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Oct 1, 2005
I suppose the thing is, even though this is clearly a fat-friendly site and is full of guys leering at the bulging stomaches and various other appendages of you gorgeous fat women, I suppose a lot of people are never going to be able to seriously understand what we think. And because making the effort to lose weight is generally looked upon with such glorious celebration and wonderment, anyone who has done it or who is attempting it suddenly thinks that anyone who isn't must be struggling with deep issues and that their wealth of experience will help to save this lost mortal. It's no wonder people get so evangelical about it - without religion these days, this is literary their way of converting people.

Don't worry, I'm not on their side. However I've been on here longer than you, and be assured, this wont be your last "you poor thing, how can you live like that?" response. Just don't let it ruffle your tummy :p

BTW I don't think you've mentioned anywhere how much you've gained, but if that outfit used to fit you then you must have seriously ballooned! I love the way your arms stretch the top's arms so tightly - always a good sign of a true fat girl lol

Sorry for the rant lol

Simon :)


May 9, 2006
Well all I can really say is ta\hy you have a magnficent belly you should keep your old clothes to show of that lovely belly

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