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Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

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Sep 30, 2005
~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian sex, ~XWG - The story of many girls and their journey to fatness.

(Chapters 18 added 11/4/2008;
Chapters 30-34 9/8/2013)

CONTRIBUTOR'S NOTE: I did not write this story. I just got permission to post it here because I liked it so much.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first FA story, first begun on myspace. I dont think it ever bore a title there, so I had to come up with one. I could choose a title based on the characters or something intrinsic about the themes, but I think if I just go with the name of the Plus Size clothing store many of the characters work at, it might be easier to remember, so without further delay I give you VL, short for Voluptuous Ladies......

Voluptuous Ladies
by Expander Jack


"Boy she sure turned out to be a real porker. She was so skinny last year."

"I know but I could tell instantly from the way she flirted with me that she wanted some "personal attention". And I made it clear that I liked my girls much, much rounder," giggled Jenny.

"She is gorgeous! And such an eater, although she isn’t as busty as I like," said Kate as she leered at Jenny's deep cleavage.

"Give her time Kattie; she is just starting to fill out. She will be bustier than Sara, just you wait," said Jen.

"I doubt it. Have you seen how big Sara has gotten? Her boobs and belly have ballooned. Besides B is growing such a huge butt, while Sara’s fat goes straight to her boobs and belly. But the real question is do you think your new friend will ever be fatter than you?" smiled Kate as she poked Jenny's bulging waistline.

Chapter 1

Kate and Jenny had met in the dorms 4 years ago and had been friends ever since. Jenny was a beautiful blond from South Carolina that had endless offers for dates. When she got to college she was 5'8" and 125lbs. She was quite bosomy with full 34 D's, narrow waist, and round full hips and butt. Her blond hair was long and thick, big blue eyes, and she large full lips, a perfect 10. Throughout high school she only dated un-athletic, out of shape, chubby guys. They were the effeminate friend to the hot chick. But once she got to college she left all of those guys at home.

She met Kate on freshman day in her dorm room. Kate and Jenny had been assigned to the same room. Kate was a tiny thing freshman year at 5'2" and 95lbs. She was very small boned with narrow shoulders and small pert breasts, barely a 30A. She had light blond shoulder length hair, green eyes, and was very cute, and very un-athletic. She hated working out and fortunately her metabolism had kept her extremely thin. If she had any curves at all they resided in her hips and butt. She was skinny and had no muscle but whatever limited fat she did have had accumulated there.

For the first year Kate and Jenny went out together as friends, met guys together and eventually even double dated. After a year of bad relationships with guys and experimentation with some college ladies, Kate realized that she was going to start playing for the other team.

They had had a year in the dorms with fattening food, beer, and a small cramped gym. Jenny and Kate began to show some changes. Kate had gained 20 pounds in that year and all of it went to her butt and hips. Jenny gained 15 pounds and most of the weight went to her huge breasts. This made her even more voluptuous and also harder than ever to do any exercises at the gym let alone cardio.

Jenny was now a 36DD with a 26 inch waist, and 37 inch hips, perfect for a job at the local sports bar. At 5'8 and 140lbs she was amazing, and her roommate at 5'2" and 115 was still thin if developing a shape more akin to a pear than a stick. It was at that sports bar that Jenny met Christina.

Christina, one of Jenny's co-workers at the sports bar, was 5'6" and 135lbs when they met. Raven black hair, full lips, and beautiful green eyes, cute but very plain. She looked to be about a size 6 or 8 with a generous butt. She was a cook at the sports bar where Jenny worked. She had just turned 21, was living in her own apartment, and seemed to be very sweet if a little shy.

She wasn’t going to school as Jenny was and worked at the sports bar full time. They had hung out a few times but Jenny really never paid attention to the girl, until 6 months into her 2nd year at college when she noticed that Christina was looking a little different. She had brought over Christina's shift meal, 3 double 1/4 pound burgers, chicken strips, a plate of chilli-fries, and of course a large soda, the cooks never paid for food. When she put the food down she noticed that Christina's formally flat stomach was stretching out her t-shirt and had forced her tight shirt to roll up exposing a bulge Jenny had never seen before.

She instantly thought how cute that bulge was and hoped she would be seeing more of it.

"What's wrong with me?" she thought "How can I like girls? Has living with my gay roommate rubbed off on me?"

"My Christina, you are quite an eater, aren't you honey?" said Jenny.

"That’s why I became a cook, and the food here is so great! Working here, I can indulge myself by eating whatever I want. At the last restaurant they were much more restrictive. Besides, I can always work off the extra calories, although I think my gym membership expired, and working all these night shifts make it nearly impossible to get up in the morning. You don’t think my indulging might be making me fat, do you?" she said with a wink as she patted her belly.

