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Revisions to Dimensions

Dimensions Magazine

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Staff member
Global Moderator
Nov 8, 2005
As most of you may have noticed there have been some changes being made to the forum.

1. There is now a Donate Button and Support forum options. These were added as the cost of running the site was caused a talk of closing the site. These changes were the alternative.
You can also use https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/account/upgrades

2. The sub-forums can be seen on the main index.

3. A couple of the more adult forums have been added to the opt-in features. This is being done so main stream visitors can enjoy the other aspects of Dimensions.

4. Under Supporting Member there are a few extra perks more self editing time for you to self-edit a post, and being able to opt out of all the ads since you are helping out by becoming a Supporting member. Once you become a Supporting Member you can go to your user control panel, preferences and opt-out the ads and/or the right sidebar. Just view this in the same manner as yearly or monthly magazine subscription.

5. You may have notice there is now a Classified section and a Personal forum, please take a look.

6. And all risque photos should stay in the opt-in areas.

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