Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 32

It took Julia a while to shuffle and wobble across the parking lot and into the mall where the store was located. She had gone from plump to over 500 and then 600 pounds in a small period of time and her body never had the time to build up any muscle to support her massive girth.

The last eight months her weight had more or less stabilized and she was beginning to get used to her fat, but she was still far too weak to carry all of her bulk over any distance.

Taking her time, with her hands braced in the small of her back, Jenny saw the huge bosom and massive belly of Julia emerge from around the corner. Followed by the bouncing and swaying of her massively fat bum. Jenny was standing just outside the front of VL in the enclosed sky lighted two story mall waiting for her tardy assistant manager.

One of the bakery counter girls, Trina or someone had called over to let her know Julia was on her way. Jenny was used to Julia’s massive form by now, but it was still amazing to watch all that fat wobbling and swaying through the mall. Jenny walked up to Julia a few feet in front of the VL entrance way and stood with her elbows flared out, her hands pressed on top of her love handles.

“From the size of that belly I can tell y’all stopped for a snack over at the bakery,” huffed Jenny as she rocked her hips forward bouncing her belly and bosom against Julia’s.

Julia’s fat wobbled and bounced, “Ooof my belly! We’re gonna do this here?”

She wihned exhaustedly. “I need to sit down, I’m about to fall over.”

“No one can see us out here and the mall isn’t open yet. I can’t have you being late. What if corporate was visiting? Assistant managers need to set the example. You’re not a stock girl anymore, and you only work in the office a few days a week anyways, so y’all should be on time,” scolded Jenny.

“Pah lease,” Julia cried dramatically. “You’re just mad Kelly never invites you back to sample the goodies.”

“Y’all can tell I get plenty of Kelly’s goodies anyways,” replied Jenny as she patted the side of her belly. “Com’on, let’s get you off your feet.”

Jenny turned and waddled into the store with Julia waddling behind her. “My word girl, how are you balancing all that fat on top of three inch heels?”

“I’m might be a little fatter, but a good southern girl never wouldn’t be caught dead without her heels,” replied Jenny as her ass swayed and bounced wildly side to side as she switched her massive thighs around each other.

“More than just a little hun. Since I been working from home, you’ve been getting huge. You’re like probably totally fatter than me now,” replied Julia.

Julia was right. Jenny had been the sole face of “management” at the VL store and all the sales girls had been making sure management was happy. It always happened once a VL employee moved into management. They sat in the office most of the day and were routinely surrounded with food.

With nowhere to go, management routinely gave into the fattening temptations. The store had its own expense account, so bringing in food for the assistant manager or manager was an easy way to score points. Plus, since it was free to the sales staff, the sales girls always ordered way too much for themselves and the leftovers always ended up in the office.

At a standard store, there was a manager, assistant manager, and a finance employee in the office of each store. Therefore the temptations were split three ways between the management if the sales girls decided to over order. At Jenny’s store, the assistant manager and finance person was one girl, Julia, and she worked from home a lot. It was a rare event when both Julia and Jenny were in the office and Jenny’s waistline had felt the effects.

Jenny was also seeing Gwen who had been trying to trim down. Gwen’s version of trimming down was funnelling all the food she would normally eat into her, so even if she wasn’t working Gwen was trying to stuff her when they saw each other.

Jenny was semi aware of how fat she was getting. She worked in a plus size woman’s store, she knew what sizes she was wearing, but most of her outfits could be worn loose or skin tight so, until she completely exploded out of a blouse or skirt, she could continue to wear it. She also barely gained any weight in her face, so the mirror told her she was the same size. Her bras though, that she couldn’t hide from. She could certainly tell she was much, much bustier.

Jenny was wearing her dark blond hair shoulder length in a jagged cut that framed the sides of her face. Her bangs were long enough to loop behind her ears and today she had done just that as she was wearing her small black framed glasses. Her lips were light pink today and she had on a light amount of blush and eye shadow.

Julia could see the white satin bra Jenny was wearing through thin light blue linen blouse. It had six hooks in the back and fairly wide straps to accommodate an unbelievably large bosom.

Jenny’s breasts bulged out several inches past her shoulders and even past the edge of her flabby upper arms. Her spherical globes swelled down past her elbow and would have hung even lower if it wasn’t for her massive belly and the support of the bra. Supported as they were, her slight second chin was nearly dipping into her cleavage. Packed as her breasts were in the satin super bra, her cleavage was just over two feet long and she was showing every bit of it off in her button up linen blouse.

The long sleeve blouse had a low scoop neck with buttons that ran to the bottom of her breasts. She had had the buttons open to the apex of the front of her breasts. The sleeves were skin tight down to her open cuffs and displayed every jiggling bulge. The blouse was skin-tight but split up the sides to the top of her hips, causing the back of the blouse to lay out flat on her

The bottom third of her belly was covered by skin tight white stretch pants that revealed every dimple, bulge, and crease.

Jenny had always been busty and full in the seat and hips. She had an amazing hour glass figure and didn’t develop a substantial belly until she was over 200 pounds. Even now her beasts were larger than her massive belly and protruded farther in front than any part of her. Her breasts were bigger than any girl to have worked in the store.

Jenny was bustier than Julia at 111 inches around and she wore an unbelievable 56 ZZC cup bra. Each boob was three times the size of her head and bounced and swayed over the swell of her belly.

Jenny’s belly had finally split into two bulges right at her belly button with most of the fat bulging out below her belly button. The top belly was like a dome that rolled into the swollen shelf of her love handles and lower belly. Her belly was 109 inches around at the fattest part and her lower belly stuck out several inches past her upper belly and hung to her knees. Her belly swelled to the edge of her bosom and had formed a thick ring of fat forcing her arms out to her sides.

Jenny's shelf like bubble butt swelled up her back and down her thighs placing the top of her ass above her elbows and the bottom of it half way down her thighs. Her hips now stretched the tape a few inches past Julia’s at 131 inches and her thighs were 70 inches around.

Jenny had gotten so fat that her legs rubbed all the way to her knees and flesh bulged around her ankles. Her upper arms were 26 inches around and hung over her elbows and her wrists had begun to puff up around her palms. As she waddled through the store her flesh wobbled and jiggled, a sea of flesh that caused her shirt to ride up and her pants to sink low.

Once she got to the sales station she walked behind the counter and she leaned her 750 pound bulk onto it causing her overstuffed pants to sink even further down baring the top quarter of her bum towards the front of the store. She reached down the sides of her belly and tugged her stretch pants up and tugged the blouse over the back of her bubbly bum covering most of her flesh.

Julia walked to the back of the sales station, hefting her belly up onto the counter to take some of her girth off of her tired feet, her soft belly pointed towards the front of the store and Jenny, and oozed completely over the counter top.

“I see I am blessed with Fat and Fatter today,” giggled the short round Buddha bellied Mandy who was standing by the sales register, facing the sides of the two bloated beauties.

“Y’all lucky you can still out sell anyone in the store Mandy. With your snarky comments and shrinking booty, most managers would have sent you packin’,” replied Jenny.

“Just cause I’m less than half your size now, doesn’t mean I don’t have weight around VL. I was here first you know,” replied Mandy as she poked Jenny’s belly.

“Yeah, yeah, but a couple more inches off this booty and none of our pants will fit you, I guess you are lucky you have such a fat belly, but still, I can’t protect you forever.”

Mandy had always wanted a huge belly, but didn’t want the boobs and booty that went with it. She just wanted a big round wobbly potbelly and now after a few years of exercise she had trimmed her hips and breasts down to a more manageable size. She had shrunk down to 313 pounds, which was certainly not skinny, but was pretty small for the senior sales girl at a VL store.

Mandy's bust line had shrunk down to a 36 EEE cup and her hips had shrunk down to 52 inches. Her arms were thin and toned, her ass was firm bubbly, and her thighs were trim and firm. Her hips weren’t narrow but she carried the bulk of her fat in her ass. Her pride and joy, her globular belly had also shrunk but it was still a very proud 78 inches around.

The 5’0” tall raven haired Mandy was wearing 4 inch tall black stiletto heels and skin tight black stretch denim jeans that road low on her hips, exposing the tip of her butt crack. On top she was wearing a black faded rocker tank top that she had cut the bottom off so that it just covered the cups of her light pink satin bra. She had a silver necklace with a heavy pentagram resting in her cleavage and small pink plugs in her earlobes.

Mandy had a silver eye brow piercing and bottom lip piercing in her plump pink lips. She had her raven black hair coiled in two loose buns with her bangs hanging down the sides of her round face to her chin. She also had on an assortment of bracelets and rings and large silver VL belly ball in her belly button.

Her belly had been a round swollen ball that bulged out underneath her plump breasts. Now the belly had deflated and begun to sag and formed more of a teardrop shape than a round ball. It sloped out gradually from her breasts forming thick love handles and a massive muffin top that oozed over her hips by several inches and sagged down over her pants to rest on the tops of her thighs. Her belly was soft and loose and she loved to jiggle and squeeze it.

“Please, they’ll never get rid of me as long as I have this soft jiggly belly,” quipped Mandy.

“I like totally couldn’t fire you, but I’m with Jen on this. We need to start fattening you up again, like girls at corporate have mentioned you'r e shrinking,” cooed Julia as she grabbed a handful of Mandy’s soft belly.

Mandy let her play with her fat, crossing her arms underneath her breasts and asked, “What would your girlfriend Kate say about fattening me up?”

“She probably wouldn’t like it, but since I won’t be seeing her for another four months, she can’t try to stop me,” replied Julia.

“Oh trouble in paradise?”

“Maybe a little bit, and we aren’t like really, really dating, but it’s really something else,” replied Julia as she looked down into her cleavage and put her hands on her hips.

“Uh oh, what is it,” said Mandy slightly concerned.

“Seems I got my belly into another bet,” sighed Julia.

Both Mandy and Jenny burst out laughing.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“Well look what happened last time, tubby,” giggled Mandy.

“Yeah y’all gonna be bigger than me after this bet I bet,” giggled Jenny.

“No one can get fatter than you,” laughed Mandy as she poked the side of Jenny’s lower belly bulge.

“Ha, ha,” said Jenny sarcastically. “Y’all are half the reason I’ve gotten so fat. If you were eating like you should be, and Julia actually came into work, I wouldn’t have gotten so big.”

“Ah but I love how big the girls have gotten,” said the new sales girl as she slunk up to Jenny’s side and cupped Jenny’s left breast as she fed the enormous girl a cream cheese covered bagel.

“You’re the other half of the reason I’m so fat, always feeding me,” said Jenny with her mouth full of bagel. The new sales girl fed Jenny half of the creamy treat and was munching on the other half.

“Booo, you’re so mean. I think you’re the one who always wants me to eat with you,” pouted the tall blond beauty. “When are you going to let me be your other half and not just the other half of the reason you’re getting so fat?”

The tall blond squeezed between Jenny and Julia’s bellies as she slinked towards the sales register and Mandy. As she was sliding between the two beauties, she leaned her chest into Julia’s breasts and belly and squeezed the massive girl’s soft bulging flesh as her own ass bumped Jenny’s belly. “Ooooh someone had a big breakfast, guess I’ll feed Mandy the last of this. How are you Julia?”

“She got her belly into another bet again. That’s how she is,” giggled Mandy as the tall blond fed Mandy the last bite of her creamy bagel.

The tall blond spun around, her back towards Mandy, now facing the sides of both Jenny and Julia, one of her small dainty hands resting on the top of her soft padded hip, the other lazily playing with her thin platinum necklace. “Oh how delightful. I heard about what happened last time Jewels. Wish I had been here to see Mia at work. I hear she is pretty good at stuffing a naughty belly,” she cooed devilishly.

“She like has her ways,” sighed Julia. “But she isn’t involved this time. This time I made the bet with Kate. Shouldn’t you be off folding clothes or like somethin’?”

“Tisk, tisk, you order me to get you food, you order me to fold clothes, I’m taking my break and besides this conversation sounds interesting. So is this the short petite woman I see with you who’s bum is always popping out the back of her booty shorts? She really should be able to find shorts that fit her, it’s not like she is getting bigger,” sneered the tall blond.

“She aint the only one who has chronic booty triggered wardrobe malfunctions Sylvia,” giggled Mandy as she tried to tug the bottom of the tall girl’s black stretch micro-skirt back over her globular bottom.

“Sniff maybe, but I have a good reason, you all are making me eat too much and I am getting fat,” she whined as she let Mandy fix her skirt as patted the side of her belly.

“You mean fatter, you were already fat when you started here,” giggled Mandy.

Silvia was tall, 5’11”, with long light blond hair, stunningly beautiful and had been thin most of her life. She had large blue eyes and small up turned nose, high cheek bones and full generous lips. She had a long graceful neck and narrow shoulders on her thin-boned frame. She had used her captivating looks and thin frame to earn herself a spot in the same modelling company that Mia and Natasha had worked for before they became entangled with the VL organization, but that was many years after them.

She was 21 now and had modelled with the agency until she was about 18. By that point she could no longer be considered “model thin” and they no longer required her services.

Boys and men had pursued Silvia early in her modelling career and she was more than happy to let them, take their gifts and go on expensive trips, but she was really interested in an older female model who had seduced her when she first started working at the age of 17. The older model was dark haired and very attractive, but had become fuller in the hips than most and accordingly had begun taking a back seat to the younger, thinner high fashion models. T

he older model, Victoria, was her first love and didn’t like sharing Sylvia with her male suitors, but realized that was part of the culture as long as Sylvia was still a fashion model. Initially all people preferred Sylvia over the older model, but luckily for the older model, by the time Sylvia was 18 she had packed on 20 pounds onto her 100 pound model thin frame and her fashion modeling career had slowed way down.

Sylvia was enthralled with the older model and did nearly anything she asked including eating way more than she should. Victoria loved the way Sylvia’s figure was getting bigger and softer and Sylvia loved to please Victoria, so she ate and ate.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 32 (Part Two)

Unfortunately the more voluptuous Sylvia didn’t have any modelling offers and because she wasn’t going to work a regular job, she decided to let one of the rich male suitors become more than just a fun date. She needed financial support and fortunately this one would let her exercise her burgeoning feeding fetish.

Victoria had stuffed Sylvia on many occasions, but never let Sylvia feed her. Sylvia wanted to try feeding someone, and she promised Victoria it wouldn’t be forever, just until she found some easy modelling work. She didn’t love him, she loved Victoria and so Victoria reluctantly agreed.

After a four month long belly busting courtship where her male suitor’s six pack abs had turned into a round swollen pot belly, she knew she had a serious fetish. She loved to feed and fatten him, loved to see him grow soft and round while she remained reasonably thin. But six months after becoming exclusive with her sugar daddy, well other than the model that had originally seduced her of course, she had put on another 30 pounds on her 120 pound thin boned frame, most of it residing in her hips, thighs and bum.

