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When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

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Just doodlin'
Sep 29, 2005
I'm sitting here, surfing the Net on a Sunday morning... My belly is bulging over the edge of the computer table a little, which is a relatively new development. It's the latest in a string of reminders that, "Wow, I've gotten FAT!"

Has anyone else had a episode like this? A small, unexpected thing that makes your realize you're not the same size you thought you were?

I know I've put on weight since New Years. I've been ill more than usual (small stuff, like flus and colds), which just makes me want to eat. An injury limited my mobility for awhile, too, which didn't help. At any rate, since the last time I was weighed (October), I've put on something like 40 lbs, I'm almost up to 350 now. By far the heaviest I've ever been...

So it shouldn't be surprising that I feel fatter, because, well, I am! But the extra padding on my belly, the added thickness to my thighs, even the little more chub in my face, seems to take me by surprise on a daily basis.

What seems really odd to me is how this little amount of extra padding is so noticable to me now, moreso in some ways than the almost 150 lbs I'd gained prior. Because I gained that weight so gradually over several years (almost a decade, which makes me feel very old! :rolleyes:) it didn't seem to make the same impact.

Just wondering if the rest of you have felt something similar?


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