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Was he flirting/teasing?

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Aug 29, 2022
I met a guy on a plus-size dating app. He's big, but not supersize or anything. Like 5'9 and 310 lbs.

As I am not plus-size, he asked what had brought me there, and I told him I like fat guys and when guys eat a lot. He said that was fine as long as I wasn't a feeder.

Context about me: I do think I have a fetish, ie, more than just a preference. I'm not at all kinky, though. Literal feeding and intentional gaining don't do anything for me. I am turned on by incidental weight gain/large size because a guy likes to eat. I told him I'm not kinky or into feedism.

We recently had our second irl date. The first was just drinks, but the second was lunch. And he did/said things during this second date that almost seem too good to be true for what I like:

*He said twice how much he liked food.
*After eating (he didn't gorge or anything), he leaned back "to digest", which pushed his belly out.
*I joked about running away and he commented he was "full of food" so wouldn't be able to catch me.
*He joked about getting fast food once we parted ways (I think it was a joke).
*He referred to himself as a "big chubby guy"

I haven't had a lot of experience with BHMs. Is this all par for the course, or was he flirting/teasing me? Does any of this suggest he knows about/is okay with FFA?

I will add... None of this was present on our first date, though maybe that's just because no food was involved.
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