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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014

“Don’t bother our guests. They are not like our servants. They act as different as they look. There is no knowing what they might do.”

Her Papa’s words rang in her mind as she crept up the trellises towards the guest wing. They looked different? What did that mean? Her imagination had run rampant ever since she heard they had Shiva degeleation? Delelation? Degelation? - guests arriving.

Peeking upwards, she hissed a breath when a sharp splinter of wood pierced her palm. Delighted at the contact, it nestled deeply into her flesh. Ignoring the discomfort, she concentrated on putting one foot up, one hand up. It hadn’t seemed like such a long distance when she had looked up from the ground! Her arms and legs burned, and she glanced down with some trepidation. Falling would hurt. She must be close to the top now! Glancing up, she gave a small scream, jerking backwards so hard her hands came loose.

Her pinwheeling arms were caught, and she was raised up, body nestled between two large, warm hands. “Easy, now.” His deep voice murmured, the sound making her melt bonelessly in his hold. “That’s better – see? Nothing to fear."

Raising her eyes to his face, she stared, mouth falling open as brown eyes met the prettiest purple colour she had ever seen. She had seen black hair, and brown hair, and red hair, and even yellow hair – but never purple hair! Even his eyebrows were purple! Melody raised a hand, trailing her index finger across one brow, half expecting it to rub off like paint. When she turned her hand over to look at her fingers, they were clean – except for the dirt on them.

He was staring at her, gaze slowly changing from amusement to something else, something she had never seen before. Still clasping her in his hands, he carried her in from the balcony carefully before placing her on a padded bench. Settling beside her, he opened and closed his mouth several times.

“You have pretty eyes,” Melody blurted, unable to stand the silence.

He cleared his throat, and she suddenly noticed that his ears were longer, thinner, and moved like a cat’s did. “So are yours,” he murmured, eyes moving over her intently.

“Mine are the colour of mud,” she told him bluntly. Maybe his pretty purple eyes didn’t work so good. “Same as my hair. What’s your name? My name is Melody,” she continued without waiting for his answer.

“Fenri – my name is Fenri,” he repeated, a half frown still on his face.

Frowns were never good. “Are you going to get me in trouble? I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you, everyone said you looked different – but no one said you were so pretty,” she added, turning her small face to his with a radiant smile.

The male looked like he had been hit in the head by something, and he shook it several times as if to shake water out of his ears. “No, of course not,” he finally murmured, running a hand through his hair and making bits stand up.

His ears were twitching, and her hands twitched in response. “Can I touch your ears?” she blurted, scrambling to her knees. “Please?”

Fenri nodded, looking permanently startled, and immediately ducked his head to her hands.

“Oh, they are so nice!” she breathed, feeling her own fat, fleshy ear afterwards. “See, mine are different!” His hands, she noticed, were tipped with gently rounded claws. She looked at her stubby fingers and wrinkled her nose. His were much nicer.

Her heart, she suddenly noticed, was pounding in her chest. She hated being near people – they were noisy, stupid, and boring. Fenri, she noticed, was quiet, and looked at her like she was the only one in the room. Which she was. But still. “What are you doing?” she asked, looking around the room in hopes of finding a reason to stay longer.

“I was reading,” he said, pointing at the book on the side table.

Reaching over, Melody turned the book over and over in her hands. There were those squiggles on the front, and way more squiggles on the inside. A quick glance through showed there were almost no pictures. Closing it in disgust, she handed it to him. “It looks boring.”

A smile tugged at his lips, and he chuckled. “Very boring, I am afraid.” After a moment of silence, punctuated by the crackling of the fire in the hearth, he spoke again. “Why did you climb up here?”

“Oh – because Papa said not to knock on your door.”

The matter of fact, childlike honesty made his brows sweep upwards, even as a grin stole over his face. She gasped, staring at his fangs, and he immediately closed his lips. “Sorry – do not fear, I would never hurt you.”

“Of course you wont hurt me.” Waving the thought away with a careless hand, the child edged closer, playing with the edge of his bluey-greeny shirt. “Can I stay a bit longer? Just five more minutes? I promise I will be good – I’ll be quiet. You could read to me!” she added in desperation, snagging the book and shoving it at him.

“Guard the door, but allow them to enter,” he said in a different, bossy tone to someone over her shoulde, then accepted the book. Flipping it open, he lifted a corner of silk from between the pages. Clearing his throat, he began to read. “The crop harvest of the Genisald focuses primarily wheat. Used not only for the making of bread and beer, its biproducts are used for animal feed, which in turn is used to produce secondary items such as milk and cheese. In addition…”

His body was like a big warming brick under the covers of her bed, and she scooted closer, careful to avoid drawing his notice. Slowly…slowly…just like the kitchen cat did to the cook when she wanted in his lap…

Suddenly cold, Melody cracked her eyes. She must have fallen asleep, she realized. A murmur of low voices were flying above her head as she struggled to wake up. “Fenri?” she managed, rubbing her eyes. A familiar, warm hand petted her head, and she nestled into it. “Can you read to me again tomorrow?”

A chuckle, and another stroke down her hair. “Of course,” he answered. “Although perhaps next time you should avoid climbing the walls.”

She smiled, opening her eyes to see his face. He didn’t look angry like most adults did. “I like you,” she whispered. She held out her hand, and he took it.

Sketching a bow over it, Fenri placed a gallant kiss on her knuckles, glancing at the person holding her. “I like you as well,” he whispered back as darkness came over her.

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
I have two more chapters nearly ready...just not...quite...worded correctly and sleep is calling....zzzz....
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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 40

Ademar jerked, making the newly minted Minx chortle in his arms.

Whatever he had been expecting, it had not been that! Turning his face to the Sidhe, he narrowed his eyes. “You knew all along.”

Of course. She rolled her eyes.

The others, he noticed, were clustered about them, pouting at having lost the game. “There has to be more!” he cried, frustration making him bare his fangs. It made sense – he had suspected as much. There were still many questions left – and after tonight, there would be no other opportunities!

Of course there is more, Minx responded, still kicking her feet gently. But that wasn’t the rules of the game, now was it? You wanted to see the first memory of Melody meeting Fenri. That is the one we showed you!

The male slowly straightened, smirking down at the spirit in what some might call an evil way, but that in this context was more comradery. “Ah…but that wasn’t all of the rules, now was it?”

Her brilliant red eyes narrowed, lips tightening. The smug tone fell aside, leaving frost in its wake. We can’t show you a memory outside of the memory – it’s a memory, not a picture book!

He shrugged, flicking an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder. “Just seems to me that you got what we agreed to, whereas…”

Unfulfilled pacts were null and void. Her expression had shifted to a downright glare. Fine, fine! She cried, throwing her hands in the air before giving a cruel yank to his ear, making him yelp. What else do you want to see?

After a moment to consider his words, he smiled. “I want to see the moment that Fenri left Melody…the moment he forgot about her so that I can understand…how we are all connected.”

Minx growled and jumped free of his arms. You’re pushing your luck! She narrowed her eyes. You know what? Fine! Be careful what you ask for, squan!


