wounds before you pass out from lack of blood...'

"Camazotz? This was real?"

'Yes, but you do not have to speak. Just think about what you want to say to me...'

"Um, Ok." Muffi pauses a bit. 'How's this?'

'Better, just communicate with me this way while I heal your wounds...'

Muffi felt the injuries on her hands and knees start to knit themselves back together, with that same electrical feeling and smell of blood.

'Nice, thank you. Can you teach me how to do that?'

'I might. Keep thinking to me...how does your head feel now?'

'Better, but not much though.'

'It will lessen in time as your psychic abilities are better trained. Are you ready to leave this place?'

'I was ready to leave since I entered this hellhole, where do I need to go?'

'My vision is now linked to yours, but I can still assist you. Close your eyes, and listen. Can you still hear the bats?'

Muffi pauses, closing her eyes and listening, 'Yes, I hear them.'

'Good. Follow the sound of the bats, they will lead you out.'

Slowly, feeling the other wall for support, Muffi made her way to the mouth of the cave.

'I feel fresh air. Muffi opens her eyes. I see moonlight ahead, thank God, I'm starved!'

'Oh, uh, Chosen One, about that...'

=> End Flashback<=

'Yes, I remember, you'd said you were half blind, with crazy migraines. How do you feel now?'

Muffi continued to dress, struggling to bend over to put on two inch heels.

'Well, I still get mild headaches, but the normal kind, definitely not the kind I used to have...'

'And you are no longer fragile or accident prone.'

'Pfft!' Muffi mentally snorted as she straightened up to run her hands down herself in a vain effort to smooth down her outfit which was digging into the larger parts of her swollen frame. Yeah, definitely not fragile anymore, but now I larger and slower...'

'In healing, there are always sacrifices, we've gone over this...' Muffi swore she could detect a mental sigh in Camazotz's tone. 'Your migraines were relieved, but you got psychic powers...you were fragile and accident prone, now you are not, the sacrifice being your increasing size and slower pace...you were insecure, about most everything, due to your parents and your glasses...'

'I get it, I'm more self-confident...but my love life still sucks, and let's not talk about my non-existent sex life!'

'I never said you couldn't have sex, though purity and virginity has a power unto itself...'

'True...but the idea of sex or a romantic relationship with you in my head is WEIRD! It'd be like a menage, without one of the other people able to know...' She replied, fingering the 3D printed pendant of the Bat God that she found online, now hung over and between her breasts on a chain.

'Do you...regret our...arrangement?'

Muffi sighed. 'No, I guess not. You're right. You know I tend to bitch every time I outgrow a new wardrobe...'

'It's okay, I've gotten used to it. After five years, I practically look forward to it. We should go...'

Muffi puts on her matching bolero jacket, leaving the bottom button undone after trouble getting it buttoned and heads to the door of the apartment.

'What, no breakfast?'

'No time.' She shrugged exaggeratedly, causing her jacket to ride up and her shirt to come slightly untucked. 'Arctos and Hiro will be waiting, besides, it's not like we won't run into something while we are out, we always do...what do you think, wake me up early tomorrow for pancakes?'

The beginning?