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Jul 18, 2022
[Hey there, this is the first time I'm posting a story here. I read the Guidelines, but if there's still anything I forgot please let me know! Anyway, I worked on this piece for a while and I had nowhere to post it and no friends who are really into this sort of thing, so I thought, why not post it here? Anyway, hope you all enjoy! (Also, English is not my first language, if there's anything I really need to fix, let me know!)]

A Student Life
by Buras

Chapter 1

Luca groaned as his alarm rang sharply through his bedroom. He tried to cover his ears with his pillow, but it was no use - he would have to accept the arrival of the morning. His first morning of university.

He slapped on top of the alarm clock to finally have it quit its screeching, and then looked at it in indignation. “Why can’t you have any mercy at all,” he whined at the little clock as he got up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He had not slept well - slightly nervous of his first day - and he wished he could have stayed in bed just a little longer.

With a sigh, he stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to fix his awful bed hair and brush his teeth. He had to look his best on his first day, he told himself. A first impression could last longer than he wanted it to.

A few years ago, he had finished his high school exam with marks he could be proud of, and - after a few failed attempts at different courses - had then applied to a psychology course in college. Funnily enough, his best high school friend Rowan had applied to the same university, but instead of psychology, he had chosen a course in journalism. They still had their classes in the same building though, and as such they also had their welcoming ceremony together.

As Luca got down the stairs and made his way to the kitchen to make lunch, he could already hear the doorbell ring, accompanied by whiny exclaims of his name. There was no doubt that his friend had come to pick him up.

“I’m coming!” Luca shouted at the door as he quickly threw some pre-made sandwiches in his school bag and hurried to the front door. He had not yet gotten used to living on his own yet, and so his morning routine still demanded more time of him than he had.

“LuLu,” Rowan pouted as Luca opened the door. “What took you so long?”

Luca shook his head and adjusted the placement of his bag on his shoulder. “I’m sorry I don’t have my life in order as much as you,” he said. “Let’s go.”

Rowan did not seem content with the answer however. As they walked, he caught up to Luca - who had adopted a steady pace. “Did you oversleep, LuLu?” he asked. “Did you stay up too late?”

Luca could not completely deny that, and as he flexibly jumped up a couple stairs in the road, he reluctantly admitted. “I might have gone to sleep a little late,” he said, but he immediately regretted it. He didn’t want to have to explain the reason why he stayed up late - browsing forums to satisfy his odd fetishes - but he was sure Rowan would try and get an explanation out of him. And he was not wrong.

Rowan tilted his head and tried to meet Luca’s eyes. “What did you stay up late for?” he asked. “Aren’t you irresponsible now?” He tried to gauge Luca’s expression and then smirked subtly. “Was it a lover?” he asked. “Did someone come over? Did you maybe talk to them on the phone all night?”

Immediately Luca shook his head and frowned his eyebrows a little. “You know I don’t have a lover,” he remarked, to which Rowan pouted again. By now it had become their usual subject of quarreling, as Rowan did not normally accept Luca’s loveless life.

“You disappoint me, LuLu,” he said. “When will you finally listen to me and let yourself be loved by someone - take my example.”

A laugh escape Luca’s lips, and he raised his eyebrows as he looked at his friend. “You mean I should indulge in one night stands at least twice a week?” he said, aiming at the many people Rowan was known to share his bed with.

An angry sound was exclaimed by Rowan, as he folded his hands over his heart to ease the pain. “You hurt me, LuLu,” he wailed. “That’s so mean.”

“No mercy for he who meddles with others’ business,” Luca responded, not granting even one glance at his friend who dramatically acted out his self pity. He would never stop his immature behaviour if he gave any attention to it, Luca knew, and with that in mind he continued his pace to university.

Together, they arrived at the big college building - or rather, the set of buildings that made up the university. They followed the group of students that was lining up for the main lecture room and waited until they could finally look for a seat.

However, as soon as they entered the room, most chairs had already been taken, and no more than single-seat spots here and there remained. “It’s because you were so late,” Rowan grumbled as he squinted his eyes at Luca.

In the end they had no choice but to split up and sit apart from each other. Rowan took a seat in the left corner of the room, while Luca had to sit two rows in front of him. Luca could almost feel his friend’s eyes pointed at his back, but he was too stubborn to look over his back.

He got out his notebook and pens - five in all different colours - and started doodling on the paper, waiting for the opening lecture to begin.

“I think someone is trying to get your attention,” a voice next to him said.

Luca looked up in surprise and the followed the direction the person pointed at. Above him, Rowan was waving at him with both arms, while whispering ‘LuLu’ - subtle was different, Luca remarked mentally.

“What is it?” Luca hissed at him, as to not disturb the others around him, but Rowan refused to be as aware of his surroundings. He leaned forward to Luca, bumping at least two people in front of him in the head, and pointed at the guy sitting next to Luca. “Isn’t he your type, LuLu?” he whispered loudly. “He has short-” “Would you please shut up,” Luca interrupted him, while blushing in embarrassment. He quickly turned his back to Rowan again and hid his face in his hands, hoping his friend would cease this ridiculousness.

When the red had finally left his face, Luca dared look up again, and he turned to the guy that was sitting next to him. As he met his eyes, Luca had to admit that Rowan had not necessarily been wrong - the man looked quite handsome, with a good jaw and short, black hair. But it was nothing like Luca to just hit on someone he just met.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “For my friend.”

The guy laughed and motioned it was alright. “Friends can be a bit of a hassle, I know,” he responded, and he looked at the little doodles that Luca had drawn in his notebook. With an apologetic face for looking at Luca’s property without consent, he pointed his eyes at Luca. “You draw pretty well.”

Luca widened his eyes in surprise and then rubbed the back of his head, not knowing what to do with this sudden compliment. “Thanks,” he said. “But it wasn’t good enough for art school, I’m afraid. I got kicked out after two years.” It was true; he had first tried to apply to an art school close by, but they had finally told him his art style was not on the required level yet.

“They must have been blind then,” the guy remarked. “You’re really good with detail. What course are you taking now?”

He fidgeted with the strings of his sweater and looked at the little sketches on the paper - they were nothing near good enough. “I’m taking Psychology. What about you?”

“Law - my parents really wanted me to. I hope it’ll be a bit interesting at least.” Then the guy suddenly looked like he had forgotten something important, and he reached out his hand to Luca. His smile was almost blinding, so handsome. “Max Fowler, by the way,” he said. “Good to meet you.”

Luca accepted his hand and shook it slowly. “Luca Peterson,” he replied. “And likewise. You seem to be at least a bit more considerate than my **** friend two rows behind us.”
Max laughed and threw a quick glance at Rowan. Then he let his eyes glide over the bags Luca had stored on the little space under their chairs.

“Do you play sports?” Max asked with genuine interest when he saw the sports bag that Luca had brought. In his eyes, Luca could see he sincerely wanted to know, and he decided it was okay to share that piece of information. “I play volleyball,” he admitted. “As a setter. I’m not sure if you’ve ever played yourself?”

Immediately, Max’s face seemed to light up and he nodded with a grin. “Definitely! I also play volleyball - did you sign up for the students’ team?”

Luca had to gasp for air as he realised he would be on the same team as this guy next to him - this handsome man. “Yeah,” he uttered, almost sounding too enthusiastic. Stop being excited over this, he told himself. You’re not a person who falls for guys this easily.

“Awesome,” Max said. “We can walk there together then after class - I think the sports hall is a little walk from here.”

But before Luca could answer, the lights suddenly dimmed and a voice chimed through the microphone, interrupting their talk. Quickly he shut his mouth and turned to his notes again.
The lecture had started. And talking was not allowed. He would have to continue their conversation again later, Luca resolved.


After class, Luca pulled Max along in order to leave the hall before Rowan would catch up to them. The one thing that could totally ruin whatever there was between Max and him, would be the involvement of his friend.

Rowan did not play any sports himself, and as such, Luca and Max would not have to fear running into him on their way to the sports hall. Somewhere, Luca felt a bit guilty about dumping his friend like that, but he resolved to catch up with him again on the phone after volleyball. Also, this way, he would give Rowan the chance to make some new friends as well. They could not keep sticking to each other like in high school for forever anyway.

As they walked over the pavement that led to the sports building, Max grabbed his bag and pulled out his lunch box. Luca also ripped open the plastic that covered his sandwiches and took a bite. These pre-made convenience store sandwiches weren’t exactly the best, he had to admit, but at least they were less effort than making lunch himself.

He looked sideways at his new friend and saw that he had already devoured half a cheeseburger. Luca almost choked on his own lunch and swallowed. Blood rushed to his head and he could feel his limbs get weak. For some reason, seeing this man eat junk food like that, it was hot.

“I wouldn’t expect such an unhealthy lunch from someone so athletic,” he remarked innocently, trying to not sound too interested. It was true, though. Max seemed like a fit person from the first glance, having broad shoulders and a slim waist, and Luca did not think he had obtained such a body by eating fast food all the time.

Max looked at him for a second and raised his eyebrows. “Oh, yeah,” he then said, chewing the last bits of his lunch. “I’m sorry, I know I’m not giving a great example.” He then laughed.
“You see, I just got out of quite a… complicated relationship,” he continued. “She wouldn’t allow me to eat any unhealthy stuff at all - wanted me to stay fit and such -, and now that I’ve finally put that all behind me, I can finally enjoy my freedom a little bit.”

He and Luca kept looking at each other for a while in silence, until Max took the word again. “But don’t worry, I have enough discipline to not let it ruin my body.” And Luca hoped that was a lie.

For as long as Luca could remember, he had been fascinated by fat men - by men gaining weight and by feedism. It was a kink of his that he had not wanted to admit to anyone so far, but that followed him around everywhere. It was not like he did not find Max attractive as the fit guy he was, but if he was honest, he would not mind if the guy put on a little weight.

At that moment, he felt how his phone rang in his pocket. With a sigh, he looked at the caller, and saw it was Rowan. Without hesitation, he put the phone back in his pocket - he was not really feeling like talking to the guy right now, especially not when he could talk to Max instead.

“Your friend might get worried,” Max remarked playfully. “He looked like he’s quite fond of you.”

Luca shrugged and stretched his arms. “I’ll call him after sports,” he promised, and then he put his hands back in the pockets of his sweater.

“But that sounds quite tough,” he remarked, aiming at the confession Max had done about his past relationship. “Do you still speak to her?”

Max shook his head and averted his eyes. “Not really… I think she was quite angry when I broke up with her. It’s only been two weeks.”

It did not seem like Max really wanted to talk about it, so Luca let the subject rest and instead started asking about Max’s past volleyball experiences. He found out that the guy had been part of quite a powerful high school team in the past, and that he had even participated in a national level competition once, making Luca even more impressed with the guy than he already was.

Without leaving a silence for more than five seconds, they walked to the sports building, and when they arrived Luca felt almost disappointed. He would not have minded walking another ten kilometres with his new friend. There was a lot he still had to ask.

“Come,” said Max, as he guided Luca around. “I think the changing rooms should be somewhere around here.”

It did not take long before they found the changing rooms, and before he knew it, Luca sat on an uncomfortable bench, staring at a shirtless Max. He could barely comprehend how he had ended up in such a blissful situation, but here he was.

Even though Luca preferred more chubby physiques, it was certainly no punishment either to look at Max’s toned torso. His arms were defined and muscular, as was his chest. On his lower torso, abs were clearly distinguishable.

Before Max could notice how Luca was staring at him, he quickly pulled his own shirt over his head and starting changing into his gym clothes. Internally, he reprimanded himself for getting distracted so easily. The guy was probably not even interested in men.

Fortunately, soon after he did not have much time to be distracted anymore, as their training was one of the more intense he had had. Their coach knew no mercy and let them do exercises until their clothes were soaked in sweat. Even if he had wanted to look at Max, he wouldn’t have gotten the chance.

Afterwards, Luca was too tired to have a proper conversation anymore. And it seemed to be the same for Max. They walked to the exit of the sports building together and then said goodbye, but only after exchanging numbers. It had been Max who proposed them sharing telephone numbers, so they could meet up again tomorrow before the training, and Luca had happily agreed.

On his own, Luca walked back to his own little apartment a few streets away, and absent-mindedly he got out his phone.

The volleyball team had been quite nice, he thought. All the guys were pretty fanatic and encouraging - even though Luca had messed up some of the tosses, they had all stayed positive and motivated him to do better next time. Some even had given him some tips to improve his technique.

To be honest, Luca had never been a great setter in high school, and all players in his team were way better than him. Maybe he would have normally given up on volleyball at this point, after realising their difference in level, but there was something that kept him from making that decision. And that something was Max Fowler.

He unlocked his phone and saw that he had had at least ten missed calls and about fifteen unread messages. Just one glance told him that all these originated from one and the same person.

Reluctantly he opened the messages and scanned through them.

Rowan: LuLuuuuu <3
Rowan: Luluuuuuuu >:0
Rowan: Are you okay? ;n;
Rowan: Where are uu ;;;n;;;;
Rowan: ??
Rowan: LuLu I’m worried I’m coming to ur house
Rowan: Okay? nAn
Rowan: I have the keys Im coming in ;3;
Rowan: ur not opening the door so
Rowan: Are you home???
Rowan: :0
Rowan: You shouldn’t leave you’re laptop unlocked >.>
Rowan: your****
Rowan: I tried to not look but <.<
Rowan: U have some explaining to do

Luca could feel the blood leaving his face and a shiver went down his spine. Instantly he regretted giving Rowan a spare set of keys to his room, thinking it might come in handy. He was not sure what was opened on his laptop, but he had not used it after last night, when he had been scanning through some forums.

Hastily he started typing back, hoping to reduce the damage a little. Why could his friend not just stop meddling so much, he wondered angrily.

You: What did you see??
You: My brother used the laptop last so I don’t know what he kind of websites he visited.

He had to wait a couple seconds before Rowan came online, but soon he could see the other guy was typing.

Rowan: LuLu you don’t have to hide this from me
Rowan: It’s okay <3
Rowan: We all have our fetishes

You: That’s not how it is
You: Please understand ;n;

Rowan: What’s that guy’s name
Rowan: The one you were talking to

You: Who?

Rowan: You know who I mean. What’s his name?

You: Not telling

Rowan: I will put your fetish on Facebook if you don’t tell me : P

You: Wow

Rowan: Well?

You: He’s called Max.

For a little bit Rowan stopped typing, and it stayed silent in their private chatroom. Luca felt his palms become sweaty and his heart beat loudly in his chest. He just hoped Rowan would not tell anybody about what he had seen on his laptop - and by now Luca was quite sure that his friend had seen some of the feedism forums that he had visited last night.

Then suddenly, Rowan started typing again.

Rowan: Do you want to make that Max guy fat too??

Luca almost burst into coughing as he read the message. He felt so embarrassed he wanted to die, or just disappear from the world. He could not believe that Rowan had really asked him that.

Of course he would rather lie and just cut off the subject, but he knew Rowan would not cease hearing him out until he had gotten the answers that would satisfy him. With trembling fingers, Luca started to type.

You: I mean… I wouldn’t go out of my way to do that…

Rowan: But you wouldn’t miiiind if he got fat, am I right >: P

You: I suppose you could put it that way…

At this point Luca just wanted to throw away his phone and curl up in a corner somewhere. It was already embarrassing enough that he had the fetish at all, but now that his friend knew, everything was ten times worse.

He looked at his phone one more time, and then closed it and put it back in his pocket. He couldn’t deal with these feelings of embarrassment any longer.

For now, he just wanted to go home and have dinner, and not think about Rowan. He shivered once more and then shook off his feelings. At least for tonight he would not think about it anymore, and if Rowan would call him again, he would just ignore him.

Oh, why couldn’t he just have a normal, regular first day of university?


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 2

It had been a long time since Max felt so carefree and happy. Ever since he had gotten into a relationship with Hannah, he had felt like a prisoner, but now that he was released all sorts of good things seemed to come into his life.

He had started college, he got to eat the things he wanted again, his new volleyball team seemed pretty good. And best of all, he had gained a valuable new friend at his university.

Of course, he had a lot of nice classmates whom he liked to hang out with, but this new friend was someone from another course.

He was called Luca, and he was one of the most bright people Max had ever met - he seemed so free, and something about that Max envied. Max himself had mostly acted according to the expectation of others; his parents had wanted him to study Law in university to follow in the footsteps of his father, his girlfriend had expected him to be the perfect boyfriend and always stay fit and do as she ordered. Luca, however, seemed to be free from all of those responsibilities, and he both admired and envied that way of living.

The rest of the week, he and Luca had been hanging out during lunch breaks a lot, and they went to training together every day.

It had been only the third week when Luca had proposed to go to the supermarket together to get something to eat, as he had forgotten to bring his lunch. Even though Max already had brought some lunch himself, he had agreed to tag along.

“Thanks,” Luca said, as they entered the supermarket. “I always dislike doing groceries on my own.”

Max shrugged and just followed Luca through the different compartments of the store. “I don’t mind - I have little else to do anyway. Actually, I never asked, but how did your friend react to you ignoring his phone call?”

For a moment, Luca seemed to freeze, but he quickly recollected himself and focused on the products on the shelves. “He almost killed me, but apart from that he took it well.”

Max laughed and leaned against the shelf, looking at how Luca put some products in his shopping basket. “Can I buy you something too?” Luca then asked, swiftly switching the subject. “To thank you for coming along?”

Max waved it away and smiled. “No need,” he said. “I got my own lunch anyway - a more healthy one this time.” He stroked his flat and toned torso. “Can’t put my body in danger too much.”

With a stern glance, Luca looked at him for a second, and then put another two bags of crisps into his shopping bag. “I demand you to eat with me,” he said. “I feel too awkward eating store food on my own.”

Max sighed, but easily gave in, motioning Luca to do as he pleased. He wasn’t looking forward to eating the cold salad he had packed for himself too much anyway. He could start eating healthy again tomorrow, he resolved.

A couple minutes later they sat outside on a bench in front of the store eating their lunch, which consisted of a couple bags of crisps. Max normally didn’t eat those a lot and as such he had not explored the different flavours that the supermarket offered. He was, however, pleasantly surprised as he put the first chips into his mouth.

“These are quite good,” he mentioned. “For wasabi flavoured potatoes.”

Luca stuck out the tip of his tongue a little and pushed the bag towards him. “You can have them, if you want. I don’t like them that much anyway.”

Maybe normally he would have wondered why Luca bought the flavour if he did not even like them, but at the moment he was too busy formulating a good response. Whenever Luca was kind to him, he felt a little flustered for some reason.

Hesitantly, he took the bag from Luca and put them in his bag, thanking him with a trembling voice. “Let me treat you tomorrow then,” Max proposed, to compensate for the guilt he felt over taking Luca’s food. Immediately, Luca seemed to agree with that, frantically nodding. “Yeah, sure!”

And they kept this agreement - not just the day after, but every day that week. They would go to the store together and treat each other on food - normally not in the category healthy foods - and somehow in the end Max always ended up getting the leftovers, which he put in his bag to eat when he walked back from volleyball to his room.

During his talks with Luca he had learnt a lot of things about the guy, such as that he really loved to draw and paint, that he wanted to have a cat, but wasn’t allowed one by his landlord, that he always drank a glass of milk before going to sleep, that his favourite flavour of icecream was pistachio and that he liked to wear two different kinds of socks. And many more things.

Whenever they talked, he felt like he was not as interesting as Luca. For every interesting fact Luca shared with him, he could only tell something boring about himself. The only things he really did were volleyball and trying to be a good student. Many other hobbies he didn’t have.

During volleyball practice, they would mostly practise together and Max would help Luca when he couldn’t keep up. He could see that the guy had a lot of potential, but had not played at such a high level as the others in their team.

Even after volleyball they would often chat via their phone, though Max tried not to suffocate Luca too much. He did not want to feel the guy like he had to talk to him or feel forced to have a conversation.

