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Monkey Daze
Aug 22, 2006
SSBBW, WG Liquid, Explicit ~Sex, XXWG - A chemist's handiwork turns his thin girlfriend into the huge, sexy woman of his dreams!

by Anonymous
“Oh, come on…stop it!” she laughed, pushing my hand away.

“Just one more? Come on…I'm sure one more wouldn't hurt,” I said, patting her slightly distended tummy.

“Oof…I can't squeeze another one in, my tummy hurts!” she gasped.

“Okay…I'll leave these chocolates by your bed then, Rene.”

I plopped the chocolates down, and sensing her mounting discomfort, I slowly lifted up her shirt and began massaging and kissing her tiny bloated stomach. On her 5' 2”, dancer-lithe frame, it wasn't much of a swell. But, you know the saying: better bulging than flat…

“Ooo…mmmm…,” she groaned as her tummy gurgled and grumbled loudly. “I made such a pig out of myself tonight…if I don't stop eating like this, I won't be able to fit into my dancing tights. Not that you'd mind, Silas,” she giggled, giving me a cute little wink.

I just gave her a warm smile, and slowly began moving my hands around her painful tummy, and began to move in closer to her.

“Silas! Keep your mind on your job!”

I was immediately snapped back into reality, leaving behind the much more comforting memory of last night with Rene for the general annoyance of attempting to perfect the chemical compound for some medicine Drug Inc. wanted made.


“Yes, ma'am, Ms. Moran!” I said as I flashed my cheeriest smile and spoke in the brightest, most eager voice I could muster.

“Glad to hear it, Silas. Give me an update on your chemical formula when you get it finished, fair deal?”

“Seems like a fair deal to me, ma'am!”

She smiled at me, her double-chinned face beginning to glow.

“That is all, Silas,” she said as she turned around and began the (for her) long journey back to her office.

I couldn't help but lean back in my chair and watch as her huge, fat ass bounced merrily down the hall, giving me an instant erection and wondering what it would be like to roam those acres of flesh…

“Sigh. Why can't Rene be more like her?” I thought.

“You know the answer,” a little voice in the back of my head replied. “She's a dancer. She helps bring in the money. You can't indulge your personal fantasies when it would mean financial jeopardy for both you and her…”
You've probably guessed by now that I like big, fat asses. You'd only be partially correct, however; I don't like big fat asses unless they're attached to a big, fat girl (and if you're reading this story, then I can only assume that you, too, enjoy the allure of a girl who routinely stuffs herself into the point of discomfort).

I found such a girl in Rene. She was a slim, lithe, redheaded woman, but I didn't care how slim she was (although that fact didn't stop me from trying to make her just a LITTLE bigger), I instantly fell for her.

Once more, I heaved a sigh as I turned back towards the complicated chart of chemical data, cellular effects, and mutations in DNA that FC43 (formula composite number 43) had on the insects and small mammals that were subjected to it.

“Only thing this stuff's good for would be insecticide
,” I thought. The formula completely obliterated every cell in the insect's body: you could literally pour a drop onto a large cockroach and watch the insect crumble into dust; whereas the formula I was making was supposed to merely break down the insect DNA (there was no effect in the case of the rodent) and leave it open and highly malleable for genetic engineering. In short, it was to be used to reshape and re-craft the person's body.

“FC…43…grade: failure…,” I spoke as I scrawled the data into a hastily composed log sheet.
“Reaction: spontaneous reaction that resulted in the cell breaking down…cause of phenomenon…”


I jumped about a foot in the air, and I actually thought my heart had stopped for a minute; I tried to start my heart going again and turned towards my “attacker.”

“What the hell did you do that for!?” I yelled.

Dan broke down into a fit of laughter, slapping the table.

“I'm…hahaha!…sorry, Silas, but I couldn't resist. You were completely hehe focused on your work, man!”

I bristled for a second, then cracked a smile and started laughing.