Melody dragged her new friend by the hand towards the palace garden. “Come ON, Gee! I want you to meet my newest friends!”

Giselle rubbed a hand over her sleepy eyes, blonde hair tied in a hasty braid. “I thought you said they are adults?”

“Yeah but they aren’t like normal adults. They are better!” Reaching the small hole in the hedge, she crawled through, helping Giselle up as she emerged. “Fenri! Fenri! Look, I brought a friend!” She yelled, skipping towards the thin man and his armoured companion. “Her name is Giselle! But I call her Gee!”

Fenri’s face broke into a broad smile, but he suddenly paused in his bow, eyeing the man next to him. “What is wrong with you?” he muttered.

The man had sunk to his knees as if stunned, and one hand extended slightly. Turning his helmeted face upwards, he held out his index and middle fingers, pointing first to the girls, then to them, and finally wrapping his fingers around his wrist.

The other man’s eyes widened, staring at the girls. Shaking his head, he inhaled sharply. “It isn’t possible – for me, much less you.”


Ademar stared, collapsing to his knees, bringing shaking hands to cover his face. “It isn’t possible, he whispered hoarsely. “I remember that trip – this never happened!”



Darting around the corner, Melody smiled up at the handsome man. Because handsome was what you called boys – only girls were pretty. “Good morning, Fenri!”

He smiled, putting his book down. “Good morning, Princess Melody. Did you sleep well?”

“I’d be lying if I said yes,” she responded cheerfully, stealing a piece of sausage from his plate as she crawled into his lap with proprietary confidence. “What are you doing today?”

“I have a meeting with your father,” he sighed, placing his hands on his stomach. “I have a feeling the negotiations are not going as well as could be hoped.” He didn’t look as thin as when he had first come, but he blushed when she told him so. “You should not tell people they are getting fat,” he scolded her, but he didn’t seem too angry.

Startled, Melody paused with another slice of sausage on its way to her mouth. “Why? I like it. You have to eat – it’s how you get energy to do all the magicky stuff you do!” Turning the morsel from its course, she offered it to him. His lips on her fingers tickled, and she grinned. “Say, Fenri?”

Her tone seemed to alert him, because he suppressed a smirk. “Yes, Melody?” He lifted the flagon to his right, drinking deeply.

“I want to marry you.”

He began coughing, hitting his chest with his fist, eyes watering. After gasping and spluttering for several minutes, he finally slanted a glance down at her. His purple eyes were so pretty, the same colour as a lilac petal.

“You don’t have to say yes, yet,” she added, smiling extra big like he did when he was happy. “I still need to grow up first anyway.”

He eyed her wide grin. “You are terrifying, you know that?” He laughed at her proud nod. “How about this? If you grow up and you still want to marry me, we can talk. Ok?”

“Ok,” she said, feeding him another piece of meat.

He chewed, making a face down at her that caused her to giggle. “No wonder I am getting fat – I think your favourite hobby is to feed me!”

Melody felt her cheeks get warm, like when she stared up at the clouds on a sunny day. He was so nice, and smart, and handsome…what…what if he didn’t wait for her to grow up? A grip on her chin made her turn.

He gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry, I promise to marry you when you are bigger, if you still want it.”

Adults promised things all the time and lied, lied, lied. She searched his expression for any twitches. “Do you promise?”

“I promise,” he mimicked her, popping a piece of sausage into her mouth. “You should make sure you eat too – if you don’t eat enough, you might stay small forever. Then I’d have to wait an awfully long time.”

Alarm gripped her for a moment before she realized he was joking. “I love you,” she blurted impulsively, throwing her arms around him.
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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014

That one was a freebie because I know you have been wondering – don’t say I didn’t do nothin’ nice for you!


The past months had been the best of her life! This was perfect, she never wanted this to change!

Fenri was reclined on the pillows of the bed with Melody stretched across his feet, and Ademar was seated on the bench with Giselle, turning pages as she painstakingly read from a small book.

A knock at the open door made the four of them look up.

“Step aside, Princess.” The old, mean captain of the guard was glaring at her, sword at the ready. “You need to back away from him slowly, do you understand me?”

Frowning, Melody pushed back onto her knees. “Why?” she demanded. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“It’s not you, it’s him. That man is casting bad magic on you. You are sick, and we need to get you help. But we can’t do that until you step away from him. We only want what is best for you.”

His eyes were too steady, his voice too sugary sweet. Best for her? They never wanted what was best for her. Ever since Mama died, they made her sleep in the cells, in the dark! Casting bad magic on her? She had never felt so, so happy! If this was bad magic, she wanted more of it!

And help her? Ha! They locked her up because they were scared of her! Scared that her plants would to out of control!

She needs help?

Fenri, Ademar and Giselle were the only ones who were not afraid. When she had whispered her secret to Fenri last month, he had just smiled, the black part of his eye going all big and soft looking. “Oh good, I am not afraid of you then. Know why?” he tapped her nose. “Because you said it only hurts people who hurt you, and I would never, ever hurt you.”

These soldiers were the bad men, not Fenri and Ademar! The soldiers had swords, and bows. All pointing at them. They just wanted her to move away because they wanted to hurt him! They didn’t care about her! They just wanted their weapon!

I think so?

Her heart began to race, skin prickling. “Go away!” she cried, throwing an arm out. Roots burst from the pots beside the captain and the other men, making them pale. “Leave us alone!”

A younger soldier jerked in fear as a tendril raced across the ground, and a moment later Fenri gave a cry. Turning slowly, Melody began to scream at the sight of the arrow sticking out of his chest.

Just do it.

The room, the hall, the gardens, the grounds itself - erupted into a tangle of greenery. Screams and shouts echoed down the hall as big tears cascaded down her cheeks. Snarling, Fenri jerked the arrow free of his shoulder and collapsed back onto the pillows, face pale. “Melody – you need to calm down. It’s fine. Nothing is wrong. See?” Gently turning her face towards his, he thrust his face into her field of vision, ignoring the vines which snaked over their bodies. “Hey – hey – do you see me? There’s my best girl!”

She nodded, staring into his familiar eyes. “You got h-h-huuuuuurt,” she wailed, tears staring fresh. “They are trying to k-k-k-kiiilllll yoouuuuu!”

“Idiots,” he snarled, scooping her up. “It’s fine, Melody.” Turning her face into his chest, he let her tears leak into his coat. “I know it was scary for you, but I only got a scratch.”

“Why did they hurt you?” she whimpered against the fabric, clinging tightly.

“Sometimes, people do bad things, and so people hate anyone who looks like that. Like if a black dog bit you, you might hate all black dogs. Shiva did bad things in the past – so they don’t like all Shiva.” He sighed. “Negotiations have not been going well; once we leave, this will settle down.”

The captain glared at her, swatting at a plant that encroached. “You stop this right now, miss, or do we have to put you into your cage again?”

“Cage?” Fenri barked, his ears slamming flat against his skull. “You put her in a cage?”

“It’s ok,” she patted him on the chest. “It isn’t so bad. The plants keep the rats away at night.”

He snarled, flipping over so he was protecting her with his body. “Enough of this!”