After volleyball practice Friday a week later, he walked home as he did normally, a chunk of chocolate in his left hand - being a leftover from their lunch - and his phone in his right. He and Luca had only just parted ways in front of the sport hall, but they already engaged in a new conversation on their phones.

As he focused on the chat conversation on his screen, he lost attention to what happened in front of him. Almost blind, he kept walking on over the pavement, until a stern voice made him halt.

“You’ll get hit by a car if you keep staring at your phone,” a girl’s voice told him.

He looked up and closed his phone, taking another bite of chocolate. But as he saw who was in front of him, his chewing movements slowed down steadily until they stopped. This person was no one other than his ex-girlfriend Hannah.

“I see you have decided to start ruining your health,” she said, aiming at the piece of candy in his hands. Automatically he hid it behind his back, as he would have done in the past when they were together, only to realise she had nothing to say about him anymore.

“I don’t think that would be any of your business,” he replied. “Even if I did that.”

Her eyebrows frowned and she looked just as displeased as she always had in the past. She let her eyes go over his body and then she nodded curtly.

“I just came to let you know I’m willing to give you another chance, even after all you did to hurt me,” she said, disregarding the fact that it had been him who ended their relationship. He immediately shook his head and cut her off. “I’m not taking you back,” he said. “And I think we’re done talking.”

Hannah however did not seem to have reached the same conclusion. She threw back her long brown hair and looked at him with her pretty face. “I will give you three months to think about it, alright?” she said, ignoring what he had just said. “And you better stay away from unhealthy foods in the meantime.” She looked at him with her most threatening face and then walked away, leaving him alone in the middle of the street.

For a few seconds he watched her back as she got further and further away from him, and then he pushed the whole remaining chocolate bar into his mouth in protest and started chewing violently. He was going to live his life however he wanted, he resolved, and his former girlfriend would not even have one little thing to say about him.

Taking her back, he thought. Only someone crazy would take her back at this point. All she was capable of doing was making him feel stressed.

Grumpy and with a bit of a ruined mood, he took out his phone again - but this time tried to pay more attention to his surroundings. She had had a point about that at least.

He saw he had gotten a new message. One from a number he did not recognise. In surprise he opened it.

Anonymous: Hey, ur Max right??

Anonymous: I’m Luca’s frined

Anonymous: Friend*

He looked at it for a little while and then bit his lip. Why would Luca’s friend message him so suddenly? Had something happened to Luca?

You: Yes, this is Max. Has something happened? If there’s anything wrong with Luca, please let me know and I’ll try to help!

Luca’s friend replied almost immediately.

Anonymous: He’s okay :3 Kind of…

Anonymous: What do you think of him?

Anonymous: It’s important !!

For a moment, Max considered to not respond and just close his phone again, but at the same time he was intrigued. This friend of Luca probably knew things about Luca that Luca wouldn’t tell him himself. And there was one thing that he wanted to ask, but knew he never could.

You: He’s great! He’s been a good friend to me! You’re lucky to have a friend like him, too :)

Anonymous: Do you like him? Like do you want to date him?

The question surprised Max so much that he instinctively turned off his phone screen, to not have to see the message again. He had no clue how Luca’s friend had come to that conclusion, especially after such a short time, but it made his cheeks bright red.

It was true that Luca had made him feel things he had rarely felt for a guy before, but to say he would want to date him… He wasn’t sure yet.

Also, even if that would be true, why would he share it with someone he had never talked to before? Other than the reason that this person would maybe be the only person to tell him whether Luca would want to date him too?

He thought about it for a moment. Could he trust this person, he wondered. He could not deny he would not mind to know whether Luca was interested in dating him, but asking Luca himself would kill him, he was sure.

You: Maybe… Would he even want to date me?

Anonymous: Nah

Anonymous: He only likes fat guys

Anonymous: :p

Anonymous: Apart from that you’re his type though

You: What?

Anonymous: He only likes fat guys >3<

Anonymous: I’ll show you

Max could see a screenshot of a conversation between Luca’s friend and - Max assumed LuLu was Luca - Luca. He opened the picture and zoomed in on the little text boxes, feeling a bit guilty about breaking in on Luca’s privacy - but on the other hand, he had to find out what Luca’s friend had meant by ‘he only likes fat guys’.

First he got to see a fragment where Luca answered he indeed wouldn’t mind if Max got fat - something that made Max blush and feel flattered in a weird way. Then he got another screenshot showing a conversation between Luca and his friend from just a day ago.

“LuLu: I may have been trying to feed him a little…

Rowan: Omg?!! LuLu?! So you ARE trying to fatten him up??

LuLu: not really!! We just go to the supermarket together a lot…

LuLu: maybe I do just a little…

LuLu: Don’t tell anybody!!!!”

Max swallowed and tried to process what he had just seen. In his head there were too many thoughts to really make sense of it. On the one hand he was very confused about his own feelings towards Luca, and confused about Luca’s feelings towards him. From the messages he had read, it sounded like Luca was at least a little attracted to him - but he couldn’t be too sure.

He also felt weirdly aroused by the fact that Luca had been trying to fatten him up a little - even if he himself had been trying to stay in shape. It just contrasted the wishes of his previous girlfriend so much that he could not help but feel a bit excited about that.

His mouth felt dry and his fingers floated above the screen, unsure about what they should type. There was something he wanted to ask, something that made his heart beat faster and made him a bit nervous, but he did not know if he could.

He took a deep breath, and typed.

You: Do you think he’ll date me if I gain weight?

Anonymous: Defintile !! ;3

Anonymous: Definitaly**

With one hand he closed his phone and put it back in his pocket, and with the other he palmed his stomach. It felt toned and hard, as athletic as he had always prefered it. Would he be okay with gaining some weight for a guy he might like?

Yes, he told himself. I think I am okay with that. And he had never felt so excited.
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Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 3

When Luca met Max that Monday at university again, something seemed to have changed about him, but he could not exactly tell what it was. Like always, they met up during lunch to walk to the supermarket, but this time, Max insisted to eat the lunch he had brought himself on the way.

At first, Luca had wanted to object, as he didn’t want Max to already fill his stomach with lettuce or other healthy things - a thought he hated himself for having - but as soon as he saw Max pull out a cheeseburger he swallowed his complaints.

“I thought you were going to eat more healthy stuff?” Luca asked carefully as Max licked the grease off his lips and contently sighed. The guy nodded and shrugged. “I’ve decided to listen more to what I want and less to what others want,” he said.

Luca averted his eyes a little and remembered the things Max had told him a while ago, about his past relationships. “Does it have to do with your ex-girlfriend?” he asked, and Max nodded. But he did not want to elaborate on it.

Luca was glad, of course, that Max had chosen to go that route. Not only did he think that that mindset would be more healthy for him, but also it meant that Max would give in to his urges to eat junk food more often. And that could only make things better for Luca as well.

When they arrived at the store, Max loaded their shopping cart more than usual, and afterwards he indulged more freely in the food than he would normally. There was some kind of dedication to the way he ate, and somehow Luca expected that the guy was not only eating because of the food, but also to spite his ex girlfriend.

And to Luca’s delight, this new attitude of Max kept up the rest of the week, and the rest of next week as well. Not only did the guy eat a lot during the times they met up, but Luca also caught him eating junk food from a distance when he was hanging out with his other friends. It felt like his whole way of living had changed.

At first, a change of body was not really noticeable, but in the course of the second week, Luca could see how Max’s toned torso started to soften up and a little bump of softness covered his lower abdomen.

It was hardly noticeable through his shirts, but as soon as he undressed in the changing rooms before training, Luca could clearly see the slight changes. He did not point them out to Max himself - firstly because he did not want to make him feel awkward or accidentally hurt him, but also there was no need to. Other people around them already made enough remarks about it, especially their teammates at volleyball.

Since they were the people that saw Max shirtless at a daily basis, they were the first to notice the little layer of fat that had started to build up on the previously so athletic body.

“Have you been indulging in the student life a bit too much, Max,” their team captain remarked as he subtly patted Max’s belly. The latter flinched shortly, but then laughed, as he rubbed his stomach himself.

“I might have,” he said. “I’ll try to watch it.” But both Luca and Max knew that he probably was not going to. Apart from the occasional remark from a teammate, the change was not yet noticeable enough for others to see.

Apart from this positive change, another good development had happened in their relationship: apart from meeting up at lunch breaks, Max had now invited Luca to come over to his house for dinner sometime - but whether it was a date or just a friendly hang out session was still unclear.

The weekend of the sixth week of school, Luca stood on the doorstep of Max’s apartment and fidgeted with his jacket, too afraid to ring the bell. He still could not really believe that he had actually been invited to Max’s home, and he checked their messages twice to assure himself he had arrived at the right date and time.

He took a deep breath and then knocked the door.

After just a couple seconds, the door was opened by a beaming Max, clothed in a white shirt and simple jeans, which seemed to be just a little tight on him. His face had gotten a tiny bit rounder and his shirt creased around his little bit of belly that already seemed to be pushing out slightly more than at the start of the week. Still nothing too drastic, but Luca could see it. And it made him excited.

“Good to see you,” Max remarked, and he gestured Luca to come in. He shuffled backwards into the kitchen again, where he had been cooking, and told Luca to just sit down on the couch in the meantime.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I was planning to tidy the place, but I haven’t had the chance yet.”

But Luca did not mind; he liked seeing all the pizza boxes and empty crisps bags lying around in the room - if he didn’t know better, he would think this amount of empty packages would belong to more than one person. But he was quite sure that Max had told him he lived on his own.

He must have been eating a lot, Luca told himself. And it was visible too. As he waited in the living room, he got out his phone and texted Rowan.

You: God… He has so many pizza boxes lying around in his room…

You: Just… I was thinking he must be eating a lot…

Rowan: Are you at his place?! o_O

Rowan: Tell me how the sex was afterwards ;P

You: I am going to block you

He did not even wait for the answer of his friend, but just put his phone away as Max entered the room with two plates in his hand. One was clearly more filled than the other.

Luca took the less royally filled plate and put it on his lap - Max did not have a proper dining table in his room, as most of the space was occupied by an XL corner couch. The other guy took a spot next to Luca and sighed heavily, wiping the sweat of his forehead with a towel. “I did my best,” he said with a smile, and he motioned Luca to try the food.

It looked quite good, and not like something any student could cook; it was a rice bowl with beef curry, spring onions and a sauce that smelled especially great to Luca.

“It looks great,” he said, sincerely. “What’s that sauce made of?”

Max looked up, his mouth already full of food, and his eyes round and apologetic over having to chew before he could answer. So innocent, Luca remarked internally. He’s quite cute.

“It’s mainly coconut milk with some herbs and a bit of gravy - you may taste a little thyme though.”

“I’m impressed,” Luca remarked as he took his first bite too, and he noticed how well the dish was made. The meat was tender, and the sauce seemed perfectly balanced.

Max shrugged and took another spoonful. “It’s not much,” he said. “I played it safe because I didn’t want to risk serving you a ruined dish.”

“Safe?” Luca exclaimed. “You should know what I normally cook when I’m playing safe. I usually just order takeout if I’m having people over. That’s playing safe.”

Max grinned and shook his head subtly over so many culinary sins. “You must think I’m a disaster,” Luca remarked when he saw the gesture, and he groaned in pleasure as he delivered another bit of food to his mouth.

“Well, not a disaster,” Max nuanced, but he didn’t finish his sentence. The playful implication lingered in the air for a moment.

“It’s funny how you cook this well, but still your drawing skill is so pathetic,” Luca remarked to no one in particular, as if he were just talking to himself. Max feigned a pained expression. “Ouch.”

“Why don’t you become a cook, though?” Luca continued as if nothing had happened. “You could work at a restaurant, right?”

Max nodded slowly and thoughtfully as he chewed, and he stared at the little table in front of them. “Maybe,” he admitted. “But my parents don’t want a cook for a son.”

Luca snorted in anger and put down his bowl with a bang, so that Max looked up in shock. “What…?” he asked in surprise, but Luca did not let him finish.

“So you’re studying Law instead?” he asked, almost mad. “While you have this talent? What nonsense. Didn’t you also let your girlfriend order you around? Come on, Max, don’t let people decide your life for you - you have to use these skills.”

Max looked at him for a moment and then shrugged slowly, as he turned to his bowl again. “Well, yeah,” he admitted. “I just want to live my life peacefully… And I don’t want to disappoint people. It feels like my duty to please my parents, you know.”

With an expression of pity, Luca looked at his friend, not knowing what to say. It took him at least ten seconds to phrase an answer. “Yeah, I know. Because you just seem to be that kind of nice person. But I just… I hope you will be happy, Max.”

They looked at each other for a moment in silence. For a second Luca felt the urge to hug this person, to pull him close against his body, but he resisted. He should remember that Max probably was not interested in being intimate with him in any way.

Then he suddenly felt fingers touch his supporting hand, and even without looking down he knew they were Max’s. The guy softly pinched his hand and let his fingers rest on his. “I know. Thank you, Luca.”

Then he let himself fall back on the couch and rested his back against the cushions - breaking the little tension that had built up. “But don’t worry - as long as I’m kept well-fed, I’ll be happy.” And he rubbed his stuffed belly with one hand, accidentally revealing a strip of skin at the underside of his shirt. Even though Luca had seen Max shirtless a day ago, he still felt how his heart skipped a beat.

Then Max turned to him, his hand still on his belly, and blinked once. “Say, Luca,” he said calmly, and suddenly the lightheartedness in his voice disappeared. Luca nodded. “Hm?”

“Would you really hate it if I didn’t go to volleyball training anymore?” he asked, putting on a bit of a guilty face.

Luca swallowed, but didn’t know what to answer. On one hand he would hate to do trainings on his own and to not have Max to walk to the hall with - not to mention seeing Max shirtless every week - but on the other hand; no training would mean less exercise and more potential weight gain, Luca knew. Especially if Max kept eating like he did right now - he had eaten at least double the portion Luca had, in just the same time Luca had eaten his.

For a moment Luca hesitated, and then he shrugged. “Well, it’s your choice,” he said. “I know I’ll miss you during the trainings, but maybe a bit of rest would do you good as well.”

Max nodded absent mindedly and then stroked through his own short hair. “We’ll still be seeing each other during lunch breaks, and I could still walk you to the sports hall before training,” he said. “It’s just I’ve been having a little pain in my knee - nothing bad, it’ll probably heal in a couple weeks.” Luca wasn’t sure if Max told the truth or not, but he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Is Max the jock getting a bit lazy?” he asked with raised eyebrows, to which Max responded with something that held the middle between a snort and a laugh. “Maybe,” he answered, and looked away.

Then he stood up swiftly and walked to the kitchen, only to come back with a couple snacks and drinks for them, and a pack of playing cards. He held them up invitingly and then set down the tray filled with crisps and toasts. “Do you like card games?” he asked.

Luca looked at them observingly and then folded his hands in his lap. “Depends what kind of card game,” he said with a devilish tone.

“Well,” Max mumbled as he sat down on the couch again - it creaked, but it couldn’t be because of his weight yet, Luca reasoned. “I thought just a simple game of Mau-Mau? A simple, friendly game, just for fun?”

Luca smirked and took the pack of cards from his friends, unpacking it slowly. “I was thinking maybe we could make it a little more interesting,” he proposed. Max did not seem to convinced at first. “Like how?”

“Like by having the winner of each game daring the loser to do something. If they refuse or can’t do it, they have to answer a personal question truthfully.” Max thought a bit and then nodded understandingly. “So a bit like Truth or Dare, but with less ‘or’?”

“Exactly.” Luca dealt the cards swiftly and accurately, as his fingers almost moved by themselves. He knew he could beat Max in a game of cards - the guy was smart enough, but didn’t seem too experienced in this sort of game, even though he had proposed to play himself.

Their first game was decided rather quickly. Luca awaited his chance to strike eagerly, and as he played his last card, Max still had ten in his hand.

“I win,” Luca told him, as if he couldn’t see that himself, and smirked at him. The loser boy had already accepted his fate and rubbed in his eyes with both hands. “Oh dear,” he whined. “Well, tell me what I have to do for punishment then.”

Luca brought his finger to his chin and thought for a couple seconds, scanning the room with his eyes. Then his eye met the tray on the table, and suddenly he knew. His grin widened and Max’s expression only looked more miserable.

“I dare you to finish everything on that tray within ten minutes,” he said. It was quite risky, he knew, as he didn’t want Max to find out his true desires, but a chance like this he could not throw away.

However, against all expectations, Max’s face lit up instead and he almost looked relieved. “That’s all?” he said. “I can do that, pretty sure.”

“Show me first,” Luca demanded, as he pushed the tray in Max’s direction. “The ten minutes start now.”

Never had Luca seen somebody eat so much in such little time, but Max pulled it off flawlessly. He devoured handfuls of crisps and pasties and flushed them down with some soda. After only eight minutes he licked the last remnants of his fingertips and let a burp escape from his lips.

Now that he was even more full than before, his protruding belly was hard to ignore - even though before only the lower part of his belly had been sticking out a little, now a light curve was also visible just beneath his chest. One still could not really call him fat or even chubby, but it would not be too long if he kept it up, Luca knew.

“You impress me once more,” Luca told him, and he was not even exaggerating. He had not expected Max to be able to succeed in the dare, but here he was.

Max burped again, and covered his mouth in embarrassment right after, and then sighed deeply. “You’re just underestimating me.”

Even though Max looked like he would rather lay down for a while and digest, he insisted on playing another round - this time, though, Luca didn’t have such an easy time as before. It seemed like his friend had finally seen through his strategy, and in the final battle he came out victorious. Now it was Luca who would have to endure a dare from his friend - and he was sure that Max would take revenge for the last dare.

The guy seemed to think for a while and hiccupped. Then he frowned his eyebrows. “I’m not allowed to just skip the dare and ask you a question, right?” Luca shook his head. “Nope, only if I’m not able to complete the dare - but you have to stay within human capabilities.” He knew if Max wanted to ask him a truth question instead, he would try and find a loophole in the rules, but Luca was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to come up with a dare he could not finish.

“Alright,” Max said. “Then I dare you to correctly guess what flavour those pasties were I just ate.” And he looked at Luca with the most smug face he had ever seen before - and Luca had no grounds to refuse the dare. After all, it was perfectly possible to guess something right, in theory. But the chance he would guess it right, was nihil.

“That’s too mean,” Luca objected, but Max did not listen to his complaints - if anything, his face just got more smug. “Guess.”

Then Luca clapped his hands and stood up, sporting a sassy expression. “Alright then,” he said. “You leave me no choice but to get a taste myself.” He looked at Max provocatively, waiting for him to realise what he was implying, but the guy did not even flinch - he just shrugged, like always. “If you dare, you should go for it,” he said, seemingly confident that Luca would not back up his threat anyway. But if he thought that Luca would be too scared, he was wrong.

He leaned in, entering Max’s personal space, until their faces were only at a centimeter distance of each other, supporting himself with his hands on his knees. Then quickly, he gave the guy a quick kiss, trying to distinguish the different flavours he could still taste on his lips. Just as quickly he pulled himself away again and sat back in his own spot. “Turkey,” he said almost triumphantly. “It was a turkey pasty.”

Luca expected to see a face of a broken man in front of him, of someone who had been defeated, who had failed to outsmart him, but instead, Max’s face only seemed to be more content. “Wrong,” he said.

“No way!” Luca protested, and he almost got up again, but Max motioned him to sit down. “I can show you the package,” he said. “It’s chicken-apple.”

“Aghh,” Luca whined and he hid his face in his hands, trying to process this heartbreaking defeat. “Alright, ask me a question then.”

He still had not removed his hands from his face, as he did not want to look at the self content face of his friend, who was now coming up with probably the worst question possible. Luca did not want to hear it.

“So,” Max started, leaning closer to him. “How did you like the kiss?”
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Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 4

The next morning, Max’s stomach still felt stuffed from last night - he had really overdone it this time, but it had totally been worth it. The looks Luca had given as he overate or rubbed his belly were priceless, and made his heart race.

