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Weird Weather

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No one cares anyway
Jan 19, 2007
Oklahoma has had some weird weather lately...30 inches of rain in 3 weeks time..No temps over 100 yet..The weirdest thing so far has been the fog..We do not get fog in Oklahoma in July..Hell that is reserved for the "winter" months here..I looked out my front door last night and all I could say was "damn that is a weird sight"....LOL I would bet visibility was down to less then half a mile..Usually this time of year the temps are in the high 90's or low 100's even at 1 am,so far we have barely broken the mid 90's..Usually this time of year my ac is screaming for relief because it is so hot 24/7..Not so far this year..Last night the temps were in the mid 60's..Very strange weather..

My brother said it was my fault for turning 50 at the beginning of the month..LMAO He said when Mother Nature heard I was hitting the big mile stone she went nuts and tried to first drown us all and now she is trying to freeze us in the summertime..Yea he is a nut...LOL

So how is the weather in your part of the world..Is it as strange as it is here?

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