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Outpatient tests this week. Angiogram and more.

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Oct 3, 2005
, Female
I'm scheduled for an angiogram, TEE (trans esophageal echogram) and possibly another test involving my lungs and oxygen levels on Tuesday.

I'm absolutely terrified. My doctor and the hospital staff are all like it's no big deal. But I have such extreme medical anxiety that it can't not be a big deal.

They're going to make sure I'm well sedated and calmed down. I would prefer to be completely unconscious. I don't know if I will or not though. My cardiologist said "we're gonna knock you out". But how far out remains to be seen.

I have to do it though. I've been having symptoms that could be cardio-pulmonary or something more mundane. And the doctor says he won't be satisfied until these tests are done.

I have had a chest x ray, ekg, echocardiogram, and a chemical induced stress test involving both a PET and CAT scan. All came back clear. Pulse oximeter is always 95+, even under exertion.

My doctor said that if I didn't have the autoimmune disease I have (Sjogren's) he would be satisfied with the results from all my tests so far. But since Sjogren's can cause cardiovascular problems, and I've already had a stroke that was attributed to it, he wants to do every test possible because if there is some kind of heart issue developing, catching it this early will improve my prognosis and extend my lifespan. If these tests come back okay, then he's satisfied it's not my heart causing the symptoms.

I am really anxious about invasive tests at my size, especially if the angiogram ends up being done via my groin. The plan is to go in at the wrist, but if that fails, they're going in at the groin. In which case they have a contingency plan for supersized patients. But I'm still not completely okay with it. I have been at hospitals that were not able to effectively accommodate my body before.

The nurse who did my pre-procedure check in was absolutely confident that my size is not an issue at their facility. That they treat and do these exact tests on patients my size and larger all the time. Still, you do not get to be my age, in a fat body, and not develop medical anxiety.

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