The past week he had though a couple times that he must be crazy to really put on weight for this person he might have a crush on, but then when he stuffed himself again and thought of how Luca would like the extra pounds on him, he forgot his doubts. That was why, even though he still felt full from all the food from last night, he made a double breakfast for himself - consisting of a pile of pancakes, almost a whole package of bacon and four eggs - and finished it with half a gallon of whole milk.

As he sat in his chair, he laid his hand on his belly again and kneaded it a little. It definitely felt softer than two weeks ago, and when he sat down his belly had started to just slightly hang over the waistband of his boxers. He knew he loved the feeling of the new fat under his fingers, but he was not sure if it was because of the feeling itself, or because he knew Luca would like it. He sighed and gave it a soft pat.

Last night, after he had asked his question to Luca, the boy had been mostly flustered and had at first refused to answer. But in the end, he had confessed the same answer that Max would have given if it had been asked him. “Maybe a little,” Luca had admitted, with a bright red face, and that was the moment that Max had realised that he had, for sure, a crush on this guy. That he really liked him, and would date him.

He did not remember feeling this for another guy before, and he had never thought about going out with a guy, but it felt good. And he knew that he really wanted to go out with Luca. From what he had picked up from the guy, he had at least a chance.

And his desire for Luca was not the only thing he had sorted out for himself that night - he had also taken the first step into getting serious about gaining weight by stopping with the volleyball trainings. He had noticed that the trainings of their coach were so exhausting that it slowed down his progress, and really he wanted to get more attractive to Luca as soon as he could.

Now he could spend his afternoons stuffing himself instead of burning calories at the sports hall. Of course he was sad he would get to see Luca less, but he thought in the end it would pay off.

After their last match of cards, Luca had admitted he was too tired to keep playing, and soon after he had gone home, but they had agreed to meet up again next weekend. This time Max would go to Luca’s house instead and enjoy his friend’s cooking. He did not expect too much after Luca’s confession that he was a fan of store made food, but he was willing to give it a chance.

The weekend neared quickly as the week went by. Everyday Luca and Max still went to the supermarket and walked to training together. But different than other weeks, Max would go back home right after and would prepare a second - or third - lunch for himself. Or mostly he would go by a fastfood chain and order something, as he found it easier to pile up the calories that way.

By the time he walked to Luca’s apartment that Saturday, he had already gained another seven pounds - which made his total weight gain around twenty pounds. He had noticed how is boxers left little red marks after he had worn them all day, and that his shirts had started to get tighter. Not only had his lower belly started to stick out more so that it was now clearly visible from a distance, but his chest had also started to get a little softer. When he had looked in the mirror this morning, he had also noticed the small beginning of a double chin - when he was looking down at least.

His classmates had not said anything about it yet, but he knew that Luca could see the changes - and he also knew that at this point, Hannah would have already put him on a strict diet.

He rang the bell of Luca’s apartment and patiently waited outside. One minute passed, two minutes. After five minutes the door was hastily opened by a seemingly stressed out Luca who was covered in stains of burnt sauce and a smell of something resembling death.

“Hey, good to see you,” Max said and tried to not show his dislike of the reeking smell. “I see you tried to cook?”

Luca sighed and leaned against the door with a dramatic face. “I really wanted to beat you… but I don’t think I managed to.” He sighed again and then stepped aside. “Come in and behold the catastrophe.”

Max smirked and followed Luca through the hallway - and as he walked he looked around at all the little decorations that Luca had hung everywhere. He also saw a lot of drawings that he suspected Luca had made himself, and overall it was a very colourful home.

“You got a nice taste,” he remarked, as he stepped inside the kitchen. Everything in the apartment just breathed Luca. Even the burnt smell from the pan on the stove.

“You mean in a haute cuisine sense?” Luca asked as he lifted the lid of the pan and granted the contents a depressed look. He seemed to realise it himself too; he could not save this dish anymore.

Max laughed and put an arm around Luca’s shoulder, looking at the mess on the stove together. “Well, I meant the way you decorated the place,” he said. “I can’t lie that well.”

His remark was answered with a nod, a meaningful sigh, and finally a sound of acceptance.

“Maybe we should just order some takeout,” Luca said finally, and he looked at Max to gauge his opinion. The latter shrugged. “I’ve heard it’s your specialty, so I’d love to try.”


Half an hour later, finally the food was delivered and cosily etalised on the kitchen table by Luca. They had ordered some burgers and fries from a nearby place that Max had recommended himself. He had gotten food there before after school and he knew he could eat a lot of it before he was full.

For himself, he had gotten a double cheeseburger with bacon, a hamburger with cream cheese and guacamole, twenty chicken strips and a large fries, of course accompanied by a royal portion of mayonnaise. Luca had just gotten a basic burger and some fries, which seemed like nothing compared to his own mountain of food.

If Luca was surprised by the amount Max was planning to eat tonight, he did not show it at all. It seemed more like Luca did not expect any less of him.

“Have a good meal,” Max encouraged Luca as he brought his own burger to his mouth - but before he could dig in, another voice sounded from the hallway.

“LuLu!” a voice shouted. “Are you home?”

Luca froze and dropped his burger on his plate, fear in his eyes. “Rowan,” he whispered to Max.

He understood that this was Luca’s friend who had shown up - the friend that had texted him a couple weeks ago and had finally moved him to intentionally gain weight. The thought of having to meet him here again was not exactly a very attractive one, but it did not seem like he had a choice.

A lean and fashionable looking guy entered the room and sat down on the couch next to Luca. “LuLu!,” he exclaimed again. “We haven’t hung out for so long! Are you doing okay? What are you eating?” Only then he noticed Max in the chair in front of him.

“Max!” he greeted him, and then gave him a wink. “I see you’re doing well!” It was obviously a hint at the belly that was sticking through the white fabric.

“Yes, thank you,” Max responded. “I hope you have been well too.”

Luca seemed less pleased with the sudden arrival of his friend, however, and gave him an angry glance. “Please don’t just enter my apartment, Rowan,” he said in a reprimanding tone, to which Rowan just pouted. “I just wanted to surprise you, LuLu,” he said. “And I also like to see your friend sometimes.”

Luca grumbled and shook his head in despair - and Max could relate a little. It must be a little tiring having a friend like Rowan, he thought, but at least it was a very caring person. He was just worried that Rowan would somehow spoil their little secret that Max was putting on weight on purpose - not that Luca couldn’t know that on itself, but he didn’t want to have to explain for what reason he had started to gain.

Rowan looked his way and scanned his body. “How is the gaining going?” he asked - after which he quickly covered his mouth with his hands. “I shouldn’t have said that, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Max wanted to jump up and push the words back into the vile mouth that had just uttered them - and at the same time he wanted to fall back on the couch and sink away in the cushions. But he did not have the chance to do either.

Rowan quickly jumped up again and walked towards the door. “Well you guys have fun together then,” he said. “Forget what I just said, alright - the thing about the gaining, I mean. Okay, good night!” And with that he fled from the room, closing the front door behind him with a slam. And after this sudden intermezzo, silence returned into the room.

Max avoided Luca’s eyes, but he knew he could not forever walk away from the talk they were going to have now. His cover had been blown - and Luca would ask questions he didn’t want to answer.

“So,” Luca asked. “Shouldn’t you finish the rest of your meal before it gets cold. If you’re gaining weight, I mean.”

Max blushed and followed his advice, just to have a reason not to talk. He stuffed his mouth with the rest of the burger so that he could barely close it anymore - and still he looked in the other direction.

However, Luca did not intend to let the topic rest. He leaned forward and kept staring at Max with the most interested gaze.

“So, why are you gaining?”

He knew this question was going to come, but he hated it - there was only one reason for his gaining and he could not talk around it now. He had just said it before. He was bad at lying.

“For… For you,” he admitted, staring at his feet. He did not want to see the disgust in Luca’s face when he realised what Max was implying, or the expression of rejection before he had even uttered the words.

It remained silent for a bit, until Luca finally coughed. “Really?” he asked. “How… How did you know I liked that?”

Max swallowed and then dared to look up - the face in front of him did not show disgust, or rejection. If anything, it showed a sign of happiness. “Do you like it?”

Luca slowly nodded and averted his eyes for a second. “I mean, it looks good on you.”

He had no choice but laugh and rub the back of his head. The words flattered him and made him feel like he hadn’t done the effort for nothing: the boy that he liked actually appreciated the changes he had made to his body.

“Would you… would you like me to get bigger?” Max then asked, as he felt the nerves race through his body. He felt so vulnerable being this honest with Luca - if the guy wanted, he could tear him down completely. But Luca did not seem to have any intention of doing just that. He just nodded. “Yes, definitely.”

He felt excited and aroused - he shifted a little to hide the growing member in his pants - and tried to not get too nervous about it. The question he was going to ask would only make him more flustered, but he needed to know the answer.

“How big do you want me to get?” It was almost a whisper, but he knew the other guy did fully understand.

Luca seemed to think about that question for a moment, but then he leaned in even more. “How much do you weigh now?” he asked with a slightly trembling voice. His eyes were locked to Max’s and they both knew how they desired the other.

“175 pounds,” he said. “I was 155 when we met.”

“How about 310,” Luca proposed, as he stood up and placed himself next to Max, but without breaking their eye contact for one moment. Now that Luca was so close, Max could barely resist; he took Luca’s hand and placed it on his own belly. “I’ll be really fat, Luca,” he said. “Are you sure you want me to be that big?” All he could see was the slow nod of Luca’s face. The hand gently pinched and rubbed his belly, kneaded the part that hung over his waistband and touched his belly button.

Somehow the excitement that beamed from Luca’s face also doubled Max’s own arousal. He couldn’t wait until he reached that goal of 310 pounds, double the weight he used to be - he couldn’t wait to see Luca’s admiration and excitement when he would finally get there.

“I have to tell you something,” he then uttered, encouraged by the atmosphere that had emerged in the room. “I like you. I want to go out with you.”

Luca did not seem surprised, or shaken. All he did was lean in even closer, and then press his lips on Max’s. In silence they made out, explored each other’s mouth, while Luca still kept stroking Max’s little tummy.

The touch of Luca’s fingers on his torso felt good, so good that he decided to pull up his shirt and allow Luca access to his skin. As soon as he felt Luca’s palm on his belly, he shivered, and started kissing even more passionately.

Suddenly Luca pulled away and looked him straight in the eye. They both panted and sweated, but they both felt the same passion. “I like you too, Max,” he said. “Please, please let’s go out.”

Max answered with a little kiss, and an accidental hiccup, after which he closed his mouth again in embarrassment.

Luca did not seem distracted by it at all - he leaned back and picked up Max’s plate from the floor, which still had an untouched burger and a couple fries on it. The gesture was clear immediately. Max leaned back and opened his mouth for Luca. “Feed me,” he said. “Make me as… as fat as you want, Luca.”

In the past he would have never expected to say these words ever. He had always cared so much for staying fit and healthy, but now he had found a new purpose in life. Getting big for the person he liked - the person he would maybe love in the future - was one of the most exciting feeling he had ever felt.

He could feel how Luca’s body trembled as he brought the food to his mouth - a few drops of sauce fell on his shirt, but Max couldn’t care less. All that mattered was that the person who liked him was feeding him food, and shaping him to his liking.

“Let’s get you fat,” Luca whispered in his ear, as he rubbed his stuffed stomach. And Max could only agree.

“Yeah, let’s.”


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 5

From that night on, Max and Luca had been going out, visiting each other every weekend, playing games, watching movies, making out and of course, having feeding sessions. Luca knew that Max stuffed himself enough already by himself, but he felt great when he knew he could contribute something to the transformation of his boyfriend.

Another three weeks passed, weeks in which they got to know each other better. They went out together to the movie once, and to an amusement park another time - and while not everything had been about gaining all the time, they had made sure to keep Max well fed all the time.

His growth had gotten more noticeable too the last week: his belly now had a clear shape that pushed through Max’s tight shirts and his chest had developed in beginning moobs. On his sides, Max now had love handles that also showed indents when he wore his boxers, and together with his growing belly hid the entire waistband when he sat down.

Most of his weight was centered around his lower belly still, but there was also a visible curve just underneath his chest - Luca loved all of it, but his favourite part was the soft fat just around the belly button. It was the most squishy part of Max’s beginning gut and Luca loved digging into it with his fingers and face - he wish he could do that all day.

By now the difference had gotten big enough - Max had just reached 195 pounds the other day - for his classmates to notice it too. Luca could hear the remarks of Max’s friends when they saw him indulging in food during lunch break.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat a little bit healthier, Max?” asked a friend from Law Studies. “I mean, I don’t want to be rude, but… If you don’t change your lifestyle, at some point you might not be able to go back anymore.” But that was exactly what they wanted to happen.

Another thing that had happened was that Max had grown out of his clothes - one of the hottest things so far, according to Luca - and so they had decided that their next date would be a day of shopping.

They had taken the bus to the centre of the city together, subtly holding each other’s hand. Max wore the biggest jacket he had to hide the sliver of belly that his shirt could not cover anymore, and the opened button of his trousers. The only difficulty that Luca had noticed so far was that Max seemed to be really embarrassed about his weight in public it seemed - whenever someone other than Luca made remarks about it, he always blushed and tried to suck in his belly. But by now that was hardly any use. No matter how hard he tried, still his belly was visible through his clothes.

“I have to visit my parents this weekend,” Max said to Luca as they got off the bus. “I’m a bit nervous.”

“Why?” Luca pulled him along through the shopping street, headed for the closest mall. “Your grades are great, right?”

Max snorted and pinched his boyfriend’s hand softly. “You know why, you devil,” he said, and he pointed at his belly, that still pushed slightly through the jacket. “I don’t think they’ll like it…”

Luca stopped suddenly, so that Max almost bumped into him. The he turned around with his somewhat angry face again. “You really shouldn’t let them influence you so badly,” he said. “They shouldn’t decide for you what you study, and they can’t decide what your body should be like. If you want to be fat, you should be.” Max motioned him to talk more softly. “Not so loud,” he hissed anxiously, as he looked around, afraid that somebody had heard them.

“I mean it,” Luca remarked with his stern face. He really cared for Max and he felt like he would be happier if he didn’t let other people influence his choices so much. If he was honest, he would want to advise Max to switch courses and start a cooking career, but he knew that he would have to miss him during the lunch breaks if he switched universities.

“I know, you care a lot about me,” Max said, and he kissed Luca on the cheek - very quickly, so that nobody around them would notice. So far they had not gotten any disapproval from others regarding their homosexual relationship, but sooner or later some homophobe would notice and call them out. They both feared for it a little.

“Do you want me to come along to your parents’ place?” Luca then offered, with a face as if he had just come up with a great idea. He got a grin as an answer. “To protect me?” Max suggested. “Well, if you want to come, you can. You can make sure I get enough to eat.”

Luca hummed in agreement, and if he could he would give his boyfriend another kiss - but he knew he should keep it subtle in public. “I will,” he whispered. “I will make sure you eat until you explode.”

They entered the store and went straight for the men’s area. There Luca picked a couple different shirts and trousers for Max, that he had to try on. “Let’s buy them a little bigger than you need right now,” Luca proposed. “You’ll probably be up another 30 pounds by next month anyway.”

Max just granted him a glance that showed he couldn’t wait for that to happen. Then he looked back into the mirror in front of him with his new clothes on. Even though they were still quite loose on him, one could still see the shape of his round belly underneath. No matter the size of the shirt, it was impossible to hide at this point, Luca realised to his contency.

“Alright, I think these should be okay,” Max concluded after he had tried on all the different clothes. “Though I look quite big in all of them.”

Luca smirked and sneaked in a little kiss. “It’s because of your growing belly,” he whispered in his ear, knowing it would certainly get Max’s boner up. Then he turned away from him and grabbed another set of clothing from the store.

“What are you doing?” Max asked as he looked over Luca’s shoulder. The boy knew him long enough to know that Luca was probably not up to anything good. And indeed, Luca sported the same devilish smile he always had when he had an idea that Max might not like.

“I was thinking maybe we should also buy these clothes a few sizes too small,” he said softly. “I would love to see you pop some buttons.”

As expected, Max’s face turned bright red and he started trembling a little just from the idea. Then he nodded slowly and this time it was him who pulled Luca along.

They quickly paid for their goods and then headed back to the bus stop with two shopping bags full of clothes. Luca could see from Max’s face he felt more at ease now that he could finally breathe comfortably again without fearing to rip out of his clothes.

They headed to Max’s apartment, as they both knew they had the danger of Rowan walking in on them if they went to Luca’s. With trembling fingers, Max opened the door and let Luca in. The living room was still decorated by piles of pizza boxes and burger wrappers - but they were all from last week.

Since recently, Max had picked up the habit to send Luca a picture of every meal he ate, together with a quick shot of his stuffed belly - and so Luca knew how the guy devoured at least five fast food meals daily at home.

“Alright.” Luca threw the bags on the floor and waved with his hands which had gotten red marks from all the carrying. “Let’s get you into these.” He picked up the small size clothes they had bought - a buttoned shirt and jeans.

Max took them from him and looked at the shirt. “I don’t think I’ll fit into this,” he admitted, but Luca could see exactly that thought aroused him too. Max patted his belly and then looked at the shirt again. “It’ll be a close call.”

Then he sighed and started to undress in front of Luca - it was one of the things Luca had missed since Max had stopped attending volleyball training.

Slowly, Max’s chubby torso was revealed, slightly jiggling with every movement. Luca looked at the little fuzz on Max’s lower belly and chest, and could not help but wanting to touch all the softness again.

Even though Max’s underwear was elastic, it still seemed like he also needed to change to a bigger size soon. The elastic waistband cut into his sides and made his tummy form a very slight overhang by default.

“Alright, let’s show these jeans who’s boss,” Max remarked as he looked at the small size jeans. Then he picked them up and started pouring his body into them as well as he could. Luca saw that his legs fit in just fine, but as soon as the trousers reached his butt, the trouble began.

“Come, I’ll help,” Luca offered when Max failed to pull the jeans over his remarkably expanded behind, and together they managed to get them up. Then only the problem of getting them buttoned remained - it turned out they needed their combined strength to get the zipper up and buttons closed. However, as soon as Max stopped sucking in his belly, a snapping sound filled the room and a button just barely missed Luca, to hit the wall behind him and fall down on the floor.

They exchanged a glance and then burst out laughing.

The buttoned shirt was not bigger a success: it took quite some time to get the closed shirt over Max’s belly, and even then one could still see parts of his skin that were let bare by the buttons that only barely kept the two halves of the shirt together. It also accentuated his curves even more than they were when he was shirtless, digging into his sides and chest, showing off his lovehandles.

“Maybe you should wear this to college this Monday,” Luca remarked, but he had not yet finished his sentence, or another button missed his head by just an inch. He swallowed. “Or maybe not, if you don’t want to kill someone.”

Max stroked the tight and stretched fabric of his shirt and touched the exposed bits of his belly that poured between the buttons. Then he sighed in awe. “I’ve really gained a lot of weight already, haven’t I?” he asked, but Luca shook his head immediately. He, too, rubbed Max’s belly and then gave him a long kiss on the mouth.

“You’re going to gain so much more.”


That Friday night, Luca had decided to sleep over at Max’s place - with his consent - as the next morning they would leave for Max’s parents. He had asked whether it was okay if Luca came along and they had finally agreed that Max would bring one friend. If he promised to take care of that friend by himself - and would still make time to do his homework.

Max had rolled his eyes as he had agreed to every condition, and winked at Luca like the smooth charmer he was. Luca had raised his eyebrows but accepted that his boyfriend was just a bit of a dork.

Anyway, staying over at Max’s place meant having some privacy from Rowan and some great food - and cuddling on the biggest couch in the city. A better start of the weekend was barely imaginable.