“She isn’t yours!” the man shouted, ignoring the greenery waving about them. “Hand her over!”

“SHE IS MINE!” Fenri bellowed, slamming a hand on the bed.

The captain’s face twisted in a funny expression. “Over my dead body will you take her! Mark my words, halfbreed! If you try and take her, we will hunt you down, and we will destroy you, wherever you try to hide. You think we have not seen you cuddling up to her these months? Trying to entice her away? You think we would let our best weapon fall into the hands of the Shiva?”

Fenri shoved her towards Ademar, who gathered them both in his arms. “And you think I would allow you to harm her?”

This was all her fault, for being friends with him. She hurt everyone around her!


“Gee!” Throwing her arms around her yellow haired friend, she began to cry again. “Oh, Gee, Fenri got hurt and it’s all my fault!”

“Ademar will protect us,” Giselle patted her friend. “There, there. There, there. That’s what my Mama does when I get hurt.”

There, there.
There, there.

I’m ok,
she told them. Pushing back, Melody swiped at her face inelegantly. “He can’t protect them from everyone. Humans are bad, Giselle! They think he is trying to steal me away – they will keep trying to hurt them and hurt them until they kill them!”

Giselle turned her pale face up towards the hulking black form. “Ademar?” her lower lip quivered.

“They can’t hurt them if they run away,” Melody pushed onwards, ignoring the pain in her chest, like the arrow had hurt her and not him. “They have to run away.”

Fenri moved to block her approach. “Melody – I’m sure I can speak to your father and clear this misunderstanding up. You need to stay back and stay safe.”

Her small hand clenched, remembering her father’s face every time he ordered her to use her power to ‘protect’ them. How mad he was that a ‘dirty shiva’ would be visiting them. All the mean things he had said in the months since Fenri had been here. What had he said last night? It hadn’t made sense then…something about a stealing a national weapon? She had thought he meant a sword or something. She hadn’t really realized she was the weapon they talked about.

Fenri and Ademar needed to run away. Far away. And they needed to not come back, because if they came back, they would just be hurt!

Taking both of Fenri’s in her smaller ones, she stared up into his eyes, willing him to understand, to listen. It was hard to see him through the water in her eyes, and hard to talk around the lump in her throat. “You need to go far away from here, as fast as you can. You need to forget all about us. Pretend that we never met. When I am older, when I leave here, we will meet again, right? You HAVE to do it! Don’t argue with me,” she added her papa’s favourite saying on the end.

Giselle was wailing, Ademar’s arms wrapped around her, his head shaking violently side to side. “Nooo!” she cried.

“Do you want them to be dead, dead, dead?” Melody demanded, feeling like the worst friend ever. “You know Papa – he wont stop! He doesn’t care about me…but he cares about my magic. If we don’t make them go away, they will be hurt and it will be all our fault!”

Giselle clenched her teeth. “You too, Ademar!” she cried, then threw herself into her friend’s arms.

“GO!” she cried to the pair as she dragged her friend into the closet, Melody holding her friend firmly as the smaller girl sobbed.

Fenri, who had been utterly still on his knees for several moments, blinked several times, his blank expression clearing. Casting an uneasy glance towards his companion, he stood. “What are you doing on the floor?” he demanded, his voice so different than when he talked to her. “Get up; negotiations failed. We need to get out of here and report back to the Queen.”

The suit of armour had been frozen on one knee, arms extended beseechingly. At Fenri’s words, Ademar stood smoothly, taking the bag that Fenri thrust his way before stepping through a slash that appeared beside them.

You’re a strange girl. A single glowing eye peered at the duo from the shadows. You didn't have to stay behind. You could have gone, too.

Melody stared at it. “I…hadn’t thought of that.”

The eye rolled before winking out of existence as the closet door opened, rough hands dragging them out. Idiot.


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Dec 14, 2012
I keep meaning to comment on how awesome these updates are but I keep forgetting! I'm totally enthralled, especially by the idea of Shiva, I wish I could meet on, hah!

These recent updates are so satisifying but such a tease, which I guess is perfect for keeping people interested! I figured that Fenri must have been the Shiva Melody met as a child but I wasn't expecting them to have been so close, or Ademar to be there. I know Fenri was the commander of the squan but I figured that Ademar was just one of many rather than a sort of personal assistant/bodyguard to Fenri like that, how interesting. It certainly explains why Melody trusted Ademar so quickly when they met and felt brotherly towards him, even though it seemed very quick at the time, and why Ademar fell in love with Giselle so quickly. I am guessing that the flashback incidents described are what the Shiva Queen kept referring to with Fenri having messed up human communications last time he was out? It doesn't seem like his fault at all, but I guess the Shiva tend not to see things like that.

Of course, the main question raised is when the "leave and forget about me" thing went from metaphorical to literal and how come Melody and Giselle forgot as well. Some sort of magic? Melody obviously has some sort of memory, with her remembering a Shiva and the first part of Fenri's name, even going so far as to use it as a stand in name for Ademar. But what are the chances of Fenri and Ademar both meeting their mates like that? Is there some sort a magic or fate that draws mates together even before they have met? I guess that Fenri and the other Shiva don't treat squan like actual people, because he doesn't seem to know much about Ademar despite them apparently having worked closely together for several years, which is interesting. Also, if Fenri and Ademar forgot about Melody (lol, I just wrote "moldy") then what did they think they had done wrong? Like, what did they tell the Queen had happened, or think had happened? As well, how did Fenri remember Melody enough to send Ademar after her but then not remember even doing so? Even going so far as to hunt him down and to not be sure which squan had even left. I guess Ademar wasn't always working as closely with Fenri as he was in that flashback because otherwise he would have known for sure that it was Ademar than was gone. Also, who caused that flood of river in the first few chapters that swept away and tried to kill Melody and Ademar? Which one was it after? The only water witch we have seen is Giselle and I really doubt she would have tried to kill them, hah. Ahhhh, I have so many questions I can't wait to find out the answers too!

Also, I love the descriptions of Giselle physically, but also the time you take to really get into her mental state and insecurities. It's very realistic, in a way that I find most male writers aren't capable of. But it is true that no amount of being told you are attractive and beautiful can really charge off the insecurity and frustration that quickly; it is something that needs to be repeated over and over again, and people usually always have relapses of confidence at some point even afterwards. I hope Giselle ends up more happy though. I hope they all do!

Okay, shutting up and going away now, stop harassing Xy, bad brain!

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
So many good questions that I hope will be answered to everyone's satisfaction... ;)

I am glad you are enjoying it, this has been my longest story by far and i think the most involved plot wise...though I want to pivot it back to our mutual carnal interests

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 41

Fenri woke up to Melody straddled on top of him. Inhaling deeply, he slowly brought his hands to her hips. “Good morning,” he rasped, taking a long moment to admire her in the light. If her nakedness had not given away that it was Melody, not Ademar straddling him, her cheeky grin would have given her away.

Melody leaned down, bracing her hands on either side of his shoulders. Her breasts tickled chest, her stomach pressed firmly into his. “Morning, handsome!” she breathed, eyes sparkling. “You almost look good enough to eat.”

