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Dec 7, 2019
[Author's Note: A popular male model finds out that his girlfriend is an FFA. He wants to please her in the bedroom, but she is reluctant to let him risk damaging his career. Mad science provides a solution to their dilemma, but help won't come without a price from their unscrupulous chemist...
So this is an old story that I had posted on ffambrosia, and I thought I would share here. I hope you enjoy!]

Pound of Flesh
by stevita

Jude Veronski had been discovered two years ago at the tender age of seventeen, at a community center where he would've attended an assertiveness seminar. Instead, he spent that afternoon signing his first modeling contract, and in the two years since then, he had risen to be one of the most celebrated models ever to step foot on a runway. His sharp, devilish features, striking gaze, and sly smile made everything and everyone within a city block of him pale in comparison. His lean, impossibly narrow figure looked like it had been sculpted by God's hands as a divine gift to the mass media. Armani, Versace, and Hugo Boss were all lined up at his door, begging him to represent their brands. And while looks got him that far, it was his easygoing manner and playful, charismatic air that ensnared the heart of every woman (and a few of the men) lucky enough to stumble into his presence.

But Jude only ever had eyes for one.
Adela Green was a design student in her senior year at Berkley University, apprenticing in her spare time for an up-and-coming fashion designer whose work was only recently gaining notice on the runway. Jude never could remember the name of the designer, but from the moment he met Adela at a fashion show, he'd found her absolutely unforgettable.

It wasn't that she stood out in any particular way, but the mere authenticity of her character melted him like nothing and no one had ever been able to do. In an industry full of ever-more-flamboyant folks all racing to be the first to reach originality's newest extreme, it was nigh impossible to find a shred of anything genuine. Jude had found it in Adela, and he clung to it.

He loved her like Gatsby loved Daisy, like Romeo loved Juliet. He loved how cuddly she was at three in the morning in front of the TV while infomercials rolled.

He loved how she drove by his studio some mornings and sent him off to work with cupcakes--which he regrettably trashed at work minutes later. One had to watch one's figure in the industry. But what Adela didn't know wouldn't hurt her, right?
He loved how she always held the door for the person behind her. He loved the way she did her makeup: she made it look like that was just the way her face looked naturally. He loved kissing her tired eyes after she'd pulled an all-nighter sewing. He loved coming over to watch her sew, and he loved everything else she could do with those skillful fingers of hers. He especially loved the cute way her voice would squeak up a note as she said, 'I'm sorry,' even though he wished she wouldn't say it so often.
People were always asking him what he was doing with "that plain-jane girl," but they just didn't understand. He wouldn't have traded Adela for anybody, and he knew she had a bigger heart than any manic-pixie movie fantasy he could pull off the runway.

And he was about to find out that perhaps she wasn't so ordinary after all at the Gucci spring fashion show in San Diego.

It was always a challenge picking Adela out of a crowd at the after-party. Dressed in the season's hottest trends, she disappeared easily into an amorphous blob of couture and champagne. But eventually, Jude managed to pick out of the sea of caramel heads the set of caramel curls that belonged to his girlfriend. He came up behind her at the bar, where she was standing and drinking, laughing along with a few of his colleagues. She hadn't noticed him yet, and he didn't want to interrupt the conversation she was having, so he stood back and listened…
And got more surprised by the second.

Adela had just finished telling a joke about a Marxist and an Anarchocapitalist walking into a bar when Ashely Cevasco, one of the models Jude knew, handed her empty glass to her boyfriend and said, "Ryan, would you get me a refill?"

As Ryan took the glass and turned to oblige his lover, Jude threw Ashley a smile, but she didn't catch it. She and Adela were too caught up in each other. It was nice, seeing them so friendly nowadays. Ashley used to be so madly in love with Jude, it was a problem. The first time she met Adela, she'd thrown her drink on her. Jude had tried to say something, but Adela had crumbled and apologized for the mere crime of standing in the trajectory of the splash, and after that the point was kind of moot.
Eventually, Ashley got over Jude, and nowadays, she was happily dating a mild-mannered magazine editor. She and Adela had fixed things up--always so forgiving, that Adela--and lately, the two of them gravitated towards each other like magnets and drank until they were leaning on each other at all of Jude's events.

