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The Object of My Affection by Anonymous (SSBBW, Mild Sexual Content)

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Green Eyed Fairy

Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
SSBBW, Mild Sexual Content - Bachelor party leads to greater desire

The Object of My Affection
By Anonymous

Posted from the Anonymous Alcove of the Dimensions Weight Room as part of the Dimensions WR Library Story Migration Project

The guys were whooping and hollering as the stripper bumped and ground her way around the room. Eventually, she wiggled her slim body over to the groom-to-be and proceeded to embarrass him, much to the delight of his friends. All in all, the stag party was getting off to a great start.

Mark stood off to the side of the room and grinned at his drunken friends. They were all yelling for the hooker to take her clothes off now and she was naughtily complying.

Mark watched the girl finally expose her slender body. He wished for the hundredth time that he could lust after her stick like figure like his buddies were doing.

He just couldn‘t find anything attractive about her figure because it was too boyish to him. In fact, he was almost repulsed when he caught a glimpse of her ribs sticking out.

The hooker finished her dance and took Marks friend into the back bedroom. Tommy, the best man, shouted for the guy's attention.

"And now, while Mac is preoccupied for the moment..."

The guys all burst into laughter. Tommy held up his hands again and they quieted down a bit.

"We have some more entertainment for the rest of us" he continued.

He pointed dramatically towards the hall where two women were standing.

"Lets here it for the Tomkowski twins!" Tommy yelled.

Egyptian belly dance music blared from the stereo as the two women entered and started dancing. The guys staggered to their feet, clapping and yelling, as the two women made their way to the center of the room. Tiny hand cymbals and bells could be heard while they danced.

They were both tall and leggy, with long brunette hair. To the critical observer, they were obviously twins. However, that was where the similarity ended.

One had the biggest breasts that Mark had ever seen. They were barely held in check by a shimmering, gold, cloth bra adorned with gold chains and bells.

Her breasts hung down over her full, muscular belly. Around her bare waist was a belt made of golden coins that held up the sheer material of her pantaloons. Mark could just make out the g-string she wore under the sheer material that stretched over her wide hips and round ass.

One look at her sister, though, made Mark's heart begin to pound in his chest. She was dressed in the identical outfit as her sister. The same bra and gold chains adorned her body. But what a body!

Her breasts were even larger then her sisters with cleavage that seemed to go on forever. Those huge, round globes of womanly flesh rested high on her immensely fat belly that must have stuck out at least a foot beyond her breasts.

That huge belly was broken into several thick rolls that hung down and down until they finally ended just scant inches above her knees. Mark continued to watch, spellbound, as she somehow gracefully rolled and gyrated her fat body to the music.

She turned and danced away from Mark, exposing the most magnificent behind he had ever seen. The twin globes of her ass were like two perfect half spheres, each larger then a beach ball. They bounced and jiggled independently of each other, creating a riot of movement.

As she continued her slow turn, Mark was thrilled to finally notice her beautiful thighs. They were so full and round and rubbed together almost all the way to her knees. Her wide calves were round and firm, then tapering off to surprisingly petite ankles and almost tiny feet.

The music changed tempo slightly and both women raised their hands above their heads, clanging the finger cymbals together. Mark’s attention was drawn upwards past the rolls of fat that covered her back, arms and hands.

The flesh on her upper arms was very thick and hung down in a soft roll that was almost as big around as her sisters waist. When she put her arms back down, the fat of her upper arms rolled down and completely hid her elbows.

She raised her arms again as she continued dancing. Mark caught his breath as her fat shoulders bunched up around the sides of her face, rising almost high enough to cover her ears.

Mark wiped a thin line of drool that had escaped from his open mouth. Realizing that he had been staring open mouthed at this behemoth of beauty, he became embarrassed and glanced around at his friends.

However, his friends were completely ignoring the object of his attention, instead staring at her thinner sister's big breasts. At some point during the last five minutes, those large orbs had escaped from the confines of their golden cups and were now freely bouncing around with each large nipple standing fully erect.

As Mark's eyes swept back towards the fatter belly dancer, he noticed Jim staring at her in obvious lust. Mark only vaguely knew Jim, who was a friend of the best man's and almost ten years older then the rest of the people there.

He did remember Jim's wife from a party they had last year. She was fat, maybe around three hundred pounds, and had looked dynamite in her tight bathing suit.

Mark nodded to himself as he realized that he and Jim had the same taste in women. He made a mental note to talk to Jim later.

The music changed pace as the beat quickened. The two women were now shaking and tinkling rapidly to the beat. Their upstretched hands clanged their finger cymbals together as they shook their huge breasts back and forth, creating a riot of blurred breast flesh.

Mark's mouth dropped open again as the fat sister somehow managed to get her huge belly to start moving up and down in a circular motion in the opposite direction that her breasts were going. His eyes bugged out as he watched that mammoth belly go up and down farther and farther.

Even over the loud music, he could distinctly hear the sound of her hanging belly slapping noisily against her massive thighs. Just when Mark was right on the edge of blowing his load in his pants, the music came to a halt with the crashing sound of a gong.

Both women placed their arms over their faces and gave a bow before walking away gracefully down the hall. The guys all cheered and clapped for a few moments before the small talk started up again as they went back to partying.

Mark stood transfixed, staring down the empty hall where the belly dancers had gone. He didn't know how long he sat there before someone patted him gently on the shoulder, breaking his reverie.

He turned and saw that Jim was standing next to him with a huge smile on his face. He bent over slightly and spoke just above the sound of the party.

"Now that's what I call a BELLY dancer! The way her gorgeous fat body moved as she danced was the most incredible sight I've ever seen!" Jim exclaimed.

Mark just nodded dumbly and glanced back down the empty hall, hoping for another glimpse of that spectacular woman. When he looked back at Jim, he saw that Jim also was hoping for another glimpse of the huge belly dancer.

After several moments of waiting silently together, they were rewarded by the return of both women, now dressed in street clothes. Mark saw that enormous belly again, now encased in the semi-tight material of her pants. The pants seemed to emphasize, rather then hide, the sheer size of her stomach.

The big one glanced up the hallway, noticing how Jim and Mark seemed transfixed by her. Smiling mischievously, she placed her hands on the sides of her belly. She shook it gently, causing it to ripple and move in a very seductive way.

Mark was almost positive he saw her look directly at him and lick her red lips with her tongue. She then turned and followed her sister out the front door.

With his heart pounding loudly in his chest, Mark wiped his sweaty palms on his pants. Jim nodded knowingly at the expression on Mark’s face and leaned over to tell him something once again.

"You know Mark, if I've learned one thing in this life, it’s that some opportunities come only once in a life time. If you don't take them, they may never come again."

Mark looked at Jim, not quite understanding what he was saying at first.

Jim waited for a moment before continuing, "If I was a single, young man like yourself and had just seen the most gorgeous creature on the face of the earth give ME that look, well... I sure wouldn't just be standing here. I'd be running after her and try with all my might to make her mine...."

Jim smiled as he watched Mark race down the hall and out the door. He turned back to the party just in time to see the best man help carry the groom-to-be out of the back room.

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