Stretching languidly, he ran his thumbs along the edge of her hipbones. Their arrival at the inn had been a welcome turn, and her spirt-plants ability to filch coins from unsuspecting patrons had secured them a good room, enough money for food, and orders had been placed for new clothing. “Oh?” he asked, his body already rising to the challenge of her arousal. “You definitely look good enough to eat – and I am hungry,” he whispered, pulling her down and gently biting her neck. He was pleased by her shiver, and did it again on the other side. Her small hands tickled as they struggled and failed to free the clasp of his ragged shirt.

Sliding her hands along his chest, she rocked her hips against the underside of his belly and against his slowly rising excitement. He felt incredible – his skin was soft and supple, the fat within pushing outwards to create a heavy, luxurious mass. He was so much heavier than when she had first met him – and so much happier. That distrustful, angry side of him seemed to have faded away, leaving contentment in its place. “I want you to touch my breasts,” she said quietly, eyes locked on his.

His pupils were wide, his expression intent, and at her words his his ears perked up beneath his mussed hair. At her words, his large hands immediately covered them, her erect nipples brushing his palms as his thumbs circled the undersides.

What she really wanted to do was bury her hands in his gut and knead it like a kitten, but – she blinked when his hands immediately released, his palms skimming down her arms until they captured her hands. Guiding them to the widest, softest point around his stomach, he covered her hands with his and squeezed. It somehow removed all the surface tension from his flesh, and her hands sank deeply into the buttery softness. When she moaned, dampness flooding, he chuckled, adjusting his hips and causing his stomach to bounce against her, exactly as she liked.

Suspicion rose, and she slitted her eyes down at him. “I know we talked about consorts and mates and all that. I remember you mentioning that you would know more about my desires and thoughts and feelings instinctively – but I don’t remember you mentioning you would just…do what I wanted, even if you didn’t like it.”

Her mate grinned up at her, light crinkles forming for a moment at the corner of his eyes, nearly robbing her of breath at how cute he looked. “Who says I don’t like it? Of course I like you touching me,” he returned, sliding her palms down towards the ground and his love handles.

Melody swayed, eyes closing at the overwhelming sensation. After a moment, she shook her head as if clearing a spell from her mind. Snatching her hands back, she mock glared at him. “Fess up, Fenri! What doing?”

He gave a brief sigh and returned his hands to exploring where her hips met her ass cheeks. “I’m your mate – I will always do what you want.”

“What I want,” she snapped, “Is for you to be your own person and do what you want, not…just do it because I want it.”

Tangling a long leg with hers, he flipped her onto her back in one motion. In another, he had straddled her hips, accompanied by the sound of his too small, flimsy pants tearing from hip to belly, the rip along the inner thigh losing its second battle as the existing hole widened. He smirked when her mouth opened, nipples hardening under his gaze. “Who says I don’t want it?”

For a moment she was silent, as her tongue struggled to untangle itself. “I know that people don’t like being fat.”

A line appeared between his brows, and he stared down at the round mass that was currently being devoured by her eyes. Placing his hands on either side of it, he gently hefted it. “Are…you calling me fat?”

When her eyes flew to his, stricken, she growled to see the line bracketing the right side of his mouth as he struggled not to laugh. “Stop that!”

Raising his brows in feigned innocence, he tilted his head down at her. “What? Calling myself fat? Hmm. Then I guess I shouldn’t talk about how tight my clothing has gotten since I met you, my pants slowly cutting into my hips as my belly slowly swelled over the top. How, when you were in the dungeon, I could feel you watch me as I ate. How my belly would shift side to side when I walked after a big meal.” He leaned forward, gently swaying the sensitive underside of his belly against her flat stomach.

She gasped, bucking under him, her expression dazed. Normally she was filled with crude thoughts and unfulfilled drives – for some reason she could only passively accept what was happening! Now she knew what he had meant when he had roared at her for bespelling him. The magic of the D indeed!

“As I ate, this big old thing would slowly, slowly, slowly sink towards my lap…” He accompanied his words with a slowly increasing pressure.

Her breathing shallowed, and her hands flew to his sides.

“And I definitely shouldn’t talk about how I want to pin you in place with it,” he purred, sinking his weight onto his arms as he allowed his full weight to press down on her.

His mate moaned, her breathing coming in little gasps – but her hands remained stationary, bracketing his mass but not taking the pleasure she desired.


Her dark eyes, made darker by her pupils gobbling up her irises, flew to his. They appeared glazed, drunk on lust. “Mm?” she eloquently replied.

“I know that if you preferred me thin, I would be thin.” He gave an impish grin, gently undulating his stomach. “But I don’t seem to be thin. I know you prefer – no, need me to be me this heavy.”

Dazed, she nodded, her eyelids fluttering as she struggled to keep them from rolling back in her head. Pinned under him, his extra weight lapping at her sides, his words came through with odd clarity, even if she couldn’t find the words to respond.

“Want to know what else I know?” Not waiting for a reply, he slowly dropped his face down until his lips were tickling her ear again. “I know that you want me fatter."

A sound almost like a sob escaped the witch’s throat, and her hands sunk into his flesh in a spasm. Flesh escaped from around every thin finger.

“You didn’t provide very well for your poor, hungry mate,” Fenri pouted, nibbling at the fleshy base of her ear. “I’ve been starving ever since we left – I am practically wasting away,” he added, patting at the top of his belly with a woebegone expression.

Gods, she wanted to. She wanted to stuff him until he dozed off on the bed. Until all he could do was lay placidly beneath her as she fondled every inch of him while riding him.

“Then do it,” he challenged, eyes hooded. “But I expect you to feed me every bite.” He raised a hand to absently fiddle with those sexy earrings.

A sensation oddly like terror rose up in her at the prospect of finally getting her deepest, darkest fantasy. This wasn’t like candidly admitting she liked heavier guys. This wasn’t even the same as grabbing the odd fondle. Or even having him using his physical wiles on her. Or even peerving him through that peephole as he gorged. This was something she had buried deep, and she felt an inexplicable urge to kick dirt over it until it never saw the light again.

He set her aside, tugged a blanket over her, and rose. Tsking, he sauntered to their room door. Opening it, he made a pleased noise. “Perfect,” he murmured before toeing the door fully open. Ignoring both his state of semi undress, as well as the exposure of his extra flesh, he directed the maids to place their platters of food on the side table. When they had received a token of his appreciation and made their nervous escapes, he turned towards the food, hands on fleshy hips, and sniffed appreciatively. “I hope you don’t mind the interruption,” he threw over his shoulders with saucy glee. “I need to keep my strength up for what is going to come.”

Melody slowly rose to her knees, shivering as she watched him devour the cheese, bread and stew alternately. The simple but hearty fair was met with hums and sighs of approval, and he appeared completely engrossed in eating. That spoon carefully ladled up a portion, and his chubby cheeks briefly hollowed as he blew on it to cool, then rounded and danced as he chewed, swallowed, and popped a piece of the fresh cheese between his lips.
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Jul 23, 2014
When he finished his first bowl, he inhaled as if coming to the surface after holding his breath for a long while. Rubbing a hand along the thick roll of fat above his lap contentedly, he lifted the lid on the next dish. “Mm – what is this?”