Starting the evening they had dined together on the couch, and afterwards played another game of cards as they had started to love doing. However, now that they had started dating, all dares had become ways to initiate some kind of intimacy. Whenever Luca would win a game, he’d order Max to stuff away bigger and bigger portions of food - and Luca had won at least a couple times - while Max would dare Luca to give him kisses and rubs. Luca told him those were really weak dares, but Max did not care. “I just want my kisses,” he said, and gave Luca another one.

After losing five rounds, Max finally had to admit defeat, as he could barely move from all the food he had gorged down already - at least six bars of chocolate, two full bags of crisps and one and a half pizza. He now hiccupped almost uncontrollably and had to massage his abdomen to ease the pain of his stretched stomach a little.

“You win,” Max said after Luca had dared him to eat another pepperoni pizza. “I really can’t take another bite.”

Luca put one leg over the other and leaned back in his chair, gauging whether Max was really full enough to have him stop. But in the end, he decided that Max could stop eating whenever he wanted, and he almost felt guilty about his thoughts a second before. He looked at the guy in front of him, who was breathing heavily after eating so much.

“Do you like gaining?” Luca then asked.

Immediately, Max looked up and stared at his boyfriend. “Huh?”

“You didn’t complete the dare, so I get to ask you a question,” Luca explained to him again, and he saw the pained expression on Max’s face realising that he would not get away without a punishment for losing the game. Even if he surrendered.

“So, do you like it?” Luca asked again, leaning forward to get closer to Max’s face. Lately, he had been thinking about it a little when he was alone at night, and he had realised that he had never asked Max whether he even liked the changes in his body himself. The guy had always been fit and seemingly proud of it. Luca was unsure if Max did not really want to return to his old body - before it was too late to do so.

Max looked away for a second before restoring eye contact. “Well,” he said. “I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, right?”

But Luca could not accept such a half-baked answer. He shook his head and laid his hand on Max’s knee. “Are you doing it for me, or do you like it yourself, too?”

For a moment, Max thought about that question and seemed to hesitate, just as Luca feared. If Max did only do it for him, Luca reasoned, that was no better than his parents who forced him to study Law or his girlfriend who forced him to stay fit. If Max did not really enjoy putting on weight himself, then Luca would have to stop it. If he really cared about Max, he would need to make him do what would make himself most happy.

“Well,” Max started, still with a thinking face. “To be honest, Luca, at first I just did it to please you. I wanted you to find me attractive, and your friend told me you only liked fat guys, so…” “He did?!” Luca interrupted, and his face turned red in anger.

How had Rowan dared to force Max into gaining just to please Luca? It was not even true that he only liked fat physiques - he was about to get really mad and text Rowan about it, when Max put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said calmly, making Luca relax his muscles a bit too. “I like it now. I’m doing this for myself, too.”

“You are?” Luca was mostly surprised and a bit confused by the quick switch of the atmosphere again. He decided to let his anger towards Rowan be for now - he could tell his friend to stay out of his love life later.

Max nodded and gently stroked Luca’s shoulder to put him at ease a little. And Luca could not help but look at Max’s arm quickly, and notice that it was still, despite all the added weight, as muscular as he liked them best. He had to swallow and change his pose to hide his excitement. “I’ve been thinking about it too, Luca,” he admitted. “I’ve been asking myself if I wanted to start working out again and get back to where I was, but…” With one hand he grabbed the roll of fat that formed his lower belly and squished it contently. “Whenever I would ask myself that, my answer would be; no, I definitely want to keep gaining.”

Luca shivered and felt how his heart started to beat faster by those words. His hand, still resting on Max’s knee, slowly moved forward, to the softer part of his inner thighs. “So you like it?” he asked.

Again, Max nodded. “Hell yes.” It sounded less cool than he wanted to make it sound - but Luca did suppress his laughter to not ruin the mood.

“What do you like about it?” he asked as he started massaging the tender meat of Max’s thighs, moving closer to his zipper by the second. It did not take long for Max to notice what Luca was planning, and he guided the hand to the right spot, quivering slightly as the hand continued to carefully caress his body. Even though they had dated for several weeks now, they still had not had sex yet. They had been too busy with talking, making fun of each other, gaining and playing games.

“I like how soft my belly is getting,” Max admitted. “I like the feeling of being fully stuffed, of feeling my clothes get tighter. And I like how it’s started to jiggle just a little when I walk. I really love getting bigger, Luca.”

Luca felt so glad to hear that, that he forgot about the sensuality they were building up and just jumped on his boyfriend to get a long kiss out of him. He was so relieved. Relieved that Max wanted to this for himself too.

But they did not get the opportunity to take it any further than that, as suddenly the sound of a phone filled the room - somebody was getting called.

With an annoyed sigh, Luca stood up to find his phone which he had left on the kitchen counter a while ago. The mood was ruined at least. “It better not be Rowan,” he hissed between his teeth, but he could hear Max snigger in the background.

“Do you think it might be an important call?” Max asked from the background, as Luca picked up his phone and looked at the screen. Luca just nodded. “It might be my mother - she’s had a car accident a while back… but it’s not my phone; must be yours.”

“Oh.” Max quickly got up from the couch as well and adjusted his shirt that had rode up a little the past minutes. He zipped open his bag and picked out his phone, that was indeed ringing frantically. It was really an inconvenience that they were both too lazy to change the standard ringtone of their phone to something else, Luca thought.

“Hello?” Max asked as he picked up. “Yes, this is Max.” Then he listened for a while and absentmindedly scratched the underside of his belly. With his eyes, he was looking at the ceiling as he carefully took up what was said to him on the other side of the phone.

Luca sat down again and looked at his boyfriend’s calling mannerisms which he thought were cute. By now he could predict any of them - in a second Max would probably start rubbing the back of his head and bite his lip.

“Well, yeah, I think I should be able to make it,” he the answered hesitantly. “Yes. Yeah. Yeah, I understand. Sorry for letting you down. Yeah, my knee is doing a bit better. Thanks. Alright, see you then. Thanks. Yeah. Thanks. Sorry, yes. See you.” And then he finally hung up and looked at Luca in terror.

“It was the coach,” he said - and they both knew the moment they had feared had come. Luca had always told Max how the coach did not appreciate how Max skipped all the trainings because of his lousy knee - though by now Luca knew there was nothing wrong with Max’s knees. And they had suspected that someday, the coach would call Max out for it.

“Oh dear,” Luca remarked, and showed a questioning expression, not knowing how bad it had really been. But Max did not seem too devastated.

“It’s not that bad,” he remarked as he put his phone back in his bag. “He didn’t force me to come back to training, but…”

Luca raised one eyebrow. ‘But?”

“He asked me to play in the match wednesday in two weeks, because Andrew caught a bad cold and will be out of the running for the coming month, and Simon is going abroad for a week around then. I guess it’ll be fun to play again for a bit.” He said it with a smile, and Luca genuinely believed that Max was looking forward to playing some volleyball again. His boyfriend came closer and put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll try not to burn too many calories.”

Luca coughed and looked at the innocent face next to him. “If you want to play volleyball, you really should,” he said. “I’ll make sure to feed you two calories for every single one you burn.” He smiled and leaned back so he rested his back against the belly of his boyfriend.

The latter stroked Luca’s forehead with one hand and then brushed through his hair. For a moment he didn’t say anything. Then suddenly, with a slightly red face, Max opened his mouth again.

“Should we eh… continue what we were doing upstairs?”


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 6

The next morning, Max and Luca took the train to the city Max’s parents lived. It was not too busy that Saturday morning, and they had most of the wagon for themselves.

It was roughly a two hour ride with the intercity, and so they had made sure to buy enough snacks to eat on the way.

Even though Luca seemed quite relaxed about meeting Max’s parents, Max himself was anything but relaxed. He felt the nerves race through his body already at the thought of what his parents would say when they saw him. Had he visited them a couple weeks ago, they might still have not noticed his changes, but now they were undeniable. Even though he wore fitting clothes, the round shape of his belly was still visible - and his double chin had also gotten a bit more apparent. Luca had pointed out that even when he did not talk or look down, you could still see a hint of it. Which made Max happy, but also a bit stressed when he thought of what his parents would think.

Since he was their only child, he was their only chance of having a successful child that they could be proud of. And so they had always wanted him to be perfect and a good representation of their household. They certainly wouldn’t want him to look like someone who lived on a fast food only diet.

“Are you okay?” Luca asked when he saw his worried face, and he handed him a pack of chocolates. Max took it and clumsily tried to open it. “Not really,” he admitted. He knew he could be frank with Luca, and he knew that Luca would be respectful about his worries.

“I won’t let them say anything bad to you,” Luca reassured him. Then he put an arm around his shoulder and rubbed his cheek with his nose. “Don’t worry.”

It was honestly great that Luca wanted to come along. If he had had to do this alone, Max didn’t think he would be able to pull himself through. Internally he thanked god - or whoever was responsible for this - for his luck to meet Luca.

As they got closer to their travel destination, Max felt the knot in his stomach get tighter and tighter. In the end he could not even manage to swallow the snacks they had brought.

Around noon, they reached the house of Max’s family - or rather, it was more like a mansion. Max had never told Luca this, but he came from a fairly rich and ambitious family, though in hindsight he wish he had. Now Luca could barely believe his eyes as they rang the doorbell of the huge villa in the middle of a great piece of land. The guy was even more surprised when a butler opened, instead of Max’s parents themselves.

“Good afternoon, sir. And your companion,” the butler greeted them. “May I say you look healthy today, sir?”

Max was a bit surprised to hear this remark from their often brutally honest servant - he didn’t use to get compliments from him in the past, or maybe he had been too deaf to hear them. “Healthy?” he asked, unsure, and trying to spot the sarcasm in the man’s voice, but he seemed sincere. If there was anything Max would not call himself right now, it would be healthy looking.

“Your face is beaming,” the butler said, as he stepped aside to let them in and took their coats. “You look like you are in a way better place now than when you left the house.” And Max could not deny that was true.

“Thanks, Robert,” he said, and then took Luca by the hand to lead him through the hallway to the living room. Normally Robert the butler would probably lead the guests around, but Max knew the place so well that he didn’t need anyone to guide him.

Luca seemed impressed by everything he saw around him, from the paintings on the walls to the marble tiles on the floor, and Max grinned at his boyfriend’s amazed face. He looked adorable when he was truly taken by surprise so much that he barely talked.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to my parents,” he said, and they entered the living room, which was also the room where his parents mostly met their guests.

As expected, the tea table was already all set with cups, a little plate with chocolates and of course a can of tea. His father and mother sat behind the table, facing them as they came in. Both of them nodded simultaneously as a greeting, and then motioned them to sit down with them.

At the sight of Max, father and mother exchanged a quick glance, but it was too fast for Max to really read what they were communicating. It was not hard to guess, however.

“Luca,” his mother started, aimed at Luca. “Can I pour you a cup of tea?”

Luca quickly nodded, as he was still admiring the room around them, which was honestly maybe the most decorated space in the whole house. It was full of old art, statues and relics, making it almost a small museum.

“Your house is beautiful, Mrs Fowler,” he said, still in awe, to which Max’s mother smiled thankfully. “That is appreciated,” she uttered, after which she turned to Max. “Now, Maximilian, dear. Would you also like some tea? Please tell me how your month has been.”

“I’ll pour it myself, thanks,” Max mentioned, not unfriendly, and took the pot of tea, just to not have to meet his mother’s eyes. He knew she would have a look of disapproval on her face, and the same would go for his father.

“And I’m doing well; life at uni has been quite fun.”

His parents only smiled in response, as if they wanted to say ‘it’s visible’. But he knew they would not make a snarky remark in the presence of Luca, and again he thanked whatever decided his fate for the fact that Luca was here with him.

The rest of the talk continued to be slightly tense, but in the end, no word was spoken about Max’s changed physique, even though he was sure that they had noticed at first sight. Afterwards, Luca and Max decided to take a walk through the garden so he could show his friend around. And also to not have to deal with his parents.

The land around the house was beautiful, Max knew, and he was sure Luca would like it too. Especially in this time of the year, the garden was full of colourful flowers that would really fit in Luca’s interior.

“They weren’t so bad, were they?” Luca said. “Or maybe they didn’t dare start anything because of me.” He stuck out his tongue a little and tried making a threatening pose, showing how scary he could be, but it was rather hilarious. Max shook his head, as he pointed out some flowers to Luca. “They will probably say something about it later,” he said. “When they have discussed it together.”

Luca seemed to think about that, and then lightly touched Max’s hand. “Don’t worry,” he said, and then he averted his attention to the different flowers again. Just as Max had expected, Luca totally loved the garden.

At that moment, a phone started ringing again, and this time the sound was actually coming from Luca’s pocket. Hastily he got out his phone, looked at the screen, and turned pale. Before he picked up, he threw a quick glance at Max, and whispered one word. “Hospital.”

Max could not say anything back, as Luca had already engaged in the phone conversation before he could come up with anything. Now it was his turn to listen to a phone talk without knowing what it was about.

“I understand,” Luca said, and he fidgeted with the underside of his shirt. “Is she stable now? I see. Thanks for letting me know.”

He ended the call and let his arms dangle along his body, barely holding his phone still. Everything in his body language told Max it had been bad news.

“Something with your mother?” he asked, remembering that Luca had told him how his mother had been in the hospital after a car accident, but he did not know much about the details. The mood back then had not allowed him to ask more about it, but now he felt like he needed to be there for his boyfriend.

Luca nodded slowly and then tried to smile. “It’s nothing so bad,” he said, trying to sound lighthearted. “They just called me to let me know her condition crashed today, but that she is slowly recovering and overall doing better now.”

Max swallowed and took Luca’s hand. “Don’t you want to go there then? Visit her?” But Luca only shrugged. “I do, but I can’t leave you here with your parents. I think I’ll visit her Monday.”

Immediately, Max shook his head. “You don’t need to stay here for me. Your mother is way more important than me now. Come on, Luca.”

But he could not change Luca’s mind, who was now more stubborn than he had ever been before. “This happens all the time, really. There’s no hurry. I’ll just visit her Monday.” And they left it at that, even though Max felt bad about keeping Luca here when his mother needed him. But he did not think he could make Luca change his decision now. All he could do was make him feel appreciated for the effort he did for Max. With his strong arms he hugged Luca tightly and he pressed his face in his fresh smelling hair.

With a slightly less strong touch, Luca hugged him back.

The rest of the day, Luca stayed a little gloomy, but tried to come across as happy as much as he could to not worry Max. And Max was more worried than ever.

They spent their time playing chess in the tea room and walking through the library, until finally the butler came to call them for dinner. It seemed that all the activities had cheered up Luca a little, but still when he thought Max wasn’t looking, his face darkened.

They sat together with Max’s parents in the dinner room, behind a traditional wooden table with cushioned seats. Not much later, an extensive dish was served by Robert the butler.

During dinner, his parents did not speak much, and most of the conversation was made by Luca and Max - as Luca was impressed by the quality of the food, and said this was almost as good as Max’s cooking. It was only when Max reached to get seconds that the problems began.

Before he could fill his second plate of food, his mother stopped him. “Do you think that would be wise, Maximilian dear?” she asked, but there was no doubt it was not a question. He knew he was expected to apologise, put the spoon down and wait until the others were done eating. But he also remembered what Luca had told him a few days ago - he was not in a better place for nothing. It was because he had now chosen his own way of living.

“I’m just really hungry,” Max replied, and continued loading his plate with food - even more than he had intended to, just to spite his mother. The latter shook her head in disapproval.

“Haven’t you noticed… that you have changed a little?” she asked carefully, desperately trying to not be too blunt in the presence of Luca, but Max wasn’t intending to play along with her game.

“Yes,” he said. “I’ve gained over 40 pounds the past months.”

It was silent in the dinner room for a while, and Max knew he had made this awkward for Luca too. He felt guilt for putting his boyfriend in this situation, but at the same time he felt he had to do this. He had to break free from the control of his parents.

“What about your future?” his father finally asked, and Max could feel how Luca wanted to speak up now. But he laid a hand on Luca’s lap to let him know he knew what he was doing. Or that at least he thought he knew.

“You know what about my future?” Max said, his voice a bit tense. His parents would be mad if he really spoke his mind, he realised, but he could not turn back anymore now. “My future is really not your business. If I want to gain 40 pounds, 400 pounds, I’m going to do just that.” And to put power behind his words, he stuffed his mouth full with food and swallowed almost without chewing. A shocked expression went over his parents’ faces.

“We’re paying for your college, Maximilian,” his father remarked with a stern voice, believing that would give him power in this conversation, but Max shrugged it off. He did not want to give in one inch now.

“For the college you wanted me to go to,” he said back. “The only reason I’m still going, is because I can’t miss Luca - but if you want, you can stop paying. I got some job offers to start cooking professionally a while ago. I’ll be fine.”

His father wanted to open his mouth again, but his mother stopped him. She had been observing the conversation for a little bit now, and seemed to have noticed something. With one finger she pointed at Luca next to him.

“What exactly is your relationship with Luca, Maximilian?” she asked. “You almost talk about him like he’s your lover.”

Never had his parents really expressed their homophobia, and never had they ever openly had an opinion on it, but Max had always known that silently his parents did not agree with homosexual relationships. In the past, he had never noticed a lot of it, since he always had had girlfriends, but now finally it seemed like it would lead to confrontation. And he was not planning to avoid it.

“He is,” Max said. “We are dating. And he is going to make me gain more weight than you could ever imagine.”

The last remark was unneeded, he knew. But at this point he just wanted to piss off his parents a little - he had always obeyed them and done as they wanted, but now he needed to go against them for once. And he was going full in.

His parents looked at each other for a couple seconds and then both nodded at Max. “Maybe it’s better if you take your leave,” his mother said, and honestly, Max agreed. Not one cell of his body was feeling like staying here for the weekend anymore.

He stood up and turned to Luca. “Let’s go. We have something more important to do anyway,” he said, thinking of the phone call Luca had had earlier this day. And then they left the room.


Not much later they sat in the train back home, in an even more empty wagon. Even though Max’s mood had dropped severely after confrontation with his parents, Luca seemed to be feeling better now. Maybe because he would be able to visit his mother now instead of Monday.

“I’m so proud of you, Max,” he said, and he meant it. Slowly he stroked through Max’s hair. “You didn’t even need me.”

For a moment, Max was silent as he stared outside the window. The guy did seem more relaxed than before, but not as proud of himself as he should be, Luca thought. He gently nudged him. “Hm?”

“I was just thinking,” said Max without making eye contact. “You know I’ve always been following other people’s directions. And I’ve been thinking why I always do - did - that, why didn’t I stand up for myself before.” Luca wanted to say something, but swallowed his words; this was something for Max to figure out.

“I think… maybe I’ve just always felt comfortable following other people’s directions. Maybe because I’m scared of taking responsibility of my own choices and my life,” Max finally continued. He had a look of guilt and embarrassment on his face as he said it.

“Well, you’ve done it now, haven’t you?” Luca asked. “You’ve taken the plunge now. Was it so scary?”

Max groaned and rested his head on Luca’s shoulder, staring at the back of the seat in front of him. “It looks like I’ll have to find a job now,” he said.

“At least you have a lot of job offers.”

“That was a lie.”

Luca’s hand stopped stroking his head and he heard how the boy next to him swallowed. “I thought you were bad at lying.”

He couldn’t help but laugh at the remark, even though the situation wasn’t really all that funny. He just loved Luca that much.

“I’ll get a job in some restaurant,” he said. “I’ll try at least.”

Luca hummed softly as he pressed a little kiss on Max’s hair and then put a hand on his tummy. There was no one who could see them anyway. “Was the rest a lie too?” he asked.

Max looked up. “What?” “You said you would gain 400 pounds.”

For a moment, he had to think about that. Gaining 400 pounds on top of his starter weight would put him at 555 pounds. He had to admit it was a pleasing number to look at.

“Would you want me to?”

Now it was Luca’s turn to think for a while, as he massaged Max’s little overhang. “I might.”

“Well, tell me when you’re sure about it, because as soon as you are, I’ll make sure to get there asap.”

