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Scared of my future.

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user 131842

FFA/small BBW
May 6, 2022
I am in my early twenties still unsure what I want to work as for the rest of my life. So, I spent hours researching through Reddit. I have around 100 bookmarks consisting of questions and people's experience on a certain job.

However, I fear and wonder how AI will shape the future. If I am correct. The main goal of the Digital Age is to be more efficient and less reliant on living beings.

The snowball started out small when kiosks replaced cashier jobs. It then got to medium size with the DALL-E trend. Now, it eventually got big enough to be used as the base of a snowman when ChatGPT got popular.

I honestly don't have as many skills as I thought. Throughout my whole life my main hobbies revolved around digital art. During my teens I dipped into 3D modeling and animation.

What I am trying to say is my interests are possibly replaceable by AI in the artsy industry. I am planning to study many coding languages just to start out as an data analyst. But I fear that could be overthrown by chatGPT.

I almost thought of getting a CS degree since that opens to many different opportunities. But I discovered that is more than just typing code. It's very math heavy and I was never good at math. Never enjoyed it either. I'm just not smart enough.

I am sorry for my usual venting. I just have no hope in my future. I mainly wrote this ramble because my mom was seemingly disappointed in me when I am still working a wage slave job and never went to college. Implying I am a loser. I got pissed and asked if her boyfriend ever pays the rent. Which he doesn't. Since my family highly relies on me. I'm worry that I need to stay longer to take of my dad because he doesn't have enough money for retirement.

I really do try to be optimistic and stop and smell the roses. Despite my worries I do want to spruce my coding knowledge and someday have a position as an animation TD. Sure, it might not be very artsy. But you are working in an animation setting and hopefully that won't be taken over by robots.

So, I will try many new things and not be a one trick pony!

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