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BHM The Ship's Engineer [SSBHM, ~FFA, ~XWG, feeding, long, slow, sci-fi]

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Jul 30, 2021
[SSBHM, FFA, XWG, thin feeder, long story, slow burn, sci-fi.] A young starship engineer learns that it's both his destiny and desire to be a gainer when a scientist recruits him to fatten up for the good of his world.

The Ship's Engineer
by TradWifeFeeder

(Note: this is a first story contribution from a long-time lurker, and critique and suggestions are welcome.)

Chapter 1: The First Date

"Eager to be shipped off after graduating from the Academy, are you?" asked Dr. Reese, as he came back into the exam room, carrying a clipboard-sized tablet computer. He was of average height, slim, one might say gaunt-looking in his white exam coat, with dark hair and eyes, and leathery, tanned skin.

Bjorn was hesitant to speak his mind, to say that he didn't really feel that he belonged here. He thought of a more diplomatic way to phrase it. "I'm eager to go somewhere new, where I'm needed, doctor." Bjorn was almost the opposite of the other man. His time training in the Space Naval Academy had left his big frame very well-muscled, but not at all defined. He had an overall layer of thick padding, thicker around his torso. He had hit the weight room hard, but never fully succeeded in eliminating the fat. His face was wide with soft features, light-brown eyes, and hair in a short ponytail.

Dr. Reese glanced down at the tablet, then smiled at Bjorn. "Your physical health is excellent, except," he paused as his smile widened, "You probably know what my one concern is."

Bjorn nodded, sighed. "Yes, it's always the same with my exams. I'm fatter than I need to be."

The doctor continued. "Well, although it's unusual in this day, it's obviously not presenting you with any issues at this time, so don't worry. However, there is an interesting development." Bjorn steeled himself as the doctor turned the tablet to him, presenting his chart. "I've never seen something like this before." He scrolled to the freshly completed genetic profile, and highlighted some lines. "You have not only an uncommon synergy of alleles, but a novel mutation, that seems to have made you what you could call a super-gainer. Fat is attracted to you like ferrous oxide to a magnet." He grinned. "You're fighting against some very rare genetics, here."

Bjorn was astounded. It all made sense now, all his struggles with the fat that clung to him even though he was lifting heavier than anyone else in his year at the Academy. No examination had ever brought it up before; he guessed that perhaps the other staff hadn't been so thorough or curious, as long as Bjorn had been healthy. This exam was different, because he was now asking to be cleared for assignment off-world.

Dr. Reese suddenly looked as if a brain-wave had washed over him. "In fact, I have a visiting colleague that would be very interested in you. An exobiologist and genetics specialist. I'll give you her contact, and you should invite her to dinner. I'll tell her she should accept, and send her your files." He smiled wanly and turned back to the chart. "Don't worry, she's already let me know that I'm not her type."


Bjorn chose a venue that served some of his favorite comfort foods, with the hope that he may be shipping off soon, so he needed to enjoy the delights of Earth while he still could. Although he knew that he could probably attain something like pizza and ice cream wherever he was stationed, he doubted whether it would be as good of quality. This place was a nostalgic indulgence, and he savored his few indulgences. He no longer felt so bad about the meals that he had here, knowing that they weren't the sole cause of his chubbiness. For most of his sustenance, he'd eaten an unusually lean and carb-free diet, to little avail.

Now, he'd have to discuss this over an undeniably fattening dinner with a very attractive woman who was likely to view him as a scientific curiosity. He spotted her walking in the door, and sheepishly went to meet her. "Glad to meet you! I'm Johannika," her eyes were wide with intrigue as she put her tablet case under her arm, and held out an elegantly delicate hand to him, which he took gently in his considerably thicker paw. She looked about his age (which meant she must be a genius to already be so accomplished, he mused), and was a classical beauty, with grey eyes, light hair in an up-do, and alabaster skin. It was true that intelligence went with good genetics, he thought. Now, what would she think of him and his genetic analysis?

They were seated in a secluded corner, and Bjorn ordered drinks, bread, and antipasto for them from the android server. Johannika, who said that "Jo" was fine, looked delighted as she didn't waste any time pulling out the tablet. "This is such a surprise," she gushed. "You probably don't know this, but Reese told me not to read what he sent me until we were together. After seeing you, I can't wait any longer." Bjorn blushed, watching her page through the files rapidly, until she gasped looking at the genetic test, annotated by Reese. She glanced from him to the tablet and back, as if trying to confirm what she saw. "He explained this to you?" Bjorn nodded, resigned to his fate. A breathless "Wow" was all she said, setting the tablet aside as their food arrived.

He had never felt so watched as he started eating. She couldn't help it, and kept smiling at him. "You know that you're unusual, as there aren't as many big people today as there should be, as culture and technology have changed. Now you know that you can't help your nature without some drastic medical intervention," Jo said. Bjorn didn't know exactly why Reese had wanted him to meet her, but suspected that it was for that "intervention."

