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Feb 15, 2020
Hey everyone. New member making my first post here about my FA tendencies in my life so far. i hope this is the right place to discuss origin story kinda stuff.

Ever since i was a kid I've been fascinated by fat bellies. I have some memories of padding when I was about 7 or 8, and remember how good it felt to just walk around with a big pillow-belly and clothes stuffed in my shirt and pants for added heaviness to my arms and legs. Some other times, when i was a little older, i had random thoughts about just pigging out at meals and seeing if getting fatter would be fun. I have no idea where these thoughts and feelings came from, i just knew that i liked it.

When puberty hit I, like many 14 year olds with a closed door and a computer, began scouring the internet for things related to bellies and weight gain alongside the typical stuff i could choke my chicken to. While reading about gaining weight was a fun turn-on, I played sports in school and have a pretty fast metabolism so i never got to see what getting fat was like.

College however is where I got to try it out for real. Cafeterias with as much food as you could want, all hours of the day. How could you not put on the freshman fifteen? I loved to go between the different food stations and see how many i could hit in one evening and eating a ton of caf food became a regular thing. With food like nachos, pizza, burgers and pasta being my main dishes, i started to put on some weight and liked it.

Leaving college behind with some more to my waistline than when i entered, I got a job that required lots of driving. This opened up a new door in gaining weight: fast food. Lunches on the go consisted of McDonalds, Taco bell and the like. With the appetite i developed in college and the high calorie diet fast food provides, i put on some more weight. I had gotten much softer than my swim team body from years ago, but still i was relatively thin.

Things remained the same for a while, hovering around 175 lbs and always being the tall, skinny(-ish) guy. My current job has me on my feet a lot so my weight hasnt changed in a long time, but that brings me to the point of this post.

Recently, with my wedding day in the rear view mirror and my wife and I both noticing some weight gained after a very relaxing honeymoon, I decided to make an account here. I decided im also going to just let my weight inhibitions go and enjoy my food to the fullest.

I've increased my fast food intake and started having dessert after dinner on most days. Whenever I feel like a snack, I'll get one and whenever i feel like upgrading to a large I'll do it. Since last thanksgiving and christmas (probably my most indulgent holiday season ever) im up to 198 lbs and on the cusp of my goal of 200. I've definitely started getting a belly now and I'm loving it. I can see myself enjoying being a little bigger so 210 here i come!

Just wanted to share with the community and thanks for readin!
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