"Oh heavens no, you are such a tiny little thing. I wouldn't worry about going to gym, and if my grandma ever got a hold of you she would make sure you weren’t so tiny."

"I am not that tiny anymore, but that won't stop me from eating every last bite of this meal. You think you could grab me a side of sour cream?" asked Christina.

"Sure thing honey," said Jenny.

She was clearly impressed by how much Christina was eating, and strangely aroused by the new bulges Christina was developing. From then on, she made sure Christina got all of her meals and she sweet-talked the manager into keeping her and Christina on nights. She wanted to watch her develop.

Six months later Christina had ballooned and because Jenny was working nights, Jenny had begun seeing less and less of her roommate Kate and spending more and more time with Christina.

"This has to be my roommate rubbing off on me I am sure I like guys, but she is really getting cute. I wonder what she would look like if she got even bigger"? thought Jenny. "I probably need to make sure she eats well outside of work to make sure my sweat, plump, Tina doesn’t go on a diet or start exercising. I wonder if she would let me move in with her. I know Kate needs a roommate, but she could always get one of her Girlfriends to move in. Kate won’t be a problem; I just need to get Christina to agree….

After a year of being a cook, late night drinking, stuffing herself till she could hardly move, and some clever coaxing from Jenny who had now been her roommate for six months, Christina had gained 80 pounds. At 5'6" and 215lbs she was beginning to develop quite an exaggerated pear shape. Her gym membership had expired long ago and her once toned athletic body had become soft and round.

She was still as cute as ever but she never wore cosmetics and dressed kind of like a boy. She wore tight clothes only because she grew out of them so quickly, not because she was trying to emphasize her swelling shape. She mostly wore sweats and jeans and was rarely in a dress. Her extra 80 pounds of fat had stretched her chief pants to a full size 22. She had grown an enormous ass and wide hips. She had plump love handles and a small belly. Her breasts were now a 36 C and her upper arms had gotten quite plump. Her face however, was still thin without a double chin or cubby cheeks. Her defining feature was a dramatic pear shape with a fat bubble butt. Her measurements were now 36C, 36, and 62.

One night after work Christina and Jenny were back at Christina's apartment drinking some beers and eating pizza when Christina unknowingly asked Jenny a dangerous question.

"Jenny how come all the guys and girls give you so much attention but no one ever talks to me besides you? You think it's because my breasts are so small? Or am I just not pretty?"

Jenny wasn’t sure what to say. Sure Christina was cute, but she was plain and now after a year working as cook and careful coaxing to eat more and more from Jenny, Christina a full fledged plumper. Christina was wearing her now extremely tight pair of black sweat shorts. The waist band had given up for the most part and was rolled down below her generous love handles and bulging belly. Originally the shorts might have reached the top of her thighs, now they were stretched to near bursting and left a full lower quarter or her spherical ass cheeks exposed. On top, she was wearing white tank top that allowed her plump arms, love handles and a full third of her belly the freedom to jiggle and shimmy. She handed her another slice of pizza.

"I don’t know honey, I think you are very cute, and very sweet once people get to know you. I think you don’t really emphasize your assets. I mean you could be really cute if you did something with your hair, put on a little make up, maybe improved your wardrobe to reveal a little more cleavage," replied Jenny.

"I wouldn't know where to start though. I have always been a tom boy, wearing sweats, Jeans, and work out clothes. I still think my boobs are too small, I mean look at you, your breasts are enormous," Christina said as she munched through her 6th slice of pizza.

And Jenny's boobs were. In the past year Jenny had not set foot in a gym and had continued her binge drinking and late night meals. She ate nowhere near as much as Christina but the lack of exercise and the beer had caused her plump bosom to swell. Jenny was now 165 pounds a gain of 25 more pounds, a total gain of 40 pounds in two years. Her boobs were now 36 EE and spilling over the cups. Her waist was now 28 inches and her hips measured 43 inches.

She put her breasts constantly on display for all the patrons to see, as they were now, in a spaghetti strapped light blue blouse. She was wearing tight low rise white cotton flared pants to bare her mid-drift and a pair of four-inch heels. Some would say she was dressed to go clubbing or maybe seduce a friend? Jenny wasn’t sure she was ready for that, but she had broken up with her boy friend months ago in anticipation of an opportunity to explore new horizons.

"Oh my, they are getting bigger aren't they? I am nearly bursting out of my top tonight," she said as she adjusted her straps. "Well boobs are mostly fat and I have put on a few pounds, maybe you just need to eat more and yours will grow too," said Jenny.

"Maybe you're right, I may need your grandma to pay me a visit," giggled Christina.

"Oh sweetie, I can make sure you get enough to eat, and give you a make over. This is going to be loads of fun!"

"Jenny you think I could maybe, um, take a look at what I am about to grow? I mean I want to have boobs at least as big as you, and I was just wondering what yours look like, um unrestrained," blushed Christina.

