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Jun 17, 2019
Ontario, Canada
I love the cheery, quirky, whimsical, feel good lyrics of this song.

Silver Apples - Walkin' ' (The Garden, 1970 - released in 1998)

I can't wait 'til the summer comes along
I'll open up my door and the snow will be gone
People everywhere are sayin' hello
Married couples stop while they're yellin' at each other
The birds are singin' their song, and I'm singin' mine
While I'm walkin'

Pavement gets boilin' hot, I
Gotta give in, put on some shoes and
Wade through people yellin' the news in
Ties and business suits
But I keep walkin' along
Hummin' out my walkin' song I'm
Wearin' holes in the soles of my
Brand new boots

Kickin' on a beer can, clickity-click
Keepin' it bouncin' will keep it alive
Think of all the bubbles somebody must have drank
The bubbles turned to burps in somebody's insides
While I'm walkin'

I like to take my time and look in all the windows
Pretendin' I got money to buy what's in the windows
Lookin' at the ladies, all dressed up in the windows
Watchin' the laundry comin' out of all the windows
Watchin' the cops puttin' tickets on the windows
While I'm walkin

I think I'll keep on hummin' 'cause the day was made for women
I never learned the title of the song I always sing
While I'm walkin'
It's somethin' about hitchin' rides and
Dusty roads and country sides
Sand that gets between your toes
A real walkin' tune
And shufflin' through the meadow grass
And watchin' out for bees and glass
And wadin' through an icy stream
A song about you

La la la la la la la

Da da da da da da da

(Whistling tune)
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Jun 17, 2019
Ontario, Canada
This is music-related. Just watch this. Bobby McFerrin is a (somewhat) forgotten musical genius, and his interaction and audience involvement is second to none.

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Nov 2, 2019
Germany, EDDV
2008// Peter Fox - "Schüttel deinen Speck" -

Schüttel deinen Speck
I'll be around this evening

I ride into this club fully decorated
All dance, the ladies are really charming
A whole griddle full of tasty chicks
The ladies shake their hips
Shake their gold on the rips
Shake their breasts
Their boyfriends try to shake their heads with the rhythm
Hey bar keeper, mix something for me
He shaked, poured it to seam
A huge hit pulls me at the wall
The DJ is sporty, I shake his hand - Thanks!
It's shuddering and wavering, everybody turns around, they look at her
She's two tons of pure class
She dances with me like a beautiful elephant

Show me what you have
Shake your back and front
Pearl, your table is fully covered
Shake your flesh

Yes, your table is tiled
I don't need cutlery
Tasty, you have to let me bite
I am a baker and bake on your hot butt cheeks
Your toaster goes up and down
Your fruits are crispy, freshly packed
Finest truffle, huge and compact
You won't be able to cast me off
I cling myself to your teetering skirt
I cling to your lipps like gloss
You are beautiful and clever, an educated buck
Please be my wife - you shake your head
I drown myself in alcohol, because that's too hard for me
I fall over, ambulance men carry me
I get shivers, you are the doctor for me
Give me medicine, please shake your a** for me


LJ Rock

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Oct 4, 2005
The other night while I was doing some paperwork I was listening to some old Level42 albums on Spotify, and I saw that they had this "Early Tapes" album from the early 80s. Apparently these guys were a pretty decent funk-jazz fusion group before they started making pop records. Very cool stuff with some good grooves, impressive improv solos and arrangements. Clearly influenced by some of the stuff that Herbie Hancock et al were doing in the late 7os/early 80s, and it's interesting to note the influence these guys had on later British funky acid-jazz type groups to come, namely Jamiroquai.

Here is the Spotify link:


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Sep 9, 2008
Oxfordshire, England, British Isles.
One thing I will declare about the 'Final Fantasy' series is the fantastic music - my favourite tracks are from 7 and 8. Currently listening to 'Find Your Way' - the music that plays when your sent to retrieve the Student I.D. from the labyrinth by General Caraway's guard. Atmospheric, in some places mournful and unsettling.

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