“Are you going to eat all of that?” the woman croaked after he solidly spooned his way through half of the dish, which she did not recognize but had a fluffy white surface and some sort of meat and vegetable centre.

Turning an inquiring gaze to her, he continued to eat. Between neat bites, he asked, “Why? Do you want some? I suppose I could spare a bite or two…even though I am still so, so hungry.”

The idea of robbing him of even a single morsel had her shaking her head rapidly. “No, I just…”

Tapping his spoon on the edge of his plate, he curled his fingers in a beckoning gesture. “Come here, little mate, and take care of your male.” When she stumbled and fumbled her way across the room, he placed the spoon in her hands, and moved the platters closer to her.

Her hands were shaking so badly that Melody was surprised she did not drop the spoon entirely, or at least splatter food on him. He looked like some sort of naughty deity as he sat, hands resting on his belly, legs spread, expression confident. She felt like a worshipper at a shrine, one who – ”

Rocking forward slightly, he gently cleared the utensil. “Again, Melody. Faster. Your male is starving.”

After several minutes, broken only by the quiet sound of his chewing, his heavy breathing, and her lighter pants, she dropped the spoon in the dish. “Enough, get into bed!” It was as if she was slowly unravelling, her entire body throbbing and aching with need. She would explode if she could not find her release soon.

To her surprise, he shook his head. “Can’t – I am still hungry.” Gently prodding the top of his stomach, and peering down at the soft curve, he nodded decisively. “Still lots of room in there.” Raising a naughty gaze, he winked.

“You are evil,” she moaned, rubbing her thighs together as if it would hold her excitement at bay.

“I told you that the first day we met,” he responded placidly as he placed the spoon back into her hands. “Now – again, little mate. Don’t worry,” he added in a lower tone, his dextrous fingers parting her glistening folds when she instinctively widened her stance at his gentle stroke. “I’ll touch you as long as you feed me.”

Earlier, she had wondered why he had taken so much care to file down the short, yet still pointed nails on each finger. Now she appreciated his thoughtfulness as he slid a finger seamlessly inside her, his way made easy by the glistening liquid which had been pooling inside her as she watched him and his little display. She growled when that finger stilled. “Keep going,” she demanded.

“Keep going,” Fenri growled back, thrusting his chin forward and opening his mouth.
Cursing, Melody shoved the spoon into his mouth, eyes blazing down at him.

He gazed up into her eyes as his finger found her secret core, giving a strong pulse against the bud within. His expression looked almost grim, his eyes burning as he chewed and swallowed, rewarding each delivery with strokes, pulses, and massages.

Melody found herself feeding him more quickly, desperately rocking her hips against his finger, growling as he skillfully moved with, instead of against her efforts. “Stop that!” she hissed.

“Make me,” her half breed mate rumbled back, large hand gently massaging the side of his belly under her hot gaze. During the course of his meal, it had increased in firmness, the middle slowly rounding to match the curve of the underside. “You know the rules.”

Eyes sparking, legs quaking from her multiple denied orgasms, she shuddered, her breasts shaking under his gaze. “I’m going to feed the shit out of you,” she purred, looking like a woman possessed.

“Good girl,” he praised her, voice guttural as he slid a second finger inside her as a reward.

“Puh,” she responded in an exhale, motions jerky as she slathered a piece of bread with butter, ripping off pieces with her bare hands and placing them between his warm lips between the gulps of milk from the jug beside him. Perhaps it was the sheer volume of food he was consuming, or perhaps the bread was expanding in his belly, or perhaps it was significant amount of liquid he was chugging – but his middle seemed to expand before her very eyes.

Normally, his lower belly jutted the furthest from his body, sloping inwards in a gentle curve as it met his chest. When he sat, the area above his belly plumped as his thighs pushed his fat upwards. Even that simple action was enough to make her squirm, but the sight of his middle slowly rounding to a sphere, the sides filling it, the top rounding into a shelf below his soft chest, made her eyes roll back in her head, her release fluttering on the edge of her consciousness.

“Don’t you dare,” he snapped, yanking her back from the edge as he used his free hand to give her flank a stinging slap. “Not until I have had my desert! I am still hungry!”

Melody moaned helplessly, her hands aching to caress that swollen curve. Every time she tried, he swatted her hand away and opened his mouth aggressively. Blood pounded in her ears, and her vision tunneled to just him and the table, the rest of the room darkening. Desert, it appeared, was a spongey cake, drizzled with nuts, a thick glaze of some sort coating the top and running down the edges. “You don’t have to do this,” she offered as one last token resistance, wondering if it was possible to faint from sexual denial. Her previously chubby lover sat heavily, hands cradling his taut sides, plucking and stumming the edges as if to coax the payload within to shift and give him just a tad more room. “I’d love your body regardless…”

Fenri met her eyes, a slow smirk spreading over the round cheeks. “Don’t want your orgasm, love? I’m going to eat until my belly rests on my thighs – see how close it is? It’s your choice if you want to be part of it.”

Shocked, her eyes flew downwards. Although his middle touched his thighs when he sat straight up, her mate was leaned all the way back in his chair, thighs spread as his stomach teetered, the bottom swaying heavily, a mere hairs breadth from kissing his thick thighs. “Oh, gods and goddesses,” she whimpered, hands shaking as she slowly took up the plate.

The cake was heavy enough that although crumbs dotted the domed surface of his gut, it did not crumble in her hands, and she shoved the pieces in his mouth, breathing ragged as he began to slide in and out of her, the friction driving her into a relentless pace.

He grabbed one of her hands, shoving it under the now firm underside of his belly, yet preventing her from quite touching it. “Look at what you’ve done to me,” he snarled, snatching the last bite from her hands in a snap of teeth. His free hand mastered her chin, forcing her flickering gaze down to the centre of her desire.

Her crescendo of her orgasm was matched by her cries, and she milked his fingers as her stomach clenched, toes curling. Finally, she pooled boneless against his side. Above her fingers, his gut seemed to sink, until the underside rested firmly on top of his thighs, the weight trapping her hand.
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Jul 23, 2014

Melody kept her face buried in his shoulder, face flaming with heat. There was no way she could bear to face him, now, not after he realized just how kinky she was.

And how could you go from ‘hey I want to stuff you until you explode out of your pants’ to a ‘hey, what are your plans for the rest of the evening’ type of conversation? Her body was still experiencing aftershocks of pleasure, and it simultaneously felt exhausted and invigorated.

A contented sigh, followed by a hiccup, chased by a moan sounded close by her ear. “I think I ate too much,” he admitted sheepishly. “Help me to the bed?”

She clasped the hand he offered, digging her heels into the ground and putting her weight into hefting him upright. When he straightened, wincing, his middle jutted out aggressively, every bit of flesh seemingly filled with food. Where had he put it all? She kept her eyes half averted as she helped him to the bed, and piled pillows behind him so he was half reclining.