“Hehe…okay, man. The reason I attempted to scare the living piss out of you is because you've been transferred to another department. This testing of 'genetic malleability' was cracked down on by the animal rights guys; apparently, it's animal cruelty to test it on larger mammals like dogs now. So, you got transferred to this department, which you should like.” He winked at me.

“Why is it I've got a feeling you're not winking just for your health?” I chuckled, then shoved Dan back.

“Well, it's a much more beneficial reason for you, Silas. You know those chubby chicks you always chase?”

My face burned bright red at this remark, and I glanced around the room. “Dan…,” I whispered in an exasperated tone.

“Ah, don't worry, nobody's gonna hear!” He grinned broadly. “Well, you're being transferred to a department that's attempting to put mass amounts of weight on humans very quickly. They figure that if they can't get enough food out to the people, they'll just make the people themselves food, so to speak.”

A grin was fighting its way out (and winning!), but I still tried to keep my face straight as I extended my hand.

“Nah, man, no need to shake my hand! I know you'd do the same for me!”

”What, you mean those huge-breasted chicks you're always chasing?” I shot back.

“Hey, not so loud!” he whispered, glancing around the room as I had done. “Anyway, here are the papers for the formula. Ingredients, health risks, failures, composites, lots of samples, you name it; it's in there. Your job is to refine this, make sure there's no defects or anything in it, and rewrite the report to reflect your findings. Oh, and by the way…there's a real big pay increase for your research if this gets to market.” I stared at him incredulously, and my face broke into a broad grin.

“Yeah, try not to have too much fun, Silas. I'll see you later; I'm gonna go grab some lunch.”

“Hey, sweetie,” Rene giggled as I walked in from work, box of papers and samples still intact. “How was your day at the drug factory?”

“Ah, same as always. Just developed a formula that makes roaches disintegrate…talked to Dan…oh, and did I mention? I've got a raise coming if I can get this formula to market!”

There was a weird silence in the room before she asked, “How big?” suppressing the desire to burst out with happiness should the raise not be big at all.

“Well, let's see,” I said, rifling through the papers. “According to these papers I'd be making…hmmm, let's see…” I deliberately held the silence for a few seconds longer after I'd found it.

She practically screamed, “How much is it!?”

I grinned. “Well, according to this, I'd be making triple what I am now.”

She stared at me for a second, and then burst into a scream of happiness that I swear almost shattered the windows.

“Are you kidding me!? That's terrific! We could buy all the things we wanted! A new car, new wardrobes for both of us, and you could finally indulge that little personal fantasy of yours,” she gushed, giving me a sly wink and a hint of suggestiveness with the last item on her list.

And then I pulled out the last surprise from my bag.
“And you know what this formula is for?”

She shook her head quickly at that remark, giving me a strange look.

“This formula was designed to make starving people into living food deposits, so to speak.”

She just gave me another blank look.

“You know all those thin, starving people? Well, they're about to be blown up like balloons. After I make a few adjustments with this formula, and make sure it's safe for humans to use, we can turn anybody…”
I paused for a second, making sure she got the hint.
“…anybody into a big mountain of fat.”

Rene grinned broadly in face of these facts, and wrapped her arms around me tightly.

“Looks like I'll be needing a much, MUCH bigger wardrobe after you're through with me, little man…,” she whispered into my ear as she reached down towards my crotch and unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans.
“And a bigger wardrobe calls for a celebration, wouldn't you say?”

She pulled my pants and underwear down in one motion, and leading me by my dick, pulled me into the bedroom where she quickly disrobed.

She paused for a second and fondled her AA cup breasts, then said, “They're so small, Silas; that'll change when I get a big heaping taste of that formula!!!”

With that, she pulled off the rest of her pants and panties and began to expertly manipulate my engorged cock.

“Ohh…oooo…slow down,” I whispered.

She just grinned maliciously at me and began to go faster and faster.

