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Sep 24, 2014
The West!
Is there anything about being fat that most thin people don't realize or that you weren't aware of until you became larger or became intimately acquainted with a large person?
Good question!

1. You don't leap up out of chairs unless something's on fire, or you have to go to the bathroom.
2. If a song comes on your audio system that you absolutely hate, you automatically try to calculate if it's worth the effort to get up and turn it off, or wait the three minutes and let it end by itself.
3. If there is a knock at the door, you're more likely to shout "Who is it?" than get up and see. Same goes for if your phone isn't within reach - you're more likely to let it ring.
4. If you miss the garbage can with a scrunched-up piece of paper, that paper just might lay there for a bit. Ok, maybe a few weeks. :)
5. If you're an enlightened fattie who doesn't self-reproach about your weight, it really shocks some skinnies. Aren't you supposed to always be dieting???? How can you POSSIBLY be ok with your appearance?
6. (Not true for everyone) You honestly think it looks love the heaviness, the size, the shape, the jiggle.
7. There are people who are sexually attracted to fat people and they're not all "sick," or "chubby chasers" or manevolent feeders bent on making you 4,000 pounds and imprisoning you.
8. You're fine, absolutely fine, with your weight. Sure, you don't want any medical complications, but other than that, nothing needs changing here.


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Fair enough -- I like a little alliteration too :)

I think the two classic ones that every bigger person knows about but most thin people don't is how limited the clothing selection can be, and thigh rub.

But for me, a few others are:
- How much more difficult it is to get fully dry, when you have more areas where flesh presses against flesh, preventing air drying.
- Back-pack straps can chafe, because they are squeezed between thick arms and side-fat rolls
- (as a guy) it can be really hard to keep pants up when your waist is bigger than your hips!
- Your shirt will catch any food/drink that you drop/drip, so you will stain a lot more clothes
- Safety helmet straps are not always long enough to go around chubby faces and double chins (especially if you have a big head in the first place)
- Carrying heavy boxes is a lot more tiring if you have a belly, because you can't hold the box as close to your body (plus you are moving more weight in general)
- Bending over can make it hard to breath, and can be work if you are having to compress a belly. So things like scrubbing a floor or packing up boxes can be extra tiring
- Despite their size, fat people can be quite invisible, such as when trying to get help at stores
- Rough roads can be a lot of fun if they make your fat jiggle
- When getting your back scratched, having a fat roll on your back makes it easier to give directions on exactly where the itchy spot is
- Fat sex is amazing!

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