"Although the environment has changed, our natures, our instincts, have not," she continued huskily, excited by this topic. "Nor do we know if they should. We're this way for a reason, as we evolved adaptations to historically harsher environments. Adaptations like yours were reinforced with sexual selection. We never know what the future holds, either. Besides, although it's surprisingly now rare, it's not necessary to go to drastic measures to avoid obesity today. Medicine has advanced to the point that we can deal with many of the risks," she paused to finally eat a small portion that she'd taken, but then gestured that he should finish the rest. He felt unable to help his hunger as he did so, reflecting on her words and sultry glance. He knew that many scientists were turned on by their work, but did she mean to say that she was the type to sexually select for his traits? The doctor saying, "I'm not her type," echoed in his mind.

She was studying him closely as she went on. "I was an exchange student in the Imperial Islands for a while. I became fascinated with their sumo culture, how this niche arose out of a combination of harsh environment and brutal warfare over limited resources, how some men chose to become so big, and women were excited by it. A superstimulus that led to more extreme forms as industrialization allowed for it." As Bjorn finished the first course, she leaned over, lightly touching his arm. "I want to see your true nature in action. Show me how much you can eat, and what it does to you after."

He was momentarily stunned, but he couldn't resist this siren call to do what he was realizing he'd always wanted to do. He motioned the waiter over, and ordered an extra large pizza, calzone, side of mac & cheese, and root beer, a treat that he hadn't had in years.

Johannika was overcome with delight again, and sighed as she wiggled in her seat in anticipation. It suddenly dawned on him. "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot to ask what you wanted." He started to gesture the waiter back, but she stayed his hand. "It's fine. I'll just try a little of what you're having. I'm not able to eat much and am more of a taster." Her grin said to him that she would rather be enjoying it all vicariously through him.

She asked a little about his background and what he studied at the Academy while they waited (mostly engineering; his size and strength was an asset with the manual labor sometimes involved). "Reese probably knew this when he set us up, but I have what I think may be the perfect assignment for you. I'll be leaving on it in a few weeks, and I'd like you to consider joining me. I'll send you the dossier on it after dinner. Look it over and give it some deep thought, and then get back to me in a few days. And tell me if you notice any changes here, while you're at it," she gently poked his side. "Start keeping a log of your food intake and measurements. I really want you to stop fighting yourself, and want to see what happens."

"For science?" He smiled. "For science, always" she replied, tensing her lithe muscles as she wiggled again.

He surprised both of them with the amount of food that he could pack away when he was really trying, eating and drinking every ounce that came to their table (with the exception of a few bites taken by Jo), and then he ordered coffee for both and ice cream and tiramisu for himself. She hardly took her eyes off of him all evening, as he took his time, fitting in every last bite. His uniform shirt was stretched as tight as his stomach by the end, causing gaps between the buttons, as they strolled out and started toward the LevTrain station. But first, he stopped at a nearby shop for a box of pastries to take home, greatly amusing the girl working the counter, as she'd never seen someone so large or so stuffed before, and he was ordering takeout! His date, or what he hoped was his date, was also beside herself.

At the station, he again threw away caution, and took her hand, pulling her to him. "Would you like to join me at home and help me with these? Take some measurements for yourself?" He indicated the box, hoping that he wasn't being too forward. She glanced down, smiling and putting a hand on his belly briefly. "I'd like to, but I want to get to know you more, first. Call me old-fashioned," she looked back up. She wanted to see him again, and he was thrilled.

"I'll get back to you in a few days after I go over everything that you're sending, and we should talk over dinner again," he replied, leaning his head down to hers, and then letting her hand go. "May I at least escort you home?" She shook her head. "It's fine, I'm staying at the hotel nearby. And I can't wait!" She flashed a brilliant smile, feeling sure that he would already accept her assignment and that they needed to make sure that they had ample but appropriate bonding time before it -- no rushing things -- and then she was off. He watched her go until she was no longer visible, equally sure that he would follow her anywhere.

On the ride home, his heart swelled at the thought of everything that had happened. Even their parting, which showed promise for the future. He hadn't felt this way about someone before. Girls had shown a lot of interest in him at school, but he always felt that he was merely a novelty to them. The culture of the place encouraged everyone to sample everyone, to collect all the flavors, and he was just a new and rare variety for them to try, being the biggest male around. Another notch for a bedpost. It didn't feel right to him, and so he had refrained. But Johannika was different. If he was reading all of her signals correctly, he was her type, and she was his. She'd even turned down a doctor, waiting for someone like him. He was chuffed.

He was also mesmerized by the idea of no longer fighting his weight and intentionally fattening, as Jo wanted. He felt tempted to get started on it, but no, he knew it would be better to do it together, and to eat relatively normally until he saw her again. He already knew that the pounds were going to pile on, and he wanted her to be there to enjoy. He fell into a sweet, food-induced sleep, sleeping better and longer than he could ever remember.

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