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  1. fiestyMad

    BHM Maybe It’s You (FFA/BHM, WG, Drama, Romance)

    Maybe It's You by fiestyMad Catherine feels alone in the big city, until she meets a man who changes everything. (Content warning: This story contains a character who suffers from a fairly severe anxiety disorder.) Part 1 There’s something wrong with me. There has to be. I have these...
  2. Ghostboo

    BHM The Honorable [bhm, ffa, historical romance]

    Happy Valentine's Day! This felt like the perfect time to release the first half of a little period drama I've been working on. Disclaimer that this tale (and the longer ones I'm planning to put out there in the future) may not always line up as being perfectly historically accurate, but much...
  3. W

    FFA treats

  4. W

    BHM We will geek together

    Long time lurker. I have finished this story as a rough draft and will post each chapter as I edit it. BHM, FFA, slow burn. I know I tend to overdo it on the exposition. There will be some explicit content, but it will take awhile to get there. “For my bonus action, I cast spiritual weapon!” I...
  5. EpicureanTaurus

    BHM Blackmailing Evan [BHM; FFA; Female Feeder; Slow Burn; XWG]

    Blackmailing Evan by EpicureanTaurus Chapter 1: Evan checked his phone for the third time in twenty minutes. Nothing. He had always hated waiting. What’s worse, the meeting he was stuck in wasn’t making the time pass any faster. Evan adjusted his posture to hide his impatience, and added...
  6. F

    BHM The New Hire

    The New Hire by Faloverbabe Kristen sat at her desk. Monday mornings were always a drag and thus far this Monday was no different. The coffee was just as bitter, her chair just as uncomfortable, and the florescent lights just as bright. She loaded up her computer ready for the mundane work to...
  7. S

    BHM The Officer and the Intern

    This is my first ever attempt at writing down one of the fantasies that circulate my head. I'm not a writer by any means but it felt so freeing to finally write down an idea that I've had plaguing me. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. The Officer and the Intern...
  8. Yor

    FFAs, are you into seeing a normal sized man ballooning up?

    So would you date a normal sized guy like me who willingly wants to become big and fat, and help fatten him up? Or do you want your SO to be fat to begin with? And are there more men like me on this board?
  9. stevita

    BHM Pound of Flesh

    [Author's Note: A popular male model finds out that his girlfriend is an FFA. He wants to please her in the bedroom, but she is reluctant to let him risk damaging his career. Mad science provides a solution to their dilemma, but help won't come without a price from their unscrupulous chemist...
  10. fiestyMad

    BHM To Serve (BHM, FFA, WG, Historical)

    To Serve by fiestyMad Part 1 "Rose!" a voice shouted, effectively stirring me from my restless sleep. "You're going to be late! Get dressed," Gretchen shook my shoulders until my eyes focused on her face. I quickly shot up from my cot and threw on my skirt and corset, tying the cheaply...
  11. J

    please post new Ffa/bhm stories

    please someone post a new story, there are only new bbw in recent aditions.
  12. fireonthemountain

    BHM His Student's Secret (~BHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, ~Romance)

    Note by Author: I wrote this story about 15 years ago under the name “The Taxidermy.” (Its somewhere in the BHM archives of Dims. It was a poorly written story including bad dialogue and poorly written characters, especially my male protagonist. I felt he deserved to be written better and to...
  13. F

    BHM BHM & FFA/Female Feeder Story Reccomendations?

    Hello all. I've been on the hunt for some stories involving BHMs and Female Feeders lately. Does anyone have any reccomendations, be it a story on this site or another? Mainly what I'm looking for I suppose are stories similar to Coyote Wild's excellent "Then and Now" piece, but with more of...
  14. RVGleason

    Roly Poly Man

    I literally dreamed this song up. Roly Poly Man Oh, I just met the roundest man The roundest man you’d meet He’s big and fat and very cute Though he can’t see his feet But he’s as sweet as he can be I love him pound for pound I want to hug and squeeze him If my arms can get around! Oh...
  15. BigElectricKat

    Should I consider gaining?

    Was considering perhaps trying to gain some poundage as I don't think I'm big enough for any FFA to notice. I suppose I really need to commit to putting the Big in BHM (though I would never call myself Handsome) but you get the drift. It seems I don't really fit in any world these days. What...
  16. fiestyMad

    BHM Mary and John (bhm,ffa,romance)

    Mary and John by fiestyMad Mary took a deep breath when he walked in the room. He had black hair that peaked out of his baseball cap. He had kind blue eyes, which sparkled when he looked her way. She lowered her gaze to what had initially caught her attention. His grey T-shirt that hung onto...
  17. RVGleason

    BHM Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    Here’s a new story, I hope Folks like it. (Image: Tubberton) Waldo-Wyde - Circus Fat Man by RVGleason chapter 1 - meet Waldo Wyde It was a beautiful early June, 1947 morning as the Sun shone brightly over the Big Top tents of the Clyde Wonder Circus. The roustabouts had been up since...
  18. coyote wild

    BOTH I Tried... (~poetry, ~xwg, ~bbw, ~bhm, ~ffa, ~feeder, ~gas)

    I Tried... (artwork by thatspookyfeeder) (written by coyote wild) I tried to stop it. Really I did. I never wanted to end up this big. I once was fit. I used to jog. But that was before I became a hog. So many pastries… ...so many pies. So many burgers with mountains of fries. I...
  19. Ffancy

    BHM The Office Chair Situation (BHM, FFA, Sex)

    The Office Chair Situation by Ffancy Chapter 1 Selim knocked tentatively on the office door, to be answered by a cheerful voice calling "Come in!" He obediently pushed the door open and waddled through. Jane was standing by her desk with a file folder in her hand. Black high heels accentuated...
  20. Ffancy

    BHM Desire: a quick peek into the mind of an FFA

    Desire: a quick peek into the mind of an FFA by FFancy He is sitting in the armchair and she is surreptitiously eyeing the way his soft thighs spread out, touching each other while still touching the wide edges of the chair. She doesn't know why, but plump thighs on a man have always driven...