What was Jenny to do? This was her moment, she already had Christina virtually begging her to feed her, but was she ready to bare her breasts to another girl. Jenny wasn’t sure she wanted this, Christina's belly was just starting to plump up, and her breasts were relatively small, but she did have a huge booty. She was becoming increasingly sexy, but wasn't quite there, a few more pounds and maybe Christina would be ready, and maybe Jenny would be ready to quit men entirely.

"Well I guess I could be persuaded to reveal them, but you have to finish say….another large pizza and that six pack," said Jenny as she patted Christina's bulge.

"But I have already eaten most of this one and I have had 4 beers already. My belly is so tight," Christina moaned as she puffed her belly out and rubbed it with both hands.

"A deal is a deal, I will reveal them once you finish all of this food. Besides, you want to grow bigger boobs don’t you," replied Jenny.

"Well alright, but you don’t mind if I take off my shorts, this elastic band is so tight," said Christina.

Jenny wanted nothing more than to see Christina in all her bulging glory, but didn’t want to seem too eager.

"Sure what ever makes you comfortable honey, now how about pounding one of those beers," said Jenny.

Christina wiggled out of her tight sweat shorts.

"Oh wow, my ass is so fat, look at how big and round it is, not to mention so so soft," Christina cooed.

"Here feel it," she said as she waddled over to Jenny.

Christina had stood up to take her shorts off and Jenny was still sitting at the table. When Christina presented her behind it was right in Jenny's face. Stunned, but very impressed with its size and flawless skin, she tentatively touched it.

"No not like that, grab it. There you go, isn't it huge. I can't believe how fat it is and how small my boobs are. It's so unfair, my ass is going to get enormous before I get boobs as big as you," complained Christina.

Jenny was shocked at how much she was enjoying this. Here she was grabbing and messaging another girl's bare ass, except for a white tiny thong, and all she could think of was, I can't wait until this is bigger. Sure Christina’s ass was fat, but Jenny wanted more, much more. She loved the way it felt, heavy, soft, and warm, and couldn't wait till it was twice that size.

"Oh this little thing ain't nothin compared to some of my friends back home. You got plenty of room to grow. Now stop stalling and get back to eating," ordered Jenny with a slap to Tina’s ass.

"Fine, Fine, I guess these boobs wont grow by me just sitting here."

Christina began mowing through the last of the first pizza and then slammed a beer. Jenny nibbled on a slice or two. She also helped herself to any excess beers in the fridge and after her seventh; she was beginning to get a little tipsy. Christina had managed to get through 10 beers and about a pizza and half. Jenny excused herself to the bathroom, but upon returning she got a great view of her friend's expanding belly from the side.

Christina was leaning on the table with her elbows, sitting forward in her chair to give her plump ass and thighs room to spread out. Her breasts were almost resting on the table as she gobbled down the greasy food. Her tank top had rolled up exposing most of her once slightly pudgy belly. She carried most of her fat below the waist but with tonight's stuffing, her belly was swollen and round, bulging out on top of her fat thighs, nearly touching the table.

"Man, can she can pack it in, and she looks so cute with a big belly, I cant wait until that’s its permanent size." Jenny thought.

Christina leaned back in the chair finishing a bite of pizza and rubbing her bloated belly.

"Oh I am so full, and I still have 2 beers to go and 4 pieces of pizza," Christina slurred.

"You are doing great, Christina but if you don’t think you can finish it, you can stop at any time. I wouldn't want you to get a bellyache over just trying to get a glimpse of my jublies," said Jenny as she strolled over to pat her friends distended belly.

"You mean you will show them to me even if I don’t finish?" smiled Christina.

"Oh heavens no! A deal is a deal, I just didn’t want you to get a belly ache over these little ol'things," she said as she fingered her deep cleavage.

"Then could you help me out by rubbing my belly? It feels better when its rubbed," asked Christina.

"Well I guess that would be o.k., but let’s get you over to the couch so we can be more comfortable. I will even help feed you hon," coaxed Jenny.

"That sounds good, phew its hot in here, I hope you don’t mind if I take off my shirt?" said Christina as she lifted her tank top over her head.

"No not at all, let me bring you over another beer to help cool you off," said Jenny.

For the next 10 minutes Christina ate the remaining slices of pizza, finished her 11th beer, and Jenny massaged the swelling belly.

"Only one beer to go and I take this off. Let me grab that for you," said Jenny.

Jenny went over to the kitchen went into the fridge and thought about how swollen Christina was and how turned on she was getting. She wanted to keep Christina eating but how? Then she remembered the two half gallons of ice cream.

"Here is your beer honey. Now what do you think about sweetening the pot so to speak," asked Jenny as she patted the now "pot" belly.

