My first BHM poem...

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Aug 13, 2012
*does not have a title* More to follow but more erotic in nature.

Hold me
Push up against me
Any way you do it we fit so closely.
Soft warm flesh
Giving in to your desires
Not holding back

Gently, softly, touching me lightly.
The lightness of your touch betrays your size.
More thoughtful, considered, more to admire.
Brimming over with sensuous pleasure.
No way to hide it.

I bury myself in your belly,
My hands grab your sides
My face in your chest.

Shocked at my delight in your curves,
Calling me weird, funny, odd, but feeling the thrill yourself.
Your body, soft, smooth, decadent, indulgent.
Now you realise, now you get it.
Pressing your belly into my face
The line between you and me is blurred.

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