"Ashley," came the nasal drawl of Gretchen Carmichael, another one of the models Jude worked with. "You should really tell your boyfriend to lose some weight." She made a conspicuous nod to the backside of him before he disappeared into the crowd. "I mean, it's just not healthy!"

"He's trying, Gretchen, give him a break," said Ashley. "This new promotion's been really stressful for him."

"I think he carries it well," Adela slurred. She was swaying where she stood, and Jude's first instinct was to step up to her and put an arm around her waist in case she stumbled, but she kept talking and he wound up just standing there, leaving his presence unannounced so he could continue eavesdropping.

"Fact, tell y'a secret," Adela went on, still swilling on her champagne, "and you HAVE to keep this a secret. I love Jude. I love 'im so much."

About then was when Ashley noticed Jude standing at the edge of the crowd. "Um, Adela," she tried to interrupt, but Adela remained oblivious and just kept drinking and talking.

"He's so nice…and so funny…and so smart…and don' get me wrong, he is very, very pretty in the face department."

"Um, Adela…"

"But ever since I c'n merember--" Remember, Jude guessed she meant, "I've always been into guys that are, y'know, chunkier. I'll admit, it kinda bums me out sleeping next to a bunch of bones every night."

"Um, Adela…"

"The only time I ever have a orgasm in bed with him is when I pretend, like, in my mind, that I just fed him a whole bunch of food and he's fixing to put on a lot of weight for me soon."

"Um, Adela…"

"And not like a whole lot of weight. Like, I don't need them super huge or anything, though I wouldn' complain. If Jude put on like three hundred pounds tonight I wouldn't complain. But all I'd need to really be happy is like, what is he, six foot four? Let's say, forty pounds for starts?"

"JESUS CHRIST, ADELA!" Ashley blurted, and then, finally, finally, finally, Adela turned around.

Shock flooded her features. "Oh, my god," she murmured, "oh my god, oh my god, oh…" In true Adela Green fashion, she managed to get out a half-breathless "I'm sorr--," before turning on one pin-thin stiletto heel and bolting from the crowd.

"Adela, wait!"

She didn't make it far with all the alcohol she had in her system, and Jude was in hot pursuit, but the designer suit he'd worn to the party was constraining, and he didn't catch up with her in time to save her from stumbling drunkenly and collapsing in a stairwell. She let out a shriek as she tumbled down the last few steps and onto the landing.

"Adela, are you alright?" Jude knelt down next to her and helped her up, and the minute she could breathe again, she got right back to, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" She said it over and over, her voice growing shakier the whole while. Jude lost track of how many times she repeated it. He wrapped both arms around her and held her in a desperate attempt to calm her down. "I'm sorry I told Ashley an' the girls an' not you…I'm sorry I never told you, I just…we go together so well, and I didn't want to make you feel bad. And I'm sorry I'm like this! I wish I wasn' like this. And I'm just really, really…"

She went quiet in his arms. Hers wrapped around his waist and she hugged him back, sobbing into his chest. Her mascara was smudging his crisp white shirt, but the shirt wasn't exactly his number-one priority right now. "Adela, don't cry…"

She was silent for a bit longer, and then, like a broken record, she picked up where she'd left off: "Really, really, really in love with you."
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Dec 7, 2019
The following Sunday night was movie night at Adela's apartment. Traditionally, movie night had always been a four-person event between Jude, Adela, Adela's roommate Caley, and Caley's boyfriend, Luke. Caley, however, had recently been rendered single, and, as such, it was just the three of them, sipping Scotch on the rocks and watching one of the Matrix sequels--Jude could never tell one from the other.

When Caley ducked into the bathroom, Jude scooted closer to Adela on the couch and gave her a nudge.