"If I was a suspicious roommate I might think you were trying to fatten me up, but what do you have in mind any way," she replied with a grin.

"Well there are two half gallons of ice cream in here, and if you finish them, you can make me do something, like… taking off my pants?" said Jenny.

"I am so swollen I am not sure I can fit any more in. It will be quite a struggle for me to finish one let alone two. Taking off your pants would be fun to see but I think I want something a little more physical. I haven’t been in a relationship since high school, and I know you are no longer dating Matt, and we have so much fun together, I was just wondering if I finish off the ice cream if you could um…..maybe… give me some massaging down a little lower… if you know what I mean," said Christina as she slammed her last beer.

Jenny was a little surprised but not shocked; this girl must have been bi if not gay this whole time and clearly attracted to her. That sort of explained the plain clothes and tomboy past and her desire to please her. This girl was not a "lipstick lesbian"…yet… but Jenny would fix that. Wait, what was she thinking? Subconsciously was this is what Jenny wanted all along? Well it’s just this once, right?

"Well o.k., but let’s keep this a secret. My ex-roommate might get jealous if she found out I touched a girl and it wasn't her," said Jenny.

"Sure thing, now let me help you out of your top," said Christina.

Christina rolled off the couch and waddled over to get behind Jenny. She proceeded to pull Jenny's top up over her head, which was no small feat considering Jenny was still wearing 4 inch heals putting her at 6'0" and Christina was barefoot at 5'6". To get the top over her head Christina had to lean into Jenny and her pot belly pushed into Jenny's butt and lower back.

"You are getting a little cushion back here too," laughed Christina and she pinched Jenny's rear. "You would be even sexier if you grew a belly to match these boobs."

"Hey no touching the merchandise, that’s my job," teased Jenny as she slapped Tina’s hand. "You want me to get a fat belly too?" She said as she turned to face Christina as Jenny rubbed her small tummy. "Do you think I would still be sexy with a big belly?"

"Mmmmm, definitely. Now bring those boobs over here," said Christina.

Christina undid the 4 hooks in Jenny's bra like a pro and Jenny's massive breasts bounced free. Christina spun Jenny around and began to kneed and caress her pendulous bosom. Jenny was 20 years old and her breasts had remained firm and round. They were far from starting to sag and almost looked fake because of how big they were.

"That’s enough skinny, time to finish some ice cream," said Jenny.
"Sure, but same rule as before, I eat, you rub the belly, then when I am done you rub my cha-cha," grinned Christina.

"If you eat it all, now stop talking and start eating," ordered Jenny.

Christina placed a couple of pillows behind her back to be able to recline a bit further and proceeded to spoon scoop after scoop into her mouth. 45 minutes later she had finished both and was so full she could barely move.

"Ohhhh, my belly, I am so fat now. I feel like I am going to pop," moaned Christina.

"You have outdone yourself, now I guess I need to hold up my end of the deal, darlin. I have never done this on anyone but myself so let me know if I am not doing it right. Scoot yourself to the edge of the couch so I can put my hands between your plump thighs," said Jenny.

Christina wiggled to the edge of the couch with her belly wobbling with every movement. In this position her legs were spread apart and she was more laying down that sitting. Jenny reached up and began to pull Christina’s tiny thong down. Christina had to help her get it from under her huge ass but once it was free, Jenny started her massage.

At first Jenny, used one hand to caress the lips and the other to rub and kneed Tina’s bloated belly. Then as Christina began to get wet, Jenny kept one hand working the pussy and one hand on Christina's breasts, while she began to kiss her lower belly. Christina was gasping for air and moaning in pleasure while she removed her bra. Jenny worked her way up and around her belly until Jenny's naked breasts were resting on top on Christina's belly. Christina opened her eyes and saw Jenny staring at her with her big blue eyes. Jenny moved further up and began to kiss and suck on Christina's nipples. Christina was exploding below and could barely breathe. When Jenny got close enough she leaned in to kiss her.

"Uh, uh, that was not part of our bargain. But I am sure we can work something out…" cooed Jenny. "I can’t wait to make you over. You are going to be so hot, and we are gong to have to do a lot of shopping! I love to shop!"

"Whatever Jenny, I’ll do whatever you want just make me come again, ohhh" moaned Christina.

"Well only because you have been such a good little piggy," giggled Jenny with a playful poke of Tina’s swollen belly.

Jenny proceeded to bring Christina to climax several times until Christina finally passed out drunk, bloated, and thoroughly pleasured.

"That was more fun than I thought, I can’t wait to see how much bigger she is going to get for me. All that massaging made me hungry, good thing there is an extra pizza," thought Jenny. "I wonder what it would be like for her to do that to me? She really seemed to enjoy being stuffed…"

(Hopefully this gets positive feedback. I'd like to see some before I post chapter 2)

(Continued in post 5 of this thread)

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