Luca did not say anything back for a while, until he finally turned his face to him and looked him in the eye. “You just tried to sound cool by saying ‘asap’.”

“It’s a normal word,” Max protested, but Luca wasn’t impressed. “You used it to sound cool.”

“Well,” Max said, feeling a little busted. “Next time it’s also okay to say something like ‘Wow you sound cool’, or something. Just a tip.”

Luca’s answer was a tight hug around his neck and another kiss on his cheek, as he mumbled something in his hair that sounded a suspicious lot like ‘dork’. But he just assumed he had misheard that.

And so they rode away in the night, sitting in an empty train that was headed for the hospital.


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 7

Around midnight, they arrived at the hospital, where a nurse guided them to the room where Mrs. Peterson lied.

Max had offered to come with him, and Luca had gladly accepted, scared he would not be strong enough on his own to keep in his tears when meeting his mother. She had had an accident half a year ago, but due to severe complications, she had gotten a couple bad infections that had once or twice almost cost her her life. Now all they could do was wait and hope she would be cured sometime. But even the doctors couldn’t tell him whether she would totally recover from the accident.

Everytime Luca visited her, he felt a bit sad, but at the same time it was always nice to be able to talk to her. As opposed to Max’s mother, she was a very sweet and caring woman, that just wanted the best for her sons.

They came in carefully and closed the door behind them. Apart from them and his mother, there was no one else in the room - probably his brother and father had visited earlier today.

“Hey,” Luca said as he sat down on the chair next to the bed. His mother opened her eyes - whether she had actually been sleeping, he doubted - and her face brightened.

“Luca,” she said. “I was afraid you wouldn’t come.”

“Tsk,” Luca replied. “Of course I would. I came here as soon as I could.” It was a little lie, but if it made his mother feel better it was worth it.

Then her eyes strayed off to the person standing besides the bed - the chubby, muscular, black haired guy. Before she could ask about him, Luca had already introduced his lover.

“That’s Max,” he said. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Luca could see how his mother was even more pleased with that answer than with the fact that her son had visited her. She sent Max a warm look. “I’m glad my son was able to find someone,” she said. “And such a handsome man too.”

As Luca expected, Max got a bit flustered again and started acting nervous - like he always did when he received a compliment. “Thank you, Mrs. Peterson,” he said with a slightly trembling voice, to which she reacted very contently.

“Ohh, he’s polite as well,” she remarked, and she then looked at her son again. “Make sure to invite him over for dinner as soon as I’m back from the hospital again, alright, Luca?”

Luca smiled and nodded, and then he grabbed Max’s arm. “Are you sure you want to offer that, mom?” he said. “Max is quite the big eater.” He knew it would make Max only more embarrassed, but that was exactly what he wanted. His boyfriend was at his cutest when he was all flustered.

Luca’s mother shook her head and waved it away. “I like a man who can eat,” she said with her warm voice, and then she closed her eyes again. “And now I really need to sleep.”

With a smile, Luca stood up and gave his mother a quick kiss on her cheek - he knew he had come quite late, and he didn’t expect his mother to stay up for long. He just wanted to see whether she was doing well, and from what he had seen, she seemed stable.

“Alright, then I’ll see you later,” he told his mom, and he motioned Max that they would leave.

When he had arrived at the hospital, he had felt so worried about his mother, but now he could finally let that go. Even though he knew that at any moment her condition could worsen again.

He felt great that his mother had accepted his new boyfriend and seemed to like him already - but that was not so strange. Just like him, she seemed to like men that were a bit on the heavier side. It ran in the family.


The weekend ended and college started again, but this time, Luca had to go on his own. Max quit his course, as his parents had stopped the payment just as they had threatened, and he picked up a job as a beginning cook at a nearby restaurant to finance his apartment. Since he often worked lunch shifts, he would still show up after class ended for Luca to walk him to the sports hall, and every night they slept over at one of their places.

Luca was glad that Max had finally started doing something he really liked instead of the college course that his parents had wanted him to do. He seemed even more happy when Luca saw him after class, and that more than compensated having to miss him during lunch break.

Not only did his mood seem to go up because of his new job, his weight also increased more rapidly now that he was stationed in the kitchen all day long. In the two weeks that followed, Luca noticed how his thighs had gotten thicker, and so had his arms and wrists. His belly now stuck out so much that it was noticeable through any jacket and his chest had softened up even more. His new clothes still fit, but Luca saw that they were already starting to get a little snug. If he kept this up, gaining 400 pounds would not be unrealistic, he knew. And that thought aroused him more than anything.

Then the day of the volleyball match arrived.

That evening, Max and Luca went to the sports hall together after they had dug up Max’s sports bag from under a lot of other old clothes. He had not used it in a long while, that much was clear.

It was then that they realised they had forgotten to order a new uniform for Max - he still only had his volleyball uniform from the start of the year, and there was no way he would fit into it anymore. But at that point it was too late to do anything about it, so they decided to just take the bag and hope that it wouldn’t look too weird.

As soon as Max walked into the sports building, he sucked in his gut, in the hopes no one would notice and make a remark. But even if he tried, one could still see in the new roundness of his face and the thickness of his limbs that he had put on more than just a couple pounds.

When they entered the changing room, the other members of the team were already present, and in the middle of changing into their uniforms.

“Hey Luca,” they greeted him happily - but as soon as they saw Max, they fell silent.

That was when Luca decided to break the tension and make sure that he could make the situation as little awkward for Max as possible. He put an arm around his friend to let him know he was there for him and dropped his own sports bag on the bench behind him.

“Max came to help us out today,” he said. “He knows he has gained some weight.”

It stayed silent for a moment, in which Luca sat down on the bench and started undressing, not paying attention to the atmosphere in the room. He thought it would be better to just address what they were all thinking and get it out of the way.

Slowly, the other teammates started getting back to their usual selves. They patted Max on the shoulder and welcomed him. “Glad to have you here today,” their captain said. “I hope your knee is doing better. It must be tough not being able to work out because of an injury.”

The captain and Luca exchanged a quick glance, in which Luca knew that he was being helped out here. Immediately the other teammates realised how rude they had been for putting so much focus on his change in appearance when it had, apparently, only been due to an injury. They looked at each other in guilt and seemed to all resolve to not pay one bit of attention to Max’s remarkable weight gain.

Even when he struggled to fit in his uniform, they did not even look once. Luca however, enjoyed the sight of Max trying to fit his body into a uniform that was at least a couple sizes too small.

The elastic fabric hugged quite tightly around his love handles and the curve of his belly, showing desperate creases in the indent between his chest and abdomen. At the underside of his belly, the shirt revealed a little bit of skin, as it wasn’t able to cover all of his body, no matter how often Max tried to pull it down.

The shorts barely had any room left in them as they were filled with huge thighs, and it looked like Max could barely move in them without ripping the fabric.

“You look great,” Luca whispered in his ear, and he meant it. His boyfriend’s face got red however, and he seemed too embarrassed to reply. Without saying anything, he followed Luca to the volleyball court.

Luca almost felt pity for his boyfriend, who now had to expose himself to the views of almost a hundred people watching the matches, while being dressed in clothes that he should have given up on twenty pounds ago. And as if things couldn’t get worse, as soon as they entered the court the coach approached them, with a not too pleased expression.

“Good to see you here, Max,” he greeted Max, but his eyebrows were frowned. “But I’m less content to see how out of shape you’ve gotten. You have to work harder, alright. Work harder. You really need to come to training again, understood?” Max just nodded, but Luca knew that he felt severely humiliated. To support him a little, he came and stood next to him after the coach disappeared again and touched his hand. “Don’t listen to him,” Luca told him. “He only thinks about sports and physical achievements and all. Just ignore what he says.”

Max looked at him and smiled weakly, but his cheeks were still red.

Things didn’t get better when the match actually started - their opposing team also noticed that one of their players wasn’t as fit as the others, and from time to time, one could hear some less nice remarks, making Max flinch each time he heard them. To make matters worse, he also ripped his shorts halfway through the match when he tried to save a ball, having him sit out the rest of it on the bench.

Luca truly felt sorry for him, and wished he could sit next to him on the bench to soothe him, but he had to focus on the match. Whenever he looked at Max, he could see he was both lost in thought and trying to cover his ruined uniform. They both just wanted the match to be over.

In the end, they lost the match with 3-1 and the team headed back to the changing room with an atmosphere of defeat. And out of all the teammates, Max seemed to be the one feeling most defeated of all.

Luca walked next to him and rubbed his back, promised him they would have a great night right when they’d get back home, and that he would make sure to lighten up his mood, but still the guy did not seem totally convinced. He smiled at Luca when he tried to cheer him up, but it was visible that he was actually still in thought.

In the changing room, while the others already started undressing, Max just sat at his bench, not even trying anymore to pull his shirt down, so that the lower half of his belly was fully revealed.

Luca was a bit worried, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold a good and open conversation with him about it here - they would have to wait until they got outside. However, suddenly Max seemed to take that responsibility out of his hands.

“I eh…” he started, and immediately all faces were turned to him - nobody else had spoken a word anymore after their loss, so his voice echoed through the room. “I have to confess something.”

Luca froze and looked at his boyfriend with a pale face. What was he planning, he thought. But he didn’t dare interrupt, in fear of making everything look only more suspicious.

“I don’t really have a knee injury,” he said with a shaky voice, and his eyes reflected that he too wasn’t sure of what he was doing. Luca wanted to interrupt, even if only to protect Max against himself, but he had seen how much Max had been thinking the past hour. He had to trust that Max knew what he was doing, and was doing this to make things better for himself.

“You can share anything,” the team captain told him. “We won’t make fun of you, whatever it is.”

Max looked at Luca for a second, and then turned to the other players again, visibly gathering all his courage to confess an important part of himself. It stayed silent for a second; one second full of anticipation. But finally Max spoke.

“Well,” he started. “I’ve not told anybody about this, but I thought… I’ve been feeling bad about keeping up this lie about my knee and all.” He paused and looked at his feet, at his belly that stuck out and lied on his lap. “I have been gaining weight on purpose.”

The sentence lingered in the air for a moment, one in which everyone tried to process what he had just said. In the end it was the captain again who took the word.

“I didn’t really expect that,” he admitted. “Can I ask… why?”

There was no judgement in his voice, but rather genuine curiosity. The other teammates looked at Max with the same question in their eyes, but where Max would normally get embarrassed of all the attention, now he just shrugged and smiled - sincerely smiled. “Because it makes me incredibly happy.”

And in that moment Luca felt intensely glad and relieved, as he could see that his boyfriend meant it, and as he knew Max must feel relieved too now that he told someone. He only needed one glance to read that from his face.

“I see,” their captain replied, and he put his hands in his sides. “That’s a relief! We were honestly a bit worried that you were not feeling well emotionally. But if this makes you happy, then I’m happy for you too!” And the other teammates immediately agreed by raising their voices.

Max looked glad, content and freed from a huge burden. He smiled and accepted the pats on his shoulders that he got from teammates, their encouraging words and some of their interested questions. From a distance, Luca looked at his boyfriend and his beaming face. Seeing how much good the confession did to Max, he hoped that he would be able to tell more people about it eventually.

“So what’s your weight goal? Do you have one?” he heard one of their teammates ask Max - a guy called Carl. He still seemed to find it hard to believe that someone would gain weight on purpose, but at the same time he looked fascinated. And Max only seemed to appreciate the genuine interest.

The guy hesitated a little before he answered the question, and Luca waited in anticipation. The last time they had talked about it was a few weeks ago in the train back from Max’s parents, but since then Luca had not asked about it again. He wondered whether Max had made up his mind about it.

Max shrugged and unconsciously stroked his belly. “I’m not sure. I think I want to reach 250 at least within the next months, but I will probably continue after that. Maybe to 300 pounds, maybe to 500 pounds. We’ll see.” And he laughed.

With a smile, Luca rested his chin in his palm; even though the number Max had initially named wasn’t as high as what they had fantasized about together, he was glad that his boyfriend was able to decide for himself what he would be comfortable with and had a clear picture of how far he wanted to go. And besides that, Luca was sure the guy would look gorgeous at 250 pounds.

Their team captain finally cut off the conversation and told them to give Max a break, and that he hoped he would see Max more often around the sports hall - even if it was just to have a chat with them after training. And he assured them that they would make sure to keep his confession a secret, and that they would always support him in life choices that made him happy.

As Luca and Max left the changing room, their teammates wished him good luck, and some shouted some joke-ish encouraging phrases at him like ‘go pack on those pounds’ and ‘make sure you’re up 100 lbs next time we see you’. Max granted them a last smile and then disappeared with Luca to the hall of the building.

Together they left the hall and headed for Max’s place, planning to sleep there that night. While they slowly strolled over the pavement, Luca comfortingly rubbed Max’s shoulder. “That went well, didn’t it?” he said. “You looked quite relieved after you told them.”

Max nodded and granted Luca one of his many smiles. But Luca noticed that this time his eyes seemed to smile even brighter. “They responded well,” Max responded. “I’m really relieved, yeah. It feels good to tell someone and have people encourage me.”

“Are you planning on telling anybody else?” Luca asked, as he played with the collar of Max’s shirt. He hoped Max would eventually want to be more open about his new lifestyle to others around him. Hiding it from them and having to endure questions about how he gained so much seemed to make him feel stressed, and Luca just wished for him to live his life comfortably.

The boyfriend shrugged and twitched his lip. “Maybe, I’ll have to think about it.”

It was calm outside and the sky had already turned into a darker shade of blue. Soon the street lights would lighten the pavement.

Luca adjusted his bangs and then slowly hummed the chorus of a song that had been in his head for over two days now. He still wasn’t sure which song it was, but he couldn’t forget about it.

“So your nearest goal is 250?” he finally asked, to which Max nodded. “I was thinking of reaching it before the end of summer.”

Luca loved it when Max gave him details about his gaining schedule, even if he knew his plans might change later on. He loved thinking about how close the number 250 already was, and how fat Max would be so soon.

“How much do you weigh now,” Luca wondered out loud, and he put a thoughtful finger to his lip. “Have you passed 200 yet? I totally forgot to ask about that.”

A snort escaped Max’s nose and he raised his eyebrows as he pushed his belly out as per illustration. “You thought I hadn’t yet?” he asked smugly. “I’m 205 at the moment.” He seemed very content with it himself, and Luca couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. And at the same time he found it incredibly hot to know that his boyfriend had passed the 200 mark.

“We should have celebrated,” he mentioned. “200 pounds is a great milestone.”

For a moment, Max just looked at him and raised his eyebrows even higher, as if Luca had said something incredibly stupid. And maybe he had, Luca realised afterwards. Max voiced the thought they both had.

“Well, we still could,” he whispered. “I’m feeling like having a huge meal.”


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 8

The days after his volleyball match, Max had started coming to the sports hall more often; not to actually attend training, but rather to have a talk with his team mates after they had finished. And at the same time, he could pick up Luca to take him home with him.

His teammates had stayed very supportive the days after - maybe even more so than at first - and Max felt freed from a burden when he was with them. He did not have to watch what he said or have to fear anyone making a snarky remark about his weight. If everyone he came out to would react this positively, he should consider being more open about it. For a second he considered talking about it with his parents, but he pushed away that thought immediately. If there was anyone who wouldn’t understand for sure, they were his parents.

Some people he actually seriously might tell, were his coworkers at the restaurant he worked. They had already noticed that he had picked up a habit to snack generously in any free millisecond he had, but so far he had only been asked about it once. Maybe it would also make work a bit easier for him if his colleagues were aware of his reason for stuffing himself all day long.

Another person who would definitely not understand or accept his new lifestyle, was Hannah. He had not thought about her in a long time - Luca occupied his mind almost constantly, and in the few moments he didn’t it was food that kept him busy - but that morning he had received a message from her. It had been foolish of him to actually open it.

He still laid next to Luca, who had put his arms around his body, as if he had fallen asleep fondling Max’s belly, in his bed at home. Luca had still been asleep and Max didn’t dare leave the bed at the risk of waking him up, which was why he had been scrolling through his new messages to kill time. One of them had been from a number he hadn’t seen in almost three months.

Hannah: Three months are over. Meet me at the park at 12.00 this Saturday.

That was when he remembered that Hannah had told him she would wait three months for him to change his mind on taking her back. Of course, even more so than back then, he didn’t consider restoring contact with her, let alone restore their relationship, but at the same time, he felt an old feeling of obedience make its way to the surface.

The past weeks, he had denied her wishes, he had disobeyed his parents, and he had resolved to choose his own path of life from now on - and Luca had helped him with that. But now that he read the demanding message from his ex girlfriend, he somehow found it a bit harder to just ignore her message and continue his day. For more than five years, they had been a couple, and in all that time, she had been in control of him somewhat. Just going against her so simply felt wrong, or rather; scary. Also, it maybe wouldn’t hurt to meet up with her and tell her in her face that he was done with her. He swallowed and stared at his telephone screen, trying to decide what he would do.

You: Alright

He knew Luca wouldn’t agree with his weak way of solving the situation. But also he thought Luca had little to do with this; Max had to settle this with his ex on his own, otherwise he would keep leaning on Luca forever.

Even though he had agreed to meeting up with her now, he was really not looking forward to it. Not only was she just not a pleasant person to be with - demanding as she could be - but he also knew she would not appreciate his change in physique. And it was not like he could hide it in any way anymore. Even if he would cover up his body in twenty layers of clothing to hide his round belly and visible chest, his chubby cheeks would still give away a substantial gain in weight. He still had the strong jaw he had always had, but the angles had gotten softer and rounder, making him look quite plump overall.

With his left hand he slid under the blankets to feel for himself how soft he had gotten - and now that he laid on his side, the fat of his belly felt incredibly doughy. He groaned a little as he massaged the softest en fleshiest parts of his body, which seemed to have increased in size once again. If he didn’t know better, he’d think that he grew a couple inches around his waistline every day. He should weigh himself again soon, he thought. But for now he was stuck in bed until Luca woke up - and that might be another two hours.


That day he arrived at work just in time. Just as he had expected, Luca had woken up at the last moment and had also demanded to use the shower first - or well, technically Max had just let him - so that Max had to hurry to not be late.

Panting and sweating he entered the kitchen of the restaurant and started cleaning his face before he put on his apron. Two of his colleagues were already present and busy doing preparations for the lunch shift.

“Did you run?” Sophie asked. She was a lean girl with blonde dyed hair and remarkable freckles on her face. She pushed up her round red-framed glasses and smiled. “That’s rare.”

She meant it well, he knew - it was just an innocent joke - but still it made him feel a little nervous when others implicitly referred to his weight.

He nodded and grabbed a pasty from the counter. “The bathroom was occupied for hours, so I had to hurry - I didn’t even have time to make breakfast.” Quickly he took a bite of the pasty, before anyone could object. He was too hungry to wait for lunch break.

Sophie turned away from him and started chopping some vegetables for a quiche she was baking. “I get you,” she said understandingly. “Please don’t eat all the food before the guests arrive, though. It’ll probably be busy today.”

In response he quickly chewed away the rest of the pasty and then reached for his apron. Since in this restaurant they had mostly female employees, they had not had many male sized aprons when he applied, and even the ones they had did were not made for heavier builds like his. That was why every morning he had to desperately suck in his belly to manage to tie the laces behind his back.

This morning was no different, but if he wasn’t imagining things it felt like it became more of a struggle to tie a proper knot every day. And even when he had finally put on the apron, as soon as he breathed out, the tight strap around his waist accentuated the curve of his torso so much it made it look twice as big.

Had Max been at home, he would have only loved that, and he was sure Luca would have too, but in public he found it rather embarrassing.

Sophie watched his struggle over her shoulder and showed a cheeky smile. “We’ll try get you a bigger one soon,” she said. “We tried ordering one some time ago, but they have been out of stock for a couple weeks. Sorry!”

Max waved it away and put his hands on his waist as he looked around the kitchen, thinking of what preparations he could best start with. “This one still fits,” he said, half jokingly. “Kind of.”

