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my late partner had gastric bypass

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happiness as finally come
Dec 20, 2006
and even though it has been almost 5 years since he died, I still cannot accept that I see hundreds living through the bloody disease and in fact some guy asked me out and after he told me he has gastric bypass I nearly went off on him.

I wish they would outlaw that operation plain and simple. out of the hundreds I have seen live and thrive, I must be the only one who lost a loved one. I see so many here who had it done and it just unnerves me to no end. Sorry if I am venting but really is this necessary to lose weight? how about having your teeth wired shut or stop eating and doing something else.

I wish I would hear about someone dying so at least I know I am not alone in this room by myself and give me peace of mind.

I will never ever recommend that operation to noone and I will never date anyone that had it done....I am just being selfish yes but the pain is still there from agreeing to have him take it...at least the one confort I have is that he is not in pain anymore and watching over me.

thank you for listening.

I posted this a few years ago...:bow:

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