She still had her wasp like waist, and her small pert breasts had grown a couple cup sizes, her long legs began to plump and her bottom continued to swell. She ended up finding easy modelling jobs, but they were a more risqué type of modelling and Victoria didn’t approve. She wanted Sylvia not to work at all, so that when she wasn’t with her suitor the two of them could be together. The jobs prevented that and also prevented quite a number of feedings.

Sylvia was wilful and decided to dance in a couple of hip hop videos and did a number of photo shoots as the big bottomed blond. The environment lent itself to late night partying and binging, and within a year 5’11” 150 became 5’11” 190 and even the big booty modelling offers dwindled. Running out of money again, she decided to move in with her suitor, who was living off his trust fund and a couple of surprisingly lucrative deals he had made off producing some hip hop albums, infuriating her model girl friend.

Sylvia still saw the girl periodically, but there was growing animosity. Six months later she hadn’t worked another day and had put on another 30 pounds of fat on her once model narrow bottom. She had seen the boy for two years by then and in that time she had put on 100 pounds, while he had put on even more.

She wasn’t really attracted to him, he was 5’8”, and 37 years old when they first met and skinny, but he was rich and he got her a few modelling jobs. He was instantly smitten and lusted after the tall amazingly beautiful blond girl half his age that had become surprisingly curvy and had developed a thick bubbly booty. She quickly had him wrapped around her finger and his lips wrapped around all the fattening foods she could find. She loved to see his belly grow, cooing in pleasure each time she rubbed and fed it. She kept him drunk and high in the clubs and once they got home she fed and pleasured him until he passed out with a wildly engorged belly.

In the first year she was able to fatten her suitor from a tiny 145 pounds to a portly 225. He was drinking and smoking every night, late into the night and the fatter he got the bigger his appetite became. Sylvia would pleasure him while he ate too, so eating had become a very, very enjoyable experience and it was easy to ignore his escalating weight, until six months ago, at 350 pounds, one of his ex-girlfriends spotted him in a club and pointed out big he had gotten.

“Marko is that you?” cried a buxom brunet in a skin tight black dress over the thump of the house music.

“Nina?” Marko replied as he leaned against the waist high VIP section’s railing. He was gazing into the amazing cleavage of his ex-girlfriend with his hands resting on the rail, his huge belly bulging over it and into the unrestricted area of the club. He was wearing a long white t-shirt that was skin tight around his chest and swollen belly, but huge loosely down the front of his thighs and over his ass. He was wearing loose white track pants with black piping and white Adidas shoes, with big heavy gold rings on his fingers and a diamond studded gold chain around his neck. He had his thick black hair slicked back and a black goatee.

“Have I like changed that much?” Replied the tanned brunet as she fingered a thin silver necklace that hung into her bulging cleavage and puffed out her light pink lip-glossed lower lip.

A stunned Marko continued to stare lustfully into her large breasts.

“Marko its Nina, stop being rude and invite your ex-girlfriend back there.”

Marko swallowed and motioned to the huge bouncer to let his ex-girlfriend into the VIP section. He watched her walk around to the velvet rope. Nina had been a dancer and model for a number of years and was his girlfriend immediately prior to Marko meeting Sylvia. She was best known for her thick perfect ass, but it seemed she had added at least DD implants. Her hips and bum had gotten thicker during the last two years he had dated Sylvia, but it only drew more attention to her slim waist. He watched her thick thighs and wobbly butt bounce over to the velvet rope.

The skin tight black dress barely covered her now more voluptuous spherical bum, which meant her hips were probably well over 50 inches around and with her large breasts, she was probably headlining in gentlemen’s clubs. Her long thick black hair was similar in length to how it had been, flowing to the middle of her back, but she had added dark blue highlights and it was impeccably styled. She was most certainly headlining. The skin tight black dress was strapless and snug around her breasts so that the tops bubbled out over the edges and jiggled as she switched her thick hips back and forth over to him. The dress was backless down nearly to the top of her bum as well, an outfit perfect for either stripping or clubbing.

She had 6 inch platform heels on causing her over stuffed bottom to stick out and wobble and most eyes were on it was she swayed over to Marko. Her smouldering dark eyes were framed by black eyeliner and a dark eye shadow and her thick long eye lashes were perfect. She was clearly a successful headlining exotic dancer who was very proficient with charming men, inviting her back might have been a bad idea.

“Wow you look.... healthy baby,” she giggled as she rubbed the front of his soft paunch through his thin t-shirt. “What’s that skinny blond bitch been feeding you?” She said as her 5’9” form, now 6’3” with her heels on, slunk around his body over to a chilled bottle of champagne on his table where she refilled her glass.

“You look pretty healthy yourself,” he replied cupping a hand full of her soft swollen bum. She leaned against him as she took a drink.

She playfully slapped his hand and smiled as she helped herself to his champagne. “It was bound to happen. I’ve always had a plump bum, as I am sure you remember, and boys are always taking me to dinner and buying me drinks. Then they keep me out like much too late to want to go to the gym in the morning, and one thing leads to another and boom, my bum is even thicker. Luckily a bigger booty looks good on me, almost as good as my new big round boobies,” she giggled as she pressed her breasts against Marko’s chest and chin.

“But enough about me, what’s this all about? You used to be skinny,” She asked as she rubbed his soft belly and took a drink of her champagne.

“I might of put on a few pounds, it happens to everyone,” Marko replied as he took a long drink from his glass of cognac.

She chuckled lightly.

“This is more than a few pounds babe, blondie let you get fat,” she breathed into his ear, her plump lips brushing against his earlobe as she squeezed and wiggled the side of his belly. Her smell was intoxicating, her large firm breasts were bulging onto his chest, and her purring voice made him realize just how hot his ex-girlfriend was. Marko also realized just how fat he had gotten as he watched his massive paunch jiggle in her hand.

“And you were like so skinny before too. I bet I weighed more than you did. I remember your little hip bones poking into my big soft bum as you took me from behind. Now your belly is probably too fat for that. You barely ate a thing back then too, but now look at you; doesn’t look like you ever stop eating now.” She finished her glass of champagne and then refilled it, noticing the tables around them also had platters of fried appetizers in various states of consumption.

She pressed herself against him again as she chuckled lightly into his ear again, “I think there is a little left, can I fix you a plate tubby?”

“Alright I put on a more than a couple pounds, and I’ve been thinking about going on a diet, but Sylvia is such a bad influence. I think I need to find someone new,” Marko replied as he took another long drink from his glass of cognac and squeezed his own belly.

“If you get rid of the skinny blond maybe I’ll let you take me back,” she teased as she puffed out her pink lips.

“But just so you like know, an ex-boyfriend getting fat is just about the best revenge, and considering you dumped me for that skinny bitch,” she replied, filling her glass and waggling her finger at him and poking his wobbling belly. “You’ll have to make it up to me for me to take you back.”

“I guess I owe you a little bit,” he replied gobbling up a deep fried crab puff.

“Humph, more than a little, but seeing you this fat sure is fun,” she said as she fed him crab puff and then gobbled up one herself. “So where is blondie, anyways?”

“You mean Sylvia? She is over there at the VIP bar with a pack of her model friends,” he sighed exasperatedly. “Her friends eat my food, drink my booze, and then won’t even give me a hand job. You think I could at least get a three-way once, but no. I really regret dating her.”

“Stingy friends too? This like just keeps getting better,” she giggled as she fed him another crab puff and ate one herself. “But where is she? I don’t see her at the bar.”

“She is right there, at the bar. White bustier, giggling with the pink martini,” he replied.

Then she finally spotted Sylvia. Her face was the same, large plump lips, small up-turned nose, big blue eyes that locks of her thick platinum blond hair slipped in front off as she chatted and giggled with her friends. Her pink highlighted bangs were long enough to hang past her chin, but she kept sliding the errant locks back behind her ears. She was still dazzlingly beautiful, graceful thin neck, narrow shoulders, although her arms looked a little chubby, but that was a small consolation considering how massive her breasts were.

Gone were the pert b-cups Nina remembered, replaced by at least double G-cup melons. Her breasts were barely constrained by her top, her cleavage bulging up and partially over the front as well over the sides of the ridiculously small bustier. Her breasts bulged out well past her sides and she had to turn her head and lower her massive bosom to take a drink from her pink martini. Her breasts were several cups larger than Nina’s and she was instantly jealous. Even with the substantial support of the bustier, the bottom of her breasts still swelled down to nearly to the crook of her elbows which was where the top of the half wall was, obscuring the rest of her body.

“I see you bought boobs for Blondie, it must have been expensive going that big. That’s probably why she let you get so fat. You’re gonna buy me even bigger boobs if I let you take me back,” she sneered as she gobbled up a few giant cocktail shrimp.

“They are even bigger up close, but I didn’t buy them. They just sorta grew... along with the rest of her. She is getting way too fat, but she is still thinner than me,” he sighed. “See here she comes.”

Sylvia walked to the edge of the VIP bar and the end of the half-wall and proceeded to sway her wide hips down the three steps to the main section of the VIP area. Nina could see that the bustier stopped an inch below her massive breasts bearing all of her belly. Gone was the tiny narrow waist, replaced by thick puffy love handles and a slight belly. She didn’t stick out far in front past the waistline of her skin tight pink vinyl stretch pants but her love handles bubbled over on the sides.

Her once firm high ass had ballooned into two basket ball sized globes that wobbled and jiggled as she pranced down the steps causing the waist band to slip lower down her bottom. Her hips and thighs were twice as wide as her shoulders and she couldn’t help but brush against some of the club’s patrons as she dramatically swayed her hips over to Marko and Nina. She was wearing 4 inch high silver stiletto heels putting her at exactly Nina’s height.

Nina knew her own voluptuous bum was 54 inches around, it was on all the promotional material and on her website, but Sylvia’s was much more voluminous and was probably more like 65 inches while her waistline was more like 28 inches. Sylvia’s unbelievable curves made Nina’s curvaceous body look like a 12 year-old boy’s.

Sylvia grabbed the sides of Marko’s belly and pulled their bellies together as she leaned in and gave him a long kiss on the mouth, her plump breasts bulging under his double chin as her hands went up to mess his hair. “Eating more fried crab puffs I taste, that’s a good boy,” she cooed. She turned towards Nina and said, “And who is this cutie?”

Marko cleared his throat and said, “Umm uh, this is my ex, Nina, we dated right before you and I started dating. You might remember her.”

Sylvia turned to the side, keeping her hand stroking Marko’s neck, her fat hip pressed into his round belly, the other hand resting on her hip. “Oh that’s right, my you put on weight didn’t you?”

Nina scoffed as she stepped closer to the voluptuous blond, “You’re one to talk. Now I can see why you let Marko get so fat.”

Sylvia pulled her hand from Marko’s neck and slid it down his belly as she took a step closer to Nina, her breasts nearly touching Nina’s. “I didn’t let Marko get fat, I made him fat. This big soft belly is all my doing.”

“The only soft belly around here that is yours, is this one,” replied Nina as she poked Sylvia’s slight belly. “Marko is breaking up with you, and going on a diet.”

Sylvia giggled lightly, “Oh is that so?”

Sylvia spun around, bumping Nina with her thick ass

“You’re gonna put my belly welly on a diet,” she cooed as she rubbed Marko’s bulging paunch.

“Well maybe...I’ve gotten a little soft,” Marko replied nervously.

“More than a little, baby,” she cooed as she fed him a fried chicken strip. “But you don’t really want to break up with me do you?”

Her huge breasts bulging against his chest.

“Um well, you see ah,” Marko stuttered into her heaving cleavage.

Nina stalked around the fat bottomed blond over to Marko’s other side and leaned her own body against the side of his swollen paunch, her breasts bulging against his chest as she pulled his arm around her and put his hand on her plump ass. Nina was jealous of the wildly curvaceous blond and wanted to break them up. She knew that she may have to date Marko to get her revenge “Marko stop eating and look at me. If you break up with her tonight...I’ll take you back and you can have a girl friend with a tiny waist and round booty again, instead of this blond blimp.”

“She is kinda right, you’ve gotten fat,” replied Marko.

“I haven’t gotten fat, I’m curvy. Little Marko seems to like it,” replied Sylvia as she patted the front of his track pants.

“Don’t get me wrong I love a thick ass, but this is getting ridiculous,” he said as he cupped her booty.

“SCREW YOU MARKO, I’M NOT FAT! You’re the fat pig, I made sure of that, but just so you know, I know you will want my tight pussy back. And when you do, you’ll have to be a lot fatter to date me.”

“Whatever weirdo, he aint gonna want you back.” Nina butted in.

“He did before and it won’t take me long to get back in shape, even though I’m not fat and then you’ll want me too,” Sylvia confidently replied as she kissed the brunette, their plump lips pressing tightly together as Sylvia grabbed the back of her head and held the kiss over Marko’s giant paunch. To Marko’s surprise and delight, Nina kissed back.

This wasn’t her first venture to the Isle of Lesbos and Nina had a weakness for blonds, but this was the girl that broke up her and Marko. She should have been mad at the fat blond, but after that kiss, it was going to be hard to stay mad.

Sylvia slapped Marko and then strutted out of the club after that kiss and left the two of them to their own devices.

That kiss was six months ago, and since then Sylvia had been working at VL eating and flirting her way up to be the bra sales girl. During the six months she had gained 30 pounds and was a full 250 pounds. The 30 pounds had manifested in expanding her bust size a few cups to a 32 I-cup, her waist had plumped to 32 inches giving her a solid spare tire that now rested on 70 inch hips. Hips that bulged out more than twice as wide as her waist and well past her narrow shoulders.

Today the increasingly fat, bottom heavy, busty blond was wearing a high waisted micro skirt that was belted and cinched tight just above her spare tire narrowing her waist at that point to a tiny 24 inches, dramatically displaying her thick spare tire and belly bulge. The bottom of the skin tight black micro skirt barely covered her swollen rump, displaying all of her wildly thick thighs and long legs.

She was wearing black peak-a-toe 5 inch pumps. On top she was wearing a short sleeve sheer leopard print blouse with a plunging neckline that exposed all of her cleavage and the sheerness of the silk material revealed the black lace bra she was wearing underneath which looked to be a cup size or two too small. She was wearing light pink lip gloss and dark eye shadow with a hint of pink blurring around the edges. Her blond hair was swept up into a clip and she had on small framed pink glasses. She had pierced her fat bottom lip with a thin ring and she had added small pink plugs to her ear lobes.


