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Looking Dedicated FEEDEE seeking feeder x feedee relationship

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New Member
Jun 7, 2022


I’m here to make friends, meet new people, and connect, and possibly find a feeder! I am not here to have explicit sexual conversations with strangers, which a lot of people here seems it’s okay to do. You will be blocked, and reported.

I ignore single worded inboxes.

kik: jigglyfeedee❗

shuggers I Just here to make genuine friends, and meet like minded people of the same interest! I’ve been on other feederism related sites, therefore let me start by saying this.

I’m 21! I’ve dedicated 9 of those years in indulging in my lifestyle of being a bigger girl, from my starting point I’ve gained a couple hundos on-top of my SW! I do indeed have a goal, I’d like to achieve, I live in a realistic world where I know I am capable of achiving my goal weight, even though it’s in the thousands, due to genetics & coming from a big-boned family I naturally feel I can achieve this since it’s already in my blood, just gotta get it in the fat.🤭

I’m a chill person, I love anime, eating playing video games, and well.. being a dirty slob, and a even more ***rny fuck. So there’s that I’m an open book, & feel people should know what they’re in for!

In my free time I offten enjoy playing with my belly, massaging, oiling,rubbing it & giving it all the fun relaxing caring love it deserves! I enjoy publicly showing off my belly, the weight-gain, public stops just to make sure she’s okay & ready for her next meal! If I could kiss my own belly I would haha! Also, love using my belly as a table or holder comed in handy!! I love to write, I love eating if yoi haven’t noticed! I am just super engaged with my body and love of growth I have packed on! I can’t wait to see what this site has to offer for somone like me.

Questions I get asked a lot, so here’s your answers to avoid so many dms pertaining the same questions.

Do you plan on getting bigger if so what is your goal?

Yes, I have been gaining for nearly 9 years, Next month would make 10 years. I admire my body a lot & love showing the accomplishments I’ve reached! My goal, is a little more “personal” pertaining I’d live to connect on more of a physical basis with a feeder.

How much do you eat?

Well, that depends! I am very passionate about my way of living and my lifestyle! Although food fuels my blubber I am a picky eater! & will not eat, what I personally didn’t make. (Besides fast food) point? Kinda how vegans measure, and total up their calories! I do the same, just unhealthy!! And I like going past my limits.

You make a burger that you figure is 500 calories? GOT IT! I’m making mine from scratch and to top it off, I’m going to double your “500 calorie” burger. Mine is 710 calories. Home-made, juicy, and well seasoned. :)

But, I do measure my calorie in-take weekly. Measuring about 46,550 calories a week. Yes, I am serious. I have a litteral written log, if ya wanna see. 😏

🐮✨What are you looking for on feabie?✨🐮

As stated before, I am looking to meet like-‘minded people & interact with the Normal people in the community. (People who can control themselves, have regular conversations without constantly talking about fat, or fetish stuff.)

Even though, I took a year long break from being a feedee, and re-thinking my life, due to so much misunderstanding,judgement, liars,scammers, and fakes in this community I felt there was no room for genuine people or dedicated people like myself. A lot of fake people made it hard for real people to connect & interact. So it mentally drained me, and I struggled to be myself during the time, and going out my way for people who were never really what they said they were.

Are you open to having a feeder? And would it be online or in-person.

I am fine with both, however I do enjoy in-person physically. And yes I am looking for long-term! Possibly or whatever they’re open too!!

Fun fact:

My weight averages 283,000 calories in my human body. 🤭

Bye now! ❤️10744570-86DE-406F-BFE8-3B00B6194E55.jpeg

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