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Peacing out, if only for a little while

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24 Carrot Magic
Dec 15, 2006
, Female
I hate to dissapoint with some bad news in leiu of a picture thread, and I also hate "fuck you personal problems blah blah blah Im leaving pay attention to me" posts, but ya'll have been my intarweb friends for 3.5 years so you at least deserve this much.

Im leaving Dims indefinately. Theres nothing anyone said or did, its not a good place for me right now. I am all in support of playful flirting and sexual comments. I love that. Its healthy, especially in a world where BHMs dont get it and FFAs are shunned for giving it. However, Im not in a good head space as of late to be flirting, posting pics, ect.

I think Im having a rough time with men and I have been for a while now. My last serious boyfriend was an emotionally abusive alcoholic, and I jumped into dating someone else who wasn't really into much but the sex, and its been a vicious cycle my whole dating life. Ive never had a relationship where the other person has ever had real feelings for me. Before I moved out to Denver, I had two guys trying to sleep with me and talk down to me like I was some sexual objects. Im trying to work through all this sexual objectification and guys only complimenting my body (I mean I know...what a body...) and not my mind. I think if things were better for me IRL, Id feel more at home on Dims and these thoughts wouldnt be in the back of my head.

And this is all coming from me, so please dont get offended. None of the guys here have done anything to make me feel horrible. I feel with trying to reconcile this, I cant really be much involved with flirting, playing around here or hanging with men. Ive been kind of avoiding them IRL.

Im hoping someday Ill find some stability and be able to be how I was, and be more active and involved in the community. This is a great place and I love it, but right now I know whats best.


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