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Sep 30, 2005
End of Chapter 32

“Stop calling me fat, I’m just having a bit of a problem with my diet of late with these two making me eat with them all the time. But even so, you sure can’t keep your hands off me,” Sylvia cooed to Mandy as Mandy continued to adjust the too tight black micro skirt.

Mandy still lusted after the skinny models and she was familiar with Sylvia’s work before she gained any weight.

“Oh please babe, while I may think you’re still cute, I’m just helping you keep all this expanding fat covered up. You’ve gotten way to fat to be my type anymore,” the short Mandy responded.

“Sigh, I know you’re right. I so never work out and with the bosses here telling me to eat this double crunch apple pie or that chocolate cheese cake, I’m turning into a huge pear,” whined Sylvia as she spread her hands over her wide swollen bum. “And speaking of pears, what’s this bet you made with this Kate person?”

Julia was still slowly rubbing her swollen paunch, the fat oozing, spreading and bulging against the hard flat surface of the counter top as she tried to ease the pain from her morning binge. “Well she was like giving me a lecture about how I needed her to like lose weight. That if she wasn’t around I would be even fatter. She said that maybe she should find someone who doesn’t need her dieting expertise or like something. Then she started flirting with Kelly. I said I totally didn’t need her advice and that if she kept hanging out with Kelly, she wouldn’t have to worry about being so flat. She has totally tiny boobs, which is why she is still totally infatuated with mine. At that point we were both kinda cranky and I think like I made a bet with her.”

“So what’s the bet?” giggled Mandy.

“Well it’s a bet to see who will gain the least amount of weight between now and Halloween. She won’t see me between now and then, or at least won’t try to get me to diet, and she has to go on dates with Kelly every week. I totally know Kelly will fatten her up and I could totally diet for four months so I know I will win.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad. Y’all know Kelly is the best feeder in town. Y’all need to watch what you eat for a bit, but what’s the prize?” asked Jenny.

“Well whoever like looses the bet has to gain or loose weight to match the other.”

“So if you win, by not gaining more weight than her, she has to fatten up to your size?” asked Sylvia.

“Uh huh.”

“But if you lose, by gaining more weight, you have to go on a diet until you are her size? I’ll have a finance girl who is only 200 pounds, that might be fun,” giggled Jenny. “But you won’t be going to any meetings with the big hats, or workin the floor.”

“A thinner Julia might be fun. Plus with Julia on a diet all the time, all the treats we bring will be going right in here. So we’ll get a really, really fat Jenny,” cooed Sylvia as she rubbed Jenny’s belly, its flesh wobbling and bouncing.

“Oh no, that’s right. I’ll get massive without Julia to share the food with!” cried Jenny.

“Too late for that porky,” giggled Mandy.

“This is going to be so much fun,” giggled Sylvia.

“Its been years since I was able to control myself around food, maybe Kate is right. If I win it will be fun watching her tiny ass get really fat, but if I lose this bet, maybe I’ll finally get thin again,” sighed Julia.

“You better not throw this bet Julia!” Jenny cried.

“I won’t, I won’t...it’s just that I always get so hungry,” pouted Julia.

“We’ll luckily for y’all, I’ll be here to help you.”

“But unluckily for your waistline Jenny, we’ll be here too.”

“You girls better not start bringing in more food to tempt her!”

“Pretty sure corporate policy prevents you from reducing our food budget,” giggled Mandy. “And I for one would love to see a skinny Julia again.”

“So if Julia gets fatter, she has to get thin. And if she has to get thin, you’ll probably end up getting really, really fat? Oh this is gonna be a fun four months!” cheered Sylvia as she squeezed her hips between Jenny’s and Julia’s belly, patting them both as she swayed her hips outside of the register area.

“Y’all are forgetting one thing, I’m still in charge and I can certainly make life difficult for a misbehaving junior sales girl. So y’all need to stay in my good graces and y’all can do so by finishing off those two boxes of pastries so Julia won’t be tempted.”

“You want me to eat two boxes?” asked Sylvia with her hand pressed to her chest.

“Every last bit honey.”

“Oh you’re so mean, I’m gonna be such a cow,” Sylvia sighed but did as she was told. Her wide hips and fat bottom wobbling as she swayed her thick thighs to the back of the store. She knew she was getting fatter and fatter, but she owed Jenny for hiring her and finding a fairly cheap apartment after her ex kicked her out. Plus, this was a bit of a dream job for her as well with all the cute fatties constantly coming in and her cute rotund co-workers.

Sylvia knew she was going to have plenty of opportunities to fatten and feed a few of them, but she hadn’t counted on herself getting so fat. Mandy had it perfect, she had the best hours and the top sales girl spot and could tell Jenny and Julia no. Until she had it like that, she would need to be careful around her bosses or end up bigger than Mandy. She gobbled up the two decadent pastries stuffing her belly tight, and while she was clearly going to put on weight after this snack, it reminded her of the pleasure filled times with her first love. After finishing the fattening treats she went to freshen up and then went back out on the floor to make some sales.

She spotted a girl who had yet to be captured by the other sales girls and she quickly swayed her wide bottom, full belly and plump bosom to the front of the store. “Welcome to Voluptuous Lady can I...help... you? Nina is that you!”

“Oh my word, I never thought I would see you again,” sighed the dark haired, less tan beauty.

“Me too!” squealed Sylvia. “Is Marko with you?”

“No, we broke up a few months ago. He said he didn’t want another fat girlfriend,” Nina sighed.

“Oh have you put on weight? I didn’t notice,” smiled Sylvia.

“Well except for right here,” she reconsidered as she pointed at Nina’s breasts. “You definitely need some new bras.”

“He paid for these,” replied Nina as she cupped her now 32 f-cup breasts,

“but I grew this myself,” she declared as she unzipped her black hoodie to reveal a soft round pot-belly bulging over the waistband of her light skin tight pink velour sweat pants.

“Oooooh, you did a really good job,” cooed Sylvia as she slid her hands around the sides of Nina’s bare pot-belly. Nina was wearing a black velour hoodie with a pink bra and a white thin strapped, ribbed cotton tank top underneath. Her breasts her puffing out the top of the too small bra and the tank top was clearly designed to show off her originally flat belly. Now it revealed a soft tear drop shaped pot belly and her squishy sides.

“And my ass got even bigger too,” sighed Nina as she turned around to show off her fatter backside. The sweat pants squeezed and framed her wobbling bubble butt and couldn’t help but wedge into the crack of her swollen globes. Her thighs had gotten thicker too, but it was her swollen globes that most of the fat had accumulated on.

“Oh Nina, you have outgrown this pair,” replied Sylvia as she tugged on the back of the waistband trying to hike the thin sweat pants up over the top of Nina’s swollen bum.

“You’re peaking out back here by a couple inches,” giggled Sylvia as she wobbled Nina’s round ass attempting to drag the sweat pants over it.

“Sigh, that’s why I’m here. I never thought I would shop at VL, but I have to face it. I got fat,”

Sylvia giggled lightly, “You’re not even close to fat, but we can work on that. Come back here with me and we will get you fitted and find some clothes for you. What are you looking for?”

“Oh I dunno, bra and panty sets mostly and some casual clothes, jeans, dresses, a few tops...”

“A new wardrobe then?”

Nina giggled, “Yeah I grew out of everything.”

Nina followed Sylvia back towards the smaller size section of the store. She was happy to see that Sylvia hadn’t missed any meals either, it made it easier knowing her ass had continued to get wider and fatter and her hips and thighs were still much wider than Nina’s. Problem was the naturally busty blond had also gone up several cup sizes and her breasts were clearly bigger. She had fat puffy love handles to go with her wobbling hips, but her belly didn’t bulge out nearly as far as her own.

Nina didn’t have the love handles, but she was developing a rounder belly. Sylvia ushered her into the changing room and helped her get out of her sweat suit. Nina was nearly naked with only her pink g-string and black flip flop sandals on, her large breasts bared. Nina was twisting her thick dark brown hair up in the three way mirror, clipping it up off her shoulders, inspecting her fuller form. Her large enhanced breasts were wider than her shoulders and still wider than her waist. Her hips and thighs were wider yet, but not nearly a dramatically wide as Sylvia’s.

From the front Nina's 23 year-old figure was still an hour glass shape with each thigh nearly as thick as her waist, but as she looked at her profile she noticed her round belly poking out past her fat thighs. Her breasts poked out a couple inches further, but she realized that without the enhancements, her belly might already be poking out past her chest. As her gaze drifted lower she saw how much further her ass stuck out behind her, probably twice as far behind her as her breasts stuck out in front. Each spherical cheek was bigger than a basket ball now, and while she had been a big booty dancer for a while, she was fatter than any stripper she had seen.

“So let’s try this one first and see if it fits, a nice comfortable 32 f-cup with adjustable padded straps. Hmmm perfect fit,” cooed Sylvia. “You don’t need quite so much support, your breasts are so firm and perky, so you could go with a much sexier bra. Try this one.”

Sylvia handed Nina a light pink spaghetti strapped bra. The straps went out to the sides of the cups and the cups only touched at the very bottom bearing most of her breasts. The cups were full enough, but the straps were short lifting her breasts into two perfect globes.

“Oh that looks great, pushes up the big boobs Marko bought you and lengthens your waist so that your sexy belly doesn’t get over shadowed. You said you grew this sexy belly yourself?” Sylvia asked as she slipped the tape measure around Nina’s belly her fingers lightly poking and squeezing Nina’s rounder waist. “I remember how tiny, flat, and not cute this was when I saw you last, but now it’s a sexy, healthy 31 inches.”

“Sigh, I used to be in the low 20’s. Yeah Marko didn’t want me dancing anymore and I didn’t work out too much after the surgery on the girls, so I kinda just got lazy, eating and partying with Marko all the time. Then one thing led to another and four months later I was 20 pounds heavier.”

Sylvia slipped the tape measure around her hips and then her thighs.

“60 inch hips and 30 inch thighs babe, I think you put on more than 20 pounds,” smiled Sylvia.

“20 pounds in the first four months...28 in the last two,” she blushed.

“Wow you put on more than I did, I’ve only gained 30 pounds since the break up,” Sylvia giggled, “You must really miss him to be eating so much, you’re gaining weight even faster.”

“You still weigh more than me porky,” replied Nina a little too hostilely.

That stung Sylvia, but she knew she was getting fat and she needed the sale so she decided to take it with a smile. “Yeah well I work here, so I can be a little rounder, but tell me how this happened.”

“After the break up I could tell I didn’t really fit in my booty shorts at 180, so I didn’t want to go back to dancing until I had lost some of the chub, but I still had to make a living so I decided to do some more web work,” she said as she pulled on the ultra-low rise stretch denim jeans over her thick thighs and bubble bum. “I had done some stuff in the past when I was much, much skinnier, right when I started dancing. You know like promotion stuff. I was a 34-22-38 model. My ass was the biggest part of me back then, so they lumped me with the big booty models.”

“It’s still the biggest part of you honey, oh I like this little mini dress on you,” said Sylvia as she ran her hands over the soft yellow cotton dress. It had only one strap and was cut so that it looped underneath her other arm exposing her cleavage and part of her left breast. It hugged her figure all the way down to the tops of her thighs.”Then we can put a belt up high to highlight the girls or we can put it low underneath your belly to show off your cute round belly. Then if you put on more weight you can wear it as a shirt and wear some stretch jeans or leggings underneath. You were saying, web work or something?”

“You don’t think this makes my butt look too fat?” Nina asked with a pout as she arched her back and displayed her swollen globes.

Sylvia giggled, “You’re in the wrong place to ask that question, but if you want my honest opinion, fatter is better.”

Nina laughed too.

“My website subscribers feel the same way, but feel how fluffy it is,” Nina said as she pulled Sylvia’s hands to it.

“Mmmm,” Sylvia poked her finger nails into the juicy rump. “It’s nice, but have you seen my ass? You’re still much smaller than me, but they like the bigger you?’

“Well, I hadn’t done any real work for years, just a couple of promotional shots at clubs and stuff when my bum was in the high 40’s, so when I contacted the guy I worked with before he said he would bring me back as one of his big booty models. Then he saw me and said I would fit in better with a BBW site. A 55 inch ass was much bigger than any girl he had so he sent me over to a BBW contact site. The hostess for the site said I was too skinny to be a real BBW, but if I was willing to either stuff or gain weight, that she could use me.”

Nina was trying on a black pencil skirt that was skin tight nearly to her ankles, “Oh I like this one totally makes my ass look firm and round.”

“And it goes up over your belly, so it can hold it in for you after a big meal. I have two of these in a, sigh, bigger size,” replied Sylvia as she zipped up the back of the skirt.

“Oh cute. So I figured I would do a few shots, collect a couple of bucks and then go back to dancing. But she told me I was like the hottest model ever for the site, I like had so many postings every day asking me to get bigger, asking how fat I want to get, telling me how sexy my big ass was. My subscriber count was higher than a lot of the other girls too so the money was going to be nice. I figured maybe I could put off dancing for a bit and play along with my subscribers. I did a stuffing video, got more subscribers. Did another, they begged for more. Every week they encourage me to eat more and more and its sorta fun, and the money is pretty good now. They like totally love how big it’s getting,” she said as she squeezed her bum in the mirror. “All I have to do is eat, film a video, take a few pics, make a couple of flirty posts and collect my money. It’s totally easier than dancing. In fact it’s so easy, that some weeks I don’t even leave the apartment.”

Sylvia was slipping a black and lavender half cup bra around Nina, hosting the girls up, her pert nipples poking out over the top of the cup.

“So that’s why you are bursting out of your clothes, you never have to put them on,” she giggled.

“Most things I can get delivered, the food delivery guys must think I have like four roommates. If only I didn’t have to go to Marko to get my supply, he totally has the best stuff, I would never have to leave the house,” sighed Nina as she pulled on a thin soft white pair of cotton pyjama bottoms.

“Supply? A supply like this?” Sylvia asked as she reached into the top of her bra and pulled out a small baggy.

Nina took the daggling baggy from Sylvia and breathed in deeply.

“Oh my word... this is Marko’s! You still see him?”

“That’s not Marko’s, that’s mine. He sends one of his friends, sometimes one of his skinny stripper girls to get his supply from me, I hate when he does that. But I pay him back by getting them high and sending them back with a big round belly,” Sylvia giggled.

“This is the best stuff, where do you get it?”

“Oh I will never tell, but unlike with Marko, I will make deliveries,” cooed Sylvia as she slipped her hands along the sides of Nina’s round pot belly. “I’m looking to expand my customer base anyways.”

“I would really like to buy from you instead of him. It’s embarrassing going over there seeing a flock of skinny strippers, who I know like half of them.”

