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Update on Butterbelly

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New Member
Oct 16, 2006
Hi folks, I have an update on Butterbelly's condition. She went in for an exploratory surgery this morning a little after 9am, Central Time. The surgeons worked to remove the massive tumor on her ovary but during the process they punctured her pelvic wall and her intestines. What the surgeon told me and her family is the ovary had attached itself to her pelvic wall and during the process of cutting, they punctured through to her intestines. They repaired the puncture but after removing the tumor and later removing the ovary she started to hemmorage. Her blood pressure and pulse started to drop drastically. They gave her some medication and the hemmoraging stopped but she lost a fair amount of blood. The surgeons explained that given the situation they thought best to go ahead and remove a portion of her cervix and a small portion of her uterus. She came out of surgery about 1:30 this afternoon. She is still in recovery and is currently receiving a blood transfusion. Her mother and older sister are staying with her while I came home to grab some things and update everyone. I will have more news soon. Thanks all for the warm wishes and the prayers. Keep praying for us.

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