Again he wondered whether he should just confess his little secret to Sophie too, since she was his closest coworker in this restaurant, and because he suspected she wouldn’t judge him too much. They normally got along well, and they always had the same shifts. If he had to name a friend at work, it would be her.

As he started gathering his kitchen instruments, he looked her way shortly, assessing what would be the wisest choice. Was he yet sure he was ready to share something so personal with a coworker he had only had for about two or three weeks? When he thought of how he had come out to his volleyball teammates, he only felt relief and a sense of happiness in retrospect, but nothing guaranteed it would go as well a second time.

Without even thinking about it, he grabbed another piece of bread from a basket his hand found lying around and put it in his mouth. Eating around the kitchen had become a habit by now and at this point he barely noticed when he sneakily snacked - if anything it felt unnatural to not have anything in his mouth to chew on.

“If you’re really so hungry, please help yourself with some ‘expired’ goods,” Sophie said as she caught him stealing fresh food again. “They’re all leftovers from yesterday - you can find them in the storage. They’ll be thrown out this evening anyway.”

Max looked up and guiltily laid down the remaining bit of bread - he knew he wasn’t supposed to eat the food that was meant for the guests, but it was too convenient to keep his hands off the little bits that were laying around.

As Sophie had said, the restaurant kept their leftovers from the day before, and even though they were still perfectly edible, they were mostly not sold to customers anymore. The only reason they were saved for one day, was for employees like him who forgot or didn’t have time to make lunch and would otherwise start secretly nibbling from the fresh food. In other words, it was almost made for Max specifically.

With an exaggerated gesture he pushed the bread away from him and focused on his cooking. “I’m sorry,” he said, knowing he was in the wrong, but he decided to indeed check the storage as soon as he had his break.

To Max, it felt like it took hours before that moment finally arrived - it had indeed gotten busy, and even if Sophie would have let him, he wouldn’t have had the chance to snack in between cooking dishes. When she finally let him off for half an hour, he could feel the sweat stinging on his back.

“Alright, I’ll go to behind then,” Max announced as he undid his apron - to his relief - and as soon as Sophie raised her thumb in approval, he left the kitchen.

The storage of the restaurant was quite big, and almost always completely deserted. Nobody really seemed to like the room and therefore spent as little time there as they could. For Max, it would be different today though, as this room would be his only access to food.

He opened the containers with leftover food that were stored there, and immediately he felt his mouth start watering. All food looked decent still, and smelt wonderful - the containers were filled with all kinds of different stuff, from lasagne to quiches to sandwiches, and everything was certainly to Max’s liking.

For a while he just stared at the containers and wondered how many people could eat from that amount of food still. Maybe ten, he thought, eleven max, if they all wanted to still their hunger. And that thought aroused him too much to not try and challenge himself.

He got out his phone and shot a picture of the opened containers filled to the brim with food, and sent it to Luca. As a description he added ‘Think I can finish this within half an hour?

However, he didn’t wait for an answer - if he really wanted to finish everything within his thirty minute break, he would have to hurry.

Of course, he wasn’t supposed to claim all the leftovers for himself, but he was pretty sure no one else really would eat them today. Probably no one would even notice he ate all of it himself.

Eagerly, he started digging in, barely chewing whatever he put in his mouth. Now that no one else could see him, he decided to throw away all his table manners and prioritise getting stuffed to his maximum capacity.

With two hands he started stuffing pieces of greasy food in his mouth, not paying attention to the spilled bits that stained his shirt. He started slowly, feeling a little self conscious about pigging out this limitlessly, but then he flipped the switch. He couldn’t disappoint Luca now, he reminded himself.

Almost like a machine he kept going, stuffing more and more into his mouth until he reached the bottom of the first container. He already felt quite full, but he knew that he could only manage to finish the other two containers if he kept going now. In a fluent movement he switched to the next and kept steadily pushing handful after handful in his stomach.

About two thirds through the second container, he knew he had almost reached his limit, but he didn’t want to give up yet. He took a little break to wipe the remnants off his face and ease his restless stomach a little, but ten minutes later he had already continued his huge meal. The thought that kept him going was that of sending Luca a picture of all empty baskets and getting his impressed and proud reply, and the thought of his body expanding and growing out of clothes again. It could not be too long until he would need to go up a couple more sizes.

Come on, he encouraged himself as he forced his body to keep swallowing and chewing, but it got harder and harder to dig deeper into the big mass of food. And at that moment, as were it sent by some higher power, his phone ringed.

“Luca?” Max said surprised as he picked up the phone. “Aren’t you in class?”

“I am,” Luca whispered back. “But if I keep my volume down they probably won’t notice.”

Max felt a warmth go through his body as he heard the whispering voice of Luca. He had never told him, but his whispers alone made him feel some erotic tension, and especially when he whispered to him about gaining, he almost lost it.

“How far did you get?” Luca asked, aiming at the picture Max had sent only 15 minutes ago. He puffed and looked at the food in front of him. “I got through the first two containers so far,” he said with a bit of pride. “At least six portions worth of food.”

He could hear Luca snort on the other side of the phone. “You think you could finish the last one too?”

“I’m not sure. But I want to.”

It stayed silent for a little bit, but then the familiar whisper finally returned. Max loved his boyfriend’s voice so much. “You can do it,” whispered Luca with a trembling voice. “Come on, I’ll guide you through it.” And if that wasn’t the hottest idea ever, Max didn’t know what was. “Okay,” he said, feeling slightly nervous.

Together, they started working through the third and last container. Even though Max’s body protested against all the extra food, he could not disobey Luca when he told him to swallow another bite. And he did not want to disobey him.

Whenever he felt like he was really too full to keep going, it was Luca who encouraged him again, and made him take up another hand of food. When finally he reached the bottom of the last container, he could easily say that he had never been this stuffed in his whole life. And he still had to work.

He leaned against the table and breathed heavily as he tried to keep everything in, desperately rubbing his belly to soften the aching. With his left hand he undid the button and zipper of his pants - which were threatening to snap under the pressure of his overstuffed gut.

“Luca,” he panted. “I have to continue work now.” His lunch break was almost over.

“I’m so proud of you,” Luca whispered, making Max’s dick get hard in his pants. “You did very well. Do you still want to eat dinner tonight?”

His body told him no, but Max knew he should not skip any meals if he wanted this stuffing to count on the long run. He nodded to no one in particular. “Of course.”

“I thought so. See you tonight.” Luca sounded content.

They hung up, and Max carried himself back to the kitchen while panting with every step he took. As he made his way through the building, he wondered how many calories he had just consumed - at least twice or three times the daily recommended dose, he guessed. And if he would try pull of the same stunt tomorrow, he was sure that his weight would skyrocket.

When he entered the kitchen, he tried to not show his immense discomfort, and he grabbed his apron from his station again. With one hand he greeted Sophie, while with the other he tried to tie the straps behind his back.

His face went a bit pale when he realised his grave miscalculation - now that he had filled his stomach to this extent, his belly had visibly increased in size, and as such he was unable to even make the ends of the laces meet - let alone tie them.

With a bit of an embarrassed look he turned to Sophie, but he was not yet ready to confess to her. He couldn’t admit that he had been eating so much he didn’t fit in his working clothes anymore, and he couldn’t let her see either. There was only one way to escape this awkward situation.

“Hey, Sophie. I’m feeling a little sick,” he told her - trying to not look her in the eye. He was aware how bad he was at lying. “Maybe that pastry I just got from the storage was actually expired.” As he heard himself imply he had eaten merely one pastry, he let out an accidental snort. She should know, he thought.

“Hm,” Sophie said as she turned around and judged his face. “You look a little pale.” Then she bit her lip and checked the rest of the kitchen, to see how much work still needed to be done. “You can take off if you want. Your shift is almost over anyway - I’ll do the dishes for you.”

Relieved, Max gratefully bowed to her and put his apron away again. “Thanks,” he said. “I’ll make it up to you! Next time I’ll do the dishes, okay?” Sophie granted him an ominous look. “And…?” “And I won’t steal the customers’ food anymore, I got it.” And with that he left the kitchen for the last time that day.


As he walked home, he send Luca some messages about how he had managed to grow out of his work uniform in one lunch break, but it seemed like his boyfriend was in class. At least he didn’t reply right away.

That was when Max noticed that he had gotten another message that day - one he hadn’t opened yet. Immediately he recognised the name. Hannah had replied.

He sighed heavily and opened it while he crossed the road. He had hoped that she could just leave him alone now that he had agreed to meet up with her, but apparently she felt the need to still invade his daily life.

With focused eyes he read the little letters on the screen, ignoring the sounds around him.

Hannah: Just make sure you don’t let yourself get hit by a car before then.

Immediately, Max looked up - he had already forgotten her advice she had given that day. The one thing she had said that he should actually take to heart. But it was already too late.

He was just in time to look straight into the headlights of the car in front of him. The next moment he only felt an impact and a stinging pain in his legs and head. Then he lost consciousness.


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 9

Luca had just gotten out of class when he received a phone call.

Sighing in annoyance, he slid his phone out of his pocket and checked who needed him this time. The moment he had felt it vibrate against his leg, he had suspected it would be Rowan - he had been insisting on hanging out more often lately, and though Luca also felt like seeing him once in a while, he was mostly just too busy with Max.

He had already decided he would agree on a date if Rowan asked him about it again, when he noticed it wasn’t his friend who was calling him. With a suspicious face he looked at the unknown number that tried to reach him, and wondered whether he should pick up.

Then he shrugged and put the phone to his ear. “Hello? This is Luca.”

Quickly he got a response. A calm woman’s voice asked him a few questions about his identity that he plainly answered, and then told him what she had called for. As soon as she had mentioned that she had called from the nearby hospital, Luca already knew there was something wrong.

“Mr Fowler asked us to call you to inform you he has been involved in a car accident. Since his own cell phone got destroyed in the process, he was unable to reach you himself.”

Luca turned pale and almost dropped the phone. His hands started shaking and his throat felt like it got squeezed by a firm hand.

Calm down, he told himself. If Max was able to tell them your phone number, he should be alright. But he couldn’t help thinking of his mother and how she had ended up after her own car accident a while back. He didn’t want Max to be locked at his hospital bed for months and months as well, constantly balancing on the edge of death.

He tried to reply with all his might, but he only managed to gurgle a little in the speaker.

“Are you alright?” the nurse asked him. “Mr Fowler asked me to request you visit him whenever you see fit.”

He nodded slowly, but then realised the nurse could of course not see him. “Yes,” he said. “I’ll come right away.”

He cut off the call and then started running. The closest bus stop to the hospital was only a few blocks away - he should be able to reach Max within 30 minutes.

With his jacket wavering behind him in the wind, he ran in a straight line over the campus, trying to find the fastest way to the bus. He barely even looked where he was walking. He needed to see whether Max was okay - and until he had seen with his own eyes that he was still alive, he would be worried to death.

It was because of his remarkable haste that he bumped into someone at the corner of the Journalism Studies building. He almost tripped, but could just barely restore his balance by grabbing the knob of a conveniently located door. “Sorry,” he said, looking over his shoulder whom he had run into.

Fhufhu!” Rowan greeted him, holding one hand against his profusely bleeding nose. Apparently he hadn’t been able to keep the damage from their crash to a minimum.

“Oh,” Luca stuttered, not sure what to do - he really wanted to see Max, but he couldn’t just leave Rowan like this and act like he hadn’t seen him. “I… I’m sorry! You’re bleeding, oh god.”

Rowan swiped the blood off his face - after which it immediately got stained again - and winked at him. “You seem to be in a hurry,” he said. “And I bet you’re on your way to see Max! Isn’t it?”

Luca swallowed and bit his lip. “Yeah, I am - he just… I just heard he got in an accident and I..” He had not even his finished, or Rowan already gave him a little push and waved with his hands. “Go go,” he said, a slight frown in his face. “Go see your mister boyfriend. You can’t just stand here when he needs you. Shoo!” And Luca remembered why he and Rowan had become friends in the first place again.

“Yes, I… Thanks!” said Luca as he turned around and started running again, waving at Rowan behind him. “I’ll give you a call soon, okay? Let’s hang out next week or so!” And his friend only waved at him until he had disappeared out of sight. Luca resolved to keep his promise this time.


With a violent bang, Luca opened the door to Max’s room, and kept standing in the doorway.

In bed sat a guy with a shocked expression on his face, some bandages around his head and his leg covered in plaster. But when he recognised his boyfriend in the door opening, his face softened. “Luca!” he greeted him happily.

In three big steps, Luca had reached his bed and held his arms up for a hug, but decided halfway that he wasn’t sure whether he could hug Max - he didn’t want to hurt any potentially broken ribs even more. He just kept standing there, his hands floating in the air, and a sobbing face.

“Are you okay?” he blurted out, trying to control his voice the best he could, but his tears were in the way. He sounded like a cow that was being murdered.

Max let out a short, amused sigh and then smiled at him, stroking his cheek with his hand. “Come on, Luca,” he said. “I’m not dying. Here, have a banana.” He offered him a piece of fruit from the little basket that rested on the nightstand besides his bed.

Luca took the banana and munched on it while trying to stop his crying. He shouldn’t put up such a pitiable act in front of his boyfriend - but he couldn’t deny he hadn’t been so worried since the accident with his mother.

“Better?” Max asked as soon as Luca had dried his eyes and had sat down on the bedside. He was sure his face still looked red and swollen, but he supposed it couldn’t be helped. With a gloomy face he nodded.

A strong arm was put around his shoulder, and Max pinched his cheek shortly. “I’m sorry I couldn’t call you myself,” he said. “That woman probably made everything sound way worse than it was.”

“I was so worried,” answered Luca. “It’s just, because of my mother and all…”

Max rubbed his arm. “I know, I know. But worry no more, they said I’ll be able to leave the hospital tomorrow - no surgery or anything. Just have to use a wheelchair for six weeks.”

Of course, Luca had known that Max would have to use a wheelchair as soon as he had seen his leg, but still he gasped a little when the words were spoken. Immediately he gave a concerned glance at the plastered leg. “Do you want to stay at my place then?” he offered. “Since yours is at the so manieth level of an apartment building.”

Max laughed and stroked his hair. “I was actually about to ask you if I could. You’re too quick.”

Luca laid his hand on his boyfriend’s and then scanned around the room. They were the only ones present - no other patients or nurses used this room besides Max. There even no other guests. “Didn’t your parents want to come?” Luca asked carefully.

He still wasn’t sure how the relationship between Max and his parents was since they had left there during dinner, but judging from the pained expression, he guessed it hadn’t gotten much better. “I haven’t let them know yet,” Max answered. “I wanted you to know first.”

That piece of information struck Luca like lightning - Max hadn’t said it with so many words, but Luca knew what he had meant. At this moment, Luca was the most important person in his life. Instantly, he could feel the tears welling up again.

“What happened?” he asked when he had gained control over his emotions again. He couldn’t start crying again.

Max shrugged and scratched his head. “Forgive me, Luca,” he said hesitantly. “I was just being dumb. I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.”

With his most sassy face, Luca tilted his head and squinted at his boyfriend. “Were you on your phone?” he asked.

It took Max a second to reply. “Maybe.”

“If I see you walking and texting once more, I will break your phone in two. Okay?”

Max grinned and put his hands behind his head as he leaned back in bed. “I’m afraid that car already did that for you. Totally pulverized, my phone.”

Even though his boyfriend was trying to be funny, Luca couldn’t laugh about it. He was just a bit too shaken still to really relax. Of course, this didn’t remain unnoticed by his boyfriend; Max affectionately rubbed his arm and leaned his forehead against him.

“Why is it that I broke my leg, yet it’s me who’s soothing you?” he asked teasingly, but Luca still didn’t reply. He just hoped Max would understand the severity of what had happened, and that he realised that next time, the outcome could be worse. But one glance at Max’s eyes told Luca that he had gotten the message.

“Luca,” Max then whispered, and immediately the atmosphere got slightly tense. In a good way. Luca nodded.

“I’ll be in a wheelchair for six weeks,” he continued. “I won’t be able to walk. Not a single step. I won’t have to work, I’ll just be doing nothing the whole day - not wasting a single calorie.” Luca swallowed and shifted a little. He felt how his cheeks started burning. “I’ll gain so much weight in those six weeks, Luca,” he concluded.

Immediately, Luca had forgotten all about the severity of the accident and the lesson he wanted to teach Max - what he had just said was so incredibly hot that he couldn’t help but get distracted.

“How… how much will you gain?” Luca asked, keeping his voice down as well. They couldn’t have any of the hospital staff hear them.

Their eyes locked on to each other and they both synched with the other’s breathing. So softly that it was almost inaudible, Max started speaking again.

“What do you think? I’ll be doing nothing but stuff myself all day,” he said, leaving a little silence in which Luca could do nothing but lick his suddenly so dry lips.

Then Max finally gave an answer he wanted. “30 pounds,” he said. “I’ll gain 30 pounds before I can walk again.”

Luca noticed he had started to breathe audibly and he closed his mouth. He couldn’t express how he felt hearing that from this handsome man in front of him. With his fingers, he stroked his boyfriend’s neck, and then he squinted his eyes a little.

“You’ll be officially obese by then,” Luca mentioned - he had done his BMI calculations weeks before already. But Max shook his head. “I probably already am,” he said, laughing a bit because of how proud he seemed to feel about that. “Last time I weighed was a couple weeks ago, and I was 205 by then. You know how I’ve been overeating lately.”

“You’re probably already 210 by now.” Luca hoped he would object.

“Definitely more,” Max protested, but his eyes told him he was aware this was exactly what Luca wanted him to say. “Maybe 215, who knows, could be 220.”

It didn’t take a genius to do the quick math - and they both seemed to realise it at the same time. “That means you’ll reach 250 when you… at the end of the six weeks. If everything goes well,” Luca corrected himself - he didn’t want to put too much pressure on Max. He was allowed to not make his goals, Luca didn’t mind. But again his boyfriend corrected him.

“I will be 250 pounds by then,” he assured him. “The first step I take from that wheelchair will be right onto the scale. And it’ll show you I’m right.” Luca wanted to believe it.

“And after that?” Luca asked, aiming at the provisional goal Max had set for himself a while ago. Once he had reached 250 pounds, he would have achieved that, and Luca thought he might maybe want to quit the gaining after that. He would understand.

“Who knows,” Max said teasingly, and he tried to bend forwards for a kiss. It allowed Luca to sneak a look at his compressed belly, that was resting on the hospital blankets. It would be so much bigger after those six weeks, Luca reminded himself, and sighed in excitement.

“Alright then,” Max said while suddenly raising his voice again. “Let’s switch subjects, because this is just making me a bit too excited. And I won’t have any privacy for the next 24 hours.” They both blushed as he said that, and Luca decided to spare him. His poor boyfriend.

“Shall I arrange stuff for you with your work?” Luca proposed. “I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. Oh, and I’ll move my bed downstairs too for you - I think Rowan may want to lend me a hand with that.” He suddenly realised how much he still had to do for Max before he left the hospital. It would be best to start preparations as soon as he could - if he hurried he would be able to catch Max’s coworker before she had left her work.

With an amused expression, Max listened to his boyfriend as he started to list things he still needed to do today. And honestly at the end of it Luca was too stressed to just sit around anymore in the hospital room.

“I’ll go do that then,” he said, and he stood up. But before he turned around, he gave Max one last stern look. “I know I shouldn’t tell you what to do, but… I think your parents would like to hear from you.”

Max waved at him and yawned a bit. “Thanks, Luca,” he said sincerely. “I appreciate it. And I’ll think about it. See you soon.” And then Luca left, but not before blowing a kiss in his lover’s direction.


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 10

As Max lay in his hospital bed that night, he thought about what Luca had said to him; that he should call his parents to let them know about his condition.

He wasn’t sure if he wanted to. They were probably still angry with him, and he hadn’t spoken to them in a couple weeks. He also did not really feel like talking to them himself.