“Well as long as you shop here and buy from me, I can always help you out, and I would be happy to deliver as well. I might even bring over some treats to go with the product,” Sylvia cooed as she pressed her soft breasts against Nina’s back as she popped the front snap on the half bra.

Nina arched her back a bit, pressing her fluffy rump against Sylvia’s thighs as she wiggled out of a pair of pyjama bottoms. Topless, and now only wearing her pink thong, she slowly turned to face Sylvia. She pressed her nearly naked body against Sylvia and tucked the baggy back into Sylvia’s bra. “If you like came over to my place, people might get the wrong impression. Last I heard from Marko was that he thought you were seeing someone, like a hot dark haired skinny model. Won’t she get jealous?”

“I doubt it. We haven’t talked in forever. She like got me a job here after Marko dumped me then a couple weeks later she dumped me too. We dated before Marko and then we sorta dated the entire time I was with Marko, but she got pissed off at the end because I wasn’t getting fat enough. I got fat for her, and even started working her for her, but I guess it wasn’t enough.”

“That’s like kinda sad and stuff, but screw her, you’re still hot and you can totally lose this. And since you are single you definitely need to come over tonight, so we can smoke and I can help you burn some calories,” she giggled.

After a few hours of flirting and trying on clothes, Sylvia rang up the clothing order for Nina knowing that this morning’s sale was going to make her week, but if she did tonight’s sale right, she would finally have a new belly to feed, replacing Marko’s. Jenny was her ultimate goal, she was huge and sexy, but Jenny hadn’t come around yet, even with her constant flirting. Sylvia had pretty tough competition though, as Jenny had been dating Tina for a while and had probably hooked up with half the girls working at VL and the bakery. Nina would be a much easier catch, and help prepare her for that much larger conquest.


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Sep 30, 2005
Chapter 33

When Tina woke up after the nearly 24 hour stuffing, her bum was spreading out over the small bed in the back of the bakery, her belly sagging between her legs and pressing onto the cool tile floor. Her mouth was watering from all the delicious smells as she subconsciously started to lick her lips.

She knew that if Kelly saw her she would be back eating again so she tried to sneak back to her upstairs apartment as quickly as she could. But moving 550 pounds was growing nearly impossible, and sneaking was out of the question.

Once Kelly and the other bakers realized she was awake they got her upstairs and began the feeding process again. She tried to protest, eating for 23 hours should at least buy her a day off. After eight months of stuffing and gorging under the influence of the bet, Tina finally started to complain.

Kelly reminded her that she had a full year to do whatever she wanted with Tina’s belly and that if she didn’t want to be a partner she could quit at any time. Tina wanted to be a partner, but no longer was convinced that this much stuffing was fair, she had gained 422 pounds during this bet and that had to be more than enough. So she requested that Gwen, Kelly’s ex-girlfriend make a ruling, to decide if 550 pounds was plenty of weight and that she had fulfilled her end of the deal.

Kelly agreed to let Gwen decide, as she was more than satisfied with how Tina had turned out, but still hoped she would have the girl’s belly for the next four months.

“Well this sure is a lovely view. Are those VL?” chirped Gwen as she strutted into Tina’s apartment upstairs from the bakery. Tina was standing bent over the back of the couch watching TV, her breasts and elbows resting on the back while her spherical belly sagged between the back of the couch and giant thighs. The weight of her massive paunch putting a huge bow in her back, and hanging to within a few inches off the fluffy carpet. Her giant rump swelled up higher than her shoulders in this bent over position and her hips swelled out nearly a foot and half past the width of her shoulders.

Tina craned her neck to look back at Gwen over her swollen rump. “I dunno, maybe. Why don’t you tell me.”

Tina felt Gwen’s tummy and thighs press against her bum and her hands searching for the tag on the black booty shorts.

“Yep, that’s ours. We really need to get you into a bigger size though. We will need to special order of course, now that this bottom of yours has gotten so.... spacious,” cooed Gwen as she squeezed two handfuls of booty fat that was poking out the bottom of the shorts.

Tina rolled off of one elbow and tried to reach back over her girth and swat Gwen’s squeezing hands, but only managed to reach the top bare portion of her giant ass. The booty shorts were so small on her now that they only covered the middle third of her bloated globes.

“Hey, stop that!” she cried as her ass jiggled from her slap.

“I have the same problem Gwen, her ass is just too much fun not to play with now. And she can barely reach you,” said Kelly as she squeezed along Tina’s giant ass and hip. “But wait until you see her belly. Show her your belly Christina.”

Tina hadn’t heard Kelly come in, but it made sense that if Gwen was here, Kelly wasn’t going to let her ex-girlfriend run around unchaperoned. “What you can’t see it from the side, sagging towards my feet?”

Gwen walked around to Tina’s side and patted the side of Tina’s sagging belly and squeezed her deeply arched back. “Oh yes, she is carrying almost as much fat in her belly as Julia is, of course Julia has those massive boobs.”

Gwen patted Tina’s soft shoulder, “I’m sorry I’m treating you like a prize piggy, but you have really changed. Can I make it up to you by giving you a hug?”

“Fine, but I know you are just using the hug as an excuse to feel more of my fat,” Tina responded.

Tina hosted herself up on the back of the couch, dragging her belly along the back of the couch. She braced her hands in the middle of her back thrusting her massive belly out in front of her.

Gwen noticed how tight Tina’s black bra was on her, as flesh bulged up over the cups. Her giant belly helped provide support for her breasts, but they were still pretty small, just a little bigger than Kelly’s even though she was more than a 100 pounds fatter.

“My you are bursting out everywhere, we really need to find you new clothes, or maybe we just take them off,” giggled Gwen as she squeezed the massive beauty.

Tina was very pretty, full lips, dark eyes, thick dark wavy hair that she had put into two pig tails. She had light make-up on that was perfectly done and her earrings were in. Her cheeks were slightly fuller and her double chin was starting to show. Her body had all the curves and bulges that made her perfect for Gwen, but she was still a couple hundred pounds smaller than Jenny.

Although packing on over 400 pounds in eight months meant that she had amazing weight gaining potential. Her huge swollen sack like belly and wide fluffy bean bag size butt cheeks had turned her into a lazy barely mobile beauty.

“If I can’t get Jenny to break up with Tina, maybe I can get Tina to break up with Jenny,” Gwen thought devilishly.

‘Wow you lost... a lot of weight,” huffed Tina, the weight of her girth causing her to be short of breath. Gwen seeing her struggle to stand unsupported was making her more aroused.

Gwen slid her hands down to the sides of Tina’s soft paunch and kept the heavier girl’s belly pressed again her own. “You know you’re only a few pounds heavier than me at my heaviest, you really aren’t that big.”

Gwen had lost 133 pounds since breaking up with Kelly, but her ass still formed a wobbling shelf of fat within the tight tan knee length pencil skirt. Her thighs and hips were still quite wide and thick and fat puffed up around her knees. Her calves had shrunk considerably and her ankles were back. She had lost the weight though both diet and exercise so she was also back wearing three inch pumps.

Gwen had always had a full bosom and full hips, but as her weight escalated to over 500 pounds her belly became quite prominent. Now more than 100 pounds lighter, her Buddha belly had shrunk faster than her hips and ass and she looked like she was beginning to get her hour glass figure back. The deflated paunch was fuller below her belly button and left her with sizable love handles and the tight pencil skirt showed off both spectacularly.

The skirt was cinched above her belly button with a thin black belt and Gwen was tight white scoop neck cotton short sleeve top that was tucked into the skirt. The scoop neck top showed off her impressive cleavage that was constantly jiggling and bouncing as she moved her arms as she talked. Her arms were still quite fat and bulged out wider than her sleeves and sagged over her elbow.

The weight loss had made her substantial bulges looser and jigglier and she was very squishy. Her light blond hair was swept up off her shoulders into a clip and she was wearing small black framed glasses.

“But I am down to 380, lost 26 inches off my belly. I’m wearing heels again too. Corporate likes their executives a little smaller, and their store managers a little bigger. Although they try to keep them under 700 pounds, unfortunately for Jenny,” she said.

“You won’t be seeing heels for a long time honey,” said Kelly as she patted the top of Tina’s bare gut. Kelly was standing in front of Tina in her baker outfit pleased as pie at the massive size of her creation. Kelly was nearly 50 pounds fatter than her ex-girlfriend Gwen with a larger rounder belly and much fatter bubble butt. Her breasts were smaller and her arms were a bit thinner, but overall she was clearly the fatter of the two. Kelly’s light blond hair was in her pixy cut with a lock of her bangs held back with a pink flower burette.

“Sigh, I can’t even see my feet.” Tina lamented.

Gwen giggled, “Well four months from now you can try to diet, doesn’t seem to be working to well in Julia’s case though. I am so glad I decided to keep her skinny booty around all those years. It’s quite rewarding to have a previously skinny employee become the fattest assistant manager in the Company.”

“Seriously,” replied Kelly as she put both hands on Tina’s swollen belly. “Three and a half years ago when I hired Tina, she was 70 pounds skinnier than me, now she is more than 120 pounds heavier and she just keeps swelling and swelling.”

“Not anymore though, 23 hours of stuffing me is way too much,” pouted Tina. “You went too far.”

“12 months is 12 months love. If you want to be a partner you need to keep eating,” laughed Kelly.

“23 hours of eating? Tina you really have changed,” Gwen cooed as she rubbed Tina’s wobbling paunch. “Kelly, can I have a couple of minutes with Tina alone?”

“Sure, I need to check on a few things in the oven anyways,” Kelly replied.

Gwen watched the fat bottomed baker waddle to the elevator as she continued to rub Tina’s soft round belly. Once the elevator doors closed, she grabbed Tina’s hand and began to pull her across the room. Tina waddled and wobbled as she tried to keep up with the blond clothing executive, her wide heavy bottom swaying and bouncing dramatically.

Gwen led her over to a table that was covered in freshly baked pastries and picked up a large apple fritter and lifted it to Tina’s lips. Tina opened her lips and let Gwen feed her.

“You know a girl your size really shouldn’t keep eating like this,” cooed Gwen. “I mean if you keep eating like this you’ll be fatter than your whale of a girl friend.”

Tina tried to pull away from Gwen’s grip, but Gwen pulled her back.

“No, no honey. You can’t leave, there is so much more to fit into your big fat belly,” she cooed as she pushed the pastry back to Tina’s lips and Tina took another big bite.

“Oh you really have changed. You used to be such a good feeder, such a dominate bossy bitch but now look at you. You can’t say no to me, you’re never gonna lose an ounce of all this fat if you’re this submissive. Just imagine four more months with Kelly, you’ll be huge.” Gwen chortled.

“I know, you have to get me out of this bet. I can’t control myself anymore,” Tina pleaded as Gwen fed her another pastry.

“Well I could be persuaded to side with you, but I’ll want something from you,” Gwen replied.

“Whatever you want,” begged Tina as she swallowed more pastry.

“I want your whale of a girlfriend. You need to break up with Jenny, not just cheat on her periodically.”

“But Jenny still likes me for some reason; no one else even comes around anymore,” Tina whined.

Gwen pushed more pastry into Tina, “She will be mine eventually Tina, you might as well save yourself four more months of Kelly stuffing you.”

“No way, you can’t do this!” whined Tina around her mouth full of sweet fattening pastries. They both heard the elevator begin to move back up to Tina’s apartment.

“Oh I probably can. And you better hope I do, cause if I don’t end up dating Jenny… Then I’ll make this mine instead,” she cooed devilishly as she squeezed and wobbled the front of Tina’s swollen belly.

“No… you can’t,” said Tina in a panic.

“I can and will, so what will it be, tubby? The elevator is almost here,” Gwen pushed.

“I won’t do it,” Tina declared.

The elevator door opened and Gwen turned to face Kelly. She strutted purposely towards the fat baker and slipped her arm around Kelly’s shoulders. “I must say you have really done an amazing job with Tina, look at her still eating even when you aren’t here.”

Tina turned away from the table towards the two big beauties and put her fists on her hips and chewed her mouth full of food with a grimace.

“Unfortunately I have to side with Kelly on this one. The bet required you to relinquish control of your belly, and just cause you ate for 23 hours doesn’t get you out of the bet,” Gwen declared.

“Bitch,” glared Tina at Gwen.

“Oh Christina, you’re already 550 pounds what’s another couple hundred pounds anyways? But just so you know, you’ve never looked sexier. If Jenny hadn’t gained 220 pounds in the last eight months you would be in a lot more trouble,” said Gwen as she licked her lips and rubbed Tina’s massive blubbery belly.

“So what are you going to feed me now Kelly?” sighed Tina.

“For today, very little. I think I’ll let Gwen have a turn for today,” Kelly said beaming.

“No, please no,” Tina begged.

“Oh she is in luck, my calendar just opened. I can’t say I approve of how much you have been feeding her Kelly, her weight is really getting out of control,” giggled Gwen as she bent over and gave Kelly a kiss.

Kelly returned the kiss and then waddled her fat thighs and bubble butt over to the elevator, her fat visibly wiggling in the tight white pants, and boarded the freight elevator.

“I’m sure you don’t need it, Gwen, but can I offer send up a cart of apple crunch pie anyways? I have a few that are cooling down stairs,” she cooed as she entered the elevator.

“Well I guess, but she really shouldn’t, oh who am I kidding, have one of your girls send a cart right up.”

After the nearly all day stuffing by Gwen, Kelly kept Tina stuffed for longer and longer periods of time with less and less amounts of sleep in between the feedings. Tina was so weak from not sleeping that she could barely muster the strength to leave the couch. When she did try to move she found that she was much too weak to hoist her colossal rump up and was completely reliant on someone else to move her.

At the end of the two weeks she was begging for sleep and Kelly relented. She still stuffed Tina’s bigger belly nearly to the point of bursting, but she let her have more sleep. She continued the longer feedings for two months, the whole time Tina was either too full or too tired to move and her belly swelled as her rump and hips continued to grow.

She kept getting weaker and weaker and after two months Tina was virtually immobile, her huge ass now filling the couch, wedging her in. She was much more comfortable in bed than the now confining couch, but laying on her back, her hips and rump spread out nearly filling the queen size bed, while her great belly swelled more than two and half feet above the edge of the mattress.

When she lay on her side her ass bulged to the edge of the bed and her great belly swelled out to the other edge. She simply couldn’t muster the energy to move herself off the couch or off the bed unless she had help. Her massive globular paunch had swelled over the months and her metabolism had slowed to a crawl. She was now nearly 700 pounds, but Tina wasn’t the only girl Kelly was stuffing.