“Ah, that’s better,” Fenri murmured, tugging until she was straddling his thighs. “Hey. Look at me, beautiful.” He smiled when she peered shyly through the thick curtain of hair half obscuring her face.

He didn’t look angry, or disgusted, or uncomfortable. His eyes were half lidded, looking rather sleepy, and a lazy smile was hovering around his lips. “I am glad it is so easy to please you,” he rumbled, eyes darkening with desire. His warm hands began to rub her thighs, the soft sound loud in the quiet of the room.

She felt naked. Not physically – that was fine. Emotionally. Stripped bare. Pushed beyond her comfort zone. Raw. She nodded, no snappy retort coming to mind.

“Now…” He settled more comfortably among the pillows, reaching past the swell of his middle to his erect member. “Last time I did all the work – I think this time it is your turn.”

Carefully sliding downwards, the witch couldn’t help but feel her arousal had only been whetted. She actually had to gently lift the heavy flesh to fully sink onto him. And once she was seated, it filled her lap. The sensation was new, and highly pleasurable. It felt like his mass was fitting into every nook and cranny, every curve of her own body, engulfing what it could not fill. Her thighs had soft flesh pressing down on them, pushing her further onto him. The lower swell of his belly did more than lap at her mons - it devoured it. When she began to lightly rock, the flesh under her hands wobbled fractionally.

The half Shiva smirked up at her. “Bring us home, baby.”


Melody bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud. Something insistent was poking her in the butt, a contrast to the soft thighs and belly that were spooning her. Turning her head, she met amused lilac eyes. “Again?”

“Again,” he affirmed, his visible ear twitching lightly. Carefully pushing himself to his knees, he drew her hips up, her face towards the mattress. “But I am going to need something to rest this thing on,” he drawled.

A shiver overtook her – did he mean…? The sudden soft, pliably and heavy weight on the top of her ass and lower back made her lean back with a guttural groan.

For a moment, he fumbled, then spanked her with a snort of laughter. “Help, woman! I am too stuffed to see past my own gut!”

Still equally aroused and intimidated by his confidence, she obeyed, lightly grasping the ultra soft skin of his member and guiding it to her opening. When he began to move, she inhaled through clenched teeth, hands fisting in the sheets, overstimulated to the point tears pricked her eyes. As he slid in and out, silken pleasure rippled through her. After each thrust, his balls slapped against her slit, a counterpoint to the rhythmic ripple coming from above. Resting her weight against her forehead and one forearm, she reached back blindly.

Fenri had reached around to the front of her thighs as his speed increased, his breathing shallowing.

That thwap, thwap against her brought her closer and closer to the brink, and she crested as her roving hand encountered the undulating mass that was hanging over the edge of her hip. She did not grasp or claw, but merely let the flesh slap against her open hand as his rhythm increased, then abruptly slowed, the deep, rhythmic twitches within her informing her he had found his own release.

“Heavens, woman! Wait for me at least once, won’t you?” he scolded breathlessly, half collapsed on top of her back.

She inhaled deeply, trying to calm her raging heartbeat. “I wait for no one!”


Melody opened her eyes, grinning widely at the feeling and sight of the male straddling her, his weighted down middle pushing with quiet demand against her own torso. “Again?” She could get used to this. Eat. Sleep. Fuck. Repeat.

Fenri smoothed a hand down her cheek, cupping the side of her head. “I hope I gave you everything you desired, today,” he whispered. The last few days, uninterrupted by Ademar awakening, had given him a singular view into what he was risking. But the other options were intolerable.

Nut brown eyes glittered up at him. “Oh, yes!”

“You know I’d do anything to keep you safe?” he murmured, eyes searching hers, oddly sombre.

She stretched under him, nodding happily. “I am getting the idea, yeah.”

“Good,” he murmured, pressing his forehead to hers in that incredibly intimate way he had. “I hope this works – and if it doesn’t, I want you to know that I love you, and that I am sorry.”

Dancing brown eyes suddenly sharpened. “What - ?” Suddenly, both of his hands were on her head, holding it steady.

“Now, Minx,” he whispered.

Melody’s eyes rolled up, catching sight of pale hair and red eyes staring down at her intently.

Her high pitched scream drowned out his next words as a black cloud exploded from every pore of her body.


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Omg, cliffhanger! Also, ahaha, I don't often get to see fat erotica written by a woman. I think I know what Melody meant about feeling emotionally naked, ahaha!

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Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 42


The sound and feel of another speaking through his vocal cords was odd. It would have been frankly terrifying, except for the voluntary nature of the transaction that had just occurred. “I’m alive. And you?”

“Alive as well,” Ademar purred, stretching languidly before a burp pushed its way from his throat. “Ugh. That doesn’t exactly feel pleasant, brother.”

Fenri raised both of his hands, studying the longer, sharper claws tipping each digit. Ademar turned them over so the palms faced them, noting how much stubbier they were than his own. “Yes, well, we seem to be a better fit than you and Melody were. Neither of you were able to coexist at the same time. Does it feel different?”

The new man in his body straightened their spine, working the spasms that the pain of joining had brought on. “Very much so. I do not anticipate the same rejection – or at least, not as fast.”

Fenri nodded, staring down at his unconscious mate. Sleeping, the snapping vivacity behind her eyes was hidden for the moment. Smoothing a curl behind her ear, he sighed. “I don’t know how she is going to react – but given the dread I am feeling, I assume badly.”

Minx tucked a curl behind Melody’s other ear. You were right, Ademar. You do fit together much better – Melody will heal and become her usual self. And yes, you are right, Fenri. She’s going to be furious. At all of us.

A chorus of groans from her companions answered her, and her shoulders hitched helplessly.

“It was worth it,” he answered, voice hoarse with emotion. “I’d give her anything…except allowing herself to be consumed.”

Agreed. Friends don’t hurt friends. Why don’t you take a moment to acclimatize? Talk about what you discovered? Reintroduce yourself to Giselle? We will watch her.

“What you discovered?” Fenri echoed as he rose to inspect himself in the mirror. “Oh – look.” It was not just his claws which had changed. His reflection examined him closely, his eyes closer to the vivid shade of his brothers and sisters. His ears too, were slightly longer. Playing with one absently, he suddenly realized that his new passenger was sharing a thought directly with him.

“It is like experiencing a dream that is so vivid, when you wake you wonder if it was reality, is it not?” Ademar murmured as he felt Fenri’s surprise. Taking over the examination while Fenri turned his attention inward, the former squan poked a finger into the taut middle bowing out from his centre of gravity. Taking a step, he cocked a head at the sensation of the fat on his body shifting like a separate being. “Did you really have to eat this much?” he demanded, feeling the straining flesh below his rib cage.

Fenri let out a hollow laugh. Scrubbing a hand down his face, he fiddled with his earing. He gazed at Ademar in the mirror, his expression lost. “I never realized,” he murmured, a sick feeling rising. “I had no idea my mate could, by just a thought, limit my power so much.”

“It makes sense,” Ademar replied, crossing his arms under his softened chest. “Though I have never heard of your particular situation. It makes sense that Melody inadvertently created it through her predilections.” Pausing, he eyed the other man in the mirror. “You are still troubled by something.”