Her mouth formed a sweet pocket of pleasure, her mouth thrusting up and down my shaft, her tongue licking and wrapping around it slowly and scintillatingly…

“Oh, if only she were fatter…,”
I thought, imagining her at five or six times her current weight.

Suddenly, she started going much, much faster.

“Oh, no…that wouldn't be fat enough!”
I screamed in my head; and with that thought, I was rocked with a tremendous orgasm that seemed to leech every single bit of strength from the corners of my body and completely filled her mouth with cum.

“Oooh…someone was a horny little boy, wasn't he?” she giggled. “Mommy has to go clean up now, because you made a mess! But she'll be back in a few minutes with a big, BIG surprise!”

I knew there was something in that sentence I should have said no to…but oh man, I felt so good I couldn't even move, let alone react to anything.

By the time I heard the chink, chink of bottles, I knew what she had planned, but I was still weak and woozy.

By the time I managed to get into the living room, she had downed every single sample save one from my kit and was wearing her baggiest pair of jeans and the biggest tee shirt she owned.

She heard me stumble into the room, and smiled lewdly at me.

“Like I said, baby…I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe!” she laughed, then tackled me to the floor and began impaling herself on my rod.

My strength fully returned by this sudden rush of lust by her, I began to thrust myself harder and harder into her sopping vagina.

Right before I reached the pinnacle of pain and pleasure for the second time, her whole body went rigid.

“Oh man, it's happening!” she screamed as she rolled over to the ground next to me.

What happened next will live on in my memory forever.

I climbed on top of her and began to ride her, and as I rode her, Rene's body began to rise like bread dough. The only thing, though, was that this baker had decided to use a truckload of yeast…

She was still grunting and groaning with desire, but it looked like she was being distracted by something.

Trying to come down from my sex-crazed state, I saw her breasts begin to fill up and out like they were connected to a low pressure water hose; her tummy billowed up like she was about to give birth to a mound of Jell-O; and her ass began to widen and thicken into the size of twin basketballs.

“Oh YES!” she screamed as I penetrated her a final time and sent us both reeling into a huge orgasm. It left me as weak as the preceding orgasm, and all I could do was lay on top of her growing form for a few seconds.

Almost as if the orgasm was a signal, her body began to blimp up at an astounding speed. Her ass rose three feet in the air behind her, her stomach (with me on top clinging on for dear life!) crushed our coffee table as it expanded outward more and more; her breasts remained spherical and firm, but merely grew to twenty times their size, threatening to cascade down on me from my perch on her gigantic tummy.

“This feels…so…good!” she screamed as fat penetrated every part of her billowing form.

I barely managed to climb off her giant stomach in time as her body expanded through the first story of our home! Her face could barely be seen sticking out from all the rest of her body; her boobs would literally overfill a child's swimming pool! Her stomach by this point had expanded through the kitchen and knocked down the wall beyond, and her ass was even taller than I was!

“Silas…come…here!” she managed to get out between groans, and as eager as I was to oblige, I wasn't sure I could reach her face; but my worry was unfounded, as I soon found out that I would simply sink into her fat, making great handholds.

It was the most erotic thing ever…scaling a literal hill of fat that your girlfriend had become in a matter of seconds!

“OH!” she screamed when I managed to reach her stomach's peak and had to use her breasts as handholds…

I felt a sudden shudder as she stopped growing mere feet from blowing through the top of our roof, and I was pitched forward into her vast cleavage.

“Silas! Come here! I need you!” she yelled, sounding panicked.

I rushed forward as quickly as possible, earning myself a chorus of pleasurable moans and grunts from her as I trod on her monstrous breasts.

“What!? What is it!?” I yelled as I finally found her face.

“I need you…,” she smiled seductively.

I stared at her, slack-jawed, for a second; and then, without a trace of hesitation, lowered my dick into her countless-chinned face.

“Ten times fatter, what was I thinking!? I need to make a note on that paper though…'formula does not enlarge patients enough!!!'”


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