“Oh god you’re making me so fat,” complained Kate as she tied the string bikini bottom on her right hip. The string bikini’s tie staining against the increased curve of her hip. The string bikini bottom barely reached around her soft wide hips and road very low in front due to her swollen bubbly bottom demanding more material than ever to cover her softening form.

The VL designed yellow bikini bottom had a tiny triangle in front to cover her cookie and a much more substantial triangle in back for her expansive bottom. Even so, the increased girth on her lower half caused the back to wedge up between her globular cheeks and show off more than a third of her butt cleft.

Kelly slipped a hand around the protruding bulge of Kate’s round belly, her own soft paunch fitting into the small of Kate’s back, resting on Kate’s delightfully buoyant bottom, her other hand pushing a chocolate crème filled powdered sugar coated pastry she had freshly baked to Kate’s lips.

“If you ever spent a night in your own bed you wouldn’t have to worry about getting fed so much. You know you don’t have to spend every night with me,” cooed Kelly as she kissed Kate’s neck.

The younger shorter blond greedily gobbled up the confectionary delight the baker fed her and let out a slight moan as her cheeks were stuffed full.

“But I get so lonely in my big apartment and your complex has a much nicer pool,” replied Kate as she took in more of the freshly baked pastry into her salivating mouth. She looped her bikini top over her head and pulled the small yellow and pink triangles over her 30 A-cup breasts, pulling the bikini strings behind her back.

“Tie me please,” she ordered as Kelly grabbed the strings and she lifted her light blond hair out of the way. Kate’s hair now reached to the bottom of her shoulder blades and would get tangled in her bikini if she let it.

She hadn’t had long hair in years primarily because for the last year and a half she had been dieting and exercising trying to lose the weight she had gained since high school, and long hair would just get in the way of her activities. But the extent of her physical activities had now become playing with Kelly, rubbing her swelling belly and lots and lots of eating.

Kate also didn’t have to go into the office anymore as she was a freelance programmer, so she never had to get dressed up or stay fashionable, she wore mostly sweats, t-shirts, and various athletic wear.

However, since she had been seeing Kelly she had begun to turn over a new leaf, pay more attention to her hair and make-up, she wanted to look pretty for the portly baker. Even though Kelly was much less busty than Julia, Jenny, Sara, or anyone else she had dated, Kate wanted to please the light blond pixy hair cut bottom heavy beauty, and Kelly was most pleased when Kate ate, and ate, and ate.

The last two months since she made the bet with Julia she had only gone to the gym twice. She had adhered to the rules of the bet initially, and then slowly started moving her things into Kelly’s apartment. Now she spent every day at Kelly’s, eating bigger and bigger meals when Kelly was around, or lounging by the pool and snacking while Kelly was at the bakery.

In two months her nearly flat belly had swelled round and fat, sticking out past the bulge of her over stuffed thighs. She now had a nice solid protruding pot belly that was constantly getting rubbed, felt or poked wherever she went, the bakery and VL was especially bad as the girls relished her increasingly rounder shape. The 5’2” girl had grown a large bubbly ass since high school, and while the year and a half of diet and exercise had caused her bubble butt to shrink below 70 inches in girth, the muscle she had added to her thighs and rump forced it up high and to protrude far behind her thighs.

Two months without exercise had caused some of the muscle to turn to fat and her round butt cheeks had ballooned into larger than beach ball sized globes. She was nearly as big in the hips and thighs than when she was at her heaviest, while her bust was still a tiny 30 a-cup. Losing weight for a year and half had caused her belly and top to shrink dramatically, but her lower body lost weight at a much slower pace. Now that she had given up working out and stopped dieting, her weight gain was dramatically swelling her lower body, and Kelly was loving it.


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Sep 30, 2005
End of Chapter 33....I think

Kelly crammed another pastry into Kate’s mouth and brushed her powder sugar covered fingers against her pink boy shorts panties and grabbed the bikini top’s strings. “I don’t know you sure don’t seem to be putting on any weight up here, are you sure I’m making you fat?”

“I weighed myself this morning Kelly,” replied Kate with her mouth full of pastry.

“I’ve regained 45 pounds since you began tying my bikinis, and while the girls are still small this belly is getting fat, not to mention my huge ass.” Kate complained as she rubbed the front of her protruding belly.

“Oh yeah, now I see it. You are getting fat. You should really try to stop eating so much,” teased Kelly as she fed Kate another pastry and grabbed a handful of Kate’s right bare butt cheek.

Kate turned to face Kelly, her round paunch pressing against Kelly’s double belly. Kelly kept one hand squeezing Kate’s plump rump, the other feeding her another crème filled pastry. The lips of the beauties only separated by the baker’s treats being funnelled into Kate’s mouth.

“And you’re the reason why I now have a 40 inch waistline. You know you don’t always have to stuff me,” Kate pouted as her own hands squeezed Kelly’s bare fluffy love handles.

Kelly had also continued to grow softer and fatter over the last two months, and seemed to be gaining at a faster pace than her usual. Her huge tear drop shaped belly finally swelled enough to split into two. The top bulge being much smaller than the bottom and the bottom forming a wide and thick spare tire that oozed over the front of her thighs and formed a shelf of flesh at the top of her hips.

Her belly was now 81 inches around. She was wearing a black tank top that stretched tight over her now slightly fuller bosom, a nice puffy 44 ff-cup, and squeezed over the top half of her belly. The straining tank top no longer fit over her wider lower belly, which emphasised her softening sagging middle.

Kelly’s pink boy shorts panties slipped under her sagging belly and contained most of her massive hips and bum. She had always been bottom heavy, fuller in the cheeks than in the hips and thighs, and now her cheeks had swollen out below her thin cotton shorts. She had 100 inch hips and an ass that was fatter than Gwen’s ever was. She had gained 75 pounds this year, more than she had ever gained since she opened the bakery, something was causing the now 465 pound baker to grow.

“A baker can’t have a skinny girlfriend, what would people say?” replied Kelly.

“I’m your girlfriend now?” asked Kate with a raised eyebrow.

“Well you moved your stuff in and you never leave,” replied Kelly as she grabbed another pastry.

“Plenty of people bring stuff over, and who would kick out someone after they had eaten a huge meal? Doesn’t mean they are a couple,” replied Kate.

“Well, um, I don’t know. I just thought, well I don’t know what I thought,” Kelly stammered as she pushed the pastry meant for Kate into her own mouth and rapidly gobbled it up.

“You thought we were in a relationship?” asked Kate with a knowing smile.

The 28 year old Kelly stuffed her cheeks full of her baked goods and nervously stammered, “Maybe?”

“Is all this relationship talk making you nervous babe?” Kate asked as she reached behind Kelly into a box of chocolate donuts and began to nibble on one as she lightly walked the fingers of her other hand to the front of Kelly’s belly.

“No, I just thought, well...” stammered Kelly as she stuffed more into her mouth.

“You are nervous,” Kate replied, poking her finger into Kelly’s bare bulge on each word, slightly giggling. “You’re eating so fast you might get a belly ache.”

Kelly turned to face the boxes of baked goods, her huge ass bumping Kate’s belly as she turned.

“Ooops, sorry,” she squeaked.

“I make you nervous. That’s so sweet,” cooed Kate as she hugged the fatter girl from behind, squeezing the sides of Kelly’s belly as her body melted into Kelly’s bubbly rump. “That’s why you’ve been putting on weight, you’re a nervous eater.”

“It’s just I haven’t dated anyone since Gwen. Then you started flirting with me, even though it’s just to make Julia jealous,” replied the quickly eating Kelly.

Kate slid her hands up the sides of Kelly’s belly and cupped her plump breasts. She leaned further into Kelly and began to kiss along her neck.

“Well that’s certainly how it started, but now I think I am becoming attracted to you. Short blonds with fat... wide... soft... heavy... bottoms don’t get nearly as much attention as they should, don’t you think?” she cooed as her hands moved down and hefted Kelly’s soft jiggling bottom.

“No they don’t,” Kelly moaned as she continued to eat.

“And you’ve had a fat... wide... bottom for a while,” Kate breathed as she squeezed Kelly’s rump and nibbled on her ear. “You must have been starved for attention.”

“You have no idea,” she whined as she continued to eat.

“And it’s getting fatter and fatter,” Kate continued.

“I just can’t help it around you,” Kelly pleaded as she ate.

“Aw, that’s Ok, I am beginning to develop a taste for fat... squishy... bottoms,” replied Kate as she began to pull the tight pink boy shorts off Kelly’s huge ass. She pulled them down to Kelly’s ankles and then planted a kiss on Kelly’s rump.

She rolled Kelly’s shirt up over her breasts and then over her head, pinning Kelly’s arms above her head. She then stuffed a chocolate glazed, crème filled pastry into the now naked Kelly’s lips, keeping her arms trapped as she feed her more and more. Kate eventually pulled the top off and began to kiss and suck on Kelly’s engorged nipple. The two girls were standing next to Kelly’s dining table, which had been loaded with Kelly’s fattening treats in anticipation of feeding Kate.

Kelly was facing the table and Kate was facing her, her back to the table with her own puffy 77 inch rump bulging over the edge of the table. As she began to kiss and caress the heavier girl’s breasts, she began to lower her bum onto the table. The girth of her bottom swelled and bulged spreading out onto the table crushing the edges of some of the pink boxes and knocking a pie back. She grabbed one of the squished pastries and shoved it into Kelly’s lips.

“Look at how fat you’ve made me, I’m squishing the boxes of goodies with my huge ass,” pouted Kate. “I had lost this huge ass four months ago and now it’s back, getting bigger than ever. A girl who is 5’2” shouldn’t have a 77 inch ass. Who would want to date such a fat ass?”

Kelly gobbled up more pastries as Kate kissed around her soft sagging belly. “I don’t know why you are complaining now, you’re barely 245. Wait two more months when you are going to be even fatter.”

“Oh is that so? Is that the baker talking or my wanna be girlfriend?” giggled Kate as she continued to kiss around the soft belly and slipped her hand between Kelly’s thighs.

Kelly moaned and pulled Kate’s face against her belly and stuffed more pastries into her own, “You know I want you, so stop teasing.”

“But it’s so fun,” giggled Kate as she rocked back on to the table. She pushed the boxes out of the way as she lay on her back.

“My turn,” she said as she patted her pussy and nibbled on a donut.

The naked Kelly lowered down to her knees and pulled the front of Kate’s bikini down. She pushed her face into Kate’s pussy and looped her arms around Kate’s squishy bum. Kate rested her dainty feet on Kelly’s fluffy shoulders and began to gobble up pastry after pastry as Kelly ate her.

“I know I am going to get fatter for the next two months; there is no escaping it so I am going to enjoy myself and eat your delicious goodies,” moaned Kate as she gobbled up more pastries as her woman hood was being pleasured. “But after I win this bet with Julia, I’ll probably cut back on your goodies.”

“And what happens if you lose?” asked Kelly with a sly grin, her face hidden below the bulge of Kate’s belly.

“MMMMMmmm, oooh yes,” cooed Kate a wave of orgasmic pleasure filling her body. After a moment to catch her breath she replied, “I saw Julia yesterday and she has gotten huge; there is no way I am losing to that blimp.”


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Chapter 34 (Or 33 still, at least that is what he has)

One day prior...

“Was that Kate?” asked Jenny as she saw her old roommate from college waddle her soft bottom in skin tight sweat shorts past her carrying a bag of newly purchased swimwear and sexy undergarments.

“I think so, she put on some weight. Her bum is so bubbly and her pot belly is so cute, I hope she keeps gaining,” squealed the tall blond Sylvia as she turned around from the bra display with a clutch of very large lacy bras in a variety of colours.

“Yeah it is nice, but have y’all noticed how huge Julia is now? I think she has put on a lot more than Kate.”

“Kate said she gained 45 pounds in like the last four months. I know Julia’s gained a lot more than that. Her belly has gotten like so much bigger now, it’s nearly as fat as yours,” giggled Sylvia as she patted Jenny’s belly, causing her to squeeze her plump breasts against Jenny’s soft shoulder. Jenny was sitting down on one of the wide thickly padded benches in the bra section gathering her strength for the waddle back into her office. She had just left the main register after counting the afternoon’s receipts.

Jenny was wearing a tight light blue linen peasant blouse with a deep scoop neck that hung off both shoulders revealing nearly two feet of bulging cleavage. The blouse was snug around her massive bosom which now measured 112 inches around. She had a thick layer of fat around her substantially padded upper body and her breasts filled one of the largest cup sizes the VL Corporation made.

Supported by her huge specially manufactured bra, her cleavage bulged up nearly touching her soft chin. The thin sleeves of the blouse were straining against the bloated sacks of fat that were her massive upper arms. The shirt strained against the bulging folds of fat on her back and around the top roll of her double belly, it struggled against her oozing, bulging love handles and the massive bulge of her lower belly, but managed to swell around every inch of her 109 inch paunch. Her sagging paunch forced her thighs wide apart and proudly bulged out nearly as far as her supported breasts. The bottom of her belly sagged between her legs down to the middle of her calves.

Jenny’s arms were resting against her sides, her elbows pressing into her fluffy love handles, while her lower arms were squeezed against her upper belly, wedged under the edges of her breasts. Her breasts were much wider than her shoulders and upper belly and they bulged out so far, that she couldn’t help but naturally wedge her arms under her girth when she was sitting. Her hips and rump bulged and oozed over the wide padded bench she was sitting on, spreading out more than twice as wide as her shoulders. Her rump swelled up to her elbows and spread out behind her by nearly two feet.

Jenny's hips now measured 134 inches around and her thighs were nearly 72 inches around. Even seated her fat bulged around her knees and sagged over her ankles. Around her wildly massive lower body she was wearing white cotton Capri pants with the waistband tight around the middle of her double belly, exaggerating the split between the upper and lower bulges. She had tan flat slip-on shoes on her puffy feet as she had finally given up on heels.

Jenny hadn’t gained much weight over the two months Julia had been involved with her bet as the rotund Latina was back to eating everything in sight without Kate to help restrict her gluttonous urges. Jenny had miraculously managed to only gain 10 pounds during those two months, which was the least amount of weight she had ever gained since working at VL, but at 760 pounds she realized that she needed to start getting a bit of self-control.

“Y’all like watching Julia get fatter don’cha?” asked Jenny.

Sylvia swayed her wide hips around the seated manager of VL. Jenny noticed that Sylvia’s rump had grown so fat that from the front you could watch it sway to the side, causing her hips to swell and bulge as she walked. Comparatively, Jenny had never been as full in the hips and bum as Sylvia and she was a bit envious of how small Sylvia’s belly had remained in comparison to her huge bottom. She had continued inviting Sylvia to finish off the various baked goods in the kitchen but Julia was still eating most of it seemed.

