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Oct 21, 2005
How fast can a person who is trying gain 100 lbs? 250?
And, what is the maximum amount of weight a person who is about 5'11", and already about 275 lbs can gain if they do naught but sit on their posterior and eat, nine to eleven hours a day, seven days a week, for eight weeks? (Assuming, of course, that this person has virtually no concern for their health aside from showering regularly, and is eating not exactly healthy foods- lots of take out fast food stuff, lots of microwave stuff, etc. Lots of soda and beer, no water. No exercise except trips to the bathroom to shower and use the toilet. Not even cooking their own food. Stays inside 24/7, doesn't even help unload groceries.)
How much per year?
What about a semi-active person, who is about 6'1" tall, weighs about 230 lbs, takes long, slow walks, and eats regular meals, except for massive gorge-fests five or six times a week- how much could this person gain in eight weeks? In a year?


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