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Seatbelt laws/insurance

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A wild loser appeared!
Nov 21, 2005
, Yes
Forgive me if this rehashes a load of crap you've read before... I skimmed a couple of pages back but didn't find anything particularly addressing this specific issue (I can guarantee there probably is somewhere but.... eh. I'm too wound up to spend hours looking for it)

I live in the UK.

I regularly get lifts from a lot of my friends to get to different events etc.
I live in the city center, and public transport during the day is reasonably good.
However, a lot of my friends have begun moving further into the suburbs, and a lot of things I am involved with now requires attending places only conveniently accessed by car.

Recently, a friend asked a mutual friend to give me a lift to her place as she was going to be too busy to do so herself (organising a dinner party).
He declined, and explained as politely as he could, that as I was unable to wear any of the seatbelts in his car... it would put other passengers in danger, was illegal and would void his insurance.

Which.... is fine. I don't demand OR expect lifts off anyone. However, what he said has made its way around to other friends (isn't the grapevine a wonderful thing?) and they're worrying about all this.

Can anyone offer any advice, solutions or insight? (Beyond "Get better friends!")

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