Jenny appreciated the sales girl’s thickening form, but she was a little jealous that it wasn’t more evenly distributed. Although, Jenny couldn’t deny that Sylvia was growing one of the sexiest fattest asses the store had ever seen. Sylvia’s sexy globular bottom road high on the back of her wide, thick thighs and stuck out far behind her. Her twin globes were the size of beach balls and formed a sizable shelf of soft squishy fat that bounced and jiggled incessantly. She had gained 30 pounds in the last two months thanks to Jenny requesting her to eat larger and larger meals.

Sylvia was 280 pounds and complained constantly about how fat she had become but seemed powerless to stop her escalating weight. Partially because she didn’t want to upset her boss and partially because each time she stuffed it reminded her of her first love and all those pleasure filled feedings. She measured 76 inches around the fullest portion of her hips and bum, slightly slimmer than Kate, but Sylvia’s hips and upper thighs were fatter while her bottom was smaller.

Kate also had muscle underneath her generous bottom and thick thighs, while Sylvia had none and it was only youth and genetics keeping her substantial girth from sagging. Sylvia’s waist had softened and plumped forming a soft belly and squeezable love handles. The waistband of her light grey pencil skirt was underneath the swell of her belly and the bulge of her inflating spare tire allowing the softness of her middle to poke out. Her waist now sported a small potbelly, stretching her middle to 34 inches. Her breasts had continued to swell over the last four months and she now over filled a 34 J- cup bra. Her perfect breasts were each bigger than her head and bulged out far past the outer edges of her thin arms.

Sylvia's upper body had remained trim with most of the fat manifesting in her breasts giving her an exaggerated cup size for a girl with a 53 inch chest. On top she was wearing strapless pink top that was pulled up to just above her slightly upward pointed nipples, bearing the top half of her breasts. The thin stretchy top perfectly framed her spherical, braless breasts and squeezed around her soft middle to slip under the waist band of her skirt.

As she swayed around to the front of Jenny, she noticed that the bottom of Sylvia’s breasts hung down past the crook of her thin arms and partially hid the narrowness of her upper body. Her voluptuous lips were painted a bright red and her eyes were surrounded by dark mascara. Her light blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her long bangs were looped behind her ears. She had large hoop earrings and a thin chained VL goddess necklace on with matching bracelets. Once she faced Jenny, she leaned over, Sylvia’s hands pressing into Jenny’s soft shoulders, her large bulging breasts dangling in front of Jenny face.

“You know I do, I love working with two so generously curvaceous beauties. But it comes at a price, the two of you are making me huge,” Sylvia cooed as the toes of her five inch platform heels wiggled underneath Jenny’s sagging belly.

She bent further over, her elbows now resting on Jenny’s shoulders, her breasts bulging against Jenny’s chin and pressing on top of Jenny’s bosom. She looped her hands behind Jenny’s neck and began to massage her. “But I would love it even more if you and I got to have just a little bit more time to each other,” pouted Sylvia.

“You know I’m seeing Tina hun,” replied Jenny into Sylvia’s perfect breasts.

“You know Tina is far too busy right now to treat you right, but I guess I’ll just use my talents on someone who is more available,” she cooed as she nibbled on Jenny’s ear. “Julia.”

“What do you mean by talents?” replied Jenny.

“Well what am I to do? I’m a single girl and I have needs, even if she isn’t my first choice, she still is pretty fun, and her appetite is just getting so... big. It would be a shame for a feedee like her to not have someone actively feeding her. Her belly has gotten nearly as fat as yours and her rump is even bigger. Her breasts are nearly your size too,” cooed Sylvia as she kissed down Jenny’s soft neck. “But I would stop seeing Julia if you let me spend more time with you.”

“I shouldn’t be getting any bigger either, so I don’t know that I can help y’all out. But I am a bit curious, like how much has she gained,” breathed Jenny relishing the touch of the beautiful increasingly fat girl. She liked the new girl a lot, they were putting a good amount of weight on her and her ass was getting huge, but she very worried about how much of a fattening affect Sylvia was having on Julia.

Sylvia chuckled lightly. She had caught Jenny a few times checking her out as her skirts had gotten tighter and her blouses stretched further. The bigger her already substantial charms got the more Jenny let Sylvia flirt. Now that Sylvia was closing in on 300 pounds, Jenny had begun enjoying Sylvia’s lips on her neck and cheek. It wouldn’t be long until she finally gave in. “Well you know how much Kate has gained and while I won’t tell you the number, Julia has gained much more than Kate, I mean, she is your size now and that’s just huge, and she hates herself for it. She wants to win the bet, but she seems to have such little will power around me, she just eats and eats and eats.”

“You can’t keep feeding her. This store will be ruined if she loses this bet and goes on a diet. She is one of our largest models, when she rarely models, and we won’t be able to use her as an assistant manager if she starts to seriously shrink,” whined Jenny.

“I’m not like really, really feeding her, it’s just I am always eating when she is around the store thanks to you making me eat so much. Then whenever I go over to her place I seem to just happen to bring the stacks and stacks of pastry boxes that accumulate in the kitchen, I just hate for all the food to go to waste or to my waist. Besides if she does lose this bet and get skinny, I am sure you could find another assistant manager,” cooed Sylvia as she nibbled on Jenny’s ear.

“Well maybe I could, but I need an assistant manager who can eat, or I am really going to start putting on weight with y’all girls bringing in so darn much food,” Jenny sighed as she squeezed the sides of her upper belly. The weight of her massive breasts on her arms a reminder of how huge she had become.

Sylvia swayed her dramatically large posterior to Jenny’s right side and lowered her bum down onto the thickly padded bench. She crossed her legs and rolled onto her left hip her soft voluptuous body pressing against Jenny’s right side. She put her left arm around Jenny’s lower back, resting on top of her shelf like rump, her right hand caressing the soft side of Jenny’s lower belly.

“You could always decide to stop eating so much and put this thing on a diet,” she cooed into Jenny’s ear.

“You know I can’t do that, I’m nearly as bad as Julia,” replied Jenny.

“I know, that’s why I am so attracted to you, and two months from now when Julia loses the bet and has to go on a diet, we’ll get to see how bad you really are,” giggled Sylvia as she rubbed Jenny’s massive belly and rubbed her foot against Jenny’s soft shin.

Jenny knew she was in a lot of trouble if Julia lost this bet, sure she could have Sylvia eat more of what was being brought in, but she didn’t have nearly as much of a capacity to eat as Julia and she needed Sylvia to sell bras not get paid to eat. So she decided to do the thing she had been trying to avoid from the start. “I can’t believe I am doing this, but at least you are darn sexy even if you are a tricky little snake. You can be my assistant in the office, you’ll still have to work the floor from time to time, I won’t pay you anymore either but y’all be spending a lot more time with me, and y’all will be eating a lot more too. And you have to promise to keep Julia from gaining anymore weight.”

Sylvia chuckled lightly, “I’ll see what I can do, but she might be heartbroken, and you know a sad Julia is probably gonna eat way, way too much. You’ll have to help me remove the temptation for her, by letting us keep all the food in your office.”

“Oh god all that food in reach of my chubby fingers, I’ll won’t be getting below 750 pounds any time soon. But fine, I’ll let you store the food in there, but with y’all spending more time in my office, I won’t be the only one getting fatter. Now I got to log in all these receipts,” said Jenny as she reached into her cleavage and pulled out a handful of receipts.

Jenny started to rock her girth forward; the bottom of her belly brushing against her ankles as she hefted her blubber covered body to a standing position using the momentum of her breasts and belly to thrust her body forward. She was huffing and puffing as she waddled through the racks of clothes, her hips brushing against the racks of clothes causing them to sway.

Sylvia licked her lips as she watched Jenny waddle slowly away into her office, aroused by both the sight of all that fat wobbling, she wished it was Victoria’s ass and not Jenny’s, but at least the first step in her plan to take over the store had been successful, unfortunately she was probably going to have to keep getting fatter and fatter.

“Oh no... you’re working today?” Sylvia heard a breathless high pitched voice complain behind her.

Sylvia turned her head to face the voice, her thin arms crossed under her breasts. She rose from the thickly padded bench, her braless breasts bulging and straining the thin top, jiggling slightly once she was fully standing. “Well it’s nice to see you too Julia.”

“I see... Jenny’s... here too,” she huffed as she pointed to the deep and wide depression in the thickly padded bench.

“Oh baby you need to sit down before walking all the way to the office. Here let me help you,” offered Sylvia.


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Sep 30, 2005
Julia was wearing a thin flower print dress that stretched tightly around her wondrously round body. The top of the dress had straps that looped around her neck and deep neck line that plunged to the apex of her massive breasts. The back of the dress was open to her shoulder blades, then tight around each roll and bulge. Her belly had swelled rounder and fuller over the last four months adding 7 inches to its circumference, and now arched out in a huge round ball from underneath her breasts to the top of her knees. It bulged out past her breasts and forced open doors before her hands could get there.

Julia's wide hips and thick shelf like ass swelled up above her elbows and bulged halfway down her thighs. Her huge thighs rubbed all the way to her knees and were now bulging over them. The thin cotton material of the dress stretched around her girth all the way to the middle of her calves revealing every bulge, fold, and crease. As she lowered her rump to the seat, her fat bulged and spread and bounced, her massive belly resting on her thighs forcing her huge breasts above her chins. She tried to wiggle the bottom of the tight dress to free her heavy belly from resting on her thighs, allow it to sag between her thighs, but she was too fat to do anything but jiggle.

Sylvia was laughing, “I think that dress is a bit too tight and a bit too long.”

“It was fine a month ago,” Julia wined in her high pitched Latin accented voice. “Can’t you just tug it free for me?”

“Sure love,” replied Sylvia as she pulled the thin dress from underneath Julia’s paunch.

Finally the belly spilled out the bottom forcing her thighs wide apart and the dress to roll up to the bottom of her breasts and slide up to the top of her thighs, thanks to the weight of her massive rump pinning the back of the dress between her girth and the soft bench. The naked perfect spherical pot belly flopped down nearly touching the thick carpet, its great weight forcing Julia to lean forward.

“Whew much better. I think I bit off more than I could chew,” she said as she perched her forearms onto her fluffy thighs.

“Aint that the truth,” giggled Sylvia.

“You really have gone to pot these last two months haven’t you?” She asked as she tried to pull the thin dress over the front of Julia’s bulging Buddha belly.

Julia was arching her back as she twisting her long, thick light brown hair into a lose clip, her massive upper arms jiggling and wobbling as she fiddled with her hair. “I’m so huge, my belly is so heavy and fat it’s nearly resting on the floor. I checked the scale this morning, 763 pounds of fat. And I have you to thank for it.”

Julia finished twisting her hair up and now had her fists planted into the top of her fluffy hips. Her elbows were out to the sides and her upper arm fat was sagging down half way to her wrists.

Sylvia bent over straining to get the thin dress to cover the front of Julia’s sagging apron.

“The bet wasn’t my idea and neither was this plan, you knew you would be getting fatter. But I have good news, she finally agreed that you are getting too fat,” replied Sylvia as she squeezed the bare sagging flesh.

“Oh she like did?” enjoying the sight of Sylvia’s hanging, bulging cleavage.

Sylvia stood back up, her arms crossed underneath her breasts, the braless mounds wobbling and shaking. “Someone is afraid poor Julia is going to lose the bet if we don’t stop this belly from growing.”

“Took her long enough. So now you like have to start doing your part of the plan,” whined Julia.

“Feeding and flirting with Jenny, oh I can do that,” said Sylvia as she walked behind Julia and wrapped her arms around Julia’s neck, her thighs pressing into Julia’s bulging bottom. “Jenny is going to be the store’s little eater now. She is worried you are going to lose this bet so she has agreed to let me store all the food in her office to remove temptation from you, and she has finally agreed to let me work in the office.”

“Oh you’re so sneaky, I am so glad I hired your skinny bum when I did. I never would have been able to pull this off by myself. She helped Mia fatten me up during that initial bet, now she is going to see how it feels,” giggled Julia. “But I just wish I like figured out a plan to get back at her before I got this fat.”

“Trust me love, it looks great on you.” If her plan worked out she would have charmed both beauties by the end of the bet and be in a perfect position to be promoted. She knew they needed a real assistant manager since Julia was still doing both the finance and the assistant manager job, but with her escalated weight, it was getting harder and harder to get around the store. By helping Julia fatten up Jenny, she would get her recommendation for the assistant manager job, and by flirting with Jenny she was likely to get her’s as well. Then one more move and she would be manager.

It was now four weeks since Jenny agreed to let her office hold all the food brought in for the store and let Sylvia work more in the office and the flirting had been incessant. Gwen had been travelling for months and wasn’t due to visit the store until after Halloween, so Jenny was beginning to give in to Sylvia’s advances. Her relationship had become more and more a long distance affair since Tina never left the Bakery.

In Tina’s absence, Jenny had begun relishing the attention of the voluptuous blond and was finding it harder and harder to say no to anything Sylvia wanted, which is why Jenny was finding it harder and harder to find a dress that covered her permanently distended belly.

Sylvia wasn’t always the one packing Jenny’s cheeks with delicious fattening delicacies. Jenny had easily given in to her gluttonous urges since all the food was in her office, all the office girls would waddle in, take a snack or two, and try to put some food into Jenny’s belly. It usually worked too, so poor Jenny was constantly surrounded with food or being offered something from one of the sales girls.

If Sylvia wasn’t making sure Jenny’s office was piled high with baked goods, rich meals, and frozen treats that Sylvia claimed were much too tempting for poor Julia, she was also ordering food to be sent to Jenny’s apartment. She let Jenny know that if her office wasn’t empty by the time Jenny left, they would have to go back in the kitchen and become a temptation for poor Julia. It was a health code violation or something, her office assistant told her. Jenny now spent virtually all of her shift stuck in her office too full to move.

It was the beginning of the day and Jenny was waddling through the store towards her office. She was holding the sides of her belly trying to keep it from shaking to much as her thighs wobbled against it. Her breasts were swinging side to side over her distended pot as her rump swung her hips in the opposing direction. Her long thick blond hair was loose and cascaded down her shoulders.

She had on light lip gloss and dark eye shadow and platinum dangling earrings. Her breasts were packed into a two cup size too small, strapless bra that had six large hooks in the back. Her mountainous heaving cleavage was bulging up out of the straining cups, jiggling well above her collar bone, buoyed by the over inflated bulge of her distended belly.