With a tortured expression he looked outside the window, and then turned to the nurse that had just come in. He couldn’t just disappoint his boyfriend - especially not when aforementioned boyfriend had been right.

“Excuse me,” he said, and the nurse looked up from her work. “Yes?”

“Could you maybe call my parents for me to tell them I had an accident and that everything is okay with me?” he asked. “And please add that I’d rather not have them visit.” Even if they would ignore his request, they wouldn’t be able to find him anyway when he stayed at Luca’s address.

The nurse nodded and granted him a smile. “They’ll be glad to hear from you,” she assured him, but honestly he doubted it. With a forced smile back, he thanked her, after which she left the room. All he needed to do now was get through the night and wait for Luca to pick him up again tomorrow. He was looking so forward to temporarily move in with his boyfriend and spend his days growing fat. He was ecstatic.


Just like they had planned, Luca skipped college the next morning to pick Max up from the hospital. Uttering the occasional complaint about how Max was heavy to drive around, he pushed his wheelchair all the way to his own little apartment.

When he rolled in, Max immediately saw how much effort Luca had done to make the place convenient for him. The small living room was now filled with their bed, and the rest of the space - normally occupied by a variety of objects - had been cleared so Max could easily get around. The refrigerator, which first had stood in the kitchen, was now moved to the other side of the living room, since there was a little stair to the kitchen.

He stretched his arms out to his boyfriend and hugged him tightly. “Thank you so much, Luca,” he said as he let go of him again. “I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Luca grinned contently and drove his boyfriend to the refrigerator. “I stocked it with all kinds of food,” he explained. “When I come back from college, I was planning on doing some groceries again, so make sure it’s empty when I get home, alright? It won’t fit otherwise.”

Max smirked and gave him a soft push. “What’s that? I just got released and you’re ordering me around again?” he teased him. Though, he was very sure he would follow these orders strictly. “Where do you get the money for so many groceries anyway?”

Luca paled a little and uncomfortably scratched his neck. It took him a minute to accept he couldn’t walk away from this question.

“Well, to be honest,” he started. “I’ve started a little part time job. And we might also have a little Get-Max-Fat tip jar at the volleyball hall. It was their idea though - and no one is contributing any ridiculous amounts of money.” He had retreated to defence as soon as he saw Max’s expression when he mentioned the tipping jar. And he had reason to.

“Come on, Luca,” Max uttered reproachfully. “You can’t have people pay for that - this is just our thing. I wouldn’t want them to-”

“I told them exactly that, Max,” Luca interrupted him, while motioning him to calm down. “I told them you wouldn’t want them to. But they insisted they wanted to donate just a little to make you happier. And they said otherwise they would probably spend it on junk food for themselves, so you’re also kind of helping them if you accept it.” He said it with such a smooth voice that Max was inclined to just give up and do as Luca said. Of course, he didn’t think that Luca was lying, but he also didn’t believe he was truly actually helping any of his teammates by using their money to get himself fat.

He sighed. “How much did they donate?” he asked. If the sum was too high, he would refuse it nonetheless.

Luca thought for a moment and tried to remember the exact amount, and then with a bit of an unsure face, he confessed. “Maybe 5 dollars per person every week?” he guessed, and when he saw Max’s frown, he added: “But I was planning to pay them back at least half of it now that I started my job. So.”

“Alright,” Max finally conceded. “If they’re going to do that anyway, I better make good use of it.” He had to admit that the idea of a Get-Max-Fat tipping jar was quite hot - even if it went against his morals a bit.

“You better,” Luca agreed, and raised an eyebrow. “Anyway, I’ll be going out now for college and work - please call me if you need anything.” He bowed down and gave Max a long kiss. “Have a fun day and remember I love you.”

Two minutes later, Max was left alone in the little apartment.


His days where Luca went to college were a bit boring, but he killed time by emptying the fully stocked refrigerator Luca left for him everyday. As soon as he needed a break or was finished with the food, he would try to read a book from Luca’s huge collection, or do some muscle exercises to keep his arms and legs in shape. Honestly, he didn’t have such a hard time getting through those moments alone. Especially not when at the end of everyday, Luca would come home with a huge order of takeout - he still couldn’t cook himself and since Max couldn’t get to the kitchen, cooking was impossible for him too - after which they would tell each other about their day and cuddled in bed.

In the weekends they would just spend their days in bed - though Luca would go out occasionally to provide some food for his boyfriend - watching movies and playing card games like they used to. It felt so relaxing to just do nothing and have his boyfriend so close to him - Max had never been happier.

Over the weeks, Max could almost feel himself grow. There was no single moment in all that time that he wasn’t chewing on something and since he didn’t need to go out anyway, he just laid on the bed or sat in his wheelchair in boxers and a cosy robe that Luca had gotten him. He could barely wait to try fit in his clothes again at the end of the six weeks.

Whenever Luca was out, Max would often take a moment for himself to look at his body in the human sized mirror in the living room.

As he sat in the wheelchair, his fluffy belly rested on his lap, covering most of his underwear. It had gotten quite a lot softer the past weeks, though it still maintained its mostly round shape. With both hands, he would knead the doughy flesh on his middle as he looked at it. He couldn’t believe how quickly he had gotten so big.

Sometimes he would think of how fit he used to be only a couple months ago - how flat his stomach used to be. By now his whole frame had started to change. His shoulders had gotten broader and his whole torso had doubled in width. Though his jaws were still as visible as always, his double chin had gotten undeniable and his neck had gotten thick as well.

Had he been happier as the athletic Max from the beginning of this year, he wondered, but he quickly could conclude that was not the case. A happier Max than he was now, he had never been. And he was sure he would be even happier as soon as he reached his first weight goal: 250 pounds.

Since the accident, he had only once thought of Hannah, whom he hadn’t been able to meet up with due to his accident. And since his phone got destroyed too, he also couldn’t let her know anything. But, as he reasoned, maybe it was okay that way - he should just forget about her and move on. She wouldn’t have anything nice to say to him anyway.

In the middle of the fifth week, Max was home alone again and sat in his wheelchair in the living room, reading a book about the universe while continuously grabbing snacks from a royally filled bowl next to him. All he wore were his black boxer shorts, so that he could occasionally rub or pat his belly and enjoy the increased jiggly sensation. He never got fed up with the feeling of endless softness that his tummy now offered, and so he just could not resist touching it every minute.

He also enjoyed the soft sounds that the fat made when he patted it - when he would listen to some music on the radio, he enjoyed tapping to the rhythm of the songs.

But what both he and Luca had forgotten, was that after all that time, Rowan still owned the keys to Luca’s house, and so it happened that Max was most unpleasantly surprised as his boyfriend’s friend suddenly walked in on him as he was reading his book.

“Max!” Rowan greeted him as he walked in and offered himself a seat on the bed. “I heard about your accident, so I thought I had to check up on you two sometime. Isn’t LuLu home?”

Max almost choked on his chocolate bar and dropped the book. His face quickly coloured red as he realised Rowan had visual access to his bare torso and legs. With his arms, he tried to cover his belly a little - but by now its size had exceeded his arms’ hiding capacity.

“Are you flustered, Maxy?” Rowan asked him as he rested his arms on his knees and looked at him with an unidentifiable expression. “Don’t worry, I won’t take pictures.”

This was Luca’s best friend, Max told himself, and it was the person that had gotten him and Luca together. He was just another guy, so there was really no reason to feel so embarrassed around him - in the past he had frequently showered together with other guys after training. There was no reason he should be so nervous about another guy seeing him shirtless.

“Alright,” he said, as he tried to calm himself down from the first shock of suddenly finding this man in his living room. “Luca isn’t home, no - please knock on the door next time. Can I offer you something to drink?” He wasn’t sure whether he should be angry with this man or hospitable.

Rowan shook his head and held up his hand. “No need,” he said. “If I came at an inconvenient time, I’ll leave. No problem.” But from his tone it was clear it was a problem, and that he felt quite unwelcome.

With a sigh, Max decided that he should put aside his embarrassment for a bit and just grant this person the decency he deserved. He realised he had gotten a bit unfamiliar with socialising after not leaving the house for over a month.

“It’s okay,” Max said. “I’m sorry if I made you feel unwelcome. Please let me get you a drink.”

Rowan smiled and closed his eyes for a bit. “Some orange juice would be fine,” he said absent mindedly.

As Max rolled around to get the man a glass and a drink, he noticed that Rowan was following him around with his eyes. He felt slightly uncomfortable around it, but he wasn’t sure if this was normal behaviour for him. Judging from what he had seen of him before, he guessed it was.

“You’ve gotten quite big, Maxy,” Rowan mentioned as he got his drink. “I see LuLu has been doing a good job feeding you.”

Max choked on his own saliva for a bit and coughed, trying to suck in his belly a bit. But then he remembered this person was one of the most supportive people of his lifestyle and decided that he had probably meant it as a compliment.

“Thanks,” Max said. “He… I’ve been eating a whole lot.”

“Hmmhm,” Rowan agreed. “Last time I really saw you, you just had a little bump - you must be well into 200’s territory by now.”

“I’m at least 240 pounds by now,” Max guessed. “But… I’m aiming for reaching 250 by the end of next week.” It was okay to open up about his weight goals to this person, Max decided. He was Luca’s best friend after all.

Rowan pursed his lips and scanned Max from head to toe. “You seem to make LuLu really happy,” he mentioned. “So I have to thank you for that. He loves you a lot.”

Awkwardly, Max smiled and nervously rubbed his belly out of habit. “I’m glad to hear! I love him a lot as well. I would do anything for him.”

“Oh?” Rowan replied, and raised his eyebrows. Immediately, Max regretted what he had said.

“How big would you get for him?” Rowan asked. “Luca likes his men reeeaaally big, you know?”

Max swallowed and hesitated for a moment. How big did he want to get for Luca, he wondered. At what point would he want to stop himself. If Luca asked him to get a thousand pounds, would he still be okay with that? He thought about it a moment and then answered truthfully.

“As big as he wants me to be,” he then replied.

A while ago, he had worried that maybe at 250 pounds he would start to get tired of overeating and gaining all the time, but now that he was almost there, he realised it was the opposite. For every pound he gained, he only wanted to gain ten more. If he were honest, even if Luca would tell him that he wouldn’t mind if he got bigger or not, he would probably still continue for himself. He wanted to get bigger, Max decided. Much bigger than this. If anything, this was just the beginning.

“Even if he would ask you to double your current weight?” Rowan asked, with a bit of unbelief in his voice. Without hesitation, Max nodded and laughed.

“I’d triple it for him,” he admitted. “I’d probably even do that for myself.”

“Woaah.” Rowan’s eyes widened and he straightened his back. “Are you for real, Maxy? That’s, like, super big, you know?” And whether he wanted or not, Max felt slightly turned on by his disbelief. That was when he realised that that was what he wanted; get so big that people could barely believe it.

“I know,” he replied. “I’m already looking forward to getting there.” And it was no lie.

Rowan still shook his head, like even he couldn’t comprehend this extent of dedication. Then he stroked his bangs out of his face and stood up.

“Thank you for the orange juice, Maxy,” he said. “And let’s meet up again when you’ve tripled your weight. Though I doubt whether you will actually get there.”

It was a provocation, and Max knew. He knew, and still he couldn’t help but reply to it. “Let’s make it a bet then,” he proposed. “Give me three years, and I’ll reach 750 pounds. If I lose, I’ll cook you a free dinner, how’s that.” Rowan just gave him a slight smirk. “If you can still fit in the kitchen at around that weight,” he remarked, and with that he took his jacket and left, leaving Max alone in the living room.

On his own, Max started thinking about what he had just said, and what kind of bet he had taken on. It excited him. It turned him on so much that he rolled himself to the front door to check whether Rowan had really left, and then hurried back to the living room to pull down his boxers and help himself. And as he did so, he couldn’t stop fondling his belly, imagining how it would be in three years from now. When he would win the bet with Rowan.


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 11 (NSFW warning)

As the end of the sixth week neared, Luca started looking forward to the weigh in more and more. He had followed Max’s process closely and was almost sure that his boyfriend had reached his goal. By now, he had grown so much that he was barely recognisable as the person he had been before.

It was at the night before Max would get released from the plaster around his leg, that Luca asked him about his future plans.

They laid in bed, facing each other while lying on their sides. Luca massaged the soft fat of Max’s belly, as its owner affectionately stroked his boyfriend’s hair. With his fingers, Luca pushed in the supple mass beneath them, and with his other hand he caressed the chest in front of him, which had gotten almost just as soft as the rest of the body.

“So,” Luca began, looking into the big brown eyes of his lover. “What about after tomorrow? After you’re 250 pounds, I mean.”

Max just looked at him for a little bit, and then kissed him on the lips. “I want to get so much fatter,” he whispered. It was hard for Luca to hide his excitement.

“What’s your goal then?” Luca asked him carefully, as he kept grabbing the soft rolls of softness of his boyfriend’s belly. “400?”

Max shook his head and stared at him with his innocent eyes. The beautiful eyes that Luca adored. “750,” he whispered.

Slowly, Luca stopped the movements of his hands, and in silence he looked at the man next to him.

“Do you like that?” Max asked.

Luca grabbed his hand and held it tightly - then he put it against his chest and he swallowed. “That’s hot,” he admitted. But at the same time something in the back of his head gnawed at him, and he knew he couldn’t hide that from his boyfriend. From the man he was intending to spend all his life with.

“But?” Max asked, and he smiled encouragingly. “You can’t hide it from me, Luca.”

Luca averted his eyes and rolled on his back, but he still vastly held his boyfriend’s hand. “Well,” he began hesitantly. “I’ve just been thinking a bit. I love you so much, Max, more than you may realise. I want to stay with you forever, if you’re okay with that. I want to have kids together and raise them, together. It’s probably very selfish of me - first I kept stimulating you to get bigger and bigger and now I’m telling you this, but… I don’t want you to die before our kids move out.”

He avoided looking at Max and focused on the ceiling above him. He felt so guilty; he had been the one stimulating Max all the time, and now he was also the one trying to put a brake on it.

Strong arms embraced Luca and pulled him closer to the warm body next to him. He felt a little kiss to his ear and a nose in his hair. “I want the exact same, Luca,” Max whispered. “I want to get old with you.”

They kept comforting each other for a little while, until Max took the word again. “Do you want me to lose weight, Luca?”

Immediately, Luca turned around again and shook his head. He didn’t mean it that way, and Max needed to know that too.

“I love your body, Max,” he said. “And I want you to get fatter, too, but… let’s just set a maximum, alright?”

“Alright,” Max agreed immediately. “Like where, 260 pounds?”

“300,” Luca corrected him, and poked him in the stomach playfully, making Max snort loudly.

“Alright, 300,” he agreed. “I can live with that. Let me get to 300 asap then.”

Luca didn’t answer.

“What?” Max turned to him with a bit of concern in his eyes, but Luca just gave him a suspicious glance.

“You said ‘asap’ again.”

“And I keep telling you it’s not a weird word,” Max protested. They kept engaging in a staring battle until Max finally gave up and pulled his boyfriend in a hug. “Grr,” he grumbled as he pressed Luca against him as tightly as he could. “You’re so stubborrrn.”

Luca felt great being so close to Max and feeling his warm body against his, and he couldn’t help but smile from pure joy. He nibbled Max’s ear and let his breath stroke it softly. “But to come back on what you just said before,” he said. “Let’s get you to 300 pounds soon.”

He knew Max wouldn’t pass on the chance. “Asap, you mean?” he asked, fully aware of his crimes, and Luca gave up.

“Yes,” he said. “Asap.”


The next morning, a doctor arrived at their house to remove the plaster from Max’s leg. After the removal, he quickly checked for complications or whether the leg was still sensitive, but everything seemed to be alright. And so after only twenty minutes, the doctor had already left the house, and Max remained freed of his leg prison.

“Finally,” he sighed, as he moved both legs in the air. Even though it had been very convenient for gaining weight to sit still all day, both Luca and Max had missed going out together and taking short walks.

“Come on,” Luca said. “Try to walk for a bit - I’ll make sure you won’t fall, alright?” But Max stubbornly kept sitting in his wheelchair.

“Remember what I promised you six weeks ago?” he said, and suddenly Luca remembered too; the first steps he would take with those legs, Max had told him, would be on the scale.

“Wait a minute.” Luca ran upstairs and grabbed the scale from the bathroom. A few seconds later he put it in front of Max and helped him get up.

Max panted heavily as he pulled himself up and tried to maintain balance. “Man, I got heavy,” he said, winking at Luca. The latter remained unfazed. “That’s for the scale to decide.”

As Luca helped him stand, Max stepped on the scale and tried to look down at the number past his belly. For both of them, this was the first time seeing Max stand in six weeks, and Luca held his breath for a little.

His belly - though still round in shape - had flattened a bit in comparison to the rest of his body as his chest had pushed out and more weight had moved to his sides. His love handles looked massive, Luca noticed, and he couldn’t wait to grab them. Max’s belly had also started to form a small overhang over his waistband too, which jiggled a little with his every movement.

Only after admiring the changed body of his lover, Luca paid attention to the number on the scales. Immediately he felt his heart flutter. He grabbed Max’s chubby fingers and pinched them gently. “You did it,” he said. “254 pounds.”

“I told you I’d do it,” Max replied with feigned indifference, but Luca knew he was just as impressed with himself. The bigger man’s face just seemed to beam and he affectionately held his heavy belly in his hands to feel himself how much damage he had done in only six weeks.

“I suppose we should celebrate,” Luca remarked as he joined Max’s hands with his. He tried to imagine how much bigger Max’s body would be when he would actually reach the 300 pounds they had long dreamed of. It was not a question of whether, Luca knew now; Max would for sure get there, and probably before the new year.

Max rested his head against Luca’s and blew his bangs out of his face. “If celebrating means I get to stuff myself again, then you bet we should.”

Luca wanted to give him some kind of witty reply, but before he could think of one, his phone started buzzing in his pocket - a new message had arrived.

Quickly he took it out to check whom he had received a text from, after which he wanted to put it back again, but the little message on the screen made him freeze. His eyes went over the sender three times before he could believe them. Then he anxiously moved his eyes to his boyfriend next to him, who had approached him from behind and had laid his arms around his hips. “Hm?” he asked. “A special message?” But as soon as he read the little text on Luca’s screen, his face also paled rapidly.

Anonymous: This is Maximilian’s parents. We have found out your whereabouts. We will arrive today at 1:00 PM for a friendly visit.

How had they found out his phone number, Luca thought. And how had they found out his address? And more importantly, why did they almost act like they had just caught two criminals.

Then Luca remembered how rich Max’s parents had been, and he figured they might have been crazy enough to hire a professional to find out his address and number. That would mean they were even crazier than he had initially thought.

Carefully he looked at his boyfriend, who would undoubtedly be even more displeased than he. “Do you want to eh… flee?” Luca proposed.

Max shook his head and took a deep breath. “They might set your house on fire if we do,” he said, and Luca found it hard to decide whether he was joking or not. He decided to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

“So you’ll just meet them here? We, I mean - I will stay with you, of course,” Luca asked unsurely. He knew how much Max had been wanting to avoid his parents after the incident of two months ago, so much that he had even not wanted to let them know about his accident at first. But apparently he had changed his mind.

Max shrugged and rubbed through his hair. “I can’t avoid them forever anyway,” he reasoned. “And I really don’t want your place to burn down, too.”

Hesitantly, Luca nodded, fearing more and more for his apartment. But he understood where his boyfriend was coming from. He himself, too, thought it would be best for Max to just meet his parents now and tell them how they bothered him - his job would be to try and avoid escalation.

Then Max stretched his limbs for a bit, groaning of pleasure after being able to finally move freely again after six weeks. “I better get dressed then,” he remarked, gesturing at the robe he had been wearing today - and that really needed a wash too, Luca had told him that morning.