"C'mon, Adela, just indulge me, here. How big would you have me? Out to here, maybe?" He held a hand a few inches in front of his stomach.

She tensed and crossed her arms. "We're not having this conversation again. I'm sorry, but I can't let you sacrifice your career all because I have some ridiculous fetish."

"Don't tell me the cupcakes were for nothing."

"I was just trying to be a nice girlfriend," she said, that old apologetic squeak slipping into her voice. "Besides, that was only like, two cupcakes every week, and clearly they've had no effect on your figure."
He tried not to look too guilty.

For about half a minute, they sat in silence watching the movie, and just when it looked like Jude had decided to drop the matter, he pulled the popcorn bowl off Adela's lap and shoved a handful into his mouth with a conspicuous, suggestive smirk in her direction.

"Jude, seriously!" she snapped, yanking the bowl back.

"I am being serious," he said through a mouthful of popcorn. Her jaw clenched. He swallowed. "Adela, look at me," he said, his tone suddenly earnest. He took her hand and squeezed. "You're more important to me my job, or what anyone might say about me. You're the most important thing in my life!"

"I love you just the way you are. Promise."

"But if there was something I could do to make you happy--"

"I'm sorry," she said. Now, the words 'I'm sorry' had the potential to mean a couple different things when they were coming from the mouth of Adela Green. Right now, they meant, This conversation is over.

When Caley came back into the room, she sensed the tension immediately. "What're you guys talking about?" she asked as she took her seat.

"Jude thinks Reloaded is better than the original Matrix." Close save, Adela.

"Are you crazy?" She plucked her glass off the coffee table, only to discover… "I'm out of ice!" She shoved it into Adela's hands. Adela fumbled and quietly apologized for her clumsiness. "Go get me some more, Stitch?"

Get it? Stitch, 'cause I sew, Adela had explained to him the first time he heard Caley call her that. Later, when they were alone, she told him how she hated that nickname.

What could Jude possibly say about the friendship between Adela and her flatmate? He put up with her for Adela's sake. He sat through movies with her. He even tried to like her, but with her permanent frown and snappish manner, she made herself so difficult to like. He saw her kick a pigeon once--he gave her the benefit of the doubt and dismissed it as an accident until he saw her kick a homeless lady the very next week. He could scarcely wrap his mind around how Adela could stand her.

Adela and Caley had been randomly thrown into a room together Freshman year of college. Caley was a biochemistry major who considered almost everyone below her, and especially disdained anyone who "wasn't cut out" for a "hard science" major. For the first few months, she hadn't once given Adela the time of day. Finally, Adela won her way into Caley's good graces by sewing her a dress for a date. Since then, she'd been making all of Caley's formal wear, and the rest was history. It was the most opportunistic thing Jude had ever heard of, but Adela swore she didn't feel taken advantage of. Jude could almost see the appeal of a friendship with Caley: it must feel gratifying to be liked by someone who hated most everything.

He still hated her guts, though.
When Adela left to get Caley's refill, Caley rounded on Jude. "What's with you two? Not even a debate about The Matrix can make two people so…I don't even have a word for it!"

He shrugged. "It's kind of personal."

"Don't be like that, c'mon." She kicked his foot and fixed him with a steady stare over the tops of her rimless glasses. She looked at him like he almost had her respect, but not quite. She looked at him like she didn't know he despised her. Why would she? He'd only ever been courteous to her, if only for Adela.

He glanced at her shoes. Plain sneakers, unpretentious. She wore a plain flannel shirt and leggings, her dark hair gathered in a ponytail at the nape of her neck. Without any makeup, her face had this natural, lively glow. She looked way too gentle to be the viper he knew she was.

He cleared his throat. "She told me a secret, that's all. I probably shouldn't--"

"So, she finally came out of the pantry, eh?" Caley cracked a knowing smirk.

"Is that what they call it?" said Jude. "Did she like, tell everyone about this but me?"