She was wearing a pink strapless muumuu that strained around her bosom and stretched tight around the apex of her distended double belly and framed each spherical bean bag sized cheek of her gigantic booty and the widened curve of her wobbling hips, then hung loose down her thighs to the middle of her calves. She was wearing pink flip flop sandals on her slowly shuffling feet and was completely out of breath as she reached the door to her office.

Her distended belly now swelled past the fullness of her breasts and pressed against her locked door as she blindly tried to unlock it. Once the door was unlocked, her belly forced the door open and she squeezed her girth into the door frame. Waddling slowly into her office, her huge leather chair only feet away, she breathed in the delicious aroma of fresh baked pastries which covered her desk and was stacked high on several carts.

She grabbed a remote off her desk as she waddled by and then flopped her bulk down onto the huge thickly padded leather chair, her hips oozing out spreading against the now too narrow arm rests and partially enveloping them.

She really didn’t need arm rests on her chair any more as her hips and belly were more than fat enough to rest her arms upon. All they did was pinch into her hips and keep her thighs pinned together, forcing her belly to rest on top of them, causing her massive breasts to envelope her chin. Huffing and puffing she pressed the recline button on the remote causing her chair to lean back, freeing her chin from her cleavage and she began to catch her breath.

“Good morning love, I thought I heard you waddle in. I hope you brought your appetite, you have a very fulfilling day ahead of you,” cheered Sylvia as she strutted into Jenny’s office snacking on a warm chocolate glazed donut while pushing in a heavily laden pastry cart.

Sylvia’s light blond hair was loose and flowed over her shoulders with her long bangs looped behind her ears, falling down her long slender neck, and dipping onto her collar bone. She was wearing dark smokey eye shadow and bright pink lip gloss, with large silver hoop earrings. She was wearing a white silk dress with a deeply plunging neck line that bared the front of her breasts, waist and then looped under her soft pot belly.

The dress’s thin straps looped behind her neck and gradually widened to cover little more than half the front of her braless gravity defying spherical breasts, her small nipples grew engorged as the material softly slipped back and forth over them as she walked. The backless silk dress was open in the back nearly as far as it was in front and allowed the tip of her butt cleavage to poke out. The silk dress was then stretched tight around her beach ball sized booty cheeks, but road high on her hips and then dipped to just barely cover her cookie in front. On her feet she was wearing five inch platform silver heels causing her hips to sway dramatically.

She pushed the remainder of the warm pastry into her full voluptuous lips, puffing out her cheeks as she swayed over to stand close to the reclining Jenny, her thighs pressing against arm of the leather chair, her bare belly poking out at the height of Jenny’s shoulder. She licked her white nail polished manicured finger and thumb clean that had been pinching the donut.

“I see you’ve already dun filled my office, but I can’t hardly reach anything with this narrow chair keeping my thighs squished together,” complained Jenny as she wobbled her bulk around in the chair.

“Oh baby I know it’s hard reaching past this big fat swelling belly, we really do need to fix your chair. Oh but I’m one to talk, I’m getting such a tummy now too,” she whined with her mouth full of pastry as she poked her soft pot belly with her long finger nail, the heavily laden cart rolling close to Jenny’s side. “All this working in the office is making me fat.”

Jenny opened her mouth to respond, but a warm maple bar from the bakery was forced into her plump lips. Her retort was muffled and then turned into a pleasure filled moan as the she chewed up the delicious pastry. Sylvia forced the entire pastry into Jenny, packing her cheeks full and then turned back towards the cart she brought in, her wide soft hip bulging over the arm of the chair to lightly brush against Jenny’s squishy upper arm followed by the swell of her round butt cheeks as she turned, bumping against Jenny’s shoulder.

“Oh my bottom is getting so fat too,” Sylvia whined as she bent over the cart, the swell of her soft globes wobbling back and forth against Jenny’s shoulder as she rubbed her thick thighs against each other as she inspected the bakery’s spread. The straining silk dress road slightly up, her cheeks beginning to poke out the bottom.

Jenny wiggled her arm out from between the weight of her breast and the bulge of her upper belly and slipped her pudgy hand between Sylvia’s bottom and the tight silk skirt. The skirt popped up over her soft bottom to rest on top of her swollen globes.

“Y’all really are getting fat, this tiny skirt don’t hardy fit at all over all this cheese cake,” replied Jenny with her mouth full of pastry, her hand gripping and squeezing Sylvia’s bare bottom.

“Oh you are so cruel, you know that’s my trouble spot, all the fat goes right to my huge ass, at least you get to spread it around,” cooed Sylvia as she playfully slapped Jenny’s hand away and pulled down her skirt.. Jenny grabbed a thick slice of Manhattan cheese cake from the cart. She rested her arms against the sides of her breasts, the plate of cheese cake resting in her cleavage as she scooped bite after bite into her lips.

“Don’t forget...about those...two,” responded Jenny with her cheeks full of cake as she poked the fork over her cleavage at Sylvia’s nearly bare breasts.

“They are getting so big and heavy,” cooed Sylvia as she hefted her breasts up, squeezing them together forcing her cleavage to bulge and jiggle. Jenny smiled lustfully as she licked the fork clean, grabbing another thick slice of cheese cake.

“And they are so big now that I can even give them little kisses,” whined Sylvia as she popped out her right breast out of the barely there dress and hosted her huge boob between her two hands up to her plump lips. “They are so soft and squishy now too.”

“Oh you naughty girl, if I didn’t know better I would think you were trying to seduce me,” cooed Jenny as she continued to gobble up cheese cake.

Sylvia grabbed the remote that was resting on the swell of Jenny’s belly and used the remote to recline the chair nearly flat, easing Jenny’s heavy paunch partially off her thighs. Reclined as she was, Jenny could no longer see the office door; she could only see the swell of her mountainous belly behind the spectacular mounds of her breasts.

Jenny felt the cool soft hands of Sylvia slide along her thighs to the bottom of her belly. Her Muumuu then being rolled up over her huge belly until it was wedged between her bosom and paunch. She could see Sylvia’s slender fingers squeezing and kneading the top of her belly as she stuffed her cheeks full.

“Hey...what are you doing?” Jenny asked as she tried to shoo Sylvia’s hands from her belly

“Just making your tummy more comfortable Jen, your dress is getting so tight. You’re really getting big, you really should think about cutting back a bit before this belly gets out of control,” teased Sylvia as Jenny stuffed her mouth full.

“Well you could... stop putting all the... food in here,” breathed Jenny between swallows of pastry and waves of euphoria.

Sylvia giggled, “No honey, you know Julia would totally go back on her diet if we left the temptation in the break room, you’ll just have to have better control of this big round belly outside of work. You should tell your girl friends to stop feeding you so much.”

“It’s not Gwen or Tina or anyone else... I haven’t seen them... in months. Too busy with themselves... I guess,” huffed Jenny between mouthfuls of pastry. She swallowed a huge mouthful of pastry and said, “And it’s even worse.... when I’m at home. Someone, probably Gwen, is having food delivered to my apartment... and since no one is around... I have nothing to do but eat.”

“Ah poor fat piggy, someone giving you too much temptation?” Mocked Sylvia as she leaned over Jenny’s belly, her hands on the arms of her chair, Sylvia’s now bare breasts resting against the top of Jenny’s belly. “Well I could come over and keep you from temptation.”

A shocked Jenny forced the rest of the pastry into her lips and tried to push the topless Sylvia off her, her hands pushing against the Sylvia’s soft bare bosom. “What are you doing?! You can’t be in here topless with me!”

“Oh I can’t? It looks like you like it, if you didn’t you would stop groping my breasts,” teased Sylvia.

Jenny wobbled her bulk and tried to push Sylvia off but couldn’t reach over her belly to dislodge the girl from sinking into her belly fat. The topless Sylvia slid against Jenny’s huge belly, her plump thighs straddling Jenny’s own blubber covered legs. Jenny felt Sylvia’s massive bare rump settle on her knees and then squish and bulge over them, as Sylvia’s hands and arms were now groping the sides of Jenny’s huge belly.

“Get off me Sylvia!”

“No I finally got you trapped and I think I’m gonna play with your fat or a while, the rest of girls don’t come in for another hour anyways.”

“You’re horrible!”

“Maybe, but you’ve grown to love it. I’m not leaving until everything on that cart disappears. So if you don’t eat it in the next hour the girls are gonna find me topless on your lap rubbing your bare belly fat.”

Jenny struggled trying to rock her girth enough to throw the girl off her lap, but she was unable to do anything but tire herself out. “You have me trapped for now, and, I’m actually pretty hungry anyways, but don’t think I won’t remember this and have you eating just as much. And you better... get these... damn narrow arms on the chair... removed today,” Jenny pouted.

“Ah don’t be like that baby, I have to take my opportunities when I get them. Sure love, now eat up while I play with this huge belly,” the naked girl cooed.

Jenny stuffed herself faster than she thought possible, consuming 1,000’s of calories. She was trapped by her fat and it was only getting worse, but luckily her capacity had grown to an unbelievable amount. Sylvia’s belly rub began to go lower and lower until Jenny started to feel her probing hand between her blubbery thighs and heavy belly.

Sylvia’s hand found the edge of Jenny’s straining panties and her fingers began to slip in to the front. Jenny began to feel the gentle massage and her arousal started to grow as she ate. She also heard Sylvia begin to moan lightly as her other hand massaged herself.


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Sep 30, 2005
“Hey...you can’t... do that,” huffed Jenny as she ate.

“You really want me to stop?”

“Tina would be so hurt, mmmmmm,” moaned Jenny as she relished the touch and continued to eat.

Sylvia kissed Jenny’s mountainous bare belly, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the thick layer of soft yielding blubber that coated her boss’s stupendously fat body. “I’ve seen how you look at me, you can’t deny that you want this.”

“Oh Sylvia we can’t do this,” Jenny moaned.

“But we are, and besides this won’t be the first time you cheated. Now relax and keep filling this huge belly. There is so much left and you only have 30 minutes,” cooed Sylvia huffing in pleasure.

Jenny obediently stuffed herself as she neared climax. Five minutes later she came, and then she came again, and again. She was near to passing out but Sylvia kept her aroused and eating until just before the hour was up. Jenny had consumed the entire cart, her belly swollen fatter. She lay there catching her breath as Sylvia climbed off of her.

Sylvia placed the remote on Jenny’s breasts and gave her a long kiss and then left the room to clean up. Jenny laid there for a bit then regained her composure and caused the chair to come up. She rose from the chair and pulled the muumuu back over her great belly. She slowly waddled to the office door. It took her a bit to get her hands on the knob, but eventually she reached past her bulk and then went to freshen up before the full staff got in, her belly aching from the gluttonous binge.

As she was making her way through the store when she spotted her assistant manager Julia near the register counter. Julia was waddling through the store in a pair of pink sweat pants, and white tank top and a pink head band. She had on thin white slip on shoes and her light brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

Jenny pretended she didn’t see the now supposedly dieting assistant manager. Julia wasn’t noticeably smaller, but at least she wasn’t much fatter. Jenny knew Julia was going to try to get her to go to lunch, but she wasn’t sure her belly could take it, so she waddled back into the ladies room.

Julia saw Jenny waddling away from her and admired the amount of fat Sylvia had put onto Jenny. Julia was here on her day off to waddle around the mall for exercise and then pop in to check on the store and see if she could get Jenny to go to one of their favourite restaurants. She knew Sylvia was feeding Jenny relentlessly, but Julia wanted her turn at fattening her up as well.

“Well hello gorgeous,” cheered Sylvia as she spotted Julia as she walked back from the ladies room.

Julia perched her wide rump on the register counter, her great belly spreading down her thighs, bulging past the swell of her breasts. She had her chubby fists perched on her hips. Sylvia perched her voluptuous form against Julia’s side and gave her belly a pat as she leaned in and kissed Julia. “Mmmm, pink is really your colour. It’s very slimming on you, have you lost weight?”

“Oh you’re so awful. I’ve gained 7 pounds this month. I’m up to 770 pounds,” squeaked Julia. “But you’re like totally getting a belly now.”

“I know 25 pounds in a month! I’m 305 as of today. I hope you appreciate me wrecking my body so you can have your revenge. I’ve started waddling my thighs are so fat, and now I’m getting a gut! I’m so bottom heavy I thought I would never get a belly, but there it is. I swear my ass is fatter than Kate’s now.”

“Luckily you have a much larger bosom than her. And it’s not like this is all about me. With like me and Jenny on your side you are like a sure thing for assistant manager.”

“I better be, so you gonna take Jenny to lunch for me?”

“Uh huh, did you feed her this morning?”

“Oh yes. I’m positive she weighs more than you; her ass can’t fit in her chair anymore. And her belly is bigger than yours now. And look at her wobbling breasts. She is so huge.”

“My ass still doesn’t fit in that chair, and probably won’t until I lose another 50 pounds. But you are right, she is so much fatter,” replied Julia quietly as the huffing and shuffling Jenny approached the counter.

“Hi... Julia, whew,” sighed Jenny as she hoisted her belly onto the counter trying to catch her breath.

“Hi hun, ready for lunch?”

“Oh baby, I’m a little full from breakfast. I think I’ll skip lunch,” said Jenny as she patted her paunch.

“Aw you have to go, you know I can’t control myself. I’ll end up putting on 10 more pounds in one meal if no one watches me,” whined Julia.

“Sigh, I guess you’re right, I’ll go, but walk slowly,” replied Jenny.

“That’s the only way I can walk,” smiled Julia.

“And you, y’all need to get that chair fixed while I’m at lunch. Call that Janie fix it girl,” said Jenny to Sylvia.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Sylvia.

Sylvia watched the two beauties waddle out of the store as she dialled the number for the repair shop. She was in awe of how huge the girls were and was getting aroused again as she watched the fat wobble and sway as they navigated the store.

“Hi this is Sylvia at VL, I have a bit of a repair job I need done on a chair. Can you send over someone soon? Oh that’s great, who are you sending over? “Oh no, not him, can I get Janie? She really does a good job. “She’s eating? Well tell her I got something I know she would rather put his lips on over here,” she giggled seductively. “She’ll be right over? Oh goodie, have her call my cell when she gets to the store. Thank you.”

Sylvia busied herself with organizing the bra section. It was still hers as she was still the most junior sales rep, and her sales had declined from working in the office more. Even though she was no longer the thinnest, her lower sales were working against her and one of the other sales girls had already took the single V department.

She was a little depressed about losing the spot and even more depressed about how fat she was getting, but she was trying to stay focused on the real prize, the assistant manager position. Unfortunately she had gained more than 80 pounds since starting to work there and in another 100 she would be nearly the fattest sales girl in the store. Hopefully she wouldn’t get that fat before either Jenny or Julia gave her the position she wanted.