“Ademar…if they ordered us, as children, to forget, and it worked with such effectiveness…think of what an order to forget would be like now.”

Freezing, the other man pressed a hand into his chest, face spasming. “They would not,” he asserted with a wheeze, though his expression wavered. Fear climbed up their insides with icy fingers, and they shuddered in tandem. “I want to be furious,” Ademar admitted, running his hands through their hair. “My mate stole decades of potential memories from me. Threw me back into the darkest point of my existence without hope.”

The halfling swallowed, bringing those hands down to cover his face. “And yet we cannot. We will need to be cautious,” he muttered through his fingers. “We cannot allow them to grow so angry that they order us to forget again.”

Ademar peeled one hand away and gave a snort. “Then you should move away from your mate now, my friend. When she wakes, she will be furious. At least find Giselle.”

Fenri could feel the other’s yearning. “So you can finally have your way with her?”

“Yes – and also, she may be the only one who can protect us - at least part – from the storm that is coming when Melody awakens.”

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Jul 23, 2014
Giselle jumped as her door slammed shut. Squeaking in surprise, she sunk deeper into the water. “Fenri!” Placing a hand to her thundering heart, she offered a smile. “You scared me! Are you hurt? Melody isn’t…” Alarm crossed her features, and the water sloshed as she suddenly sat up.

“She is fine,” Fenri answered, clasping his hands behind his back and rocking on his heels.

Blonde brows drawn into a frown, she cast him a sidelong glance. “You are acting weird, Fenri.”

“Let me talk to her,” his companion growled softly.

“In a minute!” he snapped back.

Freezing, Giselle paused in the act of soaping her shoulder to pin the male with her gaze. “Ademar,” she breathed.

Expression brightening, Ademar immediately stepped forward, ignoring his brother’s exasperation. He truly had been living a half life. His mate smelled divine. Like fresh water and flowers -

“What did you do?” she hissed, rising out of the water, hands on hips.

“She is magnificent, is she not, brother?” Ademar whispered, scrubbing a hand across his mouth as his interest raised its flag below his waist. The sensation made him groan and rub a distracted palm along its length.

“Of course,” Fenri murmured, scratching the side of his head as he eyed her foreboding expression. “She also doesn’t look particularly happy, brother. One might say, fearsome.”

Raising both hands to stall the flood of words, the water witch closed her eyes. “Give me a moment to process, gentlemen.” Taking a deep breath, she invited them closer with a crook of her finger.

Both men offered their hands to assist her as she stepped out of the wide tub. Thanking them with a nod, she wrapped herself in a sheet from the bed. Taking a seat and facing them, she sighed. “Melody would never have allowed this. She puts herself in danger at the drop of a hat, but does not allow her friends to take any of those risks. Am I safe in assuming you did this without her consent?”

Fenri pulled up a chair and lowered them into it. “Yes. There were no other options.”

Ademar placed his elbows on his knees and drank in his mate’s expression and scent as he added, “If Melody had died, you would have been unhappy.”

“And I would have died,” the other male added with a dry smile, to which the other nodded in agreement.

Giselle’s brows were raised as she watched their byplay. “So…now you share the same body.”

“Indeed. We seem to be better paired,” the older of the two added. Seemingly unable to help himself, he gently captured a lock of damp hair between his fingers and rubbed lightly as a hum of pleasure escaped his lips. “So soft…”

“Ademar is right. We are far more compatible. We may die, however. And if we die – you will still have each other.”

The blonde’s expression, which had varied between exasperated, amused, irritated and disbelieving, snapped into one of rage. Two deep lines appeared between her brows as she scowled, standing up and storming the two steps between them and forcing him to lean backwards. “And you think that outcome is acceptable?” Her voice was rising with every word, the water behind her rising in a pillar and enveloping her in a liquid embrace. “I’m going to kill you, then make Melody raise you from the dead so I can kill you again!” she shrieked.

The other man was paralyzed into stillness. Fenri’s light eyes, however, widened and he stared up at her. “You…you knew?”

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Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 43

She’s awake!
And mad!
So mad…

That was the extent of the warning that the trio had before a naked, wild haired brunette stormed into the room. The door had barely finished slamming against the wall before she was inside and slamming it shut again.

Her voice, however, was deceptively calm when she turned to face her lover. “I’m going to kill you,” she said in an oddly pleasant tone. Her smile was just a bit too broad, her eyes that glinting with something other than humour. Her hair thrashed as if a living creature

Fenri, who had felt her stir, slowly rose to face her. “No, you won’t.” He drank in the sight of her rage, noting with a distant amusement that she was just as lovely in a rage as when impish.

She might.
She’s pretty mad.

“Won’t I?” she whispered, stalking into the room, expression distant. “You have no idea what I am capable of. What I have done. You don’t know me at all.”

Her mate followed each predatory step with an unchanging demeanor.

The male had spent far too long in the presence of his volatile mother to act any other way, Ademar realized. He also realized in that moment that the half breed’s instincts were not as refined as his own, and though he could sense his mate’s emotions, could not predict them in the same way. Shall I help? It was not a completely selfless offer. Fenri being destroyed might result in his own death. Again.

The younger male shook his head a fraction in response, never wavering his soft expression. His eyes roved over her face as if seeing her for the first time. “No, Melody. You will not kill me. If you kill me, it would harm Ademar and Giselle.”

Her full lips compressed, her expression turning cruel. “I hate you. I want to hurt you so badly right now.”

His face blanched, and Giselle stepped forward. Waving her off, he swallowed “I know. I can feel it. But you already have hurt me. You stole my memories of you - denied me my mate for years. Almost denied me my mate forever.”

Her fierce expression grew confused, then troubled. “What are you talking about?” She glanced at her friend, who looked uncharacteristically sombre.

Ignoring the dozens of cautious eyes peering around the doorframe, the heavyset man took a step towards her. “Ademar and I visited your family when you were small. You – and Giselle – ordered us to forget. To forget our mates.” His voice became strangled, and he paused to collect himself. “You have no idea how painful that was! Our entire existence is entwined with you and Giselle. You are our everything, and you still hold back from us!”

Melody’s eyes narrowed, and then widened as she looked at the fat man in front of her. “Our? You mean…Ademar is with you!”

Sensing a little confirmation was in order, Ademar nodded, crossing his arms above the annoying belly below. “Indeed. As grateful as I was to be a guest in you, I have to admit that Fenri is a much more compatible than you were. I suspect we shall rub together rather nicely.”

All of the anger seemed to drain away, along with her ability to stand upright. Abruptly sitting on the floor, she began laughing as tears ran down her cheeks. “When I woke up, I knew right away that you were gone. I was so scared, and I thought Fenri had tried to destroy you again!”

Giselle stepped out from behind the men. “Dee. If you sit naked on that floor you are going to get splinters in your yoo-hoo,” she scolded.

Melody laughed even as she began to cry harder, tears rolling down her cheeks one after another to patter on the floor.

You should go to her.

She does not want me to yet,
Fenri growled, fairly prowling the confined of their mind like a caged animal.