Caley chuckled under her breath. "So…what now? You're gonna let yourself go for her?"

"She won't go for it," he said. "Says she doesn't want me to make the sacrifice on account of her. Do you think it's possible for two people to be too much in love? Each so willing to bend for the other, each unwilling to see the other bend?"

Caley was silent for the longest time. The only sound was gunfire as the men in the black suits onscreen shot at each other. At last, she said, "I might have something for you."


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Dec 7, 2019
"Technically, it's a failed experiment," said Caley as she led Jude into her lab the next morning, a white-walled room whose tables were laden with burners and beakers and whose air space thrummed with an industrial whir. "It was meant for malnourished kids in the Third World. You know, to help them gain weight. But the effects were temporary in the lab animals, so it's pretty useless. I mean, unless you're into some real kinky shit." She reached into a cabinet, pulled out a glass vial, and pressed it into Jude's hand.

"So I just drink this, and…?"

"Fluff up like an air mattress, yeah."

"For how long?"

"Depending on your metabolism, I'd guess, as a ballpark…maybe two hours? It lasted six in dogs. Just don't cut it too close to one of your little catwalk shows and you should be just fine."

"Got it. Won't Adela be surprised!"

Caley looked up at him with sudden interest in her eyes. "Stitch doesn't know you're here?"

"I wanted to surprise her."

"Such a good boyfriend." Her tone dripped with sarcasm. "One more thing: I'm doing you a huge favor, here. I'm breaking some pretty big ethical codes for you. This hasn't been tested on humans, and I could get in some real trouble for handing out free samples. So if something goes wrong and you wind up in the hospital, have the decency not to drag me into it."

"Got it." He swallowed his disdain. What did she know about decency?

"You don't have to do this, y'know."

"I want to make Adela happy."

"Boy, you really are a sap. Just so you know…" She placed a hand on his forearm and said, "I'd never make you do this. I think you're perfect just the way you are…"

He backed away from her, disgust contorting his features. "Yeah, you and every editorial in the free world. What are you playing at, anyway? Why would you offer me your mad science juice, why would you break all your science rules to help me please Adela if you just wanted me for yourself?"

Caley shrugged. "I don't know. Why would I? Think, Jude."


"You don't know as much about love as you think you do."

Jude called Adela the moment he got home from the lab. Come to my apartment, pronto, he'd told her. He had to see her. He had to wash the lingering presence of Caley from his brain.

Adela flew through the door in a matter of minutes. "Traffic was bad, sorry! I came as fast as I could! Had to skip Business Stats, but I'm sure the prof will understand if I just apologize. Are you okay, darling? You sounded distressed on the phone."

"Yeah, everything's fine, Dela. There's just something I wanted to show you…" He pulled the vial out of his pocket and explained what it was and where he'd gotten it, watching as her eyes lit up the more he told her.
"Wow! That's amazing, that's--! You're sure this is safe?"

"Yeah, Caley said it was totally foolproof." Well, not exactly, but for Adela's peace of mind, Jude decided there were some things he should keep to her about his meeting with Caley, like the possibility of something going wrong with the drug, and Caley's little roundabout love confession.

"Why didn't she tell me she was making a drug like this? She knows I'd have loved it."

"Maybe she wanted to surprise you."

Adela beamed. "She is such a good friend."

"So…want to try it out?"

"Would I?" Her grin could have split her face apart.

After drawing all the blinds, Jude uncapped the vial. Bottoms up, he thought as he downed its contents.
The change in his body was instantaneous. Mere seconds after he swallowed, his pants began to become uncomfortably tight. The seams of his slacks strained against his thickening thighs, and his shirt struggled to contain his expanding middle. By the time his fattening stopped, Adela was practically drooling. She brought her hands to Jude's wider waist and gave him an experimental squeeze. "Caley's a genius," she said.

She pushed him against the dresser, fingers digging into his soft, fleshy sides. She kissed him aggressively, her body pressed flush against his, so tight not even a shadow could pass between them. She touched him like she'd never touched him before in all the months they had dated. "We should get you out of these pants before the zipper breaks," she breathed.