But getting dressed wasn’t as easy as it had sounded, they found out; gaining 30 pounds was just a bit too much for his clothes. He only still fit in his biggest pair of trousers, but even then they couldn’t manage to close the button anymore. With every step he took, they feared he would rip the seams, and it was also quite awkward to have to look at his open zipper all the time.

Regarding his shirts, the situation was not much better. He tried a few of them, but they were all unable to cover the full extent of his belly, revealing his starting overhang, and without exception they cut into the flesh of his arms so badly he had red marks after trying them.

The only shirt that could just barely hide his whole stomach was a blue buttoned shirt that they had bought a while back, but the buttons loudly complained under the heavy strain of his size. Only if he sucked in his belly as much as he could, would he have a chance of not popping all buttons within ten minutes.

“Do we have time to get some new clothes at the mall?” Max asked, his voice shaky as he still struggled to prevent his only decent shirt from ripping open. But Luca immediately shook his head - it would take more than half an hour to go back and forth, and Max’s parents would arrive in just that time. They would have to come up with another solution.

“Can’t you suck in when they’re here?” Luca proposed, which was answered with an angry gleam from his boyfriend. “The whole time?” he complained. “Luca, I don’t think I can keep it up for more than fifteen minutes.”

“We’ll just have to make sure they won’t stay for longer than fifteen minutes then,” Luca answered with a regretful face. “I don’t think we have much choice.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Max grouched, but he seemed to realise too that Luca was right. Unless he wanted to welcome his parents in a dirty robe, he would have to try suck in his belly for their entire visit. With a desperate face he looked at the wall in front of him, and closed his eyes. “Alright,” he accepted.


And so when the doorbell rang, Luca stood next to a very uncomfortable Max that tried his best to not destroy his clothes. Without looking at each other - Luca was afraid he might make Max laugh and lose his concentration if they did - they opened the door and let Mr and Mrs Fowler in.

Mrs Fowler carried a bouquet of flowers that she promptly handed to her son as she came in. She didn’t even bother to take her jacket off first.

“Maximilian, dear,” she uttered. “We’re so glad to see that you’re okay. And we’re sorry for what happened last time. I am sorry. And your father feels the same.” She threw a quick glance at her husband, who obediently nodded and muttered after her. “Very sorry.”

Then, before Max could even react to the flowers or the words, Mrs Fowler had already turned to Luca, who had taken a step back after opening the door. He didn’t want to get in the way of this little family reunion too much.

“And you, Luca,” she said with red cheeks, “thank you for taking care of my son. We’re glad he has such a reliable partner.”

Luca wasn’t sure whether all of her words were sincere yet, but at least it was good news that she was trying. He felt like both Max’s parents were really doing their best already to make up for what happened last time, even though they still might find it difficult that their son had chosen his own path.

“It’s no problem,” Luca answered. “He’s been a very good boy.” He ignored the glance Max gave him at those words and bowed to the woman in front of him. “Honestly, it was my pleasure to have him over.”

They took their guests to the living room, where still the bed stood, but they quickly got the table out of the kitchen again and got the two seated. Luca quickly got both of them something to drink and then sat down next to his boyfriend.

“We heard you started a job at a restaurant,” Mrs Fowler said. It didn’t sound as disapproving as Luca had feared, but still she didn’t sound very ecstatic either. “We would like to come by sometime and taste your cooking.”

Max seemed to be surprised by his mother’s reaction to his new job. Both he and Luca had expected she would not be pleased with his career switch, but this was more than they had dared hope for. Again, Luca noticed how much the two parents were trying.

“Oh,” Max uttered, a bit taken off guard. “Yeah, you can. I work noon shifts every weekday.”

Mrs Fowler smiled and then looked at Luca - and he felt what she was planning. “Would you like to come with us then, too, Luca?” she asked. “We will pay for everything, of course.”

Actually, Luca wanted to decline, as he was sure any talks with him and Max’s parents alone would be terribly awkward, but he also hadn’t seen Max at his job yet. Moreover, he thought it was time he got on better terms with his parents in law. Slowly, he nodded. “That would be great,” he said. “I’d love to come.” A bit of an exaggeration, but they didn’t seem to notice.

The visit went quite peaceful. Max didn’t say a lot, and it was mostly Luca and the parents talking, but still the atmosphere was more relaxed than what they had expected.

Mr and Mrs Fowler stayed for almost twenty minutes and then said they should give Max enough rest to recover, and they quickly said goodbye.

A minute later, Luca closed the door behind them and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Even though both the parents had been kind today, they still intimidated him a little.

He turned to his boyfriend who still stood in the living room and was just in time to see him relax his belly and pop four buttons at once.

“God, I really almost let go when they were still in,” he said, as he took a deep breath. “Never again, I’m going to buy new clothes tomorrow.”

“Or we could go together,” Luca proposed. “We haven’t been out together in a long time.”

Max squatted to pick up the buttons from the ground and then raised his head. “Yeah, actually, that would be nice,” he admitted. “We could also go for dinner afterwards.”

And again Luca felt the warm feeling in his stomach that he always had when Max made him incredibly happy. He nodded enthusiastically. “I’ve missed going on dates with you so much.”

Max sluggishly got up again and pressed a kiss on Luca’s cheek. “I’ve missed it too,” he whispered, and gave him another kiss. “Let’s have some fun again. Together.”

“Fun?” Luca repeated, raising his eyebrow, and he could see how Max started to blush. In the past six weeks, they had not had as much sex as they had wanted to - mostly because it was hard for Max to move around with his cast. But now that he was freed of those shackles, finally they could fully indulge in each other again. “I wouldn’t mind some fun right now.”

“Oh, wouldn’t you?” Max asked, as he gently pressed Luca against the wall and started kissing him. “Let’s do it then.”

Luca could feel the soft belly of his boyfriend pressing against his body, and underneath the growing hardness that softly poked his leg. With his hands, he slipped under the open shirt and started caressing the new curves that had formed over the past weeks.

“It was so hot to see you burst out of that shirt,” Luca remarked inbetween two kisses. “Can’t wait to see you outgrow even bigger size clothes.”

“It’ll happen soon enough,” promised Max, as he started unbuttoning Luca’s pants. With his hardon, he kept slowly riding against him, softly moaning as he went on. “I just want to stuff myself again, get even bigger. 250 pounds isn’t nearly enough for me, Luca.” At that point, Max had whipped out his dick and began stroking himself as Luca continued to knead his new love handles and overhang.

Luca knew that he had asked his boyfriend to put a limit on his gaining, but at this moment, he couldn’t care less about the future or anything else. All that mattered at this moment, was his big beautiful boyfriend and his growing body. 250 pounds wasn’t nearly enough indeed.

“I need you bigger too,” he admitted. “Forget about what I said before - I mean it - please double your weight for me, triple it. I want to see you at 750.”

“Oh yeah?” Max asked playfully, speeding up his hand movement. “You have no idea how much I was hoping you’d say that.” His heavy body jiggled and bounced as he pleasured himself, his other hand now on his belly, fondling his own gut and moobs as he seemed to get closer and closer to his climax.

At that point, Luca sank down on his knees. As he sucked off his boyfriend, he could feel the soft belly resting on his forehead.

Max tried to say more, but his voice was cut off by his soft groans of pleasure. All he could do was rest his back against the wall of the hallway, rub his own gut and lovingly stroke Luca’s hair.

As he could feel Max getting close, Luca started jerking off with his free hand, quickly getting himself close to his climax. For a couple seconds, they both balanced on the edge, after which they orgasmed almost simultaneously.

Panting, Luca leaned back. His head was spinning and he rested himself against the chubby leg of his boyfriend.

Max sunk down on his knees too and gave Luca one more passionate kiss, after which he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Did you really mean that?” he said, with a hopeful face. “About me getting to 750 pounds?”

Luca swallowed, and suddenly felt like he didn’t get enough air - he knew he had said that and meant it at that moment, but right now, his concerns about Max’s health returned as if they’d never been gone. Of course he would love his boyfriend to blow up to three times his size, but the worries he had voiced earlier were still there.

“I don’t know,” he said, slightly confused. “I’m sorry, I was just horny and-” “It’s okay,” Max interrupted him, and hugged him tight. “I know what it’s like. Don’t worry.”

For a minute or two they kept hugging, until Luca could feel his anxiety subside again. He shouldn’t confuse Max so much, he reproached himself. Changing his mind like that - about something so important… But to stop confusing Max, he should first stop confusing himself, he realised.

“Look,” began Max, seeing the struggle in Luca’s eyes. “I’ll just take the gaining slow, okay? If you’re not comfortable with it, then I won’t like it either. We’re doing this together. Don’t worry.”

A short silence followed, until Max opened his mouth again.

“And that blowjob you just gave me, that was hella good.”


Jul 18, 2022
Chapter 12

Max’s parents kept their promise, but it was only after another three months that they actually had time to come to the restaurant. The first two months they had been too busy with their work, and then they had had to go on a long business trip. But now finally they had taken a seat, together with Luca, in the small restaurant for lunch.

When Max had gotten back at work after his six weeks leave, Sophie had proudly announced that they had received the bigger sized aprons for him - only to realise that in the same six weeks he had already outgrown those. It was at that moment that Max had decided to tell his coworker about his gaining - mainly because she just couldn’t believe he had accidentally gained 30 pounds in a month and a half.

By now, he luckily finally had an apron that fit him, though he had already moved up another few sizes. He and Luca had worked hard the past time, and even though gaining was a little slower now than in the beginning, he had managed to reach 300 pounds just that morning.

He knew this was the upper limit they had agreed on a while back, but the look that they had exchanged after seeing the number on the scale had told him that both of them actually wanted him to grow bigger. Whether that would happen - who knew.

At this point, Max felt like just a big ball of dough. His arms were still strong, but covered by a soft layer of fat - as were his fingers. His jawline had finally surrendered to the growing double chin that covered the underside of his face, and it had gotten visible that with maybe another 30 pounds, his neck would probably disappear as well.

Max had started to love feeling his moobs, which had grown undeniable by now and were infinitely soft - but normally they rested on top of the huge belly Max had developed. The beginning overhang of three months ago had grown into one that almost reached the underside of his belt. Not only that: his love handles had also started to pour slightly over the edge of his trousers as they had kept expanding consistently. He loved all of it.

Luca and he often looked in the mirror together at Max’s body. He had said it so often already, but more than ever he meant it; he had gotten so big.

A while ago he encountered the team photo of his old volleyball team that he had trained with a year before he joined the university. He had been shocked at how fit he had been - by now it felt like he had always been big.

As he stared at the athletic physique of the man in the picture, Luca had walked in on him and put an arm around his shoulder. “Do you feel like you want to be like that again?” Luca had asked him. Immediately he had shaken his head. Not because he was afraid of disappointing Luca - it had been an instinctive reaction.

He felt incredibly happy with his body, so that every morning when he woke up and felt the heavy weight of his built up fat press on him, he couldn’t help but smile. He also loved how Luca seemed to adore his body as it was - he got so many rubs and pats while they were together that he felt like the most loved person on earth.

When he arrived in the kitchen that day, he quickly tied the straps of his apron and started working on the lunch for his family. He and Sophie exchanged a quick glance as he sneakily put a stray cupcake in his mouth and continued working. Since he had told her about his desire to gain weight, she had let him more free to do as he pleased in the kitchen - especially because he seemed to deliver better work when he could snack while cooking.

She had been surprised at first, but after she had given it a second, it had made a lot of sense to her. After a nod and a shrug, it had already been settled. She did mind nor care too much about it, but Max was still glad that he didn’t have to hide anything at work anymore.

Elegantly he finished the dish for Luca and then put all three plates on a tray. “Is it okay if I deliver these myself?” he asked Sophie. She looked up from her own frying pan and then nodded. “Yeah yeah, take your time!”

With the tray in his hands and still his apron on, Max entered the dining hall of the restaurant. Like always, it was full with people, even during lunch. Sophie had told him that their place had gotten more popular recently - Max didn’t want to state that it was because he had started working there, but it seemed a bit too coincidental to have no correlation.

“That looks delicious, Maximilian, dear,” his mother exclaimed as he put her plate in front of her. He smiled at her proudly.

Since their visit three months ago, the relationship between him and his parents had greatly improved. They didn’t mention his weight anymore - they didn’t even give him looks, though he was sure that they noticed. Overall, everything had gotten way more comfortable between them.

“I have great expectations,” Luca mentioned as he received his plate, but it was meant rather as a tease than an actual compliment. “Don’t disappoint me, chef.”

Max grinned and softly hit the back of his head as punishment. “I promise you anything I cook will exceed your plebeian expectations.”

“Don’t forget these plebeian expectations have already gotten used to your cooking,” Luca said back, but before they could continue, mrs Fowler gave them both a concerned look, being under the impression they were actually quarreling.

“Good, I’ll get back to the kitchen then,” Max announced. “I’ll meet you afterwards, alright?”

Luca nodded solemnly. “Roger that, chef.”

After meeting his boyfriend’s eyes one more time, Max turned around to walk back to the kitchen. With big steps he made his way through the overfull hall, almost bumping into some of the guests - it couldn’t be helped with his size. As he stroked the back of someone’s head with his belly while trying to pass them, Max remembered why he should never take up a job as a waiter.

Then when he wanted to leave the hall, he noticed someone.

It was a girl, sitting on her own at a table against the wall. She was eating her sandwich while reading a book, and she hadn’t noticed him yet.

He could have just walked past her and she probably wouldn’t have even realised he had been here, but Max didn’t feel like doing just that. He stopped and approached her table.

“Hey, Hannah,” he said.

It was not like he had developed warm feelings towards her in the past time, but his grudge had disappeared. She had gotten so unimportant to him that he barely felt anything bad when thinking of her. And as such, he decided to approach her for one last time.

Hannah looked up from her page and squinted her eyes a little. “Who…” she started as she tried to recall if she had ever seen this person. And then it hit her.

“Max?” she exclaimed in surprise, getting up from her chair, but she could only stare at him in shock. With her eyes she scanned him from head to toe, and back. Her face got only more desperate by the second. “What… what happened to you?” she asked with a voice full of disbelief.

Maybe before he would have been flustered or felt nervous about her obvious disapproval, but now he felt confident enough to just smile at her remark. He loudly patted his belly once and rubbed it contently. “I started enjoying life,” he replied.

“You…” Hannah still couldn’t comprehend that it was really her fit ex boyfriend before her - the last time they had seen each other, Max had still been 145 pounds lighter. “You’re so fat.” It didn’t sound like she liked it.

“Uhuh,” Max agreed. “And honestly, I’m loving it.”

Hannah shook her head and sat down again - she held her fingers pressed against her temples and breathed in. Then she turned to him again.

“I can help you diet, Max,” she said. “I’ll put together a schedule for you, and when you’ve made enough progress, maybe we can get back together again.”

Max raised his eyebrows and just looked at her. “I am not starting any diet,” he said bluntly. “If anything, I’m going to get even bigger, how’s that? And also, I have a boyfriend already, so I think I’ll pass on getting back together. But thanks for the offer.” It came out meaner than he had meant it, but this girl in front of him brought out the worst in him. It was no wonder that their relationship had gone nowhere.

She shivered and averted her eyes, while neurotically breathing in and out to calm down. Then she drummed on the tables with her fingers and gave him a nod. “Alright, Max,” she said calmly. “I think we are done then.” Finally she had gotten the message.

“That’s okay,” Max replied. “I hope you’ll find someone who is more eager to stay in shape.” He noticed that he actually meant it. He hoped she would find someone who was more suited for her than him - someone who would actually want to stay fit instead of gain his own body mass in fat.

“It was cool speaking to you,” he then finished when she didn’t say anything back. “And make sure to enjoy your meal.” After that, he walked back to the kitchen. Finally he had concluded that miserable part of his life - and he thought that maybe, finally, he could leave Hannah behind him forever.


That night, Luca and he lied on the couch in Max’s apartment. The tv was on, but they were barely watching - they were too occupied with the other.

Luca massaged his boyfriend’s chubby sides, while Max stroked through his lover’s hair. Without pause, they looked in each other’s eyes.

“Max,” Luca mentioned - and Max knew what was coming. “I love you so much - I know that you know that, but I need to say it sometimes. You’re so beautiful.”

Max grinned and kissed him on the lips. “Shh,” he said. “I know.”

“Wait.” Luca pushed him away so he could see his face clearly again. Max looked at him innocently. “Hmm?”

For a moment, Luca seemed to hesitate - but finally he spoke up.

“I was just thinking… I loved it a lot when you were staying over at my house all the time.” Max grabbed his boyfriend and pressed him against his body as he pressed his face in his hair. It always smelled so fresh. “What,” he said, “you want to move in together then?”

Immediately, Luca escaped his grip and sat up, with a red face. “I didn’t say that, at all,” he protested. But Max wasn’t going to give up so easily. “But do you want to?”

Luca swallowed and averted his eyes for a moment. It was good to see him be flustered for a change, Max thought. It was mostly him who got embarrassed.

“Are you serious?” Luca then asked, in a softer voice, making Max chuckle a little. He was just too cute. “Of course I am, Luca. I wouldn’t joke about something like that. Let me tell you that I, at least, would completely love to move in with you.”

The silverhaired guy blushed and hid his face in his hands as he rest his body against Max’s again. He shook his head a little and then peeked through his fingers. “I can’t believe it,” he said. “Yes, I want to move in together. I’d really like that.”

“Good.” Max pulled him closer and started rocking his body slowly. He had been thinking of proposing it to Luca a while ago, but he wasn’t sure if he would be too early with that. With Hannah he hadn’t felt liked living together even after their years long relationship, but with Luca everything was different.

“It’ll be so much easier to make you fatter,” Luca whispered in the air. He didn’t face him, but Max was pretty sure that that ‘you’ was directed at him.

“I thought you didn’t want me to go above 300 pounds?” he reminded him, as he stroked his cheek. It felt great teasing Luca a little from time to time. But instead of a teasing comment back, Luca seemed to seriously consider his words.

“Maybe just a little bit higher,” he then decided. “Just a little bit bigger. If you want that, of course.” “You’re talking to the man who would gain until he was 750 pounds or more if you left him no boundaries. Do you think he would want that?”

Luca turned to him and pouted a little - just the way Rowan would have done, probably, Max thought. Now that Luca and his friend hung out more often again, Luca had started to copy some of his mannerisms - thought they looked cuter on Luca, Max thought.

“I think he would,” Luca answered. “But I’m not sure if he would mind if I would ask him to aim for a mere 310 for a start.”

Max laughed and rubbed his forehead against Luca’s. “This is so stupid, Luca,” he laughed, but as soon as he saw Luca’s serious face he straightened his. “I’m really sure he doesn’t mind, Luca. If anything, he’ll be super excited to reach 310 as it will mean he has doubled his starter weight.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Luca mumbled, and then he closed his eyes. Now that Max’s chest had gotten almost as soft as his stomach, Luca had taken up the habit to use it as a little pillow when they cuddled. And Max loved it.

“Hey Luca,” Max whispered, and his boyfriend immediately opened his eyes again. “I don’t mind to take gaining slow, or to just gain little bits at a time - or to stop gaining for a while. I really want you to be comfortable with it and as long as I have a good belly to play with, I’m content too. Just know…” He lowered his volume and moved closer to his boyfriend’s ear. “If you’d change your mind or anything sometime… I have no boundaries, Luca. How fat I’ll get is really in your hands.”

It remained silent for a bit as Max awaited his boyfriend’s reaction. After a couple seconds, Luca groaned. “Stop making me hard, Max,” he whined, and Max couldn’t help but laugh.

He grabbed Luca again and cuddled him firmly before he went in for a long kiss. After they finally left each other’s mouth, he put a hand on Luca’s chest and licked his lips.

“Would you mind if I took care of it for you?”


Jul 18, 2022
This is really, really good! Amazing work 👏👏
Haha thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading it, and especially for the compliment! I have also written a part two to this story that i will probably also upload in this thread, so if you liked the first part please stay tuned for more :)

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