She thought about her first love and wondered what she would think of a waddling, round bellied, more than 300 pound Sylvia. Would she want me more? Or would I still not be fat enough with my jiggling ass and wobbling belly. The vibrating of her mobile broke her from her tortured thoughts. She let it ring a few times and then pulled it from inside the cup of one of the bras on the FFF-cup bra display.

“Oh hi Janie, come on back to the office, the work I need you to do will be in there,” she cooed. She slipped the phone between her tight dress and her well padded hip. She normally carried her phone in her purse or between her huge breasts when she was wearing a bra, but today she was letting the twins breathe.

She switched her long thick legs seductively back to the office and found Janie knocking on the door. She slinked up behind her and put her hand on Janie’s back and pressed her bosom against her as she reached around for the door knob.

“You came a little faster than me, let me get the door,” she cooed.

“Um oh sorry, yeah thanks,” she blushed as she stepped back out of her way.

“Dont worry, I’m used to people coming a little faster than me,” she said seductively as she brushed her soft hip against Janie as she swayed past her into the office. “Please come in.”

She walked into the office and Sylvia closed the door behind her. “So um, what chair am I fixing dude?”

“They said I interrupted your lunch. I feel bad about that. Maybe I should feed you before I put you to work,” she replied as she slinked her curvaceous form close to Janie. Her cleavage within inches of Janie’s chin, her fingers pinching a large glazed donut that was moving towards Janie’s mouth.

Janie wasn’t tall but she wasn’t terribly short either. She was 5’5” and wearing work boots with dark blue jeans and a small faded Central High T-shirt, and a tool belt. She had graduated (barely) from high school last year and continued working the maintenance job with the mall that she had found through her junior year work studies program.

She had short dirty blond hair that was pulled back in a tiny pony tail, and large brown eyes behind her small black framed glasses. She wore no make-up other than clear lip gloss over her large plump lips. Sylvia thought she was cute, but plain when she first met her repairing one of the dressing room doors nearly a year ago. She was normally into very feminine, well put together women, with a growing weight problem of course, and Janie was none of those things, but she thought Janie would be an interesting addition to her group of girls, so she began flirting with her.

Janie was particularly interesting to Sylvia because she was one of the skinniest girls Sylvia had ever met, and the feeder in her wanted to see what she could do to such a dreadfully skinny girl. Sylvia thought the bashful Janie fell a little bit under Sylvia’s spell when they first met, but Sylvia wondered if she would have the same affect on Janie now that she was almost 80 pounds heavier.

“I really should mmmpphf,” Janie tried to say as Sylvia pushed the donut into her slightly open lips as she nervously tried to respond, stuffing her cheeks with the warm sugary confection.

“I don’t know what it is Janie, but something about you has changed,” Sylvia said as Janie munched down the donut. She tried to back away from Sylvia’s heaving bosom and voluptuous, sensual lips, but only managed to move a step or two before she found herself pressed up against the office file cabinet. Sylvia followed her, quickly scooping up another pastry off the nearby credenza as Janie began to swallow the last of the donut.

Janie watched the apple turnover move into her mouth while snatching a glance at Sylvia’s large barely covered breasts. “God they are so big now, even bigger than before, and she smells so good,” Janie thought as she couldn’t manage to look up into Sylvia’s eyes with those two spectacular globes nearly brushing against her own small breasts.

“Did you get a different hair cut?”

She shook her head no as she munched down the pastry.

“New glasses?” She asked as she reached behind her, pressing her breasts against Janie to grab a chocolate covered donut. She kept her breasts against Janie as she fed the smaller girl her third large pastry, her other hand slipping to Janie’s side.

“I just can’t put my finger on it, but something about you is different,” she cooed as her poked her manicured finger into a soft bulging love handle.

“Oh Janie, I think I found it,” she giggled as Janie swallowed the last of the chocolate donut. She took a slight step back as she licked one of her sugar covered fingers and peered over her heavy breasts, her other hand slipping to the front of Janie’s belly and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Your boyfriend is letting you eat too much Janie, you’re getting fat. Your poor tight shirt doesn’t even fit over all this jelly, and you can’t button your pants any more either, your ass is bulging out the back too,” she giggled.

Janie had been extra skinny in high school, only 90 pounds, flat and bony, and rarely went on dates. She was friends with a group of girls both younger and older than her who seemed to have zero luck capturing a male’s attention. Eventually though she found someone who enjoyed the bone thin Janie and she stopped hanging out with those girls.

She was living on her own in a small two bedroom apartment, eating mostly cheap fast food and drinking beer. That on its own wouldn’t have been enough to give her a pot belly, but shortly after meeting Sylvia her apartment started receiving boxes and boxes of pastries. It seemed to Janie that the previous renter of the apartment had been a member to every cake/pie/cookie/pastry of the month club, because baked goods were constantly sent to her apartment.

Sylvia found out through flirting with the cute girl that she was nearly unobtainable because she had some sort of silly boyfriend. Sylvia still wanted the skinny girl; even if it was a girl she knew she would rarely have time for, so she decided to take extra steps to add Janie to her collection.

She had to get rid of the boyfriend first and make it seem like it was Janie’s fault. Using the store’s sizable food expense account she was able to shift some of the food she was secretly sending to Jenny’s house to Janie’s apartment, and when that didn’t seem to be making much of an increase in Janie’s waist line, see increased the orders and the expense. The store was feeling the impact of the costs of feeing both Jenny and Janie but as one of the workers in the office Sylvia was able to hide it from her two ballooning bosses.

Janie’s 90 pound frame had been just skin and bones, with little to no muscle. Now 75 pounds later, she had developed a substantial spare tire and a belly that swelled over the front of her formerly loose size 5 jeans, and her tool belt. Her formerly baggy jeans road very low on her hips and were unbuttoned in the front with the exception of last button.

They were stretched to the limit around her round bubble butt but hung loosely from above her knee down over the back of her small light brown work boots. A couple inches of jiggly bubble butt squeezed out the top of the jeans when she was standing but would reveal much more of her bottom if she bent over. Unfortunately she had thin arms and legs so she was constantly trying to prevent the jeans from falling off. Her small breasts were slightly fuller than the bra she was wearing and through the thin t-shirt you could see that they bulged slightly over the cups.

Her arms were just as skinny as they were when she was 75 pounds lighter and the rest of her upper body was thin, but her belly had gobbled up a good amount of the weight she had gained and turned into a soft wobbly potbelly and bulged out of the bottom of the shirt from her belly button down, and swelled out in front of her farther than her bum did behind her.

“Wait I thought um you thought I was too skinny before,” she replied nervously with her mouth still partially full.

Sylvia sucked her thumb clean and then put both hands around the sides of her belly. “Did I? Huh, well there is not being too skinny and then there is growing a fat potbelly. I think you might be part of the latter. Wait a second, so all this squishy jelly is because of me?”

“No, not really. I dunno, maybe, I guess I thought working here you wouldn’t mind it,” she stuttered, her fat bottom lip poking out, looking down at her bulging bare gut.

Sylvia chuckled lightly.

“You did? Well you’re still cute, but you’ve developed quite a beer belly. What does your boyfriend think of our round growing friend?” she asked as she rubbed and squeezed her wobbly paunch.

“He didn’t like it at all, he wanted me skinny. He is a short skinny guy and it didn’t take long before I outweighed him, and I was already taller by an inch. He called me porky and fatty towards the end and was always complaining about how much I eat. Then we broke up a couple of weeks ago after I forgot we had a date. I get off work kinda early, so after work I decided to have a few beers and eat a slice of double thick cheese cake with a like raspberry covering or something, just one slice before our date. But then I couldn’t stop, they are so yummy; I finished one cake and then ate another. I was so full I passed out, and then he found me sleeping on the couch with empty cheese cake boxes around me and my fat gut swollen. He said we were over, that he deserved someone who isn’t turning into a fat cow.”

“Ah that’s too bad Janie, but he is right, you’ve put on a lot of weight,” giggled Sylvia as she pushed another glazed donut to Janie’s lips. “You’re gotten nearly fat enough to come shop here,” she giggled.

“And no one grows a belly like this that didn’t enjoy themselves,” she cooed, her breasts pressed against Janie’s small pert breasts, Janie’s small chin nearly between Sylvia’s cleavage. “So at least you had a little fun getting this... porky.”

“Dude, I wish I didn’t, and now I can’t stop. If it wasn’t for all the free pastries delivered to my apartment this never would have happened, and you know you’re not helping mmmphf,” she tried to say as Sylvia crammed a cherry filled turnover into her mouth.

“Oh Janie you indulging in another little afternoon snack can’t be that bad?” she pouted as she puffed out her plump lower lip.

“Besides, it’s not like a few more pounds will matter on this jelly belly. And It’s not like your boyfriend is waiting at home to tell you you’re getting too fat anymore,” she chuckled.

“So please eat as much as you like,” she continued as she licked her fingers turning her back towards Janie, her soft spherical beach ball size butt cheeks bumping up against Janie’s belly as she turned. She swayed her hips over to Jenny’s desk, her spherical cheeks wobbling and straining against the tight white barely there dress.

Once she reached the desk she bent over pulling out Jenny’s chair, her dress growing tighter around her globular bottom. She stood back up looking at the chair, her hands resting on the top of her butt cheeks, slightly arching her back so that her ass was trust out behind her.

“This is what I want you to work on. Look at how big and wide and fluffy it is,” she cooed.

“Yes, um I didn’t want to say anything but it looks kinda like it’s gotten bigger,” Janie replied as she grabbed another donut and walked over to stand behind Sylvia.

“But as big and as fluffy as it is, it’s really, really, a tight fit,” she cooed as she slinked her hands down the sides of her bum and gave her cheeks a caressing squeeze.

Janie stuffed the donut into her mouth and mumbled her agreement.

She bent over and put her hands on the chair’s thickly padded seat.

“Ooooh feel how soft it feels, it’s so thick,” she cooed as she kneaded the chair’s thick pad and slowly wiggled her bum.


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End of Chapter 34 (Or 33, how do I know)

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I, um kinda hoped this would happen.” She felt Janie’s surprisingly dainty hands for a repair woman; slip under her dress squeeze her soft globular bottom. The over stretched dress sprung up over her bottom and collected around her waist.

A wicked smile spread across Sylvia’s face, she thought she had caught Janie checking her out before, but knew she had some sort of boyfriend. Now she had confirmed that the mousey Janie didn’t just like boys. She turned around and slapped Janie on her right cheek, her bottom still bearing her small white thong. “What are you doing?! I wanted you to feel the chair, not my ass!”

The embarrassed Janie’s big brown eyes bulged and she clutched her cheek, only able to mutter a couple of sounds of panic.

“This is harassment! This is ridiculous, you can’t grope a customer! You and your company are going to get a huge lawsuit!”

More sounds of panic issued from the stunned Janie.

“Wait, you think my ass has gotten bigger?!” she screamed as she poked her in the belly.

“Oh please don’t, please don’t.”

“Answer the question Janie,” she said in a dangerously quiet voice.

“Maybe a little?” she squeaked.

“Oh you’re horrible! First you grope me, now you call me fat! And I’ve been trying to work so hard on my weight too,” she sobbed. “You are in for a monster of a law suit!”

“Oh please no, please no, I don’t have any money and I need this job! I’ll do anything!” Janie begged.

“I don’t know Janie, you hurt me, I know I am turning into such a cow and I can’t stop it anymore, but I won’t be insulted and groped,” Sylvia sobbed. “I used to like you Janie but...”

“Please I’ll do anything.”


“Yes, anything.”

“Fine. There won’t be a lawsuit, but you can’t grope customers like that and you can’t tell them they are getting fat. You have to respect them. Treat them like royalty!”

“Sure, you’re so right. I’ll never do that again.”

“I don’t believe you. You’ll have to prove it to me.”

“What can I do to make it up to you?”

She grabbed a donut off the desk and began eating, “Well the groping thing was horrible, so to prove you won’t grope anyone, for the next year you have to be single. No dates. No boy’s, no hanging out with your co-workers. You have to be single.”

She didn’t have a ton of friends outside of work anymore thanks to her ditching them for her now ex-boyfriend, and she was already getting too fat to attract someone else.

“I think I can agree to do that,” she replied, readily agreeing to something she thought was pretty certain until she lost some weight.

“Calling me fat was very, very cruel, so to help you understand how cruel it was, you have to get fat, or should I say fatter,” she said as she poked Janie’s belly.

“Wait, huh, how fat?”

“Hmmm, let’s say 300. It’s a nice round number”

“300! That’s massive and like so much more than I weigh now! And I’ll never get my ex-boyfriend back if I get that huge.”

“That was kinda my plan,” she giggled under her breath as she pulled her tight dress back over her bottom and lowered herself into Jenny’s plush chair. She crossed her long plump legs and crossed her arms underneath her voluptuous bosom. “Oh you think 300 is huge?! I’m over 300! Oh you’re so dreadful! Those are my terms. No dates and you are going to put some real weight on this belly, or is there a lawsuit?!”

“No, no need for a lawsuit. I agree.”

“Ah cheer up baby, you’ll get to see more of me, even though there is going to be a lot, lot more of you,” she smiled as she handed Janie an apple turnover. “No how about removing the arms on this chair?”

A couple hours later, Jenny was waddling back into the store, her belly stuffed fuller than before. She sat down on the thickly padded bench in the front of the store to catch her breath, her belly sagging between her knees resting on the cool thick carpet, forcing her to lean forward due to its great weight. She watched a teenaged girl with a tool belt waddle past her towards the mall, her belly so swollen she looked pregnant. “Hi Miss Jenny. Bye miss Jenny,” she waved as she waddled uncomfortably past.


“Yes, Miss Jenny,” she said as she turned and tried to pull her to small t-shirt over her distended belly.

“My y’all look like you’ve become a good eater, can I offer y’all some treats? I am sure Sylvia has plenty in the back,” Jenny asked.

“No, thank you ma’am, I feel like I am gonna pop, plus I really need to get back,” she replied.

“See you tonight Janie,” Sylvia cheered as she walked up to Jenny.

“Yes ma’am,” she replied as she waddled away.

“Oh you’re so awful Sylvia. Not satisfied with just fatting me up, and that cute roommate of yours, what’s her name? Nina? You have to give poor Janie a weight problem too?” Sighed Jenny as she looked up at Sylvia.

Sylvia giggled, “Jealous are you?”

“Maybe a little,” smiled Jenny. “Now help me get back to my office.”


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Love, love, love the new chapters! I can't wait to see where the story goes from here. :D

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After a 3.5 year hiatus Coop returns beginning in post 94 to give us several more chapters of this epic - we've even had moderator turnover since this tale was last updated!

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