Hours later, he and Adela lay in bed, naked, spent ant satisfied. He was starting to slim down--it was an odd sensation, feeling himself become gradually lighter as the weight melted off before his eyes. "What are you thinking about?" asked Adela.

He was thinking about Caley. Caley's feelings about him. How much of the last few hours he owed to her.

Caley's leggings.

"We should get married on a beach," he said.


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Dec 7, 2019
The next several weeks were a blur of work, parties, and sex. Jude and Adela's sex life had never been better. They might've been all over each other before, but Caley's miracle drug made the first months of their relationship look like child's play: now, they were on fire, going at it like rabbits every night, sometimes twice. The moment the serum would pass his lips, she would lose all ability to keep her hands off him, and for the next few hours, he would be absolutely in heaven.

Every second that they were apart, Jude craved Adela. The flashbulbs didn't seem to pop quite as bright with the thought of her lingering in his head. Through one photoshoot after another, as photographers captured shots of the latest fashions hanging on his lean frame, all he could think about was going up four pants sizes for Adela and having her pour all her affection into him.

Of course, keeping up his latest drug habit had him making frequent stops at Caley's lab. He asked her once why she wouldn't just give him the whole batch of her serum: if it was a failed experiment, why did she need it? But she insisted on holding onto some for research, "And besides, how else am I going to keep you coming around?" She said that with a wink and a smirk that tied Jude's insides in knots.

Each time he returned to the lab, he put up with Caley's come-ons, Caley undressing him with her eyes, Caley biting her lip, the curve of Caley's behind under skintight leggings when she wasn't wearing a labcoat. Even after he left the lab, he could never escape from the thought of her. Whenever he finally managed to banish her from the foreground of his thought process, Adela would start to sing praises of genius Caley, good friend Caley, Caley who would never have designs on her boyfriend. I'm doing this for Adela, Jude reminded himself again and again and again.

"Soon I'm going to run out of this stuff--I'll have to synthesize some more," said Caley when Jude showed up at her lab two months after he'd first started taking her serum. "Imagine that! Synthesizing a drug that doesn't even work the way it's supposed to. Who knows, maybe I can market it. Make a nice buck off of kinky couples." She pulled a vial out of a cabinet and shoved it into his hands. "I'm surprised you're still coming back for refills, actually."


like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
"Why's that?"

Caley's palms turned toward the ceiling and her shoulders nearly touched her ears. "I just thought maybe you'd decide to find a girl who loves you for who you are, instead of something you're not."

"You're wrong. Adela and I love each other, and that's all there is to it."

"You art people, you always oversimplify things." She pinched his arm through his tailored shirt and breathed, "Wow. I can't believe soon this is all gonna be blubber."

"Alright, that's enough." He tried to push her away, but she just latched on tighter.

"I'd ask if I could come over and watch, if only to see the drug go to work on a human test subject…but of course, you could never be just a test subject to me." She laid her palms flat against his washboard abs and looked up into his eyes. Without any makeup obscuring her face, he could see the deep red flush in her cheeks and in her swollen, inviting lips. "I can't believe Stitch doesn't want this." She trailed his hands around his waist and dug her nails into the small of his back. "You're perfect." She ground her hips against his. "Absolutely perfect."

Perfect. He'd seen it written about him in editorials over and over, but it wasn't the same as having it whispered gently into his ear. He tried to remind himself of Adela. He couldn't do this. It was wrong. He loved Adela.
But Caley's complete adoration had too strong a hold on him. It wrapped him up and smothered him. He couldn't stop his skin from tingling as she reverently caressed the hard planes of his body. Adela, Adela, Adela, he thought to himself, but when Caley's lips came crashing hard against his, he ate them up like he was starving.

"Wait!" Suddenly, he pushed her away. Over her sighs and the buzzing in his head, he could have sworn he heard the click of high heels on linoleum.

