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Weight Loss Compliments…an article from CNN.com

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Well, bless your heart!
Sep 29, 2005
Interesting article, but don’t read the comment section if you get triggered.

When I was blogging from my hospital bed in 2019, I mentioned a significant amount of weight I had lost to illustrate just how much fluid my body had been holding onto due to advanced sepsis affecting my kidneys. Once my kidneys restarted, my body threw off the fluid very quickly. It was not a result of diet and exercise, it wasn’t intentional. I was happy and relieved that I was no longer swollen like an overripe berry. And of course, despite my protests at the time, damned glad to have survived.

Several people, including medical professionals, complimented me on the weight loss. One even said “good job.” I’m not mad now, nor was I at the time. It hurt, yes, because it reinforced long held insecurities that I’m not good enough because I’m fat. I tried to gently point out the bias in their words and communicate my complicated emotions on the subject, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t get through.

Anyway, something to think about; “We need to stop complimenting weight loss. Here's what to say instead”

We need to stop complimenting weight loss. Here's what to say instead

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