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BHM Triple Me ~ Super Natural Weight Gain~ Fantasy ~ Self Squashing

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Triple Me

By Nzmountainman

Magical Weight Gain. Super Natural

When young I was told tales of the Gods and when the people did wrong against the Gods the Gods punished them

This God I was fond of being fat free and punished me by making me fat.

It was a cold autumn night in the Kaimanawa Rangers. Clearly snow was falling on Mount Ruapehu or and Mount Narahoe. I could hear distant lorries climbing the hills so the Desert Plateau Road had not been closed because of the ice yet. I was carrying on hunting despite to conditions because I had holiday in the City of Auckland for a week. It was now time to pay the bills plus I had brought a new gun sight and wanted to test it out.

I had not followed the Maori Protocols before entering the area as usually never did but this night it was starting to feel very spooky. I was questioning if I had offended Tane the God of the Forest. Not that I believed in him.

I knew this was a not Taniwha problem, as they normally beat up people that they having issues with. I remember the first time I was hunting with a Rhodesian Ridgeback walking along side a stream. I saw my dog lift about 4 centimetres in the air and land on his side. I thought the 84kilogram dog tripped on something but he was scared afterwards. I went walk past him as he struggled to his feet. I felt something grab me around the thigh, abdomen and bottom of the rib cage. This was followed by a downward push on my shoulder.

I looked around trying figure what happened, but I was nowhere near any tree branches or bramble. I felt another shove while I was on the ground. I had heard of malevolent entities in waterways and from this point on I knew they were real. The next time I was along a creek, and I saw the dog lean over sideways 30 degrees to the ground and quick flick to leaning 30 degrees the other way. He finished upright but he yelped and ran 3 kilometres back to the car. I had chosen not to pass that point and followed the sprinting dog.

This night was quite different, as it was not viciously attacking. It was messing with my mind, and I knew I was not imaging it. Conquered perception of danger can be unnerving but this was a presence of another realm.

I had shot some possum that night (the fur is worth a few dollars) but I was after big red deer. I arrived in a clearing of about 30 metres across. With a torch was looking for signs that animals had crossed recently. I heard a loud crack in the bush to my left and a lot of hoofs hitting the ground. It sounded like spook animals making me look for a safe spot to avoid trampling.

What ran out of the bush was most unusual; three deer side by side, one was a good healthy 65-kilogram animal. The middle one was so thin as if it was on the edge of starving to death, and the third deer on the far side of the group was extremely fat.

Fat deer are common during parts of the year, but I am talking 5 to 10 kilograms overweight. This deer was pushing 3 digits. The skinny deer was half the left to right width of normal with legs almost finger thin.

I reached for my phone wanting to take a picture, but deer left the clearing through the opposite side that they came in. I thought two of them were worth shooting but as I started pursuit, I heard another loud crack from the same spot as the first. Suddenly a number of hoofs coming running towards the clearing. Once again there was 3 deer of different sizes. Thin, medium and jumbo. The middle size was a 70-kilogram buck. I suddenly thought it was the partner of the doe that passed earlier.

I had chambered a round and shot the normal size one. More weirdness for the night all three fall down dead. I ran over to where they lay and all three had the same bullet hole.

I saw a light where the crack noise came from so, I went to investigate it. Behind a giant Totara tree were orbs. I saw an owl fly through the orbs and suddenly there were three owls. One was very thin and another very fat plus the original. The orbs were the spooky presence I could feel and for some reason I was being drawn up to the location they were moving in.

I made a decision that there was no way I was going to walk between the orbs like the owl had. I went to walk around them but some how I became amongst them.

I am 1.87 metres tall and weighed 90 kilograms. I have a barrel chest, strong arms and powerful legs. Carrying 70 kilograms animal 3 kilometres over hills without talking rest was normal for me. I had a flat stomach and no rippling muscles, but I was not athletic build or podgy.

To my left there was a ‘copy’ of me that was about 39 kilograms. It was the same height but waif thin. On the other side was a copy that was as wide as the Totara trees. I reached out and placed my hand on the shoulder of the waif copy to suddenly feel the touch on my right shoulder. The reaction of the obese version I knew he felt the tap on the shoulder too.

I could feel the thoughts of the other copies, “What happened to me?”

I have a barrel chest that measure 113 centimetres around the ribs and my pectorals are proportion to my chest. I was looking at the scaled down copy and he was in scale but his chest was barrel on him but measured only 72 centimetres and tapered down to a 45-centimetre midriff. His legs again were scale to me but they were spindly like his arms. Limb lengths were the same as me. All three of us were 73 inches tall with very different mass.

I looked at him with the question of, “Can you carry more than just a tent?”

He glared back and spoke, “I have all of your strength.”

How did he know what I had thought?

It was then the jumbo version spoke, “We are one and hear ourself.”

There was no way this scrawny copy was as strong as me.

The obese version spoke again. “Height is the only physical feature matching each other. We are the same person though.”

I reached down and grabbed a item of food near the top of my bag. I looked at the little copy and asked, “Can you fit this loaf into your little tummy?”

He snatched off me and started chewing it. I could feel it going inside me. It was something I make myself and it was massive calorie laden but also extremely filling. When spending hours outside below zero Celsius it is important to have warming up energy in the body. He ate the entire thing and I felt like I normally do eating the loaf. I flicked my hands around his midriff to feel his distended stomach from such a meal. It was flat.

I looked at the fat version of me and asked, “Did that manage to touch the side of your belly?”

“I am as full as you.” He replied.

I was puzzled on how and I immediately remember the shot deer at the clearing. “Lets get the deer back to the car.”

I turned back to the clearing but there was only on regular size deer there.

I knew I had my chance to see the scrawny lad carry a 70-kilogram buck. Without being asked he picked up the deer straight onto the shoulders and went walking with it. The strange thing was I could feel it on my shoulders, and I was correcting my posture as I changed surfaces. So was the obese version of me. He placed the deer onto the back deck of the Land Rover.

It seemed very weird watching a scrawny person handle a large buck so easily. All three of me was looking at each other with the same thought. Go talk to the orbs entity and see what was going on and the rules of this reality.

All three of us jogged down the path back to the clearing. Spotted the tree with the glow. Walked up to the orbs wondering what happens next.

A loud and clear voice was in our heads. “On many occasions you have disrespected these hollow grounds. You never asked Tane permission to enter or take away his animals. You cause a fracture to Tane. He sent me to have fun with you, so you know he is the powerful one. I looked at the orbs wondering what my lesson was. I had variations of me but I do not feel punished.

“For the next week you will be three of the same.” The orbs continued. “You will be the skinny bone person who has no strength on day 1. You will be the person who eats very little food. Then you will be the large version who is eating so much to sustain his mass, carrying the mass all of the time on the second day. One the third day you will the skinny version eating enough to sustain the 180-kilogram (400 pounds) version. You will feel over full but needing to eat more to stop extreme hunger.”

“Why did you punish the Owl and Doe the same way? What did they do wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing. I was just practicing. They are back to normal. The buck is also alive and running around. You will keep the possums though. They are a plague brought by the Europeans who came here.”

Continues in next post
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