Stooping, Ademar scooped her up, dumping her on the bed unceremoniously. “You do your mate unkindness to think of him so.”

She wiped at her eyes and nose with the back of her hands and forearms. “He did try to kill you.”

“To protect you.”

“He could have told me what he planned.”

“You would have stopped him.”

She paused, swallowed, and glanced up at her friend. “He knows, doesn’t he. He’ll despise me, just like everyone else.”

“About you being a necromancer?” His voice dripped with amusement, and when she looked up, he tapped the snub nose. “And here I thought you were an expert on all things Shiva,” he tsked, looking up at Giselle with a broad wink.

She brushed her mass of dark hair away from her face and frowned. “What are you talking about?”

Giselle’s cheeks had flushed with the wink, and she tore her eyes away with a clear effort. “Apparently the Shiva Queen is almost always a necromancer. Shiva are totally used to it, boo.”

Ademar shrugged, expressive hands splayed to the side. “See? You are not even special, let alone loath-worthy.”

“She is special,” Fenri insisted, making Melody give a wet giggle.

“Honestly – Giselle knows and still likes you.”

“’Cuz bitches be crazy,” she muttered.

Giselle flipped her hair with a smirk. “And don’t you forget it!”

“She also promised not to tell,” Melody growled, giving her friend a slice of her ire.

The older male took a heavy seat next to her, tilting her head. “I feel obliged, as a friend, to point out that if you want your necromantic tendencies to remain hidden, you should probably avoid things like, oh I don’t know. Creating squan. Taking over squan from other necromancers. Letting your raised spirits run amok. Things like that.”

Brown eyes glared at him under lowered brows. “Shut up, Ademar!”

Inhaling deeply, the other man exhaled, a broad Shiva grin overcoming his face. “Make me, Melody. Now. Stop being emotional and thank your mate for sacrificing his body.”

With the petulance of a child told to apologize, she raised her nose. “Thank you, Fenri. Even though I don’t know why you would care.”

“One. Ademar is your friend. To lose him would make you sad. Two. Without Ademar, Giselle would be miserable, which would make you sad. Three, I am your mate. You being sad is intolerable.” His fierce expression gentled, and he trailed a light finger along her jaw.

The blonde sat on her other side, gently teasing knots out with her fingers. “You know what this means, Melody. We are going to have to, well. Share. Them. Their body.”

Melody’s eyes lit with their typical humour, and she wrapped a slender arm around her friend’s neck. “Or they have to share us,” she murmured breathily as her lips descended.

Ademar tilted his head. “I find this oddly enjoyable, brother. I suspect I could suffer through this ‘sharing’.”

He nodded in agreement. It was unusual to see their mates layered in their shared eyes, but both females were intensely beautiful. Even if he thought Melody was more so. “I am comfortable with this ‘sharing’ as well.”

Laughing, the water witch pushed her friend away. “Stop that!”

Minx and the others still waited by the door, and Ademar and Fenri turned to smile at them. Coming?

We thought you would never ask.

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Jul 23, 2014

“So. We have questions.”

“My first one is why do we have to ask these out loud? Our bond will allow us to gather the information we need without the need to speak. This is redundant.”

“Ademar, sweetie. For one, that bond only works one way, and we have questions too. Also, the idea of just staring at each other wordlessly for the rest of our life is a bit creepy. Third, that assumes we have the answers. Sometimes humans talk to reach an answer.”

“I see,” Ademar replied with a rapidity that Giselle was beginning to realize was him capitulating, not understanding. “I will begin. Why do you not acknowledge your spirits?”


Seeing their master’s tilted head and blank expression, Minx shrugged. She told us a long time ago to hide our bodies from her. I think we scared her as a child.

Melody blinked at the words. “Come out – I guess?” When the spirits appeared, she blinked again. “Cool. Good to put faces to the voices.” Leaning to the side, she whispered to Giselle, who shrugged as if to say she had always seen them.

Well, that went better than I thought it would, Minx grinned.

“Two,” Fenri added. “Why do you keep interfering with our perception of time?”

“I don’t think I am,” brown eyes blinked again.

Her friend sighed, eyes rolling slightly. “She’s always done that. If she thinks too much about things she doesn’t want to she gets upset. When she gets upset, people die. She lives in the moment. She kind of forces everyone else to live in the moment as well.”

Ademar grimaced. “I agree. It feels as if I am being…rushed past things. Like certain things and spaces of time are glossed over.”

Blue eyes met brown before returning to the purple eyes before them. “She kills things. It’s her nature. Ever notice she never stays in one place long? Or if she does, things seem to grow and die?” When the men nodded, she continued. “You ever backtrack and see the chaos she’s left?”

Frowning, the older man gently tugged at his lip thoughtfully. “When I first tried to capture her, she looped the path so we kept re-walking it. I do not recall seeing chaos as we rounded the same bend.”

Minx was sitting on the edge of the desk, feet kicking gently. When we formed our contract, we were forbidden to feast on life without explicit permission. Well, she added. The without explicit permission was added later. But we need to eat, so she sacrificed her forest magic to feed us. She approaches, things grow, they die, we feed. When the path was looped it just re-grew every time you approached. To get back to the question – I think your two species perception of time…varies? Clashes?

The two males paused for a moment, mulling that over.

“I have a question now.” Leaning towards Ademar, his mate locked her bright blue eyes on him, lashes nearly white in the sunlight. “Why did you try to capture Melody in the first place?”

He shrugged. “Fenri ordered me to.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“Yes, you did,” Ademar growled, poking his own chest aggressively. “You might have been delirious from lack of sleep and probably unconsciously wanted her - but you ordered me to find her and bring her to you. I had to obey every order from you, remember?”

Melody’s bright gaze was fastened on the plump form in front of her. “Why did you have to obey him? I thought the Queen was the necromancer of the family.”

Both men sighed simultaneously, the dual sound making the women giggle. Both men grinned – it was crooked, emphasizing their dual form. “She told us to obey him. She had created too many to manage on her own.”

“And delegating power kept us bickering amongst ourselves,” the younger male added. Turning his attention to Melody, he tilted his head. “And what were you doing out and about, that my brother was able to capture you?”

“Oh! Oh! Finally one I can answer!” Melody bounced in excitement. “My old man wants me married before my twenty nameday, at a stupid tournament. Winner gets me and money, or else I get cursed.” Leaning towards Minx, she added, “I think I’m the bigger prize. By the way, you aren’t scary anymore. You’re actually kind of cute. In a creepy sort of way.”

I’ve improved with age, the spirit commented dryly.

All three stared at her. Giselle found her voice first. “I’m sorry. Did I just hear you correctly? You’re going to be cursed unless you are married in the next two weeks?” Turning to face the two men, she smiled tightly. "See, gentlemen? Sometimes talking is better because your friend trips up and says something that she didn't mean to let you know. By the way, Melody, if this curse doesn't kill you, I will!"

Don't look at me, you're on your own on this one! Minx huffed at Melody's beseeching look.



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Ahhhhhhh, answers to muh questions! I am so happy! And so happy to see you writing again! <3

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