"What?" said Caley. "It's fine, nothing's--"

She was interrupted by the swoosh of the laboratory door.

"Caley, I know you said don't bother you at the lab, but I just had to swing by and thank you for--Jude!"

Jude's heart dropped into his stomach.
There in the doorway stood Adela, holding a small, ribbon-wrapped package, presumably meant for the biochemist whom she had just caught in her boyfriend's arms.

"It's not what it looks like!" Jude broke away from Caley and made for Adela, but Adela recoiled.

"Don't touch me!" She dropped the box and ran out of the lab. The gasps and hic sounds of her crying were torturous.

She beat Jude back to her flat, but only by a few seconds. He slipped in behind her before the door could slam in his face and ran after her into the bedroom. "Adela, I'm sorry!"
She stepped out of her shoes without looking at him. Her fingers shook as she took out her earrings and dropped them on the dresser. She made no sound except for sniffling.
"I'm sorry," Jude said again. He fell to his knees and crawled the rest of the way to her to cling to her calves. He wasn't sure how long he was on the ground, groveling at the feet of the girl who apologized for everything. It could have been days. He would have stayed weeks if that was what it took. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he repeated ad nauseam through his own tears.

He was sorry for letting Caley kiss him. He was sorry for kissing her back. But more than anything, he was sorry that for even a fleeting second, in his hunger for unconditional adoration, he truly believed he could love Caley.

One eternity later, Adela sat down on the ground next to him and said, "I forgive you."


like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
When Jude read the news on his iPhone a few mornings later, his first reaction was to rush to Caley's lab to see if it was true. When the yellow police tape kept him out, he drove back across town and let himself into Adela and Caley's flat. He found Adela lying on the couch in front of a blank TV screen. "Did you hear?" he asked.

"Yeah. I should be in Business Stats right now, but I'm sure the professor will understand if I just apologize--after all, my flatmate’s dead."

Jude dropped onto the couch and lay there beside her. "I just swung by the lab--it looked like a nuke had hit the place."

"Yeah, or like someone switched the labels on Caley's chemicals."

"Yeah. Or that." He shifted her in his arms. "Y'know, without Caley and her mad science juice--"

"Yeah," said Adela, "I know."

"Maybe I should just put on the weight for real," said Jude. "What we had going, it was pretty fun. And if my career goes to shit, it would serve me right for cheating."

"They couldn't find Caley's torso. I think, for now, I'm done exacting my pound of flesh." She turned her face up to look him in the eyes and said, "Besides, I meant it when I said I love you just the way you are." She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her forehead to his chest. She trembled in his arms. He smoothed his fingers through her hair. The whole scene felt surreal, as if he was listening to someone else's dream instead of living it.

"Hey Dela?"


"If you don't get arrested for this, then in a few years, once the industry is through with me, I'll get as fat as you want me."

"We can even be married," she agreed. "Feed each other wedding cake on the beach."

Neither of them mentioned the word ‘arrested’ again. They seemed mutually assured that no one was getting arrested--with all the evidence incinerated by the blast, the police would have to write off Caley's death as a freak accident. All that was left was to plan the wedding.

For the next few hours, they lay there, absorbed in each other and soulless, until Jude got called into work.


like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
Any chance of reading how this pans out, it's really very good.
Thanks! I actually wrote this years and years ago for a school assignment (you heard me right, I turned this in for a grade.) I wouldn't know how to continue it right at this moment. Plus I feel like @iam18iswear currently holds the prize on the temporary weight gain formula concept. (If you haven't read Sweet Dreams by them it is So Good!) Maybe in the future I'll do more with these characters though!

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Thanks! I actually wrote this years and years ago for a school assignment (you heard me right, I turned this in for a grade.) I wouldn't know how to continue it right at this moment. Plus I feel like @iam18iswear currently holds the prize on the temporary weight gain formula concept. (If you haven't read Sweet Dreams by them it is So Good!) Maybe in the future I'll do more with these characters though!
Nice and thank you.

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