What's your "GOAL"?

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It's OK, I bite back
Aug 27, 2011
Winooski, VT
I'm making it here in BHM to find out from my Kings out there... What's your "goal" & what are you doing to achieve it? What do you need to meet this goal?

I'm working towards a waterfront (lake, not river) home (or houseboat) - best materials & over-insulated "tiny home" here in New England

Where am I in this whole process? Well, location, location, location... but once I find something suitable I can move forward.

I have researched building an island (there's some really cool ideas out there) but Vermont winters are brutal on the lake.

So I have the plan A, plan B, AND plan C.
Waterfront home, houseboat on the